09/05/2017: Ivanteevka, Moscow oblast. A ninth-grader, fan of Columbine - Mikhail Pivnev came to a class with a gun and smoke bombs. After a monologue about the desire to die, he shot a teacher. Schoolkids started jumping from the second floor to safe their life. Four persons were injured. No one died.
During the year Mikhail attended a psychiatrist because of suicidal thoughts. Probably he was victim of bullying classmates and teachers. Mikhail was using last name Klebold online on his social media page (, re/posting info, gifs and memes about shooters. Also he warmly condoned all shootings, action of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

His post on April 20, 2017:
On April 20, 1999, the Columbine school was attacked.
If it does not go into details, then as a result, 13 pupils are dead, 23 were injured and two are alive in my heart. Here and again the same day. It is a pity that not a year for sometimes I think. No matter what happens around me, how they treat me, I wonder if I’m needed here … life is beautiful friends, but sometimes death is better. And it could be better if I was in the place of Eric and Dylan …
And now forget everything that is written here and live on. Not everyone loves suicidal thoughts, right?
- 18_12: 01.- HDTL. E&D.FSBS. CGMD. CHS. Never Be Forget.-

Atteched pics - video and photo from his online page.

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I'm not really into the Crack theory Ciel Mastermind, buuut I was reviewing about it (especially the last chapter) and I noticed something: There is a scene where Rachel says something like "If your brother gets in trouble while running a Toy store, think about being the one to come and save him, wouldn't you look impressive?", and soon after that he says "Oh I see, guess I have no choice but become the earl". 1/2

Mmm, that scene was so weird! Actually, the first few pages of ch133 where RC was crying and throwing tantrum because he didn’t want to be separated from OC made me almost believe that he might be a normal child (just a little bit clingy), but then there was this scene

which reinforced my suspicion that there is something wrong with RC :/ Yana even used a completely different font for this line to emphasise the sudden change in his tone. I honestly have no clue what’s going on with him and what exactly he meant by that, but at this point I’d even believe that he might have had some kind of split personality lol (it would be funny if after all the 2C discussions in the past 5 years it turned out that RC was the one who suffered from DID and not OC xD)

maybe he planned to kill their parents so that way Smile becomes emotionally atteched to the “last piece of family”, or in debt

That would be one hell of a super-yandere plot twist! RC definitely seems to have some sort of obsession with OC, but tbh I still can’t figure out whether it’s just brotherly love (just like Edward’s brotherly love for Lizzy) or something more dangerous :/ But yeah, we’ll see in the next chapter, i.e. in 1 week, whether he had a hand in the attack or not!! :D

And do you know what the JP fandom said about this chap?

Mmm, afaik two things were pointed out by several people:

- RC’s line “It seems I have no choice but to become Earl Phantomhive…”  
Was he really convinced by what Rachel told him? Can we really trust his “Fine!” and his bright smile? Could it be that he was just pretending to be convinced but was actually not happy at all about becoming Earl Phantomhive and being separated from OC?

- RC’s behaviour in the last 3 pages
Was RC really sleeping until 6? Could it be he was awake while OC was sleeping? If so, where was he and what did he do? What’s with RC’s look on the last page? Does he know what is happening?

yes the JP fandom has a huge distrust of RC haha

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I clicked that link you atteched to “here” to see the selfie that you posted but nothing came up. :/

That’s weird, it should have worked. If you’re on mobile just go to my blog and search “my face”