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A Fool of Mine [6]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 6/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,628
Summary: [ Dinner, n stuff. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @juggernaut-jones @lost-and-confused-fallen-angel @blackxthexbeast @the7thsilence @leah5684
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT AND IM SORRY AND ALSO I DIDNT REMEMBER THAT ADAM READ BELLE ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE ANIMATED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THAT PART OK but it’s technically not cheating bc this is based offa the live action and the Human Again scene isn’t even technically a part of the original ;;)))))

The first thing you noticed when you awoke was your pounding headache. You pulled yourself out of bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror - your hair was wild and there were bags under your eyes.

Throwing open the curtains was your biggest mistake. The light hurt your eyes, which certainly didn't help your migraine.

Definitely a hangover.

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anonymous asked:

Can't wait for the next update of the wasteland AU! Also I know you probs have your inbox full of writing suggestions so instead of giving you suggestions, I thought I'd just share some Kagehina AUs that my friend and I enjoy talking about that hopefully make you as happy to think about as they make us,, -ella enchanted -beauty and the beast -mad max (kind of like the wasteland au lol) -stranger things -just a general superhero au That's it lol, have a great night!!

LISTEN – sorry to ignore the rest of this ask (ty for loving Wasteland though <333 these are all good ideas MAD MAX AU!!!) but I just watched Beauty and the Beast with @ellessey-writes​ and I’m COMPROMISED. Siiiince it would be a bad idea for me to start another fic rn, have… whatever this is 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle and a handsome prince King, who liked to spend his days holding the finest volleyball tournaments in all the land. He was an incredible setter, but demanded the highest level of athletics from those who attended his tournaments.

One tournament, a spiker appeared suddenly in the midst of the dark and rainy night, looking for shelter. Though he brought a volleyball as a gift, this spiker wasn’t up to the king’s standards and couldn’t hit his tosses, and the King had him thrown from the castle. 

But the spiker turned out to be a Magical Turniphead, and for the King’s cruelty, he cast a spell upon him and the entirety of his castle, turning the King into a monstrous beast and all his servants into furniture (instead of like, smaller beasts or something? The servants got totally screwed in this deal, you guys, at least Beast still had hands) that they may be forgotten from the minds of the town and all those who lived in it, unless the King one day found a spiker who could hit his impossible quicks – and fall in love with him along the way. 

If he could not do so before the last spot on the Turniphead’s magical volleyball turned completely black, he, and his castle, and all those who lived in it would be cursed, forevermore. 

And so they waited, as the Beast King’s heart turned forever colder. 

Okay gonna stop narrating there bUT CONSIDER:

  • town weirdo Hinata, the shorty spiker who is always practicing off by himself and insists HE CAN JUMP – he really is a funny boy, a cutie but a funny boy, he really is a funny boyyyyyyyyyyyy, THAT SHOUUUUU
  • Asahi as Maurice, the timid inventor who shuts himself away from the town that finds him too strange
  • Bokuto as Gaston, he’s actually REALLY NICE and just wants Hinata to be his loyal pupil but Hinata wants to be THE GREATEST ACE sorry Bokuto-senpai, but he’s gotta surpass you, bye
  • Bokuto goes into sad slumps over his lack of pupil-ship a lot and Akaashi has to break into so many musical numbers about how great Bokuto is to pull him out of it
  • One day Asahi ventures into the forest and gets lost and stumbles upon the Volleyball Castle, where he attempts to grab one of the shiny, brand new volleyballs lying about the court(yard) to replace Hinata’s wonky, worn out old one
  • Beast Kageyama f l i p s out and imprisons him (he needs to chill)
  • Kageyama still looks normal btw, but maybe he’s got horns and a tail and cute ears stop looking at me like that don’t judge me
  • Hinata comes to Asahi’s rescue and trades places with him, immediately cannot stand this asshole Beast 
  • But he does get to eat a lot of good food, courtesy of Oikawa the candelabra and Suga the teapot (feat. Iwaizumi as Cogsworth and Noya as Chip)
  • When he goes to the forbidden wing of the castle and discovers the magical volleyball, Beast flies into a rage and calls him a dumbass and so Hinata LEAVES
  • but he gets attacked by wolves and Kageyama saves him, so Hinata reluctantly drags him back to the castle to tend to his wounds and notice his rockin’ bod
  • Also, he wonders, why does everyone call Kageyama the Beast, and why does he hide in his castle all the time? Like, yes, there’s some beastly factors but he’s really pretty normal looking otherwise
  • Oikandle is like “Smile, Tobio-chan” so he does, and Hinata is like “oh, I see why, please stop smiling”
  • After typing Oikandle, I belatedly realized that Suga could make sure the tea always has enough SUGA-R god i’m sorry ok moving along
  • After the mutual life-saving, Hinata and Kageyama begin to BOND and Kageyama finds out about the way Hinata always has to practice volleyball in hallways and by himself, so he shows him HIS ROYAL VOLLEYBALL STADIUM
  • Hinata is beside himself, it’s so big and fancy and GWAAAAHHHHH smells like air salonpas, this is the Real Deal
  • And so they continue to get closer, though Kageyama won’t practice with him… because he just doesn’t think it’s possible that anyone could ever spike his toss, and he doesn’t want to allow himself to hope
  • But then one night he asks Hinata if they can play together, and they meet in the royal court 
  • Hinata is wearing a beautiful golden uniform and shining as bright as the sun and Suga is singing “Tale as old as time…” 
  • Kageyama is so in love that he can’t help himself, he tosses, his old king’s toss that no one could ever hit and everything is beautiful 
  • And he’s loved Kageyama as well, ever since Kageyama showed him his volleyball courts instead of telling him he’d never be good enough
  • They kiss!!!
  • And all the castle and its inhabitants and Kageyama go back to the way they were because the curse has been broken!!! 
  • Hinata is a little bit sad because maybe he liked Kageyama’s cute fuzzy ears a little bit 
  • but then Kageyama smiles a real, actual smile at him and he decides he can live w/o the ears
  • Bokuto gives his blessing upon the couple because he’s a sweetheart 
  • And from then onward, they all lived, and played volleyball together, happily ever after


Let’s talk about my sweet fox child

So I know this has been discussed before in a small capacity (although I may have missed other posts about it), but I want to talk about Lucien.

Let’s begin with the fact that the Autumn court is supposedly pretty cut throat and brutal. To start, Lucien, who, like Tamlin, never thought he’d be High Lord and never wanted the title, fell in love with a lesser faerie. He was going to renounce his title as a High Lord’s son and elope with said lesser faerie, whom he suspected might be his mate. Upon discovering this, Lucien’s father had the lesser faerie executed, IN FRONT of Lucien, while two of his brothers held him there to make him watch.

So, just to preface this whole talk, poor Lucien is probably pretty disturbed from all of this. He fled from the Autumn Court pursued by 3 of his 6 (I believe there’s 5 or 6, correct me if I’m wrong) brothers. He killed one, Tam killed the other, and the third brother made his escape back to Autumn.  

