attacked with words!!!

My lungs tighten
My air way closes
The room starts to spin
My heart is going out of control
Deep breath in and out
It’s not helping,
I run outside.
I let the fresh air blow across my face
“Focus on the pretty trees”
“The pretty sky”
“It’s a beautiful day” I tell myself.
My breathing evens out
My lungs relax
My air way opens
And my heart slows
“You’re okay.” I whisper
“You’re okay.”
—  Chapters from my life
Spellcasting Combat Narration for D&D

image credit: Ben Wootten

So I was gonna include this in my other article on narrating combat, but it proved far too lengthy, so I made this into part 2! 

Combat is easy to describe compared to narrating spell attacks. I ran into this problem last session when I was getting into detail telling the barbarian how they tore off an ogre’s head but then the druid just kept using Fire Bolt and I kept defaulting to “you shoot a bolt of fire at his face.” I’m going to try and vary things up with these lists and help everyone else in the process! I am organizing them by energy type.

Mode of Attack

Half of a spell’s attack is how the caster shapes their spell. The same spell can look very different with every casting if you have a creative DM. Feel free to switch it up each time it’s cast, or vary the same spell when cast by different characters of different classes.

Attack Words

Generic shapes and terms that will launch from the caster’s hand.

Helix, Spiral, Beam, Erratic, Mote, Bolt, Stream, Blast, Burst, Blade, Arc, Miasma, Cloud, Eruption, Wave, Cone, Missile, Rune, Glyph

Class-Based Ideas

  • Bard
    • Energy manifests from thin air a foot in front of their instrument as they play
    • Energy is shaped like ribbons of written music that ripples towards enemies
    • Several tiny motes of energy appear with each note sung or played. Each point of damage comes from a mote hitting the opponent (rolls a 4 out of a d6, 4 of the 6 note-motes hit)
  • Cleric
    • Energy falls from the sky or emerges from the ground as the cleric prays
    • Beam of energy originates from holy symbol
    • Spell attack should highlight that the cleric is granted their powers from a greater power, don’t have the energy come from their hand/finger. Have the energy come TO them, and then be thrown at the enemy.
  • Druid
    • Energy is shaped like an animal.
    • Energy rushes forth from the surrounding wilderness and zooms past the druid and toward the foe.
    • Much like Cleric, energy shouldn’t come from the caster. It should come from elsewhere before being thrown at the enemy.
  • Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
    • Energy blasts from their bound weapon pointed at the enemy.
    • Energy fires from their mouth as they yell.
    • Energy surrounds their weapon and is used in tandem with it (if close enough)
  • Monk (Way of Four Elements)
    • Literally just watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and do that.
  • Paladin
    • Most Paladin spells are smite-based, so they usually happen when an attack hits. Otherwise, let the energy come from a higher power like the Cleric.
    • Energy bursts forth from within the creature hit
    • Energy surrounds weapon right as the strike lands
    • Energy falls from the sky or erupts from the ground
  • Ranger
    • Honestly, most Ranger spells often seem a lot like man-made traps like Cordon of Arrows (arrow traps), Fog Cloud (smoke grenade), or Grasping Vine (slipknot trap). But otherwise, Play it like the Cleric where the energy comes from a higher power.
    • Energy takes the form of the Ranger’s animal companion or an animal they associate with.
    • Spells seem to cast automatically whenever the Ranger is in a tight spot, almost as if nature itself is protecting them. The Ranger gives an approving nod whenever this happens in thanks.
  • Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
    • Energy is always accompanied by a shimmer of glitter
    • The Rogue plays with the energy over their fingertips as they whistle before casting the spell.
    • Energy enchants one of the Rogue’s daggers and casts the spell by tossing the dagger at the intended location or target.
  • Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)
    • Energy takes the shape of a dragon of your bloodline.
    • Energy surges forth from your breath
    • All energy takes the shape of your bloodline dragon’s energy type, regardless of the actual energy type. For instance, a sorcerer of a blue dragon’s bloodline that casts Burning Hands or Cone of Cold keeps the energy type but shapes the fire and cold damage into the form of a bolt of lightning. 
  • Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 
    • Energy takes on many random forms, never under the full command of the Sorcerer.
    • Energy erupts from random places in the environment when the Sorcerer calls upon them.
    • Energy bubbles and fizzes with all energy types (but mostly the one called upon), as if a piece of Limbo was thrown at the enemy.
  • Warlock (Archfey)
    • Your energy shimmers with iridescent colors and showers enemies with sparks of glitter.
  • Warlock (Great Old One)
    • Your magic corrupts and twists the flesh of the target of your spell, regardless of the energy type.
  • Warlock (Fiend)
    • Energy takes the shape of the unholy symbol of your patron.
  • Wizard (Abjuration)
    • Energy shoots forth from your magical wards, arcing towards your enemies.
  • Wizard (Conjuration)
    • You conjure a short-lived elemental of the energy type you need. It soars at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Divination)
    • You weave the glowing threads of fate in the palms of your hands, tweaking reality to cast your spell.
  • Wizard (Enchantment)
    • You enchant an object to exude the energy and toss it at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Evocation)
    • I mean, you just sorta blast them. That’s what this school’s about.
  • Wizard (Illusion)
    • Your spell usually spawns two or three illusory copies. When the attack misses, the enemy simply managed to dodge the right duplicate.
  • Wizard (Necromancy)
    • Your energy takes the shape of a skull screaming as it flies toward the enemy
  • Wizard (Transmutation)
    • You transmute the energy out of the surrounding environment and fire it at the enemy


