attacked with words!!!

Stefano and a male s/o

There is nsfw stuff in here and I feel weird typing this on my break with my boss and coworkers in the room…I know nobody asked for them but I can picture Stefano as bi…

• Takes dick like a pro

• He’s the sub unless you want to be

• He enjoys you going down on him

• He enjoys going down on you and getting the reactions he wants to see and hear

• Likes to show you off to the public no matter what they say but if anyone attacks you with words he has a great idea of what type of art he’ll make them into

• Honestly loves when you take charge but only when you’re not in public he has a controlled image to keep up

• Stefano talks about having kids one day and you get depressed because your body can’t give him the kids he wants

• He comforts you and says adoption is always an option and so is finding a surrogate

• Like when you take him doggy style

• Hates it when other people flirt with you because you’re just so amazing

• After all the criticism and his past during the war you feel a need to protect Stefano

• You’re the big spoon

what “don’t hate on ships” means : don’t harass people who ship unpopular/not well known/ect. ships + send them anon hate for simply shipping two (or more) characters

what “don’t hate on ships” doesn’t mean : pretending as if pedophilic/abusive/ect. are 100% okay and acceptable + that people shouldn’t call you out for shipping something problematic and harmful

As Remus Lupin once said, “Eat. You’ll feel better.”

It hits you in the simplest of ways.
How precious life is.
Did mothers kiss their babies goodbye?
Not knowing it was the final goodbye?
Did friends take pictures?
Not knowing it was their final one?
It creeps in on you.
The stillness of it all.
The finality.
That nothing matters.
22 (babies) dead.
Not so soon.
Not again.
Humanity filled with dread.
No place safe.
Not concerts.
Not schools.
Not theatres.
Not clubs.
Living in a 21st century bloodbath.
It creeps in on you.
The stillness of it all.
Time and time again.
Pushed to the brink.
You realize.
Life is precious.
We must hold every moment with care.
And rise and rise again (with love).
We must hold each other with care.
And rise and rise again (with love).
—  The world cries with you, Manchester // @abillionlittlethoughts
My lungs tighten
My air way closes
The room starts to spin
My heart is going out of control
Deep breath in and out
It’s not helping,
I run outside.
I let the fresh air blow across my face
“Focus on the pretty trees”
“The pretty sky”
“It’s a beautiful day” I tell myself.
My breathing evens out
My lungs relax
My air way opens
And my heart slows
“You’re okay.” I whisper
“You’re okay.”
—  Chapters from my life
You’re Welcome Tour Video Links!

Hi again so I managed to record a few clips from the tour, so if you couldn’t go feel free to watch! Sorry if the quality is bad! Enjoy! (It’s also in order)


but this desire, this urge wasn’t like that. it was the urge to kiss like he meant it, to make alec feel it, to kiss alec like he was starving after four courses because he was. and that was an urge he had to swallow. despite the fact that with every look, he knew, he could tell that alec was swallowing that same urge. these little slow motion moments of alec’s hazel eyes dipping down to magnus’s lips and lingering, watching the way his chest would rise and it was a kind of aching.  x    happy birthday ally! @princemagnusbane