 So, just knowing how supposedly rare Fae children are because it’s hard to conceive, let me just say that it sucks that all these High Lord’s children basically murder each other like the brothers in Stardust (if you haven’t seen or read the book by Neil Gaiman, you should!!)

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Wake Up Love

Hello, love bugs! 

 Phil x Reader 

Warnings-smut, fluff, praise kink.

Hello! I saw that you were taking requests. I was wondering if you could do one wPhilwhere he comforts the reader after she’s had a bad nightmare? Like maybe she’s screaming in her sleep and Phils trying to wake her up and it’s a bit emotional but ends in lots of fluff?? Sorry that’s oddly specific! <3 xx

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You were doing that thing again. You actually didn’t know you did it until you started staying overnight with Phil. You always knew you had some crazy dreams but when you had nightmares you apparently talk in your sleep. Most of the time Phil said that it was mostly mumbles but when they were really bad he would have to talk to you to try and wake you up.

“Wake up my love. You’re dreaming again.” The two of you together in bed were a tangle of body parts wrapped around each other in an attempt to steal each other’s body heat. Your reply was a simple tiny squeak. That didn't’ satisfy Phil’s need of a reply. He decided to try again by brushing your tangled hair away from your slightly sweaty face. “You’re dreaming again y/n. Wake up. It’s only a dream, come back to me.This time you were starting to come out of your dream state. You didn’t really remember what the dreams were but you knew it wasn’t good. You somehow snuggled your face even further into Phil’s chest.

“Was I being annoying again?” You yawned as your brain started to come back from the sleepy fog in your mind.

“You are never annoying to me pet. I wasn’t really sleeping that well and I heard you start to talk in your sleep while moving a bit. I hate to see you have nightmares.”

“You’re too sweet.” You placed a soft long kiss to Phil’s lips. “Why do you think that I have nightmares when I’m a grown ass woman?”

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Light Me Up | Chapter 3

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Pairing: Vernon x OFC featuring S.Coups & Jeonghan

Genre: fluff, humor, mild angst

Word Count: 4143

[ Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 ] + Moodboard

Summary:  Just as the moon had her scars and imperfections, so did she. And he loved every bit of it. To him, she was the moon that shone brightest in these rare moments. The moon who’s light had been dimmed. To her, he was the sun that would eventually, light her up in every way. Only she hadn’t accepted it yet. She hadn’t yet accepted the light slowly growing inside her chest, but it wouldn’t be long until she did.

“If you can love the wrong one so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one.”

A/N: Wow. This chapter really hates me. Through a whole lot of struggle and debating, I finally finished it! I’m so, so sorry it took thing long! A maaajor thank you to my lovely editor & best friend @kaviea for helping me read, edit and write this. It wouldn’t be this great without you. Bless you. Also, to those who have been waiting and hyping the heck out of this story, thank you so much! Thank you for waiting patiently and loving it. I hope this chapter is good enough and that the story will be loved. Thank you again <3

She walked in, just a few minutes before opening time. A week had passed since she’d hired Vernon.

Seungcheol, of course, had to jump in front of her, screaming, “You hired him!”

“Shhhh,” She pressed a finger to her lips, looking around a few times. Vernon was up on stage, a safe distance away from hearing them, so she continued.

“Yeah I hired him,” she threw her hands in the air dramatically, “Don’t even ask how it happened.”

Seungcheol shot her a satisfactory smirk and said, “So, did you tell uncle yet?”

She smiled, put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Oh. I’m not telling uncle. You are.” With a couple of pats on his shoulder, she casually walked towards the bar, flashing Vernon a welcoming smile.

Seungcheol didn’t tell uncle. Not that day, nor the next. Despite much debate between them, she eventually decided to keep it quiet, because the number of customers doubled. They were mostly girls, coming to see the newly hired rapper Vernon. She didn’t give these girls much thought, as they kept their distance and the security guards were always on the lookout for any harmful behavior.

Vernon did a good job. No, better than good. People loved him. They loved him for the obvious things: his messy hair, which somehow fell in time with his rhythm; his perfectly shy, but sometimes confident smile; for the way he looked down before gazing up with fire in his eyes. Energy radiated from him and pulled in everyone in the room, including her.

To her, above all of the obvious things, Vernon was still that sweet, clumsy boy who’d taken the stage and made it his. He’d even impressed Seungcheol with his lyrics and stage presence.

Vernon sat at the bar counter, talking to her, between his ‘performances’ while Seungcheol took over. They talked about the most random things and she found herself laughing at his quirky humor. Slowly, she started coming to work more often than just on the weekends. She loved seeing both of her friends perform so much and decided that staying at home wasn’t as enjoyable as this.

She was unaware of the effect Vernon suddenly had on her. At least not until she found herself mouthing his lyrics…

Several times a day because of you
My head is bombarded, there is no space
I’m trying to forget you
But the thoughts of you are blocking my view.

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Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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AU: in which BangDae got paired up for the pepero game

Daehyun laughs when he picks Yongguk’s name. He leans forward and looks over to catch Yongguk’s reaction, or lack thereof. The leader is looking straight ahead, a controlled smile on his face as he nods to the camera. Youngjae sitting in the center is already groaning in secondhand embarrassment.

“This will be the worst thing we’ve ever done,” he says.

“This will be the best thing,” Himchan insists.

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tttickingcrocodile  asked:

Okay, with your hufflepuff!foxes, I seriously need to read some of this! How Andrew spent his time antagonising Neil and hating him, but wanting his attention all the time and just watching him - he probably didn't even realise it was a crush at first, was just inexplicably pissed of by this younger boy. Then when he realises what it was he realised he was right when he thought he would be a problem, just not in the way he expected.

I’m always ready to write more andreil!  the timeline’s probably super screwed up and definitely doesn’t parallel canon properly

