attempt at being like everyone on here

voltron characters with things my family has said
  • Pidge: you may be tall, but i can destroy your life via social media and i think that makes me the winner here
  • Lance: oh no, i agree that i'm a disgusting attempt at a human being, but i'm also beautiful and everyone wants me
  • Keith: y'all want anything from the store? because i'm not getting it for you, bye.
  • Hunk: i say... we ignore the situation... and make pot brownies instead
  • Allura: id be an awful princess-- queen, however, seems much more suitable. that way i can be terrifying and aggressive and not have to excuse myself, ever.
  • Shiro: i just want to go one WEEK without life fucking me up my asshole
  • Coran: im only holding up because anytime something stressful happens, my mind immediately starts playing DMX songs at full blast.
  • Lotor: Dad told me to kill myself so im living very vigorously just to spite him

“You can’t stay here. We shouldn’t be…seeing each other like this, not before we’re married, at least. We’re being watched closely by everyone on the shuttle. One misstep and there’ll be a lot of backlash.”

Y/N isn’t particularly clumsy, but she did fall over due to the trip wire, and when she kneels on the bed to get off, she trips over Harry’s legs, even though she was consciously attempting to avoid them.

Except, this time when Y/N falls, she’s naked underneath her gown, which, flimsy material and all, lifts while she lays humiliatingly over Harry’s lap.

Y/N is glad to have her face initially buried into the bed because she’s flushing red from embarrassment, can feel the breeze on her bum, and can’t imagine a chaste man like Harry’s surprise by the development. She goes to get up once the initial shock wears off, but Harry quickly places his hand on her back, urging her back down. It places all of the power in his hands — however, they proceed is suddenly up to him.

or, the shuttle fic wherein Harry’s the shuttle’s commander, Y/N’s been brought aboard from the ground, and abstinence is more easily preached than practiced.

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it really bugs me when some people say things like “where did b.a.p go I miss them” or “remember when everyone used to love b.a.p aw good times” etc. I understand it’s being said with good(?) intentions but??? b.a.p is right here. they’ve not been hiding in a void since the hiatus, they’ve been out there making music and gaining new fans and being as active in the last year and a half as they always have been. if you can’t be arsed to follow them on social media or attempt to keep up with them by other means, that’s your own fault for not seeing them around and loving them. and if your attention only spans as far as the next new popular trend or whatever, that’s your own problem for missing out. b.a.p doesn’t need your pity

ptw30 replied to your post: Champion, Emperor, and King

Haggar does call Shiro “Champion” once, and now, having read this, her tone does sound almost sarcastic, like she did not appreciate it, like it was given to him by the slaves. Wow. Great insight. Thank you!!!

Oh that’s fascinating. Also that it comes from Haggar. Zarkon is completely dismissive of Shiro as a weakling- but Haggar seems to view Shiro as potential that could and should be harnessed for the good of the empire. But as you say- it doesn’t feel remotely like that reverence, and thematically there’s no way Shiro would be a “Champion” to the empire’s eyes.

Possibly, even, Haggar intends to co-opt this. If Shiro is the champion of the slaves- what possible way to grind them further under the empire’s heel but to take their beacon of hope and make it a weapon of the empire? Haggar may have focused on Shiro only partially because he’s a powerful person… and partially to try and break him, both as a person and as a symbol.

Another thought I’ll toss out here, on the topic of Shiro being a kind of folk hero in the muddled, shared culture of prisoners of the empire- imagine prison riots and protests that specifically evoke Shiro. Like an attempted large-scale prison break and before they do anything everyone involved makes a horizontal streak across the bridge of their nose. 

The Signs at the Beach:

Aries: Out surfing. They don’t know what surfing is. 

Taurus: Constructing a sandcastle. They have enlisted the help of other Tauruses and formed a sand-guild. 

Gemini: Working on their tan. They have stolen several tanning shades. They sit at the center of a conical pit lined with tanning shades. They are audibly crackling.

Cancer: Using other people as shade. Doesn’t want to be here. Was promised a milkshake.

Leo: Covering themselves in suntan lotion. They’re really more lotion than skin at the moment except for the cool sunglasses sticking out the top.

Virgo: Hitting on what they think is a lifeguard, but is actually a seagull.

Libra: Being followed by several small children they have whipped into a treasure hunt. They salt the earth where they pillage.

Scorpio: Leaning against an umbrella wearing a big hat trying to ignore everyone else as the sentient cloud of dust asks them for another ice tea. They are out of ice tea.

Ophiuchus: Attempting to move like a worm by eating sand really fast.

Sagittarius: Sitting atop the lifeguard tower making sure the lifeguard doesn’t get into any trouble. 

Capricorn: Currently yelling at the ocean for some reason. 

Aquarius: Drifting through the riptide in an inner tube drunkenly avoiding lifeguards and belting sea shanties at the top of their lungs.

Pisces: Doing wicked karate moves in the surf to impress the mermaids. 

Mommy (Namjoon/Reader)

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Genre: Smut

Words: 2.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: When the typically dominant lover has a wet dream about being dominated by his lover, who are you to deny his deepest fantasies? After all, everyone has their deepest darkest fantasies tucked away in the depths of their sexually aware mind like they have skeletons in their closet.

Tags: Mommy Kink, Dirty Talk, Orgasm Denial, Fem!Dom, Cuffing, etc.

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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I’m all about duckling Grif and protective Locus, they bonded during the trip okay?? I need it, it needs to be a thing.

Just, people threatening him or attempting to talk back and insult Grif, anything, and then Locus just appears out of nowhere with his camouflage, standing right behind Grif’s back and staring down whoever’s trying to mess with his new partner. 

No need to use his scary voice, everyone’s terrified of him already – and they just snap their mouths shut like alright, never mind then, and Locus barely even nods, all like good, you get it now as they move along and leave Grif be.

And Grif’s oblivious, he has no idea what’s happening here, but you better believe he’s being protected from these assholes who don’t deserve him.

I Don't See Why Not // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants to be in a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 1 of 6)

Series: Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Cheating (From an outside character), Oral (Male on Female), and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,807

Song: DKLA by Troye Sivan Ft. Tkay Maidza

A/N: Hi! Yes, I’m back! I don’t know if my return is a permanent thing, but all I know is I just couldn’t get this story out of my head and had to write it down. Either way, I hope you guys like it

“You know, what? Maybe if we get back in the car and leave, Lydia won’t even notice we’re gone.” I suggested to my boyfriend, Trevor, and he immediately chuckled.

“Babe, this is Lydia Martin we’re talking about.” He laughed, grabbing my hand and kissing the back of it. “She’ll notice us leaving before we even get the chance to walk out that door.“ 

I groaned audibly as this sunk in. I hate to admit it, but he’s right. Lydia’s one hell of an observant woman and would realize something was off the second we planned a getaway.

Lydia Martin, being the wonderfully thoughtful person she is, decided to throw a crazy party for the pack. She kept saying how ’‘we’re constantly putting our lives in danger to save everyone else” and how “we forgot what it’s like to be actual teenagers”. So, this party here at her house is an attempt to help us all relax, for once, and just have some fun. 

I thank her for her effort, really, I do. And I was excited for this event, at first, that was until I got here and the sound of loud music pounded into my soul. People making out in every corner had my skin crawling and I feel like I will literally scream if I see one more person throw up in front of me. 

 "I’m going to go get a drink.“ I sighed, pulling Trevor’s arm off my shoulders and standing from the living room couch. “Want anything?”

“No, I’m good.” He simply stated, his eyes focused on something else in front of him. 

I didn’t even bother to look at what grabbed all of his attention. I was way too concerned with giving into my current need of an alcoholic beverage. 

Pushing against the sweaty bodies that danced across the floor, I somehow made my way to the kitchen. My mouth beginning to water as I thought about the bitter liquid burning down my throat. 

A small smile etched across my lips the minute I walked inside and a very relaxed and calm Stiles, leaning against the kitchen counter with a drink in his hand, came into sight. 

I’m not gonna lie, he actually looked pretty hot. The way his long sleeves were rolled up just enough to show the veins on his strong arms. How his hair was messy in such a sexy way and how he looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world. 

“Basically all of Beacon Hill’s finest ladies in this one house and, yet, you still manage to be here in the kitchen, alone.” I laughed, approaching the counter with the alcohol on it and wasting no time in making myself a cocktail. “Why am I not surprised, Stilinski?“ 

Stiles let out a chuckle as he stood up straight, realizing he was no longer by himself. 

“Yeah, well, none of them really catch my eye.” He shrugged before taking a sip from his red plastic cup. 

“Not unless she’s a redhead with emerald green eyes, right?” I raised an eyebrow, picking up some ice from its bucket and dropping them into my own cup. 

“Right.” Stiles nodded, licking any lingering liquid off his pink lips. He slowly approached, stopping to stand behind me. “And what miracle brought you here? You hate parties.“ 

“As do you.” I smirked, turning around and leaning against the cupboards. “I remember a certain boy with a buzzcut telling me all about his social anxiety." 

“Well, some things have indeed changed for that boy and, yet, he still does have terrible anxiety." Stiles shrugged, resting his body against the island that was fixiated in the middle of the kitchen. "He manages to grow out his hair and even a few muscles, but can’t shake off the constant feeling of being threatened." 

"I blame natural selection. This is life’s way of telling us we’re the weaker links.” I raised my cup to Stiles and smirked. “So, here’s to us actually surviving this long and proving evolution wrong." 

“Cheers.” Stiles chuckled, also raising his cup. We tapped our cups and with smiles on our faces, gulped down our drinks. 

“Mm.“ I swallowed the last of my drink and turned around to refill my cup. "I should probably go back to Trevor. Wouldn’t want him suffering at this party alone." 

"Ah, yes, your boyfriend.” Stiles raised an eyebrow, a look of disapproval spreading across his face. “Also known as Tragic Trevor by most." 

“Not this again.” I groaned, rolling my eyes at him. With a sigh, I put down the bottle of Jack I used to fill the contents of my plastic cup and faced Stiles.

“Sorry.“ He lifted his hands in surrender. "You know I’m just looking out for you, right?" 

“Yes, Stiles.” I sighed, beginning to walk out of the kitchen. “You and the rest of the pack have made it very clear how much you hate my new boyfriend." 