So if half of a spell’s attack is the shape and travel of the spell, the other half is when the spell hits. I organized this list by energy type, as different energies will do different sorts of things when they hit a creature. This is mostly a collection of interesting effects, colorful language, and examples.


  • Your bolt of fire singes their armor (burning cloth, blackening leather, discoloring metal)
  • A tiny bead of fire explodes on contact
  • Showers them with red sparks
  • Your attack leaves behind a billowing trail of smoke
  • A fast-travelling meteor of flame soars from the sky towards the enemy.
  • Your flames leave blisters and cracked skin in its wake.
  • Your fire blackens the enemy’s flesh


  • You freeze the moisture in the air into icy daggers that fall onto your enemy
  • You freeze the water in their blood to damage them
  • Their skin turns blue and numb
  • You literally hurl a snowball at them.
  • Your spell leaves them covered in a layer of frost
  • A buildup of ice covers where your spell hit. (it’s easily shattered once they move, though)
  • A blast of icy wind and rain leaves them shivering.


  • A crack of thunder pummels your foe
  • A high-pitched, deafening shriek focuses itself on the target
  • A thin trail of blood races from the foe’s ears from a sound no one else can hear
  • The enemy falls to their knees cupping their hands over their ears, gritting their teeth
  • You buffet the target with waves of thunderous sound
  • The ground shakes with the force of your spell. Brittle glass objects nearby shatter.


  • Lightning comes from the sky to smite your foe
  • You all smell the faint odor of ozone before a bright bolt of lightning streaks toward the target of your spell
  • Before your enemy can blink they are showered in electrical sparks followed by crippling pain
  • The enemy’s back stiffens as the powerful current of lightning surges through them
  • Your attack leaves a permanent web of lightning shaped burns all over one side of their body
  • Your blast of lightning causes their skin to rupture as it travels through their body


  • Your acid sizzles as it burns a new, unnatural color into their skin
  • The attack melts their flesh, leaving them permanently disfigured at the site of the spell
  • Your spell’s acid causes blue fire to burn where it hit their skin, and bleaches their armor and belongings
  • A rancid smell fills the foe’s nostrils as the acid bubbles on their bare skin, burning through the simple cloth of their shirt.


  • You spew a poisonous cloud from your mouth at your opponent
  • A spectral viper or insect is flung at the opponent, biting them and filling them with magical venom
  • Your index and middle finger each grow a poisonous fang which you sink into your opponent’s arm (melee range spell attacks only)
  • The enemy’s mouth fills with a foul tasting liquid which forces its way down their throat


  • Your target’s flesh bubbles and boils as a black ichor sputters from the spell’s origin
  • The foe’s flesh festers with magical disease as boils and wounds quickly cover the affected area
  • A skeletal hand wriggles free from beneath the earth, flying towards the target
  • An incorporeal undead shrieks as it flies from your finger toward the enemy to deliver the spell’s effect
  • Black energy swirls around your arm before launching towards the enemy as if it had a life of its own
  • Your iridescent blue magic enters the target’s body and afflicts their soul, making them momentarily dazed as their eyes glaze over.