referencing this au

  • warning in advance that one of my favourite things is Andrew pining more than an evergreen and that while there’s mentions of canon-typical stuff, I’ve lessened that a lot to keep my children happy
  • the majority of this happens when the girls (and Nicky, since he’s older than the twins) are in seventh year, Matt and Kevin are in sixth, Andrew and Aaron are in fifth, and Neil’s in fourth
  • prior to these events Andrew hadn’t ever really noticed Neil because honestly, what twelve year old cares about the kids in the grade below him???
  • so it’s the girls’ last year at Hogwarts and Renee decides to get her occasional dueling partner to finally join the team as a replacement keeper despite the fact that no one does this in the hp universe
  • and because it’s Renee, Andrew actually agrees (even after years of refusing the other monsters)
  • Andrew’s actually putting in some sort of effort during tryouts
  • he’s managed to block every single shot from the chasers so far, since Kevin had broken his arm the night before and is stuck in the infirmary (and super pissed that he’s missing out on something as important as tryouts)
  • but as the last chaser goes up and throws the quaffle, suddenly Andrew’s distracted by the way the sunlight flashes off his hair and the bluest eyes he’s ever seen
  • Neil manages to score the only goal against Andrew all day
  • later that night he manages to get a name and year off of Nicky who’s basically like “seriously, Andrew, if you just came to one of our games earlier then you’d actually know him”
  • since Andrew got on the team, all of the sudden he’s forced to eat meals with his teammates
  • this puts him directly across from Neil
  • he knows things are bad when he looks at Neil’s stupidly messy hair one morning and thinks “oh no, he’s hot”
  • this kid’s denial lasted about two days before he decided that it’s probably just attraction
  • except for some reason Andrew keeps doing nice things for Neil??
  • Neil realizes magic is real when Andrew somehow manages to always appear whenever he’s struggling with homework, reciting textbook-perfect responses despite being infamous for being assigned hundreds of detentions for not handing in work
  • sometimes an owl would just anonymously deliver some sort of package to Neil
  • (during a silly team game of truth-or-dare (stakes raised with an off-the-counter truth potion and some magic-related punishments), Allison asks Neil which way he swings.  Neil says “not at all” and Andrew sinks back further into his crush)
  • this lasts for a few months until winter break, where the absence of the majority of the school allows Neil and Andrew to get a bit closer
  • mostly it involves mutually making fun of other kids and practicing quidditch but the main point is that there’s enough chemistry for Neil to form an attachment to Andrew
  • they sometimes play a truth game on the astronomy tower with a bottle of self-brewed truth potion
  • they take turns drinking and asking questions, but somehow Neil always manages to evade questions about his family anyways
  • near the end of the school year Andrew admits that he wants to kiss Neil and they do
  • the girls and Nicky all graduate, and Neil’s under the impression that Andrew’s only attracted to him and it’s just physical
  • the twins and Nicky end up going to Germany for the summer and Neil stays with Professor Wymack
  • once the next school year begins, the kissing continues
  • it’s going pretty well and Andrew’s pretty sure that he can be okay with just this nothing when Neil starts acting weird and says that no, he’s not staying for winter break; his uncle finally made contact with him and wants him to come over
  • in reality his father escaped from Azkaban
  • Neil had received a message threatening the graduated Foxes if he didn’t come “home” during winter break
  • this stupid martyr went, of course, and long-story-short, it ended with Nathan Wesninski dead and Neil returning to Hogwarts as a tortured and injured mess
  • Andrew sees him and it’s awful; he ends up breaking a bunch of things wandlessly and refuses to leave the infirmary despite multiple demands
  • if he’s honest with himself, Andrew’s known for a while that he’s too far gone
  • before finally being kicked out, he presses this really sweet kiss to the corner of Neil’s eye, right above the permanent, magically-caused burn on his cheek
  • that’s when it clicks for Neil that oh, it wasn’t really “nothing” the whole time after all
  • when he’s finally healed, he brings Andrew back to the astronomy tower and drowns a bottle of veritaserum that he stole from the potions storeroom
  • “ask me anything.  I trust you with my truths; trust that I’ll hold nothing back now.”
  • and that’s how Andrew finds out about Neil’s father and his childhood
  • how Neil’s been put under the unforgivable curses more times than he can count
  • how he got Wymack to change his name at Hogwarts in an attempt to distance himself from his father and his lackeys
  • Andrew, of his own violation, shares a bit about his own childhood
  • he talks about the sexual abuse he faced in a muggle foster home, about the way he had to protect Aaron from both his mother and her drugs
  • Andrew even admits a bit about how he’s taken it upon himself to protect Kevin from Riko and his rage
  • Neil looks at the slowly lightening sky and points out that the veritaserum probably has enough time for one more question
  • “ask me about this, about how I feel about you.”
  • Andrew just looks at Neil and it hits him how he can finally have what he’s been wanting, how he can finally have a happy ending
  • “I don’t need to.”
  • he leans forward and presses a hesitant kiss to Neil’s lips
  • Neil presses back and Andrew can feel his smile against his lips and everything just feels right

fluffy-rulos  asked:

OH, dude, are you still taking prompts? I didn't know! (plus i'm kinda shy at this stuff and didn't want to overwhelm you in case you had too many requests already). Maybe you could do something with Max and Johnny and that ice-skating prompt, that was part of the post "Things NOT to imagine your OTP doing" you reblogged not too long ago?

(ah yes the prompt)

Max had a problem and this time didn’t involve spirits. He stared at his sister Zoey, who was beaming down at him. “C’mon Mr. Hardcore Parkour.” She moved without effort around him. “You can’t learn unless you try.”

He grunted, getting up on his feet once again, the same way Zoey showed him the first dozen times he fell. He was pretty sure he broke his butt, but the cold numbed whatever pain his rear would’ve been feeling half an hour ago.Which was good, because there were Doctopi lurking nearby and he didn’t want to have to explain that to any passing spectrals.  “I am trying.” He took a deep breath. The cold air felt sharp on his tongue. “Can we stop? I’m pretty sure Dad wanted us home before sunset.”

She shrugged. “Okay bro, but at this rate you’ll never be ready for your chilly date.” She teased before quickly skating to the edge of the pond before he could yell at her how much of a date it was not. By the time he shuffled his way to land, Zoey had pulled off her skating boots and changed out with grounded, none bladed ones. “About time slowbro.”

He huffed and made her help him to the nearest bench before slipping his own feet blades off in exchange for the warm, none balance threatening boots. He winced standing. “I think we’re gonna be late for dinner.”

Zoey sighed, taking her brother’s arm across her shoulders and pulled on him. “Not with that attitude.”

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Beneath My Palms

@interplanetjan3t asked for #19 with Garnet and Amethyst, and an anon asked for #24 with Garnet and Pearl, which I ended up combining. Hope you don’t mind.

Post-Keeping It Together h/c, because I’ve been needing that since the damn episode aired. Amethyst tends to comfort simply by existing. Pearl is fussy and overprotective. Garnet appreciates them both. Polygems if you squint. 2500 words because what is restraint? We just don’t know.

[prompt list]

Steven is fast asleep, safely tucked in.

Garnet wasn’t the one to do it, and she can’t help but feel a bit bad about that, even as she knows the conversation about what they discovered in the Kindergarten has to happen and she’s only delaying the inevitable. But if there’s one thing she is certain of tonight, it’s that she is in no state to have it; not yet, not the way Steven deserves it, and not the way… they deserve it, either.

She’s been feeling pulled at and torn at from all sides for hours now, and the split she feels most strongly is when trying to decide whether she wants to put it all out of her mind as much as possible, or remember the ones they’d lost, and those she’s now found, honouring them with thoughts at the very least. It’s hard to dwell on.

She’s also being avoidant in completely new ways. Garnet knows her teammates are all worried about her - she appreciates it, even as she wishes they weren’t and wishes they had no reason to be. But the way they were looking at each other as Steven went off to change his clothes and brush his teeth was unmistakable, almost conspiring, with Pearl bending down to quietly talk to Amethyst in what Garnet assumes was supposed to be a discreet move.

