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I don’t know what’s worse being a fan of Roman, Dean, or Seth and dealing with the wars between the crazy fangirls. Or being a Stan over various MR/new MR divas and watching the world literally burn if someone doesn’t like their fave it becomes a shoot out. Bruh!!! Can we not attack each other over entertainment and just enjoy the god damn show!!!
Top Dem On Benghazi Committee: Shut It Down!
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What? Take away their only shot at a Republican presidency and ruin all their fun?

A top Democrat serving on the House committee on Benghazi accused the panel’s leaders of abusing its purpose and called for the committee’s dissolution in a Friday op-ed.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) wrote in The New York Times that the committee has abandoned any pretense of investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya and become “little more than a partisan tool to influence the presidential race” instead.

“Whatever their original purpose, the Select Committee’s leaders appear no longer to have any interest in Benghazi,” he wrote, “except as the tragic events of that day may be used as a cudgel against the likely Democratic nominee for president,” Hillary Clinton. Schiff argued that sets a “dangerous precedent” by which Congressional committees could attack other likely presidential nominees in the future.

The California Democrat also drew attention to the the amount of money — $4 million in taxpayer dollars — and the amount of time — 16 months — the committee has spent ostensibly investigating the Benghazi attacks without gleaning any “additional insight” into what happened there on Sept. 11, 2012.

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to sirens, sunken ships are like bestsellers, so whoever’s had the most gets the biggest bragging rights. of course, sirens occasionally attack each other’s songs, but touko’s current reign is uncontested. byakuya can respect that.

he sits next to her on a rock in his pirate boots and sometimes watches her sink other ships. they are both terrible people. the other sirens don’t trust him but fukawa doesn’t care. she likes having someone unaffected by her songs. junko the siren is grumpy.
  • Sea World:Lol lets isolate a highly intelligent pack creature with a more highly developed emotional range than a human and put them in a tiny tank where they are attacked by each other and turned against each other through training techniques and expect them not to develop psychosis.

“if i lay here….if I just lay here…”

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fic: A Different Song
author:  Quartetship

A Different Song embodies so many beautiful, and painful, things about life and growing up away from home. It’s the kind of story that stays with you even once you’ve turned the last page, and I’m honored to have been able to work with you on this, Q. Thank you so much for commissioning me <3

Quick reminder that

  • It’s pretty much canon that Lucius abused Draco
  • All of Draco’s racist, pureblood supremacist views were wholly instilled in him by his parents

  • Harry and Draco were enemies - they attacked and hurt each other just about equally. Draco was a bully to many, like Neville, but not to Harry
  • Draco saved Harry, Hermione and Ron’s lives in the Manor by lying about not knowing who they were. And if you say he only did it because he thought Harry’s side was the winning side, shut up, no he didn’t. At the time, it seemed like Voldemort was indestructible, and that Harry Potter would definitely die.

  • Draco was forced into being a Death Eater, and even when the lives of himself and his parents hung over him, he couldn’t murder anyone
  • Draco was redeemed
  • JK Rowling’s future for Draco was bullshit and I respect that she’s the Author and all, but that would be so not what happened so don’t rely on that ending as proof of anything. Draco Malfoy would have had his mind blown by everything his parents had ever told him being a dirty rotten lie, and would have spent pretty much the rest of his life being not a single bit like his father, making it up to all he hurt, and becoming say, a Healer, to help everyone after the war.  

Thank you and have a nice day xxx

Why am I being singled out?

I had an exchange with a blogger yesterday, in which this blogger asked why I “seem to enjoy attacking certain blogs.” The answer is that I honestly do not believe I “enjoy attacking” certain blogs.

And I am sorry if anyone feels as if that is my work on Tumblr.  Yet if you check my archive, you might be surprised to see that the perception of me going on the attack against people who are “singled out” is not accurate of me or my ministry.

I have responded to questions, or reblogged, or written commentaries, in over 5,000 posts over a span of two years. There are not even 50 bloggers you can count where I have been critical of them. And these criticisms are against ideas.

Most of the time, I am fielding questions about people’s doubts and problems, or questions about faith. I have no desire to be on the attack against persons, or to “exploit” my collar for “undue legitimacy” but I do attack certain ideas, regardless of who pushes them.

