attactive guy

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


He frowned at Frank. “Why are you taller?”

Nico di Angelo, House of Hades

but remember that time Nico noticed that Frank’s appearance had changed faster then Hazel did.

Nico you just checked out your sisters boyfriend 

*whispers* Nico’s gay is hot and heavy here, how the fuck does no one even suspect.

*breathes in your ear* but remember later they said that Nico kept even more to himself then usual after this happened.

I suspect for two reasons.

1. The whole “I guess we’ll do anything for someone we love” and “yeah i guess we will” Nico has had to acknowledge his feelings for Percy and just hot strong they are

2. He found Frank attractive, and he hates finding guys attactive because maybe he thinks if he just ignores his sexuality it will go away 

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Fanfic prompt: stucky au? Like a morning after situation and its all cute and stuff and then Sam (Steve's flatmate?) walks in on them and bucky gets pissed because he thinks Steve already has a boyfriend

When Bucky opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a bunch of messy, blond hair. The second thing was an amazing biceps. 

Memories came flooding back into his head, foggy from all the drinks he had had the night before. His throat was feeling sore, but a comfortable warmth radiating from the body next to him made up for that. The more Bucky saw, the more he internally high-fived himself. This guy was attactive, like, holy shit. 

After some minutes of content staring, the other stirred. Bucky tried to remember his name…what was his name… Oh yeah, Steve it was. Steve. Nice name. Very american. Had a boy next door-flair to it. 

Steve’s eyes fluttered open and damn, what a blue. 

“Mornin’…”, Steve groaned, and a tired smile spread over his face.

“Morning…”, Bucky replied with a grin. Their whole bodies were still tangled, with long muscular limbs all over the place. 

“You wanna stay for breakfast?” Steve’s voice was raspy, and it made Bucky’s heart all fluttery. Drunk self, you picked well, Bucky thought to himself.


“Alright…” Steve rolled onto his back, untangling their arms and legs, and taking the warmth with him. Bucky pulled the covers up a little while the blond man stretched with a loud and very sexual moan which gave Bucky the tingles. Then he got up and put on a shirt that had the american flag printed on it. 

“Y’know, you could just stay naked, I wouldn’t mind.” Bucky gave Steve a cheeky grin which the other only replied to with a grin and an eyeroll. 

“Stay right there, I’ll be back with coffee.” 

While Steve was preparing breakfast for them, Bucky looked around the room. There was an American flag right over the bed, and the rest of the walls were full of paintings, of people and scenery and animals and all kinds of other stuff.They were very well done, apparently Steve was an artist. 

A moment later, Steve was back with two mugs of deliciously smelling coffee and some bagles. “Wanna move over a little?”, he asked Bucky, and the smile he gave him was adorable, a little bit shy, kind of polite. As if they hadn’t had sex in all kinds of dirty ways last night. 

“Sure.” Bucky made some space on the bed for Steve who put down the food and let himself sink down on the bed. Right when he handed Bucky one of the mugs, the front door of the apartment was opened and fell shut soon after, and the sound of somebody walking through the hallway was to be heard. 

“Steve?”, a voice asked. 

What the fuck?! Bucky gave Steve a suspicious look. Did Steve have a boyfriend?! 

“Are you surviving your hangover in there?” The voice came closer and Steve’s ears turned red. 

Bucky swore to himself, if this was a boyfriend, he was going to jump out of the window. The one time he pulled a perfect ten, and then he turned out to be in a relationship. 

The door opened, and a man in sleek black work out clothes appeared, a huge grin immediatly spreading over his face when he saw Bucky. 

“Uh…. hey Sam…” Steve rubbed his neck with a sheepish smile. 

Bucky looked at Steve, then at the other man, then back at Steve. 

“Please tell me he’s not your boyfriend.”

Steve looked very confused for two seconds, and the other man, Sam, immediatly started laughing out loud. 

“…uh… Bucky, this is my roommate and best friend, Sam.”, Steve found his voice again after a moment of confusion. 

“He’s all yours.”, Sam gave Bucky a teasing grin, “You can be his boyfriend.”

“Oh my god Sam!” Sam ducked behind the door with a cackle when Steve threw a pillow in his direction. 

Bucky chuckled and took a sip of his coffee.

No boyfriend.