attempt nr 2

Why should it be so hard?
  • Attempt nr 1
  • Kakashi: So how is the best ninja boyfriend in the world doing today?
  • Obito: I don't know...I'm fine I guess?
  • Kakashi: ...
  • Attempt nr 2
  • Kakashi: How's Konoha's sexiest sharingan ninja getting along?
  • Obito: I would be getting along better with a cup of hot chocolate Bakashi *looks pointedly at Kakashi and then at the empty cup on the table*
  • Kakashi: ... *lazy eye twitches*
  • Attempt nr 3
  • Kakashi: So how's Konoha's most valued prodogy doing?
  • Obito: *throws a sad look at Kakashi* Wow, talk about being insensitive Kakashi...Itachi's been dead for years!
  • Kakashi: *slams head on table*
  • Attempt nr 4
  • Obito: Hey you wanna get married?
  • Kakashi: *drops his book* *chokes on air* Why?
  • Obito: Well, we talk everday, been together for forever you always ask me how I am, and you even care about my dead cousin so- I thought why the hell not?
  • Kakashi: That's it?
  • Obito: also have a darn-good ass...
  • Kakashi: *Throw's shuriken at Obito that misses*
  • Obito: Is that a yes?
  • Kakashi: Yeah...
  • Obito: *Pulls Kakashi toward his bedroom*
  • Kakashi: What are you doing?
  • Obito: Premarital sex, you know I've never been much for rules.
  • Kakashi: But-but we've already had sex?
  • Obito: It's different now, we're getting married.
  • Kakashi: *Wonders why he's in-love with an idiot* *Looks at Obito undressing and suddenly remembers why* Yeah sounds like a good idea Obito!
5. “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

@maileann requested: Hello! Can you do a dean imagine for #5? Thank you

Sorry for the late update. I’m really busy currently, so I barely have time to write anything… Also, this drabble was done earlier until I accidentally closed my explorer without saving… I almost cried. 

So here is attempt nr. 2 for this.

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It’s done! After more than 6months and several failed attempts, Princess Tina’s crown is done!

What you see here’s are versions 2-5 - I started the first one about three years ago. Back then still with craft foam and glue…. but the color was already chipping off, because it had gotten to dry. So, for the 2nd version I started working with worblas. However, Attempt nr. 2 turned out to be too large.Attempt nr. 3… looked way to crappy. So I decided to make the ornaments flat…. but still, sanding down hardened worblas is a pain in the ass, and I would always end up adding more scratches to the surface. So attempt nr. 4 still looked crappy.

Finally with attempt nr. 5 I decided to make the base from worblas - but the ornaments from light clay. That way I could sand them down much easier without messing up the base. So now I finally have a nice looking crown for Tina!

Also, a picture of the other props and the dress…. all I need to finish now is the wig and the make up. :D