Garnet rests her forearms on the railing and stands facing the sea in the best approximation of ‘casual’ she can manage, and deliberately doesn’t check to see which one of them will come out to talk to her first.

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anonymous asked:

Mckirk!au. Jim & Bones are agents & best friends w lots of missions. Jim gets captured a lot because he's a klutz w glasses while Bones is the broad-shouldered agent who always saves him just in time. "Dammit, Jim! I told you not to open that box filled with sleeping gas!" "Mmmph. Mmmph!" "You were supposed to wait for me by the hall while i got the files!" Leo grumbles as he takes the tape off of Jim's mouth. "Bones-" "Shut up." He pulls Jim for a hug & smashing their lips together.

I love your thinking!

  • So Jim’s got really skilled fingers, right? Generally, steady hands, and he’s extremely skilled. He was an actual part of the Bomb Squad before he joined the special forces and ended up becoming friends with Bones. So how does someone so smart gets himself in so much trouble? Bones is suffering a headache when Jim’s voice calls out through a mic that he’s compromised; underestimated the number of bad guys on the agreed upon location. So Bones has to get in stealthily, else they might shoot Jim dead before he has a chance to save him. He gets to a safe spot, and snipes the one guy closest to Jim. Jim takes out the other two near him, and Bones snipes another two people. Jim stumbles out of the building, and Bones follows suit. “I can’t believe you, you freaking idiot,” Bones says, but he pulls Jim into a tight hug. Jim laughs. “I’m sorry,” he says, his own arms finding their way around Bones’ back.
  • That doesn’t mean he’s learned, though. Jim’s fighting off a drug lord. And generally, Jim’s quite strong. He can handle these things. Bones is nearby, taking out the bigger, stronger bodyguards. And Jim does fine until the guy he’s up against literally throws a grenade into the bags of cocaine, and it explodes into a thick cloud. Bones knocks both men out, and rushes over to the sound of the explosion. The bad guy’s gone, and Jim’s on the floor. He’s fine, but he’s high as a kite and it’s definitely probably an overdose. “C’mon, big guy, let’s get you to a hospital,” Bones sighs, pulling him up from the floor. “I’m fine,” Jim says, repeating it louder and more than once as Bones sits him down on the ground outside and calls an ambulance. He crouches down in front of him, taking off Jim’s thick black framed glasses and he cleans them with his shirt. Jim reaches out and touches Bones’ cheek. “I can feel you grumpy at me when I touch your cheeks like that,” Jim says. “That doesn’t even make sense,” Bones replies, ruffling the white powder out of Jim’s hair, and Jim leans in to the touch like a cat. “I love you, Bones,” Jim says, smile stupid on his lips. Bones laughs, sitting next to Jim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. “You too, kid.”
  • Jim’s been taking on a mission by himself. One Pike told them repeatedly not to take without enough evidence. Human trafficking is a dangerous thing. The bad guys can also move around pretty quickly and hide the evidence. And still, of course, Jim goes out when there’s a chance he can save innocent lives. Jim is stupidly brave like that. When Bones finds him, Jim’s being interrogated, head pushed under water ‘til he almost passes out, and then he’s asked about how much the feds know. Of course Jim doesn’t say anything. Bones struggles to fight the baddies off, and by the time he’s done, Jim’s face down in the water and he’s not breathing. Bones drags him out of the water, fingers on his neck to feel a pulse. “Come back to me, you son of a-” he grits his teeth, palms pressed on Jim’s chest. He presses down repeatedly, hoping to pump some air into his lungs. When that doesn’t work, he tilts Jim’s head back a little, pressing their lips together in an attempt to save him using mouth-to-mouth, altering between that and just pressing his hands on his chest again. “Come on, Jim..” he mutters, a sense of panic rising inside of him the longer Jim is just not moving. But then Jim comes back, coughing up water and turning around to throw up all that residue water on the floor. Bones lets out a relieved sigh. “Don’t you ever do that again,” Bones warns him. Jim groans, sitting up straight with Bones’ help, and he smiles at him. “You kissed me,” Jim says. “I saved you, that’s not a kiss.” Bones protests. Jim grins. “Next time you kiss me, at least make sure I’m conscious.” So he does. Jim is conscious now. Bones curls his fingers in Jim’s damp t-shirt, yanking him in for a kiss.
  • The next time he saves Jim, it’s something small. It’s something he can deal with. Bones is slowly waking up in his bed, missing the empty spot next to him. He hears Jim curse loudly, and so he instantly gets up. Jim’s in the kitchen, hand in the running water in the sink. “What did you do?” Bones asks. “Just.. burned my hand trying to fry bacon.” Jim explains with a shrug. He somehow looks stunning in just his briefs, messy bed-hair and his glasses. It’s all kinds of unfair. Bones takes Jim’s hand, gently drying it up before applying some burn relief cream to the red skin. Jim smiles. “What am I gonna do without you, Bones?” He asks, and Bones grins. “Crash and burn,” he replies, bacon long forgotten when he kisses Jim and presses him against the counter, feeling Jim’s arms slide around his shoulders.
  • But then it’s Bones who’s in trouble. Jim and himself are running after a perp, chasing him down the crowded streets. Bones is closest to him. As soon as he gets a clear shot, he just takes it. The body collapses against a fountain. That’s something he’ll never get used to. He runs up close to him, but only then notices the bomb strapped to the guy’s chest, infrared light aimed directly at Bones’ chest. Bones freezes immediately. “Stay back,” he warns Jim, who, of course, doesn’t listen. Jim comes closer, deep frown on his face. “Don’t move, Bones. Whatever you do, don’t move.” “What is that light?” Bones asks. “Looks like a proximity sensor. It can detect movement,” Jim explains, and that sounds terrifying. That sounds absolutely terrifying. “You need to get out of here,” Bones says, somehow itchy everywhere, but he’s too afraid to move. Jim shakes his head. “I’m not going anywhere, partner.” He says, reaching out for his phone. “I’m gonna need an EOD suit, and then I’m gonna get you out of this mess.”
  • Bones doesn’t know how much time passes. It feels like forever. He’s in the burning sun, the square has been evacuated, and Bones feels drenched in his own sweat. His legs feel heavy, and Jim refuses to leave his side. “If I don’t make it,” Bones starts, but Jim’s not having any of it. “Stop it, Bones.” “I’m serious, Jim. If I don’t make it, I want you to look after Jo, alright?” “Bones, you’re gonna make it out.” “Just promise me this.” Bones persists, and Jim grits his teeth. “No, you’re not going anywhere.” He says firmly, and it’s just not up for discussion. When Jim’s old squad team arrives, he finally walks away. Bones thinks about running, but he’s never gonna make it to safety on time. At best, it’d be third degree burns and maybe some life long damage done to his head by the debris from the fountain. At worst, he just wouldn’t live. So he stays. Alone. Eyes closed, and he thinks of Joanna, and of Jim, and how his life up until this point hasn’t been as bad as he likes to think sometimes. Jim comes back, dressed in a thick green suit and he shoots Bones a grin. “You’re in safe hands with me, sweetheart,” Jim says, and Bones opens his eyes again. “You look stupid.” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “At least you never lose the ability to insult me, even when your life is quite literally in my hands.”
  • Jim disables the bomb just fine. Or, not just fine, it starts beeping dangerously fast at first and Jim looks briefly really nervous, until he disables it completely. Bones just feels like his legs are giving in. Jim takes off his helmet, thick arms wrapping around Bones’ shoulder to keep him up. “There. Saved you, you little damsel in distress,” Jim says, and Bones leans in. “Shut up, you and your stupid suit.” Bones breathes, kissing him right there on the street, but Jim’s making no attempt to stop him. “I think we’re pretty even now, right? You saved me once, I saved you.” Jim says when he pulls away, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “We are not even.” Bones says, and Jim walks him to the ambulance for a mandatory checkup. “Totally even.”