  • A holy light shines from the skies to harm your target, regardless of time of day or obstructions
  • A halo of radiant energy surrounds your head and blinds the target as they gaze upon it
  • Enemies that aren’t of your alignment hear the whispers of your deity moments before being enveloped in a blinding white light
  • The foe’s eyes and mouth emit warm light and they howl in pain
  • A blade of radiant energy slashes through the victim, leaving a trail of blinking motes of light in its wake
  • The enemy’s skin blisters from the raw positive energy surging through them

So essentially this whole post was a creative writing assignment for myself, but I hope that it gives you guys new creative ideas for new spells or new ways to describe existing spells! They don’t much affect the mechanics of the spell at all, so most DMs I suspect will be fine with most of these descriptions if you want your character to cast spells a certain way.

INFP: Hello ISTJ, what are you doing today (´。• ᵕ •。`)?

ISTJ: Adjusting my curtains. They’re way too long, so I’ve gotta sew the hem up to the right length.

INFP: You can’t spell “adjusting” without ISTJ! Hahahaha!

ISTJ: So, what are you doing today?

INFP: I don’t really have anything planned ye-

ISTJ: You can’t spell “fapping” without INFP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


…And any of you out there who are feeling very lonely, very depressed, very sad, anxious or you’re having panic attacks, anything like that: it’s not a bad thing and you’re not a bad person. You can get out of it and I believe in you. If nobody believes in you, just trust that I believe in you.
—  Sean William McLoughlin AKA Jacksepticeye in I believe his Anxiety Attack video?

How I know I’m in the bad timeline: I was in Hot Topic yesterday to look at their Overwatch shit, and a girl pointed out Naruto merch to another girl and asked her wtf it was. Girl replied with “oh, that’s a really old anime! I haven’t got around to watching it yet though because it’s older and the animation is kinda bad now…”

Jean-Nerd and Marco-Boy-Eater ;) If the right words don´t want to come out of your mouth…

I love Marcos expression xDDD it is like “Hääääh?????”


‘’I thought I’d find you here.’’

A/N: This kind of just came to me as I started typing and I hope you like it! If you suffer from anxiety then I hope that this may help in any way, other than that I want you to know that you can always come to me if you need anyone to talk to. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky finds you at your not so secret comfort place, making you think that maybe you could have the things that you desired… Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Reader suffers from an anxiety attack 

Word count: 1888

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The rain fell from the sky, water blanketing over the ground on this calm evening. The only sound to be heard was the occasional honking from New York traffic and the tapping sound of drops hitting the roof. The air was warm, a light breeze flowing through the city on this mid summer day while the last rays of the sun edged their way through the tall buildings. 

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This is kinda more personal than normal. 

Anyway, whatever. If sharing personal stuff will help someone else, I’ll take the embarrassment. 

I have panic attacks sometimes. They sneak up on me. I usually have a good idea of how to handle them, but of course, no one is perfect. 

One of the things that helps avoid putting myself down for it is imagining my panic as a child. It’s a bit in the way of my work life sometimes, because I can’t leave it home, or in a kindergarten. It sometimes behaves, and sometimes is difficult but it is not bad. It’s just… itself. 

Mental health is something everyone deals with at some point in their lives. It’s alright to find it hard to handle. But you don’t have to hate yourself for it either. Everyone can find their own best coping mechanism. 

Random HC #35 (Continuation of #4 - #34)