“Hey, no. We don’t hate him.” Stiles spoke, following behind me. “We just strongly dislike him." 

“It’s not like you guys ever tried to actually like him, anyway.” I scoffed as I entered the living room. A feeling of confusion came over me when I peered over to the couch and Trevor wasn’t anywhere in sight. 

“Okay, fine. You have a point there.“ Stiles confessed, standing beside me whilst I looked around the room to try and find my boyfriend. "But, we also have our reasons, Emma. You know what the rumors say about him being the spawn of satan or whatever." 

“Stiles, I’m not having this discussion with you again.” I stated, deciding to ignore him when my eyes landed on a very happy Scott. He was, currently, sitting at the bottom of the staircase with a bubbly Kira wrapped in his arms. 

“Hey, guys.“ I greeted the couple once I approached them, having to speak a little louder due to the deafening music. 

"Hey!” They both exclaimed in union, clearly thrilled to see me here. Kira was obviously drunk and even Scott seemed a little tipsy. He must have laced his drink with some species of wolfsbane to get this effect.

“Have you guys seen Trevor, anywhere?” I asked them, hoping they weren’t drunk enough to not even be able to notice their surroundings. 

“Oh, yeah.“ Scott spoke up, his words slurring, and a sigh of relief left my lips. "I think he went to the bathroom upstairs." 

“Thanks, Scotty.” I smiled at him and he smiled back, his eyes sparkling. 

A feeling of happiness washed over me as I stared at him. If there’s someone in this world that deserves nothing other than the absolute best, that person is Scott McCall. He does so much for the people around him, constantly putting their lives before his. But, the thing is, he doesn’t do it because he feels like he has to, he does it because that’s just who he is. A person so good and so pure that he can light up an entire room with just his smile.

I managed to walk past Scott and Kira and up the staircase. An annoyed sigh left my chest when I heard the sound of footsteps following behind me. 

“Stiles, what are you doing?“ I asked the brown eyed boy once we reached the top of the stairs. 

“I’m sorry for bringing all of that up again.” He apologized, scratching the back of his neck. 

“It’s fine, Stiles.“ I spoke honestly and walked up to the bathroom in the hall. "Just go back to the party." 

“No, I want to help you find him.” Stiles stood his ground and I nodded, allowing him to make it up to me. 

My right hand curled around the handle to the bathroom door and turned it. I slowly pushed the door open and, immediately, regretted ever trying to look for Trevor in the first place. I had no idea what I would end up actually finding. 

The drink that was still in my hands from the kitchen dropped down to the floor and all of the liquid spread across the hall’s carpet as I stared in shock at the scene before me. 

A girl I’ve never seen before was sitting on top of the sink’s counter with her legs wrapped around my boyfriend’s waist. The feeling of disgust washed over me as I watched Trevor stick his tongue down her throat. It was only then that I noticed her hands fumbling with his belt and I felt as if I was going to be sick.

Stiles was the first to speak with a faint ‘holy shit’ leaving his mouth. 

The two horny teenagers detached their lips from each other and turned their heads towards the opened door.

Trevor’s eyes instantly landed on mine and I could see his pupils go from filled with lust to absolutely terrified

“Emma.“ He said my name nervously, his voice laced with surprise. 

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t even think. All I could do was stare in shock as the realization hit me. 

My boyfriend pushed himself away from the girl with no name and anxiously tried to fix his belt. When he began to approach me was when I was finally able to actually move. 

"We’re over.” I stated weakly, my voice breaking and I could feel tears threaten to escape. 

“No, wait-“ He tried to protest, but I didn’t stick around to find out what excuse he would use. 

I ran down the stairs and rushed past Scott and Kira. I heard the sound of my name being called by my friends, but I didn’t even bother to answer. 

Without actually thinking, I pulled the front door open and trudged outside. I let out a scream of frustration so loud that I didn’t even hear the front door being opened behind me. 

Suddenly, a hand rested on my shoulder and I, immediately, jumped. Quickly turning around, my heartbeat slowed once I realized I wasn’t being attacked and it was just Stiles. 

He had this look on his face of I knew this would happen and I just wanted him to get the hell away from me.

“Don’t!” I shouted, anger lacing my voice, when he opened his mouth to speak. “Don’t you dare say ‘I told you so’." 

“Actually, I was just gonna ask you if you wanted a ride home.” Stiles stated, his voice kind and soft. 

“Oh.” I wiped away the tears that were rolling down my cheek and sighed. “I would, thanks." 

“Don’t mention it.” He waved his hand at me. “Come on." 

I nodded as he rested his hand on the small of my back and lead us to his blue jeep. I closed my eyes once inside and leaned my head against the window. A feeling of defeat came over me as I thought about my, yet another, failed relationship. 

The ride to my house was peaceful and comfortable. The radio played soft music and Stiles talked all the way through. Constantly making stupid jokes and witty sarcastic remarks to make me laugh. The strange part is that they actually worked. 

“And here we are.” Stiles stated with a playful voice once we pulled into my house’s driveway. “Need anything else before I go, m'lady?" 

“Actually, yes.” I nodded, taking him up on his offer. “Can you stay over? My parents are gone for the weekend and I really don’t want to spend the night alone with my own thoughts." 

A soft smile spread across his face, Stiles’ eyes filled with care. A feeling of warmth and comfort washed over my body. If there’s someone who always manages to make me feel safe, that person is, without a doubt, Stiles Stilinski.

"Of course.” Stiles nodded and turned the ignition off.

We both got out of Roscoe and entered my house. Stiles immediately layed down on the couch, already making himself feel at home, and I went upstairs to grab blankets and pillows for him to sleep comfortably. 

It didn’t take me long to get what I needed and walk back downstairs to hand them to Stiles. 

“Thanks.“ He smiled, putting the blankets and pillows down on the couch he would be crashing on. 

“No problem.” I smiled back. “Do you need any pajamas to sleep in? I could go get something from my dad’s clothes." 

“Nah, that won’t be necessary.” Stiles waved me off, resting his head against the sofa. 

“Well, what are you going to sleep in?“ I furrowed my eyebrows at him and Stiles laughed, turning to look at me. 

“Emma, I’m a guy.” He chuckled, pointing to himself. “So, you know, my boxers." 

“Oh, right.” I laughed, a small blush creeping up on my cheeks. “I forgot how easy things are for your kind." 

“It’s a blessing, really.” Stiles shrugged. But then, suddenly, sat up with a look of surprise stretched across his face. 

Before I could even ask what was wrong, Stiles’ hands flew to his jean’s pocket and pulled out a buzzing phone. 

“Hey, dad.“ He answered the phone, his voice nervous and I laughed. "Yeah, no. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention there was a party-" 

Stiles abruptly stopped speaking and I can only assume his dad had interrupted him. He rolled his eyes in annoyance as the Sheriff clearly lectured his only son.

I chuckled a bit, standing up from the couch and Stiles’ eyes followed me. 

"I’m gonna go change.” I explained, pointing to the staircase behind me. 

“I know you hate it when I do that, dad…” Stiles sighed into the phone, but not without giving me a thumbs up, first. 

With a smile on my lips, I ran up into my room and put on comfortable clothes to relax in. My pajamas consisted of a blue tank-top and striped shorts. I didn’t go back downstairs before managing to quickly brush my teeth. 

“So, did you tell your dad you’re sleeping over?“ I asked Stiles with a grin on my face once I sat back down on the sofa. 

“Yeah, he’s not too thrilled about it, but whatever.” Stiles shrugged, putting his phone on the coffee table before him. “I’m here for you." 

“Thanks.” I smiled weakly and he faced me, his eyebrows raising up. 

“Speaking of which, are you okay?“ Stiles question was sincere and filled with concern. 

“Yeah, I guess so.” I sighed, leaning into the cushions. “We haven’t been dating that long, anyway. It wasn’t like we were in love or anything. Trevor and I were still getting to know each other, really. I don’t know, it just hurts that he would so easily humiliate me like that. That every boyfriend I’ve ever had only ever thought about themselves." 

Stiles looked at me as if he were trying really hard to understand what I was saying and I let out another sigh. 

“Look, every relationship I’ve ever been in ended badly. Maybe, I should just stop trying, you know? Maybe I should just have one night stands and never worry about being someone’s girlfriend ever again." 

“Hey, at least you have relationships.” Stiles intervened, letting out a breath of defeat himself. “I’ve been trying to be with Lydia since forever and it’s only ever lead to nothing.”  

“Okay, but you dated Malia.“ I pointed out and Stiles scoffed. 

“Malia was a mistake.” He shook his head. “I mean, don’t get me wrong she’s amazing, but we were never a real couple. I guess I just dated her because I pitied her, really.”

“We’re both such failures in the romance department.” I chuckled and Stiles chuckled along with me. “God, I am so done with romance." 

“Oh, you can’t be serious?” He smirked. 

“No, but I am.“ I disagreed and, then, turned my entire body to face Stiles. "You know what I really want?" 

Stiles shook his head and grinned. "What do you really want?" 

“To have someone that I can just have sex with.” I confessed and Stiles laughed. “I’m serious! I wish that that existed. You know, someone you meet with regularly just to satisfy your needs. No feelings and no complications, just pure sex." 

“It does exist.” Stiles stated. “They call it friends with benefits." 

“God, I want that.” I sighed, closing my eyes and returning to my resting position on the couch. 

“Yeah, me too.“ Stiles confessed and my eyes snapped open. 

“What?” I laughed. “What about Lydia?" 

“What about Lydia?” He shrugged and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Yes, I’m in love with Lydia, but I also have needs, you know?" 

"Oh, my God.” I scoffed, staring at him in awe. “You’re such a guy." 

“You know what? I am going to take that as a compliment.” Stiles spoke, his expression clearly smug. 

I watched as his tongue darted out of his mouth and wet his bottom lip, a feeling of desire, suddenly, pulsing through me. That’s when a brilliant idea came to me and the lightbulb in my head went off. 

And apparently, I wasn’t the only one with this new thought inside my mind. Stiles’ eyes seethed want and excitement. The sexual tension in the room now beginning to feel palpable. 

“Stiles…“ I said his name slower than usual as my eyes went back up to his. "Are you thinking what I’m thinking?" 

