attempt at coloring 1


i need her

ANYWAY i tried properly designing my kyonshi and ws looking at a bunch of teita’s work so i wanted to attempt to emulate their coloring style..
v difficult, 
instead of using 1 layer to color i used like 8 and that’s really unfair,

Queens of Fists Part 2

When they were left by their boys, they trained hard to become stronger. One told herself that even if she was in a pinch, she’d be able to get herself out of it while the other promised to not be a burden to her teammates any longer…

I just love Tifa Lockhart and Uchiha (Haruno) Sakura. They embody girl power.

(Finally attempted to color something)

Part 1 is here:

terraaurea ‘s original composition for the second part of rhinocio ‘s Homeworld T Series was lodged in my head so badly (IT’S SO GOOD why is everyone so good) I had to put something on paper tonight despite deadlines whoops. I think I messed up the homeworld suits design but AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE

first attempt at digital color pencils!!1 they help a lot to cover up sketchy pencil lineart lmao

his song went on forever

12+ straight hours, 10 colors, 1 failed attempt, dozens of spotify ads, zero hours of sleep and one half cup of coffee later and im finally satisfied with my own personal tribute to one of my life long heroes. half a day of hard work doesnt amount to much when honoring a man who gave us 50+ beautiful creative years but it’ll have to do. its still too hard to believe or comprehend and honestly, despite the world dawning incompletely for the third day, im still not sure if i actually believe it. multiple times while i drew this, i’d think my eyes were straining or growing tired only to find out i was actually crying. nothing will ever be the same now that our brightest star is forever waiting in the sky