“…I’m sorry, Robbie, I completely forgot your tea!” Sportacus shakes his head, confused about himself, when he leaves the bathroom to return to his friend again “I’ll catch up on it, immediately! Just… Robbie?!” he nearly drops the bowl in shock, when he finds the bed empty “Robbie!” The next second, he sees the villain standing in front of one of the smaller windows, his eyes fixed either on the heavy rain outside or on nothing at all. He has crossed his arms in front of his bare chest and is shivering. “Robbie?…” puzzled and a little worried because of the lack of reaction, Sportacus quickly puts the bowl on the bedside table and then carefully approaches the shaking, obvious absent villain “…Robbie, why aren’t you in bed? You shouldn’t walk around in this condition… You’re still weakened…and sick…” Still no reaction. “…Robbie?…” hesitatingly, he rests his hand on the other’s, once again slightly tensed back “…Hey…” Unlike what he has been expecting, Robbie doesn’t wince this time. He just shrugs his hand off and turns away, his eyes fixed on the ground now and his voice low but clear “…I should go now…”
“What?!” the hero stares at him in utter shock and confusion, then he wildly shakes his head “What is this now?! We agreed that you stay here! You’re far too sick to take care of yourself at the moment! How do you suddenly get that idea, anyway?!?”
“This is none of your business,” replies the villain coolly, straightens up and heads for the closed door to exit the airship “Thank you for your help, Sportaflop.”
“…Robbie…” Sportacus rarely feels overwhelmed or unable to cope with a situation, but right now, he feels like crying out in frustration and desperation. The villain was completely relaxed and at peace. Then he leaves him alone for not even three minutes and he starts to act…like THIS?! He doesn’t understand… But when Robbie manually wants to open the door, by pushing the button next to it, the hero reflexively calls “Lock!”
Robbie holds in his move, obviously aware that pushing the button would’ve got no point now “…You can’t keep me here against my will, Sportacus…” His voice is still low, but this time, there’s something in it that the hero has never heard before. It’s…a strange, grave seriousness…almost…close to…a warning…threat?!… Sportacus isn’t sure. But he doesn’t really care right now, either. “Robbie!” with a fluid motion, he easily flips over the other man and lands right in front of him, facing him with open confusion and fear “Robbie, what is WRONG??” The next moment, he nearly winces when Robbie meets his eyes for the first time now. They’re…cold. And just like it has been with his voice, the hero has never seen his eyes look like this before…
“What is wrong?! You’re keeping me prisoner! THAT is wrong!” Robbie’s voice still sounds this strange. And Sportacus feels his heart breaking again. He can’t help but sound hurt “No! That’s… I just want you to stay because you’re sick and I care about you! How… Why would you…”
“You shouldn’t!” Robbie clenches his hands into fists and turns away “You should not care!”
“Robbie, we’ve been there before!” the hero takes a deep breath, mentally preparing for another one of Robbie’s heavy self doubts “I DO! And you DESERVE care and love! What…”
“I DON’T!” the villain turns back again, his eyes not cold anymore but filled with tears and his voice breaks “I SIMPLY DON’T, SPORTACUS! Why can’t you just accept that??? WHY DO I HAVE TO YELL AT YOU SO YOU FINALLY LEAVE ME BE??? WHY…” he stumbles but catches himself, then he presses his hands on his temples and sobs lowly “…Why do I have to be…mean to you…to make you listen…” The hero is completely overwhelmed. He truly doesn’t know what has gotten into the other, but he knows that he has to calm him somehow… “…Robbie… I ALWAYS listen to what you say…” very carefully, he rests a hand on the villain’s shoulder, but he whines and pushes it off at once, so he keeps trying it verbally “…But no matter that I do, I CAN’T let you leave now! You’re…not yourself… What happened when I was in the bathroom? You’re all shaken up out of a sudden… Robbie? Please! Talk to me! Otherwise, I can’t help you!…” begs the hero desperately and takes a very small, careful step towards the other “…Robbie…”
“…You don’t want to help me…”
“That’s not true! Of COURSE I want to! I’m TRYING right now!” Sportacus takes another step closer and his voice softens “…Robbie, did you have another hallucination? Or a nightmare? Or…” His question appears to be unheard. “…You wouldn’t want to help me, if you knew…” Robbie breaks up and he wraps his arms around himself and slowly shakes his head. “If I knew what? Robbie. Please…” He gets cut off by a bright flash and enormous thunder, followed by a low cry and Robbie, slumping on the ground in fetal position, hugging his knees close to his chest. “Robbie!” Sportacus kneels down next to him, at once, and this time, he ignores the low cry at his touch and pulls the villain’s upper body onto his lap, holding him close to his chest, with both arms wrapped around him, taking his hands in a tight grip in his own. Robbie starts to struggle at once. He kicks into the air and writhes and swears and cries for long minutes, while the hero nuzzles his face into the tousled, black hair, murmuring soothing words, partly in English, partly in Icelandic, and waits him out…
His breathing has slowed down a bit, just like the beating of his heart. But instead, he’s shivering violently now and his eyes are still fixed on an imaginary spot at the wall. Sportacus is still caressing his hair in gentle strokes, a successful way to calm him that he has started, shortly after the villain had stooped struggling against his embrace. His shaking hands are now gripping on to the hero’s shirt, so tight that his knuckles turn white. “…Shush… It’s all right, Robbie…” repeats Sportacus once more lowly. But this time, he gets a response “…No… It isn’t…” Robbie’s voice sounds as if he’s suffering from grave pain and he swallows noticeably hard. “Of course, it is. Don’t be scared. You’ll become all healthy again, I promise!…”
“…No, you don’t understand…” whimpers the villain lowly and turns his head to look up, into the other’s eyes “…I… I…remembered…more about that evening…before my family left me behind…”
Sportacus feels a shiver running down his spine. That’s what he feared, the moment, Robbie broke down in an obvious panic attack. That’s what he has read about in his book. That’s what he hoped would NOT happen to Robbie…
“…Robbie… You’re under shock. You’re still running a high fever and you’re stressed. Don’t…”
“I’m not mistaken, Sportacus. That was a real memory. And…” his breathing hitches and he starts to sob again “And you’re going to hate me!!”
“Robbie, no. I could NEVER hate you!” contradicts the hero gently but firmly and he soothingly runs his hand over his bare back. But Robbie’s crying intensifies again and he starts tugging at Sportacus’ pajama top to release some of his desperate anger “You WILL hate me! Everybody hates me! Anybody, I ever met hated me! I-I can’t be loved! I… I shouldn’t even EXIST!!”
“Robbie!” exclaims the hero truly shocked and stills his hands “Don’t say things like this!”
“But it’s TRUE!” Robbie suddenly pushes himself up, keeps his upper body supported by his arms and strains to look the other into the eyes again “…I’m a monster, Sportacus…”
“Robbie, don’t…”
“You’ll realize that I’m right…”
“No, I won’t, because no, you are NOT!” Sportacus feels angry. Not at Robbie, but at his parents for not showing him the kind of love, he deserved and needed as a kid. No wonder, he believes these horrible things about himself, now that he’s feverish and completely overexerted and confused by slowly recovering his real memory again… “…Robbie, listen. Whatever your parents told you…”
“I’m a FELF, Sportacus!”