anonymous asked:

What do you imagine Izumi's personality to be? We didn't really get to know who she is as a person, since she only had two lines of dialogue (in which she seemed rather serious but the situation called for it).

Yes, I’ve definitely thought about her personality and attempted to incorporate some of her traits into my posts. Also, I’m sorry it took so took so hard to respond. If you weren’t on Anon, I would have messaged you saying that I didn’t forget your post, but alas I couldn’t.

TL;DR Version:

I personally think she’s INFJ–idealistic, complex, value-driven, perceptive, hard working, and quiet. From what we saw of her, Izumi is a reserved person who prefers to sit in the background, take everything in, and then wait for the right moment to speak her opinion. She’s firmly against war and will only break this value “unless there’s no other choice.” Also, her intolerance for Prince Wu’s BS lines up with an INFJ’s perfectionist nature and high standards for everyone around them.

It also should be noted that Zuko is INFP, so having his daughter be INFJ isn’t that much of stretch. I don’t know about anyone else, but something about her makes me think she’s the judging type even though we haven’t really seen her in action. It’s just a hunch, I guess.

The Long Version:


Even though she held a serious demeanor during the world leader’s meeting, there’s no way she doesn’t have a dorky side after being raised by her awkward turtleduck of a father.

He was probably the prince of dad jokes (with Sokka being the king.) While most of his jokes are terrible, some of them are so bad, they’re good and she laughs to the point of snorting.

Awkward? Definitely. However, since we only see her in LOK, we missed out on her awkward teen years which were bound to be cringeworthy and angsty. Everyone expected her to be dignified, regal, and defined as a 13 year old, but instead she went through the same embarrassing and self-conscious stage as everyone else. She didn’t like her pointed jaw line, glasses, and probably other physical traits the audience couldn’t see. Personally, I love her character design because not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she also has distinguishing features that make her stand out from most other characters. However, this doesn’t prevent some people from being haters so I can imagine her insecurities made for some pretty interesting teenage years. More on the angst later.


She definitely has Mai’s sarcasm but since she’s representing the Fire Nation in international politics, we weren’t able to see her crack a joke.

Intolerance for BS:

Izumi also has her mother’s “I’m not taking any of your shit” attitude and I love it. This is the one trait I try to emphasize in my posts the most for your comedic pleasure.

Can you imagine how aggravating international politics are in LOK? The Earth Kingdom royal family is a joke. Raiko is a fuckboy who wants you to invade the Earth Empire just like your genocidal granddaddy did despite the fact your own father nearly killed himself out of fear of becoming like him. The Water Tribes–smh. No wonder we barely see her; she’s too busy running her own country and being fabulous for all this nonsense.

In Battle:

Fire bender or not, there’s no doubt in my mind she’s a badass. Personally, I think she inherited her father’s jerkbending while also picking up mad knives throwing skills from her mommy. Zuko’s dual dao swords? Chi-blocking abilities? Uncle Sokka’s boomerang skills? Maybe. Either way, her father made sure she didn’t put all her eggs in one basket in battle so Izumi’s skilled in multiple styles of fighting and weapons.


I never understood why some fans claim that Zuko must have spoiled Izumi rotten out of fear of becoming like his father. While yes, Ozai was abusive to Zuko, but look at his behavior towards Azula: he let her be completely spoiled by giving her almost whatever she wanted and not giving her healthy boundaries. Let’s look at some examples from the show and comics, shall we. She doesn’t like her fire bending teacher? Send him to the colonies. Can’t land at the harbor because of a natural occurrence that none of your crew members have any power over? Threaten to throw them overboard (even though fighting the tides would damage the ship.) From what I saw, it seems that as long as Azula stayed a prodigy and didn’t directly annoy him, Ozai let her do as she wished. However, giving a child whatever they want and not giving them proper boundaries can create a MONSTER–and I’ve personally experienced some of these monsters. Of course, I wholeheartedly believe that Ozai’s abusive behavior and Ursa’s disappearance had a negative affect on Azula, but I feel like the fandom often doesn’t understand how destructive spoiling your child can really be.

I plan to make a more in-depth post on my other account later, so I’m not going into much detail here. This is the TL;DR version. 

My whole point is that Dadko probably knows that spoiling Izumi is a huge no no and he had to figure out a balance between showing her affection but also giving her proper boundaries (which means punishing her and saying “no.”) Growing up, he made sure his daughter had to do chores and clean up after herself: “Izumi, the servants have better things to do than make your bed, pick up your toys, or get you a glass of water when you have nothing to do, so you have to do these things yourself.”

I have this headcanon that, as a teenager, Izumi would spent her vacations working at “Grandpa” Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se, serving tea to customers, cleaning after them, and being treated like shit. What better way to understand the plight of the working class then to work in the restaurant/retail industry?

From what we saw of both Zuko and Iroh ii in LOK, they both seem rather kind and respectful to those around them despite their status, so it’s not a stretch to think she’s the same way (unless you’re being an ass hat like Prince Wu.)

I do have some more traits in mind but since I don’t want to make this post a novel, I’ll post more as times goes on. Thanks for the ask! It was an honor!

A ship by any other name

Or: The one where Tony finds out about fandom…

Sprawled out on the sweeping curve of the huge couch on the common floor of the Avengers Tower, Bucky was sipping from a piping hot cup of coffee, absently eyeing the news on the screen across the room, when noises from the kitchen made him shuffle up straight so he could glance over the back of the couch. And then he did a double-take, unable to make sense of what he was actually seeing.

In the middle of the kitchen was Steve, plate of eggs and bacon clasped in one hand, the other flailing around in an attempt to get a good grip on Tony, who was… Well, trying to climb Steve like a tree, by the look of things, waving his phone around in one hand while clutching at Steve’s ridiculously wide shoulder with the other, sweatpants-dressed leg trying to hook around Steve’s hip for leverage. Stubbornly clinging on like a baby monkey even when Steve finally managed to deposit his breakfast plate on the kitchen island and could use both hands to pry the engineer off himself.