What ideas? Those ideas I find to be of concern, held by certain feminists, pro-choice people, non-Catholic Christians, advocates of different thoughts of human sexuality, atheists, varying political platforms, as well as Catholics who range from very liberal to very traditional in outlook. 

While most people just keep scrolling and are afraid to get into a debate, I admit that I feel the need to speak up and confront an idea that is unhealthy or simply unjust in our Catholic community.

Yesterday, the debate may be about the way we post about others who are accused and should be portrayed as innocent till proven guilty. Tomorrow it might be a debate about Vatican II, women’s ordination, or Pope Francis.

But as tempting as it is for certain bloggers to think so, they are not singled out for attack, I don’t think that this is what I am doing. so much as the ideas of certain bloggers are a form of “distorted truth” which actually ends up not being the truth, which is what Catholics should stand for.

Even in the fights about the sexual abuse of children, the truth that children should be safe and protected is often couched in the idea that entire groups in the Church do not care for children, do not love them, or could not care less about their safety.

Based on the truth of safe environment being important, there is couched a great untruth, and injustice, that anyone in the name of safe environment can be submitted to suspicion, to innuendo, to witch hunts, and to vilification. 

Yes, I attacked that idea. No, it was not personally directed at a certain blogger. I have enough trouble keeping up with the many, many messages and questions that come into my inbox. I have enough trouble keeping up with a parish to run, to have some need to single out certain people.

 God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


I’m only gonna say this once so you better read slowly. This is not an attack to the troyler fandom or tronnor or any fandom okay let’s just make that clear. If you are gonna post something involving troyler ONLY TAG TROYLER!! And if you’re going to post something involving tronnor ONLY TAG TRONNOR!! Okay so don’t be posting something that has to do with troyler and tag tronnor. Got it? And don’t go and post something tronnor and tag troyler. Okay? Great. Now I’m gonna be tagging both troyler and tronnor so everyone can see it. So don’t attack me. Okay I’m done ranting have a nice day.

I was rereading the psa I wrote earlier and at first I was like ‘I sound way more like a dick than I intended’ to but then I realised something. I’ve been in this community for a while,its never been perfect, its never going to be perfect but there are things that need to be done. I’ve seen countless people chased off this site for stupid reasons, people being told that they are awful human beings and the likes just because they were selective and didn’t choose to roleplay with someone or people told to end their own lives purely based off an opinion they have. Is that really how we want it to be?

Do we really want to spend our downtime on a site where you have to censor yourself or face getting attacked? Where no matter how many times you say ‘this is my blog I post what I want’ you are lying to yourself because half of the things you think, you can’t post on your blog because a flood of hate will be sent your way. Spending time on a site where everyone is problematic because they don’t have the same views as others or they’ve made one mistake that they will permanently be accounted for. 

I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve asked myself what am I doing here? I like making icons because I think its fun and I enjoy helping people but there are people who are impolite and steal our work. I like roleplaying because I think its fun but there are people who will send anonymous hate messages or passive aggressive ooc because they don’t agree with an opinion or I haven’t gotten to a reply yet.

I consider myself to be a very nice person, call me whatever you want but I am and it just doesn’t make sense to me how people can be so cruel to one another. We are all people, we’ve all been through shit and we are all trying to have a good time. Why then do people think it’s okay to go after one another and make someones life a little bit worse? Where do you get off on that?

I hate to be that guy and be all parent on your asses but if you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t say it. Respect your fellow users and roleplayers. Remember that people make mistakes and they learn and they grow from those mistakes. If someone does something to you, my first advice would be to message them politely and sort something out. If you can’t, unfollow and block. Starting a fight, starting drama, ‘calling out’, including other people in that drama it just isn’t worth it. You are just making yourself and others unhappy. 

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

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U seem too post a lot about sw rights, yet u only seen to focus on those in the western world. What about india and Brazil and Bangladesh where sex workers are treated less then garbage. Maybe u should broaden ur horizons.

dont u love when civilians use the problems of other women as a way to try and invalidate your own experiences
im a native woman in canada we have the highest mortality rates especially among sexworkers get the fuck out of my face
SW issues in countries that i dont live in dont change that there are problems here you exploitative piece of shit
maybe u should try giving a fuck about these women instead of using them as pawns to attack other sexworkers