James was perfect. Completely and uttery perfect. He had perfect hair, a perfect body, and a perfect voice. He had it all, except for one thing. Carlos. If he had that, he’d glady go back the pudgy, voice-crackling, stringy-haired teen he was, if it meant he could have Carlos for himself. That’s why he re-invented himself. “Maybe this time, he’ll like me.”

attackwalrus  asked:

Kogan with an AU setting of Artist!Kendall and Model!Logan~

Most of the models Kendall worked with were gorgeous and they knew it; it made them snooty, arrogant, and rude and it made Kendall want to throw his paintbrushes at their head. Logan Mitchell, the student just trying to pay his way through college, was different. He was gorgeous, that was for sure, but he was also witty, charming, and sweet with a smile that had the best pair of dimples Kendall had ever seen perched on each end; he was one thing Kendall could paint all day.