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have faith

he lives in you, hE LIVES IN ME, HE WATCHES OVER

A/N: HAPPY (belated) VALENTINE’S DAY, @queerkat-meerkat! I’m your secret valentine <3 I hope you had a lovely one, even if you didn’t have plans and your day was just scrolling through tumblr and treating yourself to ice cream. but also if you did have plans i hope you had  a wonderful day! also thank you so much to @snowbazvalentines for organising everything <3

this is not very good oops i’m very sorry for the late submission and the rather bad writing - i kept rewriting it and rewriting it an i never ended up getting it done on time - but i tried and i hope you like it <3

also, this was meant to be fluff but then um

song credit: Stand By You by Rachel Platten

(this is long - nearly 4k words (it was supposed to be longer but i have writer’s block atm) because i got carried away so to read the whole thing, click the keep reading thing or the little page flip thing at the top right corner of this post!)

hands, put your empty hands in mine

He lifts his head. He’s shaking, and I don’t know how to stop it, so I just hug him tighter until our collarbones clash together and his trembling head is on my shoulder.

“You’re okay, Simon,” I whisper, and I think my voice is shaking, too. “You’re okay.”

There’s silence, then he murmurs into my shirt, “I can’t feel anything anymore, Baz. I feel - dead.”

His magic’s really gone, then, and I squeeze my eyes shut because I know it’s what he treasured most in the world.

“But you’re still here, love,” and the shaking grows again, and he hiccups into my shoulder. “You’re still here, and as long as you’re still here, everything’s fine.”

“If it’s not-”

“It will be.” I kiss the side of his head, firmly, desperately. “You’re Simon bloody Snow. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

I can still feel the tears staining my shirt and his hiccuping anguish, so I pull him closer and rest my head on top of his even as the searchlights swing around the grounds and Penelope jumps up to get their attention.

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First Kiss
  • Ashton: Another party thrown at your house. Another night of your brother dragging you into everything even though all you want to do was leave and find somewhere away from your house where you could read in peace. Not tonight. Never in fact. You are pulled out of your book by your brother calling your name. You look up and see the bottle in the center of the circle pointing at you. "I'm not even playing," you tell your brother. It wasn't a lie. You are sitting on the very edge of the whole party, curled up with a book in your lap and your headphones on, trying to drown everything out. "Rules are rules, sis. And you're at this party. Into the closet you go," he tells you. You start to protest, but he's so much larger than you and just drags you to the closet, shoving you inside. You don't even know who you're in here with. This game was some hellish mixture of Spin-the-Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, just what you needed. You feel a hand reach out to you, settling on your arm. You jump at the sudden contact. "Hey, hey, relax. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'm Ashton, by the way," the guy says. Your breath catches in your throat. Your brother had shoved you in here because he knew you had a massive crush on Ash. You stutter out your name and he chuckles. "Figures. Your brother knows I think you're pretty," he tells you. "You think I'm what?" Your voice cracks at the end. "Pretty. I think you're pretty and different. You've always got a book in your hands and your cute little glasses on and you're never actually part of our parties. You just, you fascinate me and I never thought you'd ever speak to anyone, let alone me, and I'm rambling now, so I'll stop." You don't know how to respond to his confession. "Ashton?" you ask, deciding on a response. "Yeah?" he responds. You reach out for him, finding his neck in the dark, pulling him close to your body. He understands and his lips find yours in the dark, your first of many, many, many kisses.
  • Calum: Your head is on his lap as a stupid movie plays in the background. Your best friend is finally back from months on tour and you both are too busy catching up to watch a movie. "So, any new guys I need to beat up?" he asks casually. "Or are you still into that guy you said wouldn't give you the time of day?" You laugh and sigh before saying, "Still into that guy." Calum rolls his eyes and tells you, "Either man up and tell him or let it go. He's definitely too thick. You're great. He'll definitely go for you." You bite your lip, thinking if you should actually take his advice. After all, Calum is the guy you are hung up on. If that's what he'd want, you figure you should do just that. You sit up, facing him on the couch. "Cal, I love you," you say simply. "Love you too," he chuckles. "Do you want to restart the movie? I mean, neither one of us were really watching it." You let out a frustrated groan before saying, "No, Calum, I'm in love with you. You're the guy I'm hung up on." His eyes goes wide as they move to look at you. He swallows hard and whispers, "You're not serious." Your breaths start to become shaky because you're sure you just ruined over ten years of friendship in two sentences. "I'm serious," you say. Without hesitation, his lips crash against yours. You gasp in surprise, giving him an opportunity to slide his tongue between your lips. He pushes you back on the couch as his tongue moves expertly against yours. He's now hovering over you on the couch as your hands run up and down his chest. "I've wanted you to say that for over a year," he whispers against your throat where his lips now rest. You laugh, running one of your hands through his hair. You gasp in surprise when you feel his teeth dig into your skin. "Calum," you breathe out. "You're mine now," he whispers in your ear. "I'm making sure everyone else knows that."
  • Luke: You laugh at Luke attempting to sing in falsetto to the song playing on the radio. He laughs when he hears you laugh. You can't wipe the smile off your face when your laughter dies down. This has been the best first date of your life. A drive-in movie with a beautiful, funny, talent boy who knew to bring Sour Patch Kids and liked cuddling. Dates didn't get much better than that. You, despite your mother always telling you to never, ever, ever kiss on the first date, hope he will kiss you when he drops you off. You know you're falling for this boy, dangerously fast, but you're not going to stop yourself and you're pretty sure he isn't stopping either. When he pulls up to your house, he surprisingly gets out before you and opens your door for you. He walks you to your front step, still making you laugh with his bad jokes. "I had a great time tonight," you tell him as you reach your front porch. "Really? Good, because so did I," Luke tells you. "Can I see you again tomorrow?" You laugh at his eagerness. "Tomorrow? Aren't we rushing things?" He hesitates before he starts rambling, "Do you not want to see me tomorrow? I mean, that's okay if you don't, but I want to see you tomorrow. Hell, I don't want to stop seeing you tonight. You're just really pretty and funny and smart and so damn amazing and I'm not good enough for you, but I just don't care anymore. I really want to kiss you too, but I know I shouldn't since it's only our first date-" You cut him off by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to your level, your lips connecting with his for the first time. He doesn't hesitate to pull your closer, his hands on your hips. You part when you hear the front door open. Your dad is standing there with a disapproving look. You knew he wouldn't like Luke: skinny jeans, lip piercing, in a band. He was your father's nightmare, but he was your dream that was quickly becoming a reality. "Call me?" you tell him. "Oh, definitely," he smiles at you. He nods and waves awkwardly to your father before retreating to his car, your lips still tingling where they met his.
  • Michael: You are sitting next to Michael, Wii remote in your hands and another in his. "Let's make a bet," he tells you. "You win, I have to do something you want me to do. I win, you have to do something I want you to do." You frown and say, "My clothes are staying on, Clifford." He laughs and says, "I promise. It won't be like that." You sigh and give in, making the deal. It's absolutely no surprise when he completely destroys you in Mario Kart. You're terrible at it anyway, let alone playing Michael, who is pretty much the master of Mario Kart. When he wins, you turn to him and say, "What am I doing, Michael? What terrible thing do I have to eat or tweet?" He sighs as he takes the remote from your hands and sets it on the table with his. "I'm not going to make you doing anything. I'm going to ask," he says. "May I kiss you right now?" Your eyes go wide in shock. "You're actually asking?" you choke out. Michael nods softly and says, "I don't know, okay? I'm bad at this romantic stuff. You just, you mean a lot to me and I don't want to screw this up at all." You can't stop the smile forming across your face as you lean in closer to him before pressing your lips to his, shocking him with how forward you're being. He immediately takes over control of the kiss, but doesn't take it too far. When he pulls away, you pout softly. "What?" he asks you, a chuckle in his voice as he speaks. "Why did you stop?" you reply. "Because I'm an idiot," he sighs before kissing you again. This time he deepens the kiss, making you tangle your fingers in his crazy hair as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his body. "My girlfriend," he mumbles when you finally pull away. "That wasn't a question, but I say yes anyway," you laugh, making him laugh with you.