A Way to You Again: Part 7

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst, Panic Attacks

Word Count:  1350

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. 


I always love hearing from you guys <3.

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The next few minutes were a blur of me screaming expletives shrilly at Steve. “STEVEN FUCKING GRANT ROGERS – YOU LITTLE SHIT!” I yelled as I punched him in the arm.

“Hey! We could wreck! Maybe take it out on me later?” he asked as he rolled his eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked – trying to keep my voice level and failing miserably.

He shrugged somewhat apologetically. “Look – I’ve known Buck for a long time. He’s miserable without you, but he thinks you’re better off without him. He was driving himself crazy about it but refused to even listen to Tony when he said he knew where you were. He’s stubborn – there’s just no way around it,” he explained defensively – keeping an eye on me to make sure no further punches were in his immediate future.

“So… so he has no idea I’m coming?” I asked nervously as I chewed on my bottom lip.

“No,” Steve responded matter-of-factly. “But I can assure you he will be relieved when he sees you,” he added.

“Steve, pull over for a second,” I choked out as pure panic gripped me.

“Oh come on, Y/N! You can’t drive!” he whined.

“Pull over!” I yelled. The urgency in my voice finally prompted him to oblige. I jumped out of the car before it had fully stopped and ran into the nearby field where I promptly fell to my knees and vomited. I wiped my mouth with the back of my shaking hand as I rose unsteadily to my feet. So Bucky didn’t initiate this. He hadn’t even tried. His best friend was fighting for me and he wasn’t even trying. As I trudged back to the car I wished that I had never agreed to come back. I was better off alone.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked quietly as I climbed back into my seat and closed the door behind me.

“Why didn’t you tell me Steve?” I asked as tears pricked at the corners of my eyes.

He was quiet for a moment before he turned to me. “Because I knew you would never come back if I told you. What kind of friend would I be to either of you if I sat by idly and let you both ruin this?” When I looked into his eyes I knew that he meant it. He wanted so desperately for things to be fixed, but for some reason I doubted it would ever happen. I smiled at him weakly as he pulled the car back onto the interstate. The sudden feeling of panic had completely drained my energy. I resolved myself to finally lay my head back down on my makeshift pillow and close my eyes wearily. Within minutes I had fallen fast asleep.

“Y/N,” Steve whispered as he shook me softly. I grunted in reply. Why was he being so persistent in trying to wake me up? I just wanted to sleep a little longer.

“Go away,” I muttered grumpily as I tried to shoo his hands away from my arm.

“We’re here,” he finally said out of exasperation. This caused me to wake fully with a start.

