demo of my 2D dark souls style game so far

programmed in unity/C# from scratch over like… three or four days?

still REALLY rough/unfinished 

features implemented so far:

  • left control stick to move
    • b button to dash, which costs stamina
  • press right control stick to lock on
    • circle around locked on enemies
    • a to release lock on
  • left bumper to raise shield
  • right bumper to attack, which costs stamina
    • while attacking, you lower your shield
  • you have health and stamina
    • when you are shielded, enemies damage stamina. when stamina is depleted, your health gets damaged
    • when health is damaged, you get stunned for a brief moment
    • stamina recovers more quickly when shield is down
  • three types of enemies
    • fire enemies circle around you, shooting fireballs
    • shield enemies are invulnerable when they have their sheild up
    • black knights just rush at you and attack you
  • x button to use estus flask
    • gradually heals you over time
    • you are briefly stunned (and therefore vulnerable) while drinking from flask
  • procedurally generated levels
    • a series of interconnected rooms 

planned features / stuff i’m gonna work on next

  • more enemies?
    • enemies with a wider attack range
    • larger mini-boss enemies
  • soul collection
    • collect souls from slain enemies, use souls to level up / increase stats
  • bonfires
    • heal, respawn enemies, level up
  • secondary attack
    • stronger but slower / takes more stamina
  • enemy corpses / blood / etc.
  • more environmental decorations
  • more variety in rooms / backgrounds

stuff that i would LOVE to implement but will probably take a bit longer

  • giant boss fights
  • merchants?
  • more types of weapons
  • idk lol

so yeah that’s what i’ve made so far