“Well, that depends.” Stiles grinned, his eyes piercing into mine. “Are you thinking about chicken nuggets?" 

"Stilinski, I know for a fact you’re not thinking about chicken nuggets, right now.” I stated, biting down on my bottom lip and I could see his eyes quickly flicker to my mouth then back up. 

“Okay.“ He smirked, leaning in closer to me. "Then, what am I thinking about?”

My eyes narrowed at him, a wave of lust crashing down on my body. 

“Well, I can only assume you’re thinking the same as I am.” I inched closer, the space between our faces slimming considerably. “And I just so happen to be thinking about taking off my clothes… for your amusement." 

“My amusement?” I could sense the cocky smile in his words even though our eyes shared an intense and tension-filled stare. 

I slowly nodded and reached behind my back to unhook my laced bra. Stiles’ eyes never left mine as I gently pushed the straps down my arms. 

“Because I know that what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours is filled with the smuttiest ideas that even porn can’t come up with.“ I took my bra out from under my shirt and threw it on his lap. "And I want you to know that I can help you persue them." 

Stiles’ eyes quickly broke our gaze and they shifted to the intimate garment on his thighs. With a small and almost inaudable moan escaping his lips, Stiles’ gaze rested on my erect nipples just underneath the thin layer of cotton.

"Stiles.” I called his name and his eyes reluctantly snapped up to mine. “Do you want to do this? To become friends with benefits?" 

“God, yes.” He groaned, his strong demeanor faltering.

A bolt of desire rushed through my body and rested down in my core. A smirk permanently etching on my lips.

“Then, take me.”

That’s all the encouragement Stiles needed to break the small space between us and push his urgent lips against mine. A moan fell from my mouth when his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into him.

Stiles’ lips worked expertly on mine and it made me curious as to how perfectly his tongue must work as well. Sliding my tongue against his bottom lip, I asked Stiles for an entrance and he granted me one.

Our tongues danced together, both mouths knowing exactly how to pleasure the other and, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been with such a good kisser before.

“Wait.” He broke the kiss, his chest breathing heavily. “We’re too close of friends, this can’t possibly work.”

“What are you talking about?” I furrowed my eyebrows, also out of breath. “That’s what makes this so perfect. You and I have no romantic interests in each other. We’re just here for the sex.”

“Okay, but what if one of us ends up wanting more than just sex?”

“That’s not gonna happen.” I shook my head and stretched my arms behind his neck. “You’re infatuated with Lydia and I never want a relationship again." 

“What if one of us falls for the other?” Stiles spoke with his voice full of concern.

“Stiles, you’re thinking too much.“ I smiled and pressed my lips against his neck.

"That’s not gonna happen and if by some off chance that it does, we shut this down immediately.”


"Stiles, relax.” I spoke in between kisses. My tongue darting out to softly suck on his pulse point and Stiles moaned. “How about this? We do this tonight and, by the time we’re done, if you still feel this way about it, we never do it again. Do you think that’ll be okay with you?”

I looked up to see Stiles with his eyes closed as he lets me work my magic on his neck. He slowly opens his eyes once I stop and stares at me.

“Yes.” Stiles nods, his grip around my waist tightening. “That sounds like a good plan.”

“Wonderful.” I smiled, urgently kissing him again.

Stiles’ hands lowered down to my ass and he squeezed it, a shameless moan being released from me. I let us enjoy this moment of devouring each others’ lips before deatching myself from his arms and standing up.

His eyes never left me, even though he was very confused, and I couldn’t help but gaze at his very swollen and plump pink lips. It makes me wonder about what his other swollen and pink body part must look like at this exact moment.

As I bite down on the bottom of my lip, I slowly pull up my shirt off my body. If we were in a cartoon right now, Stiles’ eyes would be out of their sockets with how wide they are.

I let him take in the sight in front of him before walking towards my staircase, never taking my eyes off of Stiles. Lifting my finger, I seductively called him towards me and he instantly jumped up.

The next thing I know, we’re both running up the stairs and into my room. Stiles’ mouth crashes back onto mine as soon as he closes the bedroom door.

My hands make their way through his silky hair, slightly pulling back and Stiles lets out a small whimper.

“That felt strangely good.” He laughed against my lips and smiling into the kiss, I pulled his hair again.

Something lit up inside of Stiles as he, suddenly, broke our kiss and urgently pushed me onto my bed. A laugh and an excited squeal escaped my chest the second I fall back onto the mattress.

Stiles hovers over me and my eyes flicker into his. The boy with beautiful freckles, currently, had large and dark pupils, full of burning lust.

It’s as if our lips had found this new addiction we just can’t shake off as we kiss continuously. My fingers slowly unbotton his plaid shirt and my hands go underneath the fabric, my panties getting wetter at the feeling of his smooth skin against my palm.

Breaking the kiss, I push Stiles’ shirt off his shoulders and my tongue grazes the bottom of my lip as I stare at his impressive chest.

Stiles has never been an athletic person, but he sure does have the body of one. His shoulders were broad, his arms surprisingly strong with muscles, and his stomach lean enough to show the start of future abs in the making. I guess playing lacrosse and running away from supernatural creatures all these years have really paid off.

With a smirk spread across my lips, I quickly pushed Stiles’ beside me and rolled over his body. He had a new sense of excitement spark in his eyes as I lowered my head, pressing my lips against his inviting skin.

My fingers played along with Stiles’ delicious happy trail and I could feel the goosebumps rapidly appearing on his skin. My tongue trailed down and stopped right before the immediate hair poking out of his kakis and I could see his chest rising up and down.

Stiles breathed heavily as I unlooped his belt out of his pants and threw them onto the floor. With anticipation aching inside of my body, I unbottoned his pants and slid them down his legs.

The fire burning in my core heated even more when my eyes came face to face with the bulge popping in his boxers. As soon as I finished pulling his pants off his legs and discarded of them, Stiles, unexpectedly, grabbed me. He pulled me up towards him and pushed me down onto the bed, him being back on top. 

“What are you doing?” I laughed at his suddeness and Stiles smiled cockily at me.

“I want to taste you.” He confessed, slowly sliding my pajama shorts off my legs. “Right now.”

“Damn.” I moaned, the smile on my face disappearing and being replaced with my teeth biting down on my lips.

Once the shorts were finally on the floor, Stiles hovered down to the bottom half of my body and my core ached in anticipation.

“Holy shit.” Stiles moaned, my breath hitching in my lungs as he swipes a finger over the thin layer of cotton covering me. “You are so fucking wet.”

All I could do was whimper, my body craving his most intimate touch. Stiles did the unexpected when he ripped apart my panties and I gasped.

Before I could even complain, his tongue swiped along my folds and an embarrassing sound came out of my chest in response.

My body seethed with lust as he stretched my legs apart and settled his head between them. Fuck, that’s hot.

I couldn’t contain my filthy moans when he slowly rolled his tongue over my clitoris, my fingers resting on the back of his head. Stiles drew figure eights with his tongue and I pulled against his hair, both of us now whimpering and moaning.

“Fuck, Stiles.“ I managed to call out in between pleasure-filled groans. "More.”

He didn’t need to be told twice as Stiles spread my legs apart even more and added his fingers to the mix.

Stiles licked harder at my clit and pressed a finger into my core, causing one hand of mine to let go of his hair and harshly cling onto the bedsheet.

Before I could even ask, Stiles added another finger. My body was already drowing in pleasure, but I really lost it when he curled his fingers inside of me.

“Fuck.” I grunted in lust, my heart beating faster than ever and my eyes flickering shut.

Stiles’ tongue and fingers did absolute magic and when my legs started shaking uncontrollably was when I knew I was close.

“Stiles, I’m almost there.” My voice sounded weak as the need to release flooded me.

With his free hand, Stiles gripped onto my thigh and worked harder. His fingers pumped faster along with his tongue.

The second Stiles gently bit down on my clitoris was when my orgasm had reached its much needed peak. All I remember was my back arching, my legs shaking, and my toes curling as the orgasm washed over me.

The pleasure made its way through my veins and I could feel it dance on every inch of my skin.

Stiles kept going to increase my high and only stopped when I had to literally pull him away from my body.

My chest rose and fell constantly with my heavy breaths, a grin planted on his face as he hovered back over me.

“Do you have any idea how fucking delicious you taste?“ Stiles smirked, his face inches from mine. His finger wiped some of my juices off my thigh and made its way past his swollen lips and into his mouth.

All I could do was shake my head, my panting too heavy.

With a cocky grin permanently etched onto his lips, he repeated his actions. But, this time his finger slowly entered my mouth.

Never breaking our eye contact, I sucked on his finger. My tongue grazed his wet skin and I could feel Stiles’ cock twitch against my thigh. A moan fell from my lips when I tasted myself. He was actually right, I really do have a pretty impressive taste.

"You are so fucking hot.” Stiles audibly moaned before pulling his finger out of my warm mouth and crashing his lips against mine.

I could faintly taste myself in his kiss and my hands flew to the hem of his boxers in response.

“This needs to go.” I breathed against his lips and Stiles nodded in agreement.

He broke away from me to take off his underwear and I swear I had to actually control myself from drooling at the sight of his penis.

“Well, fuck.” I groaned, my eyes unable to look away.

“Do you like what you see?“ Stiles chuckled, tossing his boxers on the floor.

"Oh, I love what I see.” I confessed, reaching my hand for his very pink and very swollen tip. “Damn.“

Stiles let out a hitched breath when my index finger came into contact with his head, wiping the precum from his skin. His wide and gleaming eyes never left mine as I put my finger with his precum into my mouth.

“Mhm.” I moaned appreciatively at the salty taste, my warm tongue running over my finger.

“Holy fuck.” Stiles grunted, wasting no time in placing himself between my legs and hitching them behind his waist. “Where do you keep your condoms?”

“Nightstand.“ I stated, ready for this to take its next step.

Stiles’ arm reached over to my nightstand and he opened the drawer. My lips planted wet kisses against his neck as he grabbed a condom from its box.

I began sucking on his pulse point, Stiles letting out a small moan before impatiently ripping the package with his teeth. My tongue grazed his delicious skin and Stiles put the protection on his member.