anonymous asked:

Really? The plot didn't make sense. The girls were simply being lazy and then all of a sudden the men were the bad guys. It annoyed me so much. Other than riarkle moments I think it pretty much sucked at a jab at feminism. Respect though

How does the plot not make sense? Yes, some of the girls were being lazy (like Maya), but in the Farkle/Riley plot, Farkle was being narrow minded- he automatically assumed he should do the work and that Riley wouldn’t want too, because he is better at Science than she is and girls don’t like science anyway. I think that he was supposed to represent the overall “general consensus” of the boys. 

And the girls didn’t get off scot free, which is why it’s so important. The entire bay window scene with Topanga was a lesson in scolding the girls for NOT caring and for BEING lazy and teaching them that they have to care about these things in order to break the patriarchal constructs we live in. 

And it wasn’t failing at feminism at all, it showed a woman having a voice and speaking out for what she believed in and making a difference and opening the eyes of BOTH males and females ALIKE. The bay window scene gets glossed over in that aspect and I would strongly urge you to go back and watch it again. 

Plus, the guys weren’t the “bad ones” for long. Farkle learned pretty quickly that he was seeing things with tunnel vision and quickly jumped aboard the Riley train. The rest of the guys weren’t being blamed for patriarchy, but they WERE being just as stubborn as the girls, refusing to work with them just as much as the girls were refusing to cooperate with them. 

See, the whole point is equality. Look at the last scene between Riley/Maya and Cory/Norton- the girls want to buy pizza for the teachers who are in fact, men. The men are receptive to this. It isn’t about making women better than men, it isn’t about discounting mens contributions to society. It’s about breaking the binary gender roles and the violent oppositions that go along with those binaries. it’s about equality, it’s about working together as one, about not SEEING gender as part of our identity and attempting to challenge that specific ideology. It goes way deeper than a boys vs. girls mentality. 

We need to understand what feminism is trying to do, in order to fully understand how well this episode was crafted. 

*And of course I don’t need to go into the Farkle/Riley & Maya/Lucas subtext that streamlined so damn flawlessly with the surface plot of the episode, probably better than any other episode that has been written. It didn’t even have to try and reach even a little bit, and was clear to even casual viewers that “something is going on beneath the surface”. That’s just great writing.*

anonymous asked:

I don't ship caryl anymore because there is no evidence that Carol loves Daryl. They're hinting that she and Ezekiel will get together. Meanwhile, Daryl is being tortured. I didn't sign up for that. Why would they do this? It breaks my heart.

Right now, Carol isn’t technically “showing” that she loves anyone in her family. Not in a traditional way. But that absolutely does not mean that she doesn’t love them. Love was the entire reason that she left the ASZ. Because she felt that she had to get away from it, from those she loves.

Sure, Carol isn’t showing that she loves Daryl in the way that she used to. She’s not flirting with him, she’s not teasing or joking around with him. She’s not doing that with anyone – including Ezekiel.

Love is a painful thing for Carol, at the moment. Because she’s trying to run from it and she’s trying to isolate herself from it. So of course she’s not conveying her love for Daryl the way she used to. She’s trying to bury it and repress it.

But she’s not doing a very good job, because to me, it’s still very clear that Carol loves Daryl.

[.gif by @rottenwasp​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl in the way her expression turned shocked and overwhelmed when he hugged her. Because if Daryl meant nothing to her, and if that hug didn’t affect her – then her face would not have looked like that. This is not apathy. This is Carol feeling Daryl’s love, the love that she’s been trying to evade. She’s tried to make herself numb, but Daryl – her Achilles heel, the one person she can never seem to shut out completely – hugs her, and she feels his love.

And it terrifies her.

And that is because she loves him so much. If she saw him as simply a friend, that hug would not have impacted her so deeply. Carol didn’t look comforted because the moment Daryl embraced her, she started to feel things and as she had told Daryl previously, “I can’t let myself feel it”.

[.gif by @hypernovadust​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl in the way that she looked at him here, with tears in her eyes. She can’t pretend she’s fine around him. Because he knows her. She can’t lie to him. She can’t wear her mask around him – not for one second. She loves him too much and that’s why she has to walk away. It’s painful, it’s heartbreaking – but it all comes back to the fact that she loves him.

[.gif by @emskinney​]

I saw Carol’s love for Daryl when the heartbreak was evident in her eyes as she watched him dig Denise’s grave. Because Daryl is Carol’s light. She sees him as someone who is purely good, and no matter how many times the world drags him down, he stays good. That’s beautiful, to her. So as she watches him become consumed in his guilt and rage and need to kill Dwight, her heart breaks. That’s because she loves him, and she can’t bear the thought that this man who she loves so much, is going down this dark path, and is becoming “like her” (in her eyes). She can’t stand to watch the world tear him down. That, I think, was the last straw. That’s what did it for Carol, and that’s what prompted her to make her final decision to leave the ASZ. It’s what pushed her over the edge.

So Carol and Daryl’s relationship may not be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still love each other – because I believe they do, very much, even if it’s shown in a more painful way, even if it doesn’t look like it used to and it doesn’t mean that they’ve hit the point of no return.

It’s not over because they both still love each other very deeply, and although they are both miles apart, and although they are both running away from love in their own ways… we know that they can’t run forever. We know that they’ll find each other, down the road. And if Gimple wanted us to think it was over, that would be easy. Just don’t have them reunite again. But we know that they do reunite again. That they find each other, yet again, against all odds.

They always find each other, no matter what.

And what we know so far about episode 10 tells me that no, Caryl is not over. Rather, it’s progressing. And Carol and Daryl are learning that they can’t run from love forever.