“Oh,” I muttered nervously as I looked around the parking garage of Stark Tower. Bucky’s motorcycle was parked two spaces down – my heart almost jumped through my chest when I saw it.

“I’ll get your bags,” Steve responded as I exited the car.

The elevator ride was mostly quiet. Even after the nearly four-hour nap I had taken on the way to the tower I was exhausted. More than anything I wanted to escape to my room, take a long hot shower, and rest. The idea of seeing Bucky after the long drive was exhausting within itself. As the elevator doors opened we were greeted with laughter from the common room.

“Yo! Y/N!” Sam yelled from the couch – waving at me. “How was your vacation?” I smiled warmly at him and saw Tony turn to face me from one of the many chairs in the room. He offered me a small wink of hello. He had kept up the façade for me, god bless him, no one but those involved knew.

“It was great Sam, thanks,” I managed to respond back quietly.

“Who are you talking to?” Bucky called to Sam as he walked out of the kitchen – Natasha following closely behind. Sam didn’t have time to respond before Bucky’s eyes found me – the plate of food he had been carrying fell to the floor and shattered.

“Hi Buck,” I responded quietly, averting my eyes from him.

“Dude, what the fuck? You need help carrying your food around, grandpa?” Sam chastised as Bucky scrambled to the floor to carefully pick up the shards of glass and food that now littered it. It gave me an easy out.

“Well the drive was exhausting so I’m… erm… gonna head to my room to rest for awhile. I’ll be up in a few hours,” I muttered as I turned on my heel and fled towards the hallway that led to our rooms.

“Don’t forget – team dinner and meeting at seven!” Tony called casually behind me. I sighed as I neared my door— It wasn’t going to be easy to hideout in my room after all.

“Are you okay?” Steve whispered as he closed the door to my room behind him.

“Um.. yeah… I think so,” I responded lamely as I shifted uneasily. The sight of Nat being so close to Bucky made me want to scream.  “I think I’m just going to take a shower and sleep for a few more hours. I feel exhausted,” I muttered.

“Okay, let me know if you need anything. I’ll make sure you’re up for the meeting.” Steve smiled warmly at me as he opened the door.


“Yeah, Y/N?”

“Will you lock the door before you close it, please?” He smiled sadly before turning the lock and closing the door behind him.

I sighed shakily as I sat on the corner of my bed. The last night I had spent in this room had been with Bucky and things had been so perfect. Now everything was all twisted up, and I didn’t know if there was a way to fix it. I pushed off the bed and headed to the shower – determined that it was exactly what I needed.

“What the hell were you thinking, Buck?” I could hear Steve’s raised voice through the wall. Dinner was less than an hour away so I grudgingly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. Since Bucky’s room shared a wall with mine it was impossible to not hear the conversation that was unfolding on the other side.

“I don’t know, Steve,” Bucky responded gruffly.

“How about you try better than that?” Steve had hidden his anger pretty well for me, but he wasn’t holding back on his friend. It was the maddest I had ever heard him.

“Listen, I was lonely. You know what that’s like, right? She was there, and it was just a casual thing. It happened a few times… I know I shouldn’t have let it, but it did. I knew it was wrong so I ended it.”

“And then you did the same thing to Y/N?” Steve asked incredulously.

“It… No. I know it looks the same, but it isn’t. She’s different. It’s different with her. Well… it was different with her,” he added sadly.

“This is your mess, Buck. You better make it right with her,” Steve added before the slam of Bucky’s door rattled the wall.

There was a gentle knock at my door that caused me to shoot up out of the bed. “Who is it?” I asked nervously.

“It’s me,” Steve’s voice replied softly from the other side of the door. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” I called as I grabbed a zip up sweater and put it on absentmindedly. I opened the door and could immediately feel the tension rolling off of Steve.

“Are you okay?” I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, let’s get to dinner,” he responded as I followed him out of the room.


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Chiaki’s ambelo blog entry 24-01-2017 titled “Nishi Thank you

I think that I would like to write about what Nishi sang for me at the solo live last weekend.

He sang me AAA’s believe own way which have “ live believing in myself ” lyrics.

Believing in myself and keep moving forward one step at a time while doing my best, I was glad that Nishi sent me such a message.

He is a person who works hard with passion in everything.

Seeing that, I also was taught the feeling of working hard in everything.

Nishi thank you !

And congratulations for the great success of 1stLIVE solo !

From now on, as “Nissy” I also will continue to support you !