His hands carefully pulled my face away from his neck and laid me down on my pillow. Stiles’ lips fell back onto my own and he let go of my head. His left hand wrapped around my thigh as his other hand got a hold of his cock, positioning himself against my entrance.

“Ready?” Stiles asked before going any further. I nodded with a smirk, my tongue wetting the bottom of my lip.

He kissed me again before slowly pushing himself into me. We both let out animalistic moans against each others’ mouths at the feeling of our bodies deliciously joining.

His cock stretched my walls and my nails dug into his shoulder, a pained grunt escaping from Stiles. I quickly pulled my nails away from his skin.

“Sorry.” I apologized as he stopped once he was fully in, now waiting for me to adjust to his size.

“Don’t be.” Stiles lazily smiled, his eyes narrowing with a smirk. “I actually liked it.”

A chuckled erupted from my chest and Stiles laughed along with me. My nails once again digging into his back and he whimpered in satisfaction.

Stiles patiently waited for my body to be ready and distracted himself in the time being. He leaned in and began kissing my collarbone, swiping his tongue across.

“You can move now.” I suggested when my core began throbbing with need.

Without detaching his lips from my skin, Stiles slowly pulled out and, then, pushed back in. My heels dug into his ass as he thrusted in a slow, but amazing, pace.

Once he sensed I could go for more, Stiles picked up the speed and my body thanked him for it. 

I never imagined having sex with one of my closest friends, but boy was I sure glad it’s now happening.

Something about seeing a best friend in his most exposing and vulnerable moment is such a turn on. Having sex just for the sake of pleasure without any feelings attached is truly the dream… and I just might get to live it.

Stiles was now pounding into me at this point and the moans we were both releasing felt so dirty and I loved every second of it. His mouth found its way back on mine, but our kisses were too messy and actually lazy from how concentrated we were on the building pleasure in our groins.

With every thrust, my body was feeling increasingly good and nearing its peak. Who would’ve ever guessed that Stiles Stilinski was so impressively great at sex?

“Are you close?” A breathless Stiles asked against my lips.

“Yes.“ I nodded as I felt his pounding beginning to feel sloppy. "What about you?”

“Pretty much already there.” Stiles confessed and I smiled against his lips.

Poor thing’s trying to hold on as long as he can for my sake. I took one of hands from his back and made my way towards where our bodies were moving together.

“I got it.” Stiles stated between kisses and placed his middle finger on my clitoris before I could.

I moaned loudly in appreciation and Stiles grinned against my mouth. He wasted no time in rapidly working on my nub, getting me to my release faster.

With a scream falling from my lips, I was the first to cum. My orgasm crashing down on me hard. I could feel my walls clenching around Stiles and that’s when he lost it.

His face settling in my neck as my body muffled his own scream. Our bodies shook together, the intense pleasure taking over the both of us.

Stiles only stopped thrusting when we both couldn’t take anymore, our private parts too sensitive to handle movement.

“Fuck.” Stiles said completely out of breath, softly pulling out and falling on the bed beside me. “That was amazing.”

“I’ll say.“ I scoffed, wiping the accumulated sweat off my forehead. "Impressive work, Stilinski.”

I raised my hand into the air and Stiles laughed the second he noticed what I was requesting.

“You, too.“ His palm came into contact with mine for a much deserved high-five.

With a smile etched across my lips, I turned my head so that I could face him. Stiles was already looking at me with satisfied eyes.

"So, do you want this to be a regular thing?” I asked, smirking at his glowing smile.

“Well, I don’t see why not.“ Stiles shrugged.

"Attaboy, Stilinski.” I laughed and fistbumped his shoulder. “This is gonna be so much fucking fun.”


The State of the Fandom, or "You Do You"

It saddens me that the Reylo fandom is currently so hyper-sensitive. The response to everything is so warped by viewing it through a defensive lens: “The antis are going to have a field day with this.”/ “You’re criticizing something in the fandom so you’re just like an anti/Fnnrey shipper.” / “If you don’t subscribe to my specific view of Reylo then you’re not a real Reylo shipper.”

And I get it. I do. I’ve been here since the beginning, and the anti attacks have never stopped. They’ve only gotten worse, and as a fandom, we’re tired. We’re on-edge.

I’ve seen this happen before, especially during lulls between canon releases. Fandoms get stir-crazy, and they end up eating their own. With prolonged tension between a ship group and an anti group, the actual arguments and positions become secondary to “I want the other side to be hurt and embarrassed. I want to laugh at them and mock them when they’re down.”

And it’s the result of the kind of tribalism I wanted to think we were past, but it’s a very human thing (look at the reactions from the political left and right to news cycles – it’s pretty much the same thing).

And it’s getting bad. I’m seeing far more farewell posts than I’m comfortable with, especially considering the reasons they’re listing.

I’m not being prescriptive. I’m not in charge of anything. I just go here, like everyone else.

But the trick to enjoying fandom – to enjoying anything, really – is to make it your own experience without worrying what others think. The antis are ALWAYS going to attack, because that’s how abusers function. They don’t stop, and they hit in ways that inflict the most damage. You gain power and agency by not letting them affect you and continuing to do the things you want to do regardless of their attempts to break you.

As for the fandom, there will always be people who don’t like what you’re doing. You still have the right to create it. The flip-side is that they have the right to critique it. Both sides need to understand that it’s never a personal affront if people create things you don’t like, and you don’t have to consume material that you don’t like.

In the end, we’re all here because we like the idea of Rey and Kylo Ren sharing a dynamic of some kind. I don’t think there’s a “wrong” way to interact with that. We have a fandom filled to bursting with creative, lively people with lots of ideas and hopes for the characters going forward.

And yes, some of those are going to cause friction. Some of them are going to be incompatible with others. Some of them merit reflective discussion.

But it’s still just fandom. It’s shipping. It’s a transformative creative space that’s supposed to be a fun sandbox for all of us to play in with our favorite characters. And one of the most important rules about playing in the sandbox is to share and be respectful of others’ space and play.

Someone might be in the far corner making Rey and Kylo play a certain way that I don’t like. That’s okay – I just won’t play with them because that’s not how I want to play.

Someone might not like the fact that we’re playing by putting Rey and Kylo together at all. They can’t stomp through the sandbox yelling at everyone; they need to find another sandbox with characters they DO want to play with.

But it’s all still play, regardless. It’s not that deep. It’s not that serious.

Make fandom fun. Make your interactions with the Reylo fandom what you want them to be, and set aside the defensiveness in favor of just doing what makes you happy. We could all use some positivity and fulfillment, and ultimately, that’s up to us.

thoughtsappear  asked:

what's your opinion on the Yuri having a terrible teenage crush on Yuuri fandom theory?

I’m very here for it tbh. Like Yuri latching onto Yuuri as a skater because he’s THE fucking opposite of all the professional skaters he’s around on a daily basis (quiet, unassuming, step sequence oriented) unlike Viktor who is extra as fuck, quadz4days. 

I’m here for Yuri not feeling comfortable in the onsen because of Yuuri specifically. Cause you know if he trains with Viktor Yuri has seen dat ass more times than he would care to admit and basically is not phased by it any more. 

I’m here for Yuri getting shitty because he learns that his celebrity crush is painfully human. Like so painfully human. Binge eating, celebrity crush on Viktor, self esteem issues out the wazoo. Like part of the shittiest part of being a teenager and growing up is learning that everyone, even people you like are human. 

I’m here for Yuri getting jealous over Stammi Vicino (who cares about Viktor’s shitty routine, what about Yuri the great up and commer’s routine!?!). 

I’m here for Yuri’s awful attempts at trying to impress/woo Yuuri that go way over Yuuri’s head. “Look Yuuri I got this keychain from the arcade. You can have it if you want. It’s really fucking stupid.” (secretly spent 1500 yen getting it specifically for Yuuri at a god damn UFO catcher). 

I mean he gets it all out of his system when Otabek comes along, but I like the idea. A LOT. 

I did get to watch most of the episode, though! Good stuff, good stuff:

  • Travis: “Can I stand at the bow of the ship… heading for a new landinNewYorkyoucanbeanewman”
  • Loved Vax making an effort to hang out with Grog more now that he’s gnomeless. Getting forgotten in a game of hide-and-seek and falling asleep in a barrel was great, as was Grog’s reaction to Vax falling off the ship.
  • I love that in these three days Tary’s started to get along a little better with the others–it cracked me up so hard when Tary and Percy announced that they were working on projects together, and then Sam and Taliesin proceeded to completely ignore Matt to have a whispered and giggly conversation for an extended period of time. Vex said a very cheerful “Hello!” to him, but I think everyone’s mood was best summed up by Vax rescuing him during the fight, reassuring him repeatedly that he’s okay… and casting Divine Sense to make sure he’s not a fucking demon.
  • I am pretty darn delighted by Taryon deciding Keyleth is the clear leader of Vox Machina and trying to pattern his own decision-making after hers.
  • I love how gleeful Sam was over Tary getting a kill with an absurdly powerful hit… and simultaneously knocking himself off the edge of the ship with the recoil.
  • The pirate battle was something the group needed, I think–nobody dropped down to less than two thirds of their max health, they got to have some really badass moments that showcased what they did best, but there was still a sense of risk and excitement and it was a good time.
  • The rescue scene for the prisoner in the hold was really awesome–Taliesin played Percy’s “I don’t know what to do!” panic really well and then had him help out in the only way he could by keeping Keyleth out of the water, Vax was great diving in there and using his lockpicking to save the day, Vex dove in to help evacuate the prisoner, Keyleth had so much faith in her friends that she didn’t drop concentration on the spell even when she was about to fall off the ship. Good stuff.
  • The twins getting competitive over who was better at healing a dude, amazing.
  • The whole scene with Keyleth worrying that she’s being replaced as Percy’s BFF was really adorable, as were Vax’s attempts to be comforting while simultaneously being just so pleased that this is the worst of their problems right now.
  • Percival “Edgelord Supreme” de Rolo over here like “what if… I killed someone who deserved it… and then brought them back to life just to make sure I haven’t been sending everyone I kill into the same pit of endless torment I escaped from….” like my dude, I am Concerned. I keep thinking of the Raven Queen telling him he’d have to be careful or he might find himself in opposition to her works. It’s so interesting and it’s all completely in line with the fascination he’s had lately with who gets to live and why, but man, somehow I feel like this isn’t gonna end well.
  • Taliesin and Laura sold the hell out of that conversation–there’s a really genuine fondness that comes through when Vex and Percy chat that just brings those barriers down. It’s very sweet, and that breakdown of barriers is a neat contrast to the Vax/Keyleth different-brand-of-sweet heart-on-the-sleeve conversations.
  • Getting a little TMI here, but I saw that reddit post about somebody saying how they felt like Vex/Percy’s really physical aspects didn’t seem natural, and honestly? I’ve had Vax/Keyleth-esque really sweet, shy, sometimes awkward relationships where every step was quietly discussed and analyzed and it just sort of evolved into a lovely, comfortable intimacy. I’ve also had a relationship that we’ll just say bears certain thematic resemblances to Vex/Percy, and even though we knew it was a short-term thing from the start, it was incredibly fun and healthy as well. I get that not everyone’s gonna read it that way, but one of the things I enjoy most about this show is how the relationships (platonic and romantic) in this show feel realistic and seem deeply familiar, in a weird through-a-fantasy-mirror kind of way. A lot of relationships on TV (again, both platonic and romantic) feel sophomoric and contrived for maximum drama, but these folks are so invested in playing their characters as genuinely as possible that I think they wind up escaping a lot of really common pitfalls. They’re all genre-savvy enough that they shy away from misunderstanding for the sake of misunderstanding, which is refreshing.
  • I choose to believe Keyleth was taking notes just as assiduously as Marisha was, furiously scribbling into her notepad and glancing up occasionally when the conversation got real. The smile and delivery on “She’s alive” just killed me.
  • I love Matt’s strategies to counter the fact that he’s got a massive party of what are basically demigods at this point. Giving them a big and dangerous monster that’s gonna try to kill them… and they aren’t allowed to kill it? Really clever. This should be fun.

