Frozen Breastmilk Request for 3 Month Old
Anyone in the Savannah, GA, USA and surrounding area -

I am asking for help in finding frozen breast milk donations for a friend of mine who passed away this weekend and many friends of hers are helping her husband find donor milk for their 3 month old son. She also leaves behind a 2 year old daughter.

If you have frozen breast milk you can donate, please email my friend, Angela - elsienaturally[at] and please put “Breastmilk donation” in the subject line.

If you do not have breast milk to donate, please, share this in the hopes of reaching those moms who have breast milk in their freezer to help this sweet family in their time of loss.

I appreciate your time and help in passing the word along.


Places I've breastfed

-market basket
-the mall
-my son’s flag football game
-family members houses
-Td garden during a bruins practice
-on a mountain
-in a lake
-on the beach
-in the back of the car while my daughter was buckled
-the museum of science
-at the park

Places I’ve never breastfed
-in a bathroom


Cry it out is outdated and to me, almost cruel.

Don’t tell me to “lay her down, close the door and leave her there for a couple of hours. She needs to learn that you aren’t always going to be there and if she cries, that’s just tough” like wtf no.


Your her daddy. NO NO NO that’s just terrible to suggest.

CIO had heightened popularity in the 80’s. But even my mother tells me CIO is “old fashioned” and that she personally did not believe in it.

I couldn’t EVER just leave her alone if she doesn’t want to be. Why why why would you let your little baby sob themselves to sleep when all they want is you, their parent? That’s the REVERSAL of teaching them independence.

“People have been doing it for millions of years!” he says

No. The detachment between baby and parent is bad.

Earth Hour Alert!

My daughter came down with roseola infantum last week. This is more commonly known as tigdas hangin. At first I thought her fever that night is just a sign that she’s coming  down with the flu. Her head was hot but her feet and hands weren’t. When she woke up that morning, I asked her if she was feeling any pain in her throat. There was none. I was a good thing that I didn’t let her go to school that day even if her fever had already subsided. I didn’t notice her rashes until around 11 am that day. If she had gone to school, she be sent home anyway.

So there we were at home. I had to deal with her constant nagging that she wants to go out, which of course she can’t. She was bored out of her wits that day. If there’s one good thing about her nagging, it’s that she’s not suffering much from her measles because if she is, she won’t have the energy to put up an hissy fit. She’ll as meek as a lamb.Okay, this post is supposed to be dedicated to Earth Day. But I just had to tell the story behind it. *laughs*So my daughter was bored and I’ve forbidden her to play with her baby brother, she just had to settle for solo play. She got out her markers and whiteboard and started drawing this:
External image
Look at her eyes still droopy from being sick.
I can’t remember what we were watching that inspired her to  draw this. Gosh, we must have done something right for her to draw this on her own without our prodding!This March 26, we’ll be participating in Earth Hour from the comforts of our own home. We did this the other year while we were staying at a rather busy district. There were a number of commercial establishments and private homes that turned off their lights but there were also quite a number of those who didn’t. It was sad to see that. Hopefully, this year, the symbolic hour of darkness will be observed by more people.
Remember, turn off your lights at 8:30-9:30 pm.
External image

Attachment patenting only creates clingy motherfuckers that can’t do anything on their own later in life.

Trust me.

Stop breastfeeding by 2. Seriously. You talk to me. I remember, and I have to deal with the same as your sons now. Just don’t. Don’t. So annoying.

I know the boys that momma couldn’t wean. I can’t get them to go away because they are so. Needy. I can’t deal with that.

Are you trying to make sure your babies won’t leave your insecure asses? That’s what it is, the only women that make their children breastfeed that long is they can’t let go.

Get. Over. It.

Baby carriers

We were looking at them today and we both really like the Ergo baby carrier. AND it’s on sale this week at target in the color we want and on top of that you get a $20 target card. So its a really good deal, BUT I need opinions! Is it a good carrier? I’m sure we’ll use it all the time when we go out because we both hate lugging around the infant carseat. So anyone have any feedback? I don’t want to waste all that money on something we end up not liking… Thanks! :)

Orginially I thought I would breastfeed till Dylan hit six months. In that way that you map out how things will happen while you’re pregnant when you actually have less than no idea about life with child.
Six months came and went and I was still breastfeeding. Maybe if I had struggled I would have stopped but for us nursing is the easiest most natural thing in the world. And still, as Dylan neared ten months I again said it was time to stop. I thought I’d wean him off feeds so that by twelve months my boobs were my own again. Ten months came and went, I was still breastfeeding. 
By this point I had decided that I would stop when Dylan was ready. My mother tells me that I just stopped being interested in nursing at around thirteen months, so she stopped. And I’m happy with doing the same. Except, Dylan is very attatched to my boobs. While he’ll take a bottle (normally of expressed milk but sometimes formula) off my mum, MIL or Harrison, he refuses to take one from me because he KNOWS that from me, he nurses. He’s more than happy to drink smoothies, juice or just water from a beaker, but if it’s milk he wants, for him breast is best.
I did a little research about breastfeeding toddlers (up to 24 months) after seeing a post on Tumblr and again that made me feel comfortable in feeding him until he was ready to stop, even if that meant I’d still be breastfeeding a year from now.

After first seeing the time cover I did,kt actually have a ‘reaction’, no shock, no disgust, no sense of empowerment. To me it’s a photo posed to be contravercial and get people talking. Of course they don’t nurse like that at home, this is just a photo. More offence came to me from his god awful combat trousers if I’m honest.     
      For the people branding it sick or perverted, saying the boy will be bullied or that it is wrong. I think you have to question why you feel that way. For mother and son this is a natural way for them to bond and for him to be nourished. He doesn’t see the act as sexual, he is a child. I question of many of those who brand nursing a young child as perverted see a womans breasts as only sexual, you will be the ones teaching this child to look at women (and in this case his mother) in a sexual way, not her somehow harming him or damaging his mind by nursing past that one year line we as a society have drawn in the sand.

Worldwide the average ages to wean from breastfeeding are between five and seven. FIVE and SEVEN. It is a westen idea what we should wean out children by 12 months and that breastfeeding toddlers is sick and unnatural. The sexulisation of women (and specifically their breasts) is also something that stems from the west. In our society we are lucky enough to have the choice (or back up) of formula but that doesn’t mean that choosing to do what is natural for mamals (as we are in fact animals) wrong. I have been thinking, how many adults who drink cows milk ever consider that they are in fact drinking the breastmilk of another animal? (Yup)

While I was reading I came across this :

And specifically this:

“The World Health Organization recommends breast-feeding "up to two years of age or beyond.” The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “babies should continue to breast-feed for a year and for as long as is mutually desired by the mother and baby.”

And this:

“Breast milk is one of the only sources of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that build brain tissue, she says. It isn’t until age 5 or 6 that "95% of brain growth has been reached, and that’s also about the time that the child’s immune system is ramped up to full production,”

As a woman who enjoys and champions breastfeeding, having a son who is flourishing I am confident and comfortable in stopping at a time that is right for us, irrespective of what anyone else thinks.