As for Ezekiel, all I can say is, TPTB troll. It’s what they do. They thrive off of it. But I’m pretty adamant that nothing will become of “Carzekiel”. In my opinion, it’s yet another ruse by our guy, Scott M. Gimple, in his ceaseless attempt to shock viewers with every single storyline. He wants us to be surprised when Carol and Daryl reunite and I believe that these are just the lengths he goes to in order to fulfil this need to shock his audience.

I see this ship going somewhere. Everything in the show is bleak right now, it’s at what is probably its lowest point. But it can’t be like that forever. Even in the twd world, as dark as it is, there has to be some hope, and some reason for these characters to keep going, keep surviving. And in all honesty, I think Carol and Daryl are each other’s reasons and I think episode ten will solidify that.

Anyway. I hope I could cheer you up at least a little bit. And while I totally understand why you feel this way, I think there’s hope for this ship. I think there are good things coming in the future for us. Because it can’t all be bad.

lanafannabanana  asked:

It's been literally a few episodes and nothing even happened yet except a few kisses and some hope for another chance to have family and someone who can love and support you. I think you are missing the last year when Robin's and Regina's bonding has started but Regina was pushing him away all the time as she always do. And here in SB she didn't. I didn't hear any loud love declarations, they are not engaged neither swore to love each other till death. So abt what 'bad story' we are talking abt?

I’m talking about bringing RH back with a different face, a dead wife, a cute son, and a new tattoo. I’m talking about writing a romantic destiny for Regina without bothering to address how it’s yet another instance of taking her choices away, albeit wrapped up in a prettier more benevolent package. I’m talking about having Regina hand over her heart to a man she literally met the day before (despite there being clear dangers to doing such a thing and other much more logical options established in canon) because, apparently, they just wanted to write the obvious romantic metaphor.

“It’s been literally a few episodes and nothing even happened” sums it up pretty nicely for me. I feel like they should’ve (and could’ve) dedicated more time to building up this romance, if they wanted people to root for it. They could’ve stretched it out over more episodes, given the audience and the characters more time to gradually adjust and really want to see it based on a change in their interactions as they got to know one another. Instead, we got a fairly rapid progression over very few episodes with, as far as I can tell, very little explanation within the scenes they’ve shared.

They had the chance to organically develop their relationship in the past and they didn’t use it. I understand why they were having Regina act indifferent towards him, but I thought we’d see an actual change, I thought we’d see them bond, get to know each other, and set up a precedent for them to be more openly loving in SB. But, aside from Witch Hunt, they had almost no interaction and their hostility was unchanged even after a year had passed. Why was their FTL relationship stagnant? Why didn’t we see any change from their first FTL scene to their last? What was the point of the “friction” in FTL except to simultaneously offer antagonism (in FTL) as well as angst and fluff (in SB)? It felt to me like its only purpose was to create a false sense of depth, it was a way to make it seem less flat, less rushed, and offer the opportunity to compare it to things like Romancing The Stone. It didn’t feel like telling a real story, it felt like an attempt to execute every desired dynamic all at once, without doing any of the actual work.

In SB, Regina took an important turn from being cautious and distant to literally handing over her heart. I know that’s a huge point of debate, and I honestly think it was too much. There were ways they could’ve shown her opening up to him without literally giving him her heart that, I think, would’ve worked to both progress the plot and show development in their relationship in a believable way… but then they wouldn’t have gotten their blatant romantic metaphor, I guess. IMO, it happened solely to bolster OQ (with lines like “you can’t steal what’s given to you”) and was a bit of an insult to Regina’s (and the audience’s) intelligence. It could’ve worked if they had offered an explanation as to why they couldn’t have gone with any of the other much more logical and safer options they had (not just for Regina’s heart, but for Roland as well), but instead we’re just supposed to accept that this seemed like the best idea to both of them? Because, why again? It’s romantic?

It just seems like such bad writing to me, it’s transparent in its purpose and isn’t even the most interesting or emotionally poignant thing they could’ve done. To me, it feels cheap. Like someone went, “what if Regina literally gives Robin Hood her heart??” and there was no further discussion, not even to strengthen the idea that it’s the best option she had, because wow she gives him her heart, get it??

And regardless of whatever else happened to bring us to that point, that pivotal change in how Regina felt about pursuing a relationship with Robin came after she saw his tattoo. How is that not an issue? The most crucial step, the jump from “not interested” (even out of fear/denial because of actual interest) to “I trust you, let’s do this” came after she saw he had the tattoo. It seems to me it would’ve been far preferable if she didn’t discover the tattoo until she had already decided she wanted to be with him, that way it would be indisputable that she wasn’t persuaded by thoughts of destiny.

Now we don’t know to what degree ideas of “fate” and Tink’s warnings of “screwing up again” influenced her decision. That makes me uneasy, it seems wrong to me that it’s up to the audience to guess how Regina feels, to rationalize how she’s not just succumbing to what she thinks she’s “supposed” to do. I thought even people who like Regina and Robin together would feel the same unease about this. I’d imagine even Regina would feel that way, and Robin as well if he were to learn about the pixie dust! (“Do you actually like me, or do you just feel like you’re supposed to, like you have to?”) I think the writers had a lot of room to make this romance land comfortably in the realm of “Regina chose to be with this guy because she genuinely likes him, and what she believed her fate would inevitably be had absolutely no part in that decision,” but they’ve missed the mark, there is plenty of room for doubt, and I really don’t understand why.

If we’re supposed to root for this relationship, if we’re supposed to feel good about it and be happy for Regina, I don’t understand why they clouded the situation with idea of destiny. I don’t understand why they’ve allowed even the tiniest sliver of doubt as to what Regina’s true feelings and motivations are, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do everything in their power to make it clear it’s her choice because she wants it, and not because of any decades-old ideas planted in her mind about destiny and fate.

It shouldn’t have happened this way, I genuinely didn’t think it would, and I certainly didn’t expect so many Regina fans to have no problems with it going in such a direction. I thought there’d be more outrage over the writer’s incompetence now affecting Regina and what could’ve been a much better romance for her, but maybe I’m just expecting too much? Maybe it’s seen as good enough because the writing isn’t that great in other areas of the show anyway? But Regina’s always been the best part of the show, at least to Regina fans so… idk, I thought more people would be bothered by this. That’s okay though, if people like it. I suppose it certainly could be worse. I just don’t like how easily it’s assumed if someone doesn’t like OQ it’s because they’re a “man-hating SQ shipper” as though there aren’t perfectly valid issues with it that have nothing to do with other ships or Robin Hood’s gender.

Anyway, that’s my opinion, that’s why I think it’s a bad story. I feel like the issues started before it even began and haven’t really improved since, and I’ve honestly been surprised by it. I was never into the idea, but I didn’t think they’d do such a poor job with it. I thought it’d actually be decent enough that I wouldn’t find anything wrong with it, I thought there’d be no real reason for my distaste for it aside from my own genuine disinterest and preference for SQ. I was wrong, and I’m honestly not even sure I feel good about it.

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