You were running your fingers through your hair, internally screaming as you thought about the position you had found yourself in.

There you were, standing in the bathroom of the Byun family home, pacing back and forth as water gushed out of the sink faucet continuously in order to conceal the sounds of you nervous footsteps.

You were on your fourth deep breath (in and out, in and out) when the sound of two knocks reached your ears.

You started panicking.

What if it was his brother? One of his parents? Or even worse, him.

“Are you okay in there, Y/N?” Baekhyun asked through the door.
Of course.

Instead of answering, you unlocked the door and stood in the doorframe. You offered him a smile that was indeed fear-inducing but it was better than bursting out in tears or dropping to your knees and bowing to him.

Baekhyun and you were in the same English Literature class at your high school, in which you excelled and he apparently, did not.
That’s why he approached your locker three days ago, flashed you a smile, and practically had you begging him to let you tutor him.

Okay, maybe you weren’t as dramatic on the outside, but that’s how you felt on the inside, and you were sure Baekhyun could tell or at the least, expect it. That’s the same effect he had on practically everyone at your school who was interested in guys.

So here there you were, being invited into the Byun home every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to help Baekhyun with his studies.

Your cheeks were unnaturally pink and were getting warmer by the minute, despite trying to cool them down with frequent splashes of cool water from the bathroom sink. Copious amounts of mascara were slightly smudged from the desperate attempts, and your hair was fluffed up in a way that resembled your mom’s hair from when she was a teenager in the States because of your nervous fidgeting.

Baekhyun seemed like he wanted to say something (probably about your appearance) but instead he just clicked his tongue and strolled back to his bedroom, your footsteps mirroring his just a few feet behind him.

You were already an hour into our study session with only a half hour remaining and your focus hadn’t left the first question on the homework.

“Why did I even choose to take this damn class?” Baekhyun was imitating you mere minutes ago, running his fingers through his hair with his head hanging low on his neck.
“Maybe because there’s no Korean Literature class?”
His shoulders shifted upwards one then back down almost immediately, a single huff of breath escaping to act as a laugh.
“You’re lucky, you were born in America for fuck’s sake. You have an unfair advantage!”
“American or not, I’ve lived in Korea for nearly as long as you. I didn’t roll out of the womb reciting Shakespeare.
“I wish I did,” Baekhyun admitted jokingly.

You could tell he was sick of being so behind and was insanely frustrated by how long it took for the concepts the class had to wrap their heads around to ‘click’ in his brain. You knew for a fact that the boy before you excelled when it came to Music Study and was even talented when it came to actually performing the music his fellow students were analyzing. No matter the style, Baekhyun’s voice twirled lyrics through sound waves in a way that left your ears begging for more and no matter the piece, Baekhyun’s long fingers could bring it to life with a piano.

You for one never really struggled with music, but wouldn’t hesitate to trade places with Baekhyun if you could. This kid could go places.

“You… you just need some motivation,” You supplied. Baekhyun wasn’t stupid, he just lost his footing when it came to studying a written work past an obvious meaning. Metaphors and explaining metaphors was his biggest weak spot, often brought to light by your ass of a professor in class.

Baekhyun leaned back onto the bed the two of you were sharing, his elbows propping up his body.
The angle his body was laid out in revealed a sliver of skin that your brain registered out of the corner of your eye, but you forced yourself to avoid it because the last thing you needed was getting caught checking out your crush since seventh grade, the most attractive boy in South Korea, by that boy himself.

Of course, you still became flustered as you were not used to being in this close of a vicinity to Baekhyun regardless, and of course, Baekhyun was visibly amused and smirked.

“Then tell me, Y/N,” You liked the way he said your name, “how are we going to get me motivated?”
You swallowed and thought for a moment before feeling a smirk of your own grow on your lips.
“For every correct answer you give me, you’ll get a reward.”

This caught Baekhyun’s attention.

“What do you propose my reward be?” His tongue ran over his bottom lip before his teeth caught it and bit down gently.

Was this motherfucker flirting with you?

“To be honest, I didn’t really get that far,” we both laughed, forming a sweet duet.

Baekhyun stared at you for a long moment before reaching for the notebook in your hands and the pencil laying discarded between your crossed legs.

“Tell you what…” Scribble, scratch. “I’m going to write down what I want my reward to be on this sheet of paper. When payment is due, I’ll reveal what I wrote and you must comply.”
“Can’t you just show me what you wrote down right now?” You were a bit nervous.
“No,” he stated simply and in a way that left no room for further discussion.
“No,” he repeated.
“I would prefer knowing what I’m promising before I make a deal, Baekhyun.”
“But it’s more fun this way!”

You blame your loss of control on the stupid, most adorable fucking pout you had ever seen gracing your presence on Baekhyun’s face, instantly drawing your attention to his lips.

You forced your throat to swallow and stole a glance at the notebook, the reward-reveal facing towards Baekhyun’s chest.

“Fine. But you only get one chance to answer these correctly. I’ll help you through any you get wrong but-”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” he interrupted. “I need it right on the first time or no reward.”

“Question one…”
“Is it bad that I’m excited?”

Baekhyun’s question just made the anxiety in the pit of your stomach expand.

“What aspects of Edgar Allan Poe’s past affected his outlook on life, in a way that was reflected in his writings?”

Baekhyun paused for a moment, sucked in a breath, and met your gaze.
You held your ground.

“Poe had a shitty childhood. His parents were gone, he had no contact with his siblings, and he had a poor relationship with one of the people who took him under their wing. He saw life as a painful thing and couldn’t truly enjoy it. He said himself that evil was a consequence of good because that’s the concept he applied to his life and the way he lived it. Whenever things started to look up for dear old Poe, shit hit the fan yet again. He was depressed, anyone from our time could see it, but mental illness wasn’t exactly as mainstream as it is now and he had to hide it. It festered inside of him until his poorly explained death. Poe used writing as his escape. It was a smidgen of a break from all of the pain because he could spill out all of the darkness inside him onto paper and everyone ate it all up. He wasn’t judged. Instead, he was viewed as a literary genius.”

You stared at him, half expecting him to keep going, but you ripped your eyes from his once it was apparent that he was finished.

“Well, it was a bit longer than the sample answer, but I would say it was correct.”
“I had to make sure I was thorough and earn my reward, didn’t I?”

You squinted up at him again, catching his trademark smirk yet again.

“Can I know what the reward is now?”

Baekhyun smiled at you once more before nudging the notebook in your direction with his left foot.

You placed your hands over the binding and flipped it over as slowly and carefully as possible, acting as if it were a bomb that could go off any second.

“Jesus! Fine, I’ll do it.”

Baekhyun forced the notebook over, his handwriting facing you, and you had to squint to read the chicken scratch scrawled on the paper.

“Kiss me.”

You pushed the notebook to the side and stared at him, unsure of what to do.
Baekhyun seemed just as nervous as you were.

“This is really what you want?”

He nodded quickly, completely failing at trying to keep his cool.

You pushed myself onto your knees and slowly leaned over to Baekhyun.
You made eye contact for a split second before he closed his eyes and puckered his lips in a way that resembled his pout from earlier.

Before he could start leaning into you, you quickly shifted to the left and placed a peck on his right cheek, returning to your original position almost instantly.

“Ya! That’s not fair!”
“It’s what you asked for, Baekhyun,” you reminded him tauntingly.

He stared at you, dumbfounded.

“I guess you should’ve been more thorough.”

He recognized the way you teased his choice of words from earlier when he was defending his answer.
He sat back on his elbows the same way he did before, and shot me another smirk.

“It’s okay.”
You raised your eyebrow at him.
“I’ll get you next time.”

Sunshine ((Cedric x Reader))

summary: cedric is extremely cute to wake up to the morning after your wedding

requested: Okay so can I just say that cedric one u wrote was PERFECTTT? <3 and that if u wanted to write a sweet fluffy fic about the morning after their wedding I don’t think anyone would stop u? :P cedric is just so dreamy lol! I’m rly looking forward to the rest of ur writing!

warnings: none (possibly some swearing)

pairing: cedric x reader

prompt(s): none

a/n: you don’t have to read the part before this in order for this short to make sense, but if you’d like to check it out you can do that here

also, again, i’m sorry for how long this took. my school always enjoys stressing everyone out before spring break soooo that’s been my life for most of this week. but i only have four days left so that’s great- requests should be posted soon for those of you that are waiting :) (they’re also open if you’re interested lol)


You roll over, expecting to be met with soft bed, but thumping to the floor instead. You’re eyes fly open, letting out a groan, and attempting to stand up, but being too tangled in the blankets to do so. 

“Y/N?” Cedric’s head peaks over the side of the bed, looking concerned. His mouth twitches when he takes you in, and you hold eye contact for a few beats, until he can’t hold it in any longer and bursts into laughter. He rolls onto his back from laughing so hard, which makes you roll your eyes, a small blush taking over your face. 

You struggle your way out of the blankets, picking up his shirt from the floor and sliding it over your head before joining him in bed. “Thanks for your help, Ced.” you grumble, still slightly dazed from your sudden wake up. 

“Aw baby, I’m sorry.” he pulls you towards him so that you’re cradled to his chest. “Are you hurt?”

“My pride is,” you huff playfully, furrowing deeper into him, as he presses a kiss to your forehead. 

“I was going to try to wake up earlier than you- you know, make breakfast and other husbandly things, but it looks like the floor beat me to it.” he informs you, his eyes glinting playfully at you. “But… I suppose I could kiss it better.”

You giggle as he peppers your face with kisses, pushing his face away so you can look at him. He leans into your hand, and the sunlight streaming through the window makes his eyes look gorgeous. You lean up to peck his lips, before dropping back down to the bed. “You know, I definitely wouldn’t mind breakfast and other husbandly things right about now… I mean, better late then never, right?”  

He laughs, pecking your lips one more time before crawling out of bed. “I’ll get right on that, Mrs. Diggory.

Your stomach flips as he grins at you. “I’ll be waiting, Mr. Diggory.”

sorry if this was short but aw. cedric is such an underrated character gah

gif isn’t mine

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Acotar Kids Fanfiction : Wings and Starlight

Hey everyone, this is my first proper attempt at writing a fanfic so it may not be great but I gave it my best shot! It is a fic about the inner circle’s children and I may continue it so please leave a comment if you like it! So, here we go! Enjoy!

Layla, daughter of the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court looked in the vanity mirror positioned on the wall of her bedroom as she finished applying the dark smoky kohl to her eyes. Tonight, a large dinner was being held for all her family including: the whole inner circle, her twin, Aidan and her two best friends in the entire continent called Briana (daughter to Nesta and Cassian) and Rhydian. Rhydian.

On a trip to an Illyrian camp when the twins were six, they had met Rhydian sparring with another boy and had both instantly fell in love with him. The Gods knew that the four of them were inseparable. Layla found it heart wrenchingly difficult to ever leave Rhydian’s side whenever they returned back to Velaris. It was as if an invisible thread tied their hearts together and it strained any time they were too far apart. Like she said, they were best friends and always had each other’s backs. However many times her family taunted and teased her, especially her two uncles, she would remind them they were nothing more. Even though, they were still protective of her and made it a habit to wear all seven siphons when Rhydian visited. 

Doing a final check, Layla stood and admired herself in the mirror. Her pretty face was shadowed by the jet black wavy hair that fell to her waist and her kohl highlighted the deep blue colour of her eyes which glistened with starlight. Layla had to admit her outfit was one of her finest yet. The dark shade of blue perfectly matched her eyes with hints of silver glitter that drapped all the way to the floor like a moon lit sky. It covered that one part of her shoulder… no she wouldn’t think about that. Pleased with her look, Layla winnowed downstairs to enjoy the party.

Not surprisingly, Aidan was already leaning against the doorway dressed in an elegant black suit twin to her own gown. “Ah, here is my wonderful twin as beautiful as ever,” announced Aidan when he noticed Layla eneter. He marched over and pulled her into a tight hug. Layla didn’t know what she would do without her twin; they told each other everything. Secrets their parents didn’t know.

 "Not too bad yourself!“ Layla laughed as they pulled away, linking their pinkie fingers as they both summoned their magic around their hands. Aidan’s darkness swirling and mixing with Layla’s bright stars. While Aidan had inherited his father’s wings and darkness, Layla was gifted with daemati skills and her mother’s lightness. Aidan was going to reply when-

“If it isn’t my starlight finally gracing us with her presence.” Rhys walked towards the pair with his hands tucked in his pockets before he hugged Layla. “The rest of the family are already here waiting for the two of you to arrive.” Layla looked over at Aidan with narrowed brows. Aidan noticing her confused expression said gently, “I was waiting for you.” Of course. They were inseparable and hardly went anywhere without the other but after what happened last year… her family were even more protective of where she went and wh she went with.

“Is Rhydian here yet?” Layla innocently asked.

“Not yet- but I’m sure he will be here soon. Come on, lets go through before Mor and Cassian start complaining they’re hungry.” The three night incarnates swaggered into the dining room where they met their family gathered around the table. As soon as they walked in, conversations stopped as everyone stared in awe at Layla. “Oh Layla!” Briana, her 17 year old cousin squealed, “Where did you get that dress? It’s stunning!” Briana’s rich golden brown hair swayed as she walked over, in a similarly night court fashioned chiffon purple dress, to admire Layla’s outift. Just as she was about to reply, the doorbell rang.

Cassian looked over at Rhys and they shared a mischevious grin. “This should be good!”

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anonymous asked:

What's your thoughts on what Glip responded on twitter?

It’s intentionally manipulative, to be blunt. But I’m glad you sent me this ask because I wanted to go through this. Warning: I talk a lot.

First things first, PK lied out of the gate by saying our only reasoning was the old Pengo call out, when, one is talking about Pengo. The Pengo situation was shitty, but it was receipt-less, we don’t know what the fuck actually happened. We’re talking about the time PK harassed Matt Burnett off tumblr over Pearl liking Pie. We’re talking about the time Eevee said he was uncomfortable with child porn being illegal. We’re talking about PK’s admitted fetish for teaching sex to children in conjunction with how they want their legacy to be kids reading their porn, And how in order to get the full story for Floraverse you have to read the porn, meaning children who want the plot to floraverse will have to read the fucking porn. We’re talking about the time PK said they hated the furry community because there where too many gays. We’re talking about the time PK ripped off artists by underpaying them to contribute to a Floraverse product. We’re talking about the time PK called people with autism “emotionless robots”.

PK starts off by saying the reason people are calling them out is because of Pengo, but it’s not, PK knows this. We’re calling PK out because of the multiple recorded incidents of them being awful, and…..yet PK says we’re doing it because of Pengo? Don’t you think that’s just, idk, really suspicious? Like they’re trying to mislead people who haven’t seen the posts floating around that it’s no big deal, it was just one incident that was recanted..?

Moving onto the next paragraph..

PK is right kind of here, but their words aren’t reflective of this particular situation. Call outs can and are horrible when it’s misinformation being spread, but, how is what we’re spreading misinformation? All we really have are screen caps and archives. While screen caps can be edited, nothing has been shown them to be edited. And Archives cannot be faked period. It’s a false comparison simply because we’re not spreading misinformation, we’re not being nitpicky because of something stupid we’re spreading screen caps and archives showing people things that PK has actually fucking said. PK called people with autism emotionless robots. Eevee said they where uncomfortable with child porn being illegal. PK and Eevee both harassed Matt Brunette. PK has admitted to wanting 13 year olds reading forbidenflora and has also admitted to a fetish about teaching kids sex. These things have come right out of the horses mouth. And posting proof that these things where said is not misinformation.

Next Paragraph:

Now, I can’t speak for everyone against Glip, but.

I hate the fact that I hate them now. 

I looked up to Glip for so long, they where my art idol growing up. A person to become. I purchased their art books and supported them financially. I participated in PMD-E, I was even in the IRC for a bit and contributed to the wiki with art. But now? I just feel dirty. I was one of the few children who didn’t look at porn, but I saw a ton of PK’s porn- mostly because it was hard to avoid as a fan of theirs, and now that I know they get off to that shit I feel violated. I hate the fact someone I idolized turned out to be this way.

I don’t do this because I hate pk, I do this because I believe people have a right to know where their money is going too.

That being said.

PK has not once apologized for ANYTHING they have said or done.

Pk is still doing the shit they where doing years ago.

They have not stopped being so horrible to people in general, nor stopped with their casual pedophilia, nor recanted their homophobic and ableist comments and they don’t ever try to improve their lgbt+ representation. PK is openly sexist even now. PK doesn’t even attempt to apologize, not even here!

So, quite frankly. Pk can take their “my call outs are irrelevant because I’m trying to improve” and shove it up their god damn ass.

If PK actually improves, apologizes and the like- well. I can’t speak for everyone who takes issue with them but I know I personally would back down. I was never as bad as PK but I know people can go from awful to somewhat ok from personal experience.  But as far as I’m concerned PK is an active threat to children, artists and lgbt people in general. They’re a horribly toxic person and should be labeled as such.

I’m going to skip forward because Glip then continues to talk about call outs in general, but ignores how their call outs are all archives and not he said she said and things that glip is still actively doing. I don’t want to be accused of cutting what they said out of context so here’s the entire tweet btw.

It wasn’t a false fucking accusation and PK is straight up lying here.

People reported the kickstarter because Glip admitted to putting money into the KS themselves, a direct violation of Kickstarters terms and services.

Oh, and here is PK being a bitch to someone who was genuinely trying to warn PK about this because they where a backer and didn’t want to see the KS get taken down. Just a fun little note.

To recap,

PK’s little twitter rant is intentionally manipulative. It reduces our entire issue with PK down to one incident, and then falsely equates PK situation with a situation in which lies are being spread out of hostility, instead of screen caps and archives being spread. This rant was likely only done to save face because there’s a correlation between how many people know the true nature of PK and how much money people give PK. It’s shitty, and it’s really meaningless in regards to changing my opinion on them for the better.

Living With The Murderer Pt 2

Originally posted by fluffyzelo

Title: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Angst, gangau!, slight trigger warning but it doesn’t go in that direction.

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2593.

Description: He didn’t even have to do much, you were sure this wasn’t the angriest he could get but he scared you. Because now you knew he wasn’t as friendly as he appeared to be.

You hadn’t even begun to unpack your things, your suitcase sat by the wall, opened and only touched enough to get the things you needed out of it. Zelo had asked you if you wanted him to give you a hand, to do the deed of helping you settle in. that was over a week ago that happened now and you had declined, the same as you do every time someone makes a comment about your barely moving things.

And Jesus Christ why did they have to come into your room so much? It gave you headaches just knowing you were living with the killers of your own family, your only family. And when they barged into your room like it wasn’t your private area you considered pulling out the gun from under your pillow.

One that you hadn’t stolen, as a matter of fact, it even sent a shiver down your spine knowing there was one in your presence, and god knows how many more there was in this house. You were starting to think Zelo must be some sort of mind reader, he was always arrived with whatever you were thinking about in his hand not long after you had the thought.

“Um these areas can get pretty dangerous, and I know you want absolutely nothing to do with us or our lifestyle, but I want you to be safe, especially with us”

Zelo was kind, maybe a little too kind and maybe trying a little too hard to warm up to you, because who jokes that they’re going to give you a weapon and allow you to try and use it against them if you ever wanted so desperately to do so?

So now you had a gun under your pillow and every time one of them entered without knocking, got too close to you or commented on your things, Zelo’s words echoed in the back of your mind.

“You might just wanna use it on us, trade an eye for an eye. Probably better to say a life for a life this time around though isn’t it?”

You considered using it on the giant splinter then and there, you knew for a fact that it was loaded with as many bullets there could be shoved in the device. And you knew for a fact that he had no audacity to talk about your parent’s murder in such ways because it hurt, and he was the asshole that pulled the trigger in the first place. So you took to ignoring them, it seemed that this was Zelo’s house, but the others didn’t really like to leave and go to the land of their own homes, they spent most of their days lazing around here or going out to do things you didn’t care about.

You never ate with them, you were sure they probably kept getting confused if you were still here, it’s not like you hadn’t tried to leave, you had just been caught every time. Everyone but Zelo seemed to see how badly you wanted to leave and it was as if they laid in waiting for you to try and make a grand escape. They weren’t afraid to drag you back into the house, but it did seem they were afraid to tell the tall man about your continuous attempts to leave, and you really wanted to know why such a seemingly harmless giant was being kept out of such information.

Dinner would be getting served any moment now, not that you were keeping track of time as you made sure all of your things were tightly crammed into your suitcase and your bag was filled with your things. You didn’t pay any attention to the sound of footsteps making their way down the hall and coming to a stop in front of your room. Your body naturally jolted in shock as the door opened and Daehyun gave a scoff.

“Are you really trying to do this again?” He asked as your heard flicked in his direction, thinking he would throw your things out of reach or tie you to something so you couldn’t leave.

“I’m always going to try” You responded and Daehyun sighed as he shut the door behind him.

“And what’s the plan this time? Strap your things to your body and jump roof to roof? Or will you tie the sheets together and climb down through the window?” He asked and you glared at him.

“What, not gonna grab me or my things and hide them again? Or will you lock me in here once you hear my plans? Or would you rather hear my plans and let me get my hopes up so you can drag me back inside by the scruff of my jacket again?” You snarled and Daehyun shook his head as he sighed.

“To be honest, I’m rather sick of having to drag you back just because that kid wants you here, I’m not gonna stop you this time. But I can’t guarantee the others, especially Zelo” You stared at Daehyun, not having anything more to say and he stared back, smiling and reaching for the door once he believed his words had an impact on you. He left the room and you sat staring at your things you zipped your suitcase up and crawled over to your bed, throwing your body onto it and sighing as you drifted into your thoughts.

“Y/N, are you coming out to eat tonight?” It was useless to ask but Zelo still made the journey to your room to ask you the same question every night.

“Will you ever knock?” You asked as he came over and sat at the side of your bed, causing you to wriggle away from his body.

“Touché” He nodded as he leant onto his hand, his eyes travelled over to your packed things as you rolled to face away from him.

“You know, you should really come downstairs and give those guys a chance, you don’t even have to acknowledge my presence, just I think it would be the best for everyone if you did. Come and at least have a small conversation with one of them, maybe then you would figure out not everyone is as horrible as you think they are”

“Oh no, we are horrible, we’ve killed the ones she loved the most in life after all” Zelo looked over to the door and you even sat up to see who it was making such a dick move to say something like that in front of you.

“You see that little bag in the suitcase? My razor is in there and I’m not afraid to end your life with it asshole” You snarled, almost hissed at the one you believed said such a thing and he shook his head as he, then four more men walked into the room with plates of cooked food in their hands. One of them walked towards you, holding out one of the plates they held to you and you blinked at them expressionlessly as they gave you an apologetic smile.

“Don’t listen to Himchan, he doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong thing to say. I’m Jongup, I believe I didn’t get to tell you that yet Y/N” Jongup’s eyes gestured to the plate he was still holding out to you and you watched as Zelo gratefully took the food that he was given and took to making himself comfortable on your bed.

“What are you all doing in here?” You asked, slowly taking the plate and sitting it on the mattress as you stared at them all.

“You wouldn’t come down to eat with us, so we’re coming to eat with you” One of the younger looking ones shrugged and you looked down at your food as they all began eating and talking amongst themselves.

“You might want to start eating, otherwise you’re going to offend Youngjae” Zelo leant over, having noticed the said males heated stare on you and the plate you were just staring at. You looked up as he whispered to you and finally realised you were being watched.

“What a dumb thing to be offended about” You muttered back before stabbing your fork into the meat and shoving it in your mouth, effectively taking Youngjae’s eyes off of you.


It was one in the morning when you heard the last noise made in the house, and it was half past one when you crawled out of the bed, still in your clothes from that day. You slipped into your shoes and put on a warm jacket before shutting your suitcase. You hoisted your bag over your shoulder and looked around the room to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

You contemplated as if you were choosing life or death as you stared at your pillow. Under it, the gun still awaited some sort of use. After biting down on your lip hard enough you brought yourself to the decision of shoving it down the side of your pants, letting the waistband of your jeans hold it and the length of your jacket hide it. You opened the door, you didn’t care about making noise, because Zelo just had to be his apparent so kind self and take everyone’s plates downstairs after you all ate, and Daehyun spilt the beans on you wanting to leave again. And everyone held no hesitation in agreeing that they had enough of you disturbing their sleep.

They weren’t going to stop you anymore, and you were going to run for it before Zelo could figure out you were leaving.

You forced yourself to walk quickly down the hall and you ignored the creak in the stairs as you dragged your things down to the first floor of the house. You sighed and tightened your grip on the handle of your suitcase.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You heard his voice, it was so curious but you only paused in opening the door for the shortest moment it wasn’t even noticeable.

“I’m out, bye” You muttered, not looking back as you rushed through the door and shut it behind you. You could actually sense the way something snapped within Zelo, and he didn’t even have to swing the door open for you to know he was going to march after you in a fit of rage.

“Y/N!” He snapped and you forced your legs to work faster as you ran away from him. Zelo had never felt such rage as he watched you pull your things down his driveway, the way you were so determined to leave his sight fuelled something within him that made him sprint that distance to be in front of you.

“What makes you think you can leave?!” He exclaimed, snatching the suitcase from your grip, he threw it behind you, back up his driveway and his hands clamped down on your shoulders as you tried to go back for it and continue making your escape.

“I’m not staying with the people that murdered my parents!” You screamed in his face as he bent down to seethe at you.

“In case you forgot Y/N, you don’t have a choice anymore, you were brought here by the government, the one you keep claiming won’t allow such things to exist!” He snapped back at you and you fought his grip, waving your arms and slapping your hand down with a clap coming from your hand whacking against his naked chest. Zelo growled as you continued to fight him and his hand reached under you jumper as you screamed.

“Let go!”

“Where the hell did you think you were gonna go with this Y/N?!” Zelo waved the gun in your face and you flinched away from it, letting out an animalistic growl as you continued to fight against him.

“Unbelievable” He hissed. You screamed once again as he took you in his grip, roughly forcing you off the ground as he carried you and your things back to the house. Zelo kicked the door open as you continued to writhe in his arms.

“Put me down, you insolent gangster!” You screeched and Zelo laughed bitterly as he dropped your things to the floor and marched up the stairs with you in a tight grip.

“That’s a new one. Now be quiet, we can’t have you waking the others up” He deadpanned as you continued to fight against his grip, hot tears rolling down your cheeks as you grunted angrily.

“Where are you taking me? Put me down you asshole!” You slapped him again but it was as if Zelo didn’t even feel it as he opened the door to a room you had never been in before and used his foot to slam it shut behind him.

“You can’t be trusted, can you Y/N?” You gasped as he dropped you on the bed and his own body followed suit. You stared at him with widened eyes as your breathing came to a crashing stop and you watched the way he stared down at you. His hands were on either side of your shoulders, stopping him from putting all of his weight on you as one of them travelled down your body. You shook nervously, your voice had made a run for itself and you were unable to speak, to tell him not to touch you again.

Zelo pulled at something and you let out a squeal as the sheets you had been laying on were pulled out from underneath you. Zelo collapsed next to you, covering the both of you in the blankets and putting your body in a vice-like grip with his arms.

You shook in his arms and blinked owlishly as Zelo pulled you closer and stared down at you. His warm breath fanned over your own shaky breaths of air and there was still a dark look in his eyes.

“If you can’t be trusted to stay with me Y/N, I’ll just have to watch over you” He muttered, you could hear the anger in his voice and you could only look away from his eyes, forcing your own shut and mentally scolding yourself for feeling such fear against him. It felt like he was still staring at you, even as his breathing became even and his arms just weighed down on you now. But there was still something within you that caused your shaking to continue as you forced your eyes to remain shut so you didn’t have to see the situation you had been put in.

Instead, you pulled the blankets closer to you and hoped you would be able to sleep through this.


You didn’t know how you had managed to fall asleep but when you woke up with a start, you looked around at the room you were in and forced the dead weight holding you down off of your body. You got out of the room as quickly as you could and found your way back to what was could your room. When the door was shut behind you, a sigh fell from your lips and you found yourself momentarily relaxing as you walked towards the growingly familiar bed.

You hid under the covers and closed your eyes as you breathed out a breath of comfort. You may have been caught and ridden into fear, but this was just another night where you got caught trying to leave. Which meant one day you would successfully escape and fly away to make your own life again.

so critical role superhero au

Grog has your classic super-strength/durability/etc powers, with a hulk-like twist of becoming nigh invulnerable when he’s really angry. There’s no giant green rage monster he transforms into, but it’s a point of comparison.

He comes from a family of―not supervillains per say (too low level for that), but they’ve made a name for themselves as a band of thugs with a mix of minor powers and stolen tech. Stealing, smuggling, beating people up, etc, etc―it’s a family business. As in canon, Grog left the group when he stood up for a harmless old Trickfoot; you know the story.

Pike, meanwhile, is mostly known for her ~magical healing light~ said to fix any wound and warm any heart. (What people tend to forget, in favor of the sweet angelic view of her, is that those magical lights can also get bright enough to burn and blind you.) Pike doesn’t have super strength, but she is definitely the kind of superhero who also works out and gets buff on her own, so she’s super useful with or without her powers.

She comes from a very mundane background, the only one in her family with powers besides her great-great-grandfather (just grandfather? there probably aren’t ridic-long gnome ages in this). Wilhand took Pike in after he saw her abilities (basically a stronger version of his own) and knew she was meant for more than a life of stealing and conning with a family that never really cared about her.

A combination of wanting to help people and just wanting to smash heads turned Pike and Grog towards superheroism, and they’re now the most popular crime-fighting duo of the city. Kids dress up as Grog for Halloween. Parents tells their kids Pike would want them to eat their vegetables. Mayors give Pike keys to the city for saving it while Grog stands uncomfortably next to her and wants to leave. That kind of thing. Beloved, well-known, and well-regarded.

Not so well known are Vex and Vax, who could technically be described as vigilantes. Optimistically. While they’re nowhere near the super-villain level “let’s use our powers to rob a bank”, they certainly aren’t dreaming of a great moral cause, just contracting out as supers-for-hire. Only later on do they turn into proper heroes.

Unlike the others, the twins didn’t have any powers naturally. As kids on the street after running away from their dad, they honed non-super abilities: both very sneaky, Vax great with a lockpick or dagger, Vex with incredible aim―and this is a superhero au, so Vex probably still uses a bow and arrow too because why not. But they only got super powers later on in an experiment. (did they sign up because they needed the money? did they just really want powers? were they kidnapped by your standard Secret Evil Government Organization? idk man i’m making all this up as I go.)

Vax can make himself ridiculously fast in short bursts―Zoom three hundred feet to someone and stab them a couple times in the blink of an eye, pause for a few seconds to cooldown & recharge; rinse and repeat. He also can conjure himself temporary wings, which are probably formed out of shadows or something equally extra, because goth kids dream of having Vax’s accidental gothiness.

Vex, of course, is eternally jealous of her brother’s wings (gothiness or not) and would kill to have flight of her own. Her most-used power is far more subtle: super senses, which make her able to spot details a mile away, track people with incredible accuracy, read facial expressions, and make her aim even more absurd. She also has some kind of minor vine/root/plantlife controlling ability that she uses less often, far more comfortable with her bow. Eventually, she figures out how to get vines to sprout and ensnare people wherever she wants them, including from the ends of her arrows. And, ofc, when she meets some neato inventors later on, she gets a whole bunch of cool trick arrows.

Speaking of: Percy and Tary are still basically like two sides of the same rich kid, inventor, no powers, wanna-be batman coin―

Percy has your classic dark origin story: family murdered, evil Briarwoods, unprovable circumstances, etc. He turned his frivolous childhood inventing hobby and massive inheritance into a life path, creating all the superhero gadgets your heart could dream of…so long as all the gadgets your heart can dream of can be described as “a super cool gun that does ___”. Because that’s his real specialty. Like the twins, he starts out without any heroic intentions―but even more extreme in Percy’s case, initially decking himself out for the sole purpose of hunting down those who betrayed his family. He probably doesn’t even remotely consider becoming a Hero, capital H, until the gang gets together.

Tary, on the other hand, is not remotely dark and gritty (though he does still have a shitty family). He more or less looked at the superheroes out there, thought “That looks cool! (I bet everyone would think I’m awesome if I became a superhero)” and went for it. Like Percy, money + smarts = pseudo-powers. Unlike Percy, a lot of that isn’t just what he can make, but also what he can buy. And, because he buys anything that looks cool, sometimes from less than reputable sources, you never really know what you’re going to get with Tary. It might be amazingly powerful…or it might blow up in his face.

He’s really only got one reliable, long-term invention: After his first attempted foray into heroing, Tary realized that being right in the middle of danger is Not Fun and Something He Does Not Like, and decided to build a super tough metal companion to stand between him and the scary stuff. And chronicle his adventures as they go! Enter Doty.

Then there’s Scanlan, who’s basically that comic book character that has some kind of really ill defined power like “does magic” and everyone is all ???? please give us some details and boundaries here ffs. He doesn’t seem very powerful on first look as he can only do tiny little magic tricks, nothing big―but then you realize how ridiculously creative he gets with all those tiny little tricks and suddenly you find yourself tied upside down to a tree and wondering how the hell you got there. He also doesn’t really have any interest in being a superhero he just? keeps finding himself?? in weird and unlikely situations??

And finally we have Keyleth, the resident naive newcomer. She comes from some secret magic place ala Atlantis or the Amazons’ island, and is now on a journey to see the ~real world~ and prove herself to her people.

Because she’s young and awkward and strangely oblivious about ordinary things (what do you mean “what is that”? it’s a traffic light. do you live under a rock?) she is massively underestimated. And then it turns out she can control air. And water. And earth? And fire? And turn into animals??? How do ???

And she’s brand new to, yknow, everything, and figuring it out as she goes, and trying her best™ and fails a lot…and probably has the strongest powers anyone has ever seen.

(And then Pike and Grog end up going to the same secret evil villain lair that Vex and Vax were hired to deal with, and Keyleth also tries to help out, and probably Scanlan’s there too, and then they come across Percy somehow, and then Tary wants to join because he’s heard great stories of their exploits, but they’re still insisting they are not a team; they just met each other; they don’t even like each other; except whoops it turns out they do and cue the found family.)

Transcript and translation of the parts from Cristiano’s instagram live where he spoke in Portuguese

I’m following this video!


Minuto 1:34 - Cris: “Abraço Brasil! Povo brasileiro! Muito obrigada, chegamos aos 100 milhões! Tudo nosso (??) parceirada!”

Ricky: “Vamos que vamos!”


Cris: “Deixa dar aqui uma volta aqui para vocês verem aqui um pouco da minha estrutura. Ali, a bola do Cris. Ah, pessoal! Há muita bandeira de Portugal! Olha o Ricky vem atrás. Sai daí, animal! O Cristianinho não está em casa.”

Minuto 3:05 - Cris: “Vá pessoal, vou deixar a mensagem - já disse em inglês, agora vou dizer em português: obrigada a todos por - (lê o comentário do Miguel) PAIXAAAAO PAH!! (…) “O Dia fecha às 7 horas hahaha” (continua a ler comentários) “Melhor do mundo!” Obrigado, pessoal! Bulgária… Bom, o que eu estava a dizer é: obrigado a todos os portugueses, pelo apoio que me têm dado até agora. Compartir com vocês este momento feliz de chegar a 100 milhões no instagram. Cheguei há pouco tempo os 100 milhões - (corrige-se) os 100 golos na Champions, agora 100 milhoões… é um número mágico e obrigado a vocês por me darem apoio sempre””

Minuto 4:20 - Cris: “(Lê outro comentário do Miguel) Paixão, para de mandar mensagens, pah! Tu queres é aparecer, pah!

Minuto 4:36 - Ricky: “Olha, vais acabar é com um mergulho na piscina.”

Minuto 4:45 - Ricky: “(Ri-se) Palhaço!”

Cris: “(Ri-se e imita-o) “palhaço””

Minuto 5: 28 - Cris: “Obrigado a todos, pessoal! Opah não sabia que isto era assim tão fixe! Entrar um live aqui com a malta e receber mensagens - portugueses, pessoal amigo! (Lê o comentário da Russia) Ei, isto é muita fixe! Oh Ricky, temos de fazer isto mais vezes!”

Ricky: “Ai tem que ser!”

Cris: “(Lê comentário) “Abraço da Madeira” Obrigado!”

Minuto 7:20 - Cris: “(Tenta fazer um coração com as mãos) É assim né?”


Minute 1:34 - Cris: “Hugs to Brazil! Brazilian people thank you so much, we’ve reached 100 million! All ours, friends!”

Ricky: “Onwards/Come on/On we go! [He says a Brazilian expression that I think roughly translates to something like this]”


Cris: “Let me walk around here so you can see a little bit of my structure. There’s Cris’ ball. Ah, guys! There’s a lot of flags from Portugal! Look, Ricky follows! Get out of there, you animal! Cristianinho isn’t home.”

Minute 3:05 - Cris: “Guys, I’m going to leave a message - I’ve already said it in English, now I’ll say it in Portuguese: thank you everyone for - (sees Miguel’s comments) “Dia [a Portuguese supermarket] closes at 7 hahaha”, (keeps reading comments) “The best in the world!” Thank you, guys! Bulgaria… Well, what I was saying is: thank you to all the Portuguese for the support you’ve given me till now. Sharing with you this happy moment of reaching 100 million on instagram. I’ve recently reached 100 million - (corrects himself) 100 goals in the Champions, now 100 million, it’s a magical number and thanks to you for always showing support!

Minute 4:20 - Cris: “(reads another comment from Miguel) Paixão, stop sending messages, pah! All you want is to show up, pah!”

Minute 4:36 - Ricky: “See, you’ll end up with a dive in the pool.”

Minute 4:45 - Ricky: “(laughs) Clown!”

Cris: “(laughs and mimics him) “clown””

Minute 5: 28 - Cris: “Thanks everyone, guys! Opah, I didn’t know this was so cool! Being live on here with the people and getting messages - Portuguese, friends! (reads Russia comment) Ei, this is really cool! Oh Ricky, we have to do this more often!”

Ricky: “We’ll have to!”

Cris: “(reads comment) “Hugs from Madeira!” Thank you!”

Minute 7:20 - Cris: “(attempts to do a heart shape with his hand) It’s like this, isn’t it?”