• Attack On Titan fandom: waits 7 days for a 20 minute episode
  • Attack On Titan fandom: * is chill about the new episode* oh that episode was great i guess
  • Attack On Titan fandom: *hasn't trend for a 2/3 weeks*
  • * Gay scene is finally animated. Ymir gets jelly when Christa tends to Reiner's injury. Nanaba, Marcel and they're squad looking good and said the thing that musn't be said in the show. Ymir and Christa sharing a moment and finally showing their true identity. *
  • Attack On Titan fandom: THIS IS IT!🙌🙆 THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR!😫 THE GODDAMN GAY SCENE. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED. 🙏 🎊 👼 👏🎉 God bless the animators for this golden oppurtunity. 💕💕Ymir x Christa💞👌 the only canon otp. Rip. to the squad😖

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Hello! I love your blog! Keep up the good work! May I please gave a headcanon for Eren, Jean and Armin meeting their childhood crush after years, in the Survey Corps? Thank you!


  • He’s not completely sure it’s them at first. He’s kind of in disbelief and he’s too in awe of just how much they’ve changed to do much about it.
  • So he kinda sticks to staring as they walk past him, still trying to convince his brain that it is who he thinks it is, and trying to gather up the courage to go talk to them.
  • He kind of avoids it at first, still not 100% sure, but then he overhears someone calling them by their name and he knows it’s them.
  • He’ll  try to do his best not to make it a huge deal, but he can’t help the erratic, nervous beating of his heart as he finally walks up to them and says hello.
  • He’s a little skeptical of his feelings because he’s not so sure he can trust his childhood heart or emotions but after their conversation, he realizes he’s falling just as hard as he did back then.


  • Jean, like Eren, is in disbelief and complete and utter awe at just how beautiful his childhood crush has become.
  • He really tends to fixate on their appearance at first, admiring just how more mature they are now and finding himself incredibly attracted to them.
  • He tries to talk to them but he stumbles over his words and doesn’t look nearly as cool as he thought he was going to, so he walks away before they have the chance to reply or tell him if they even remember him.
  • He’ll spend the next few days completely trying to avoid them and the embarrassment he still feels over what happens, but eventually they find him and ask him if he knows who they are.
  • They’d spend the next several hours catching up and making jokes, Jean realizing that, even though they were extremely attractive, their personality is even better.


  • Armin is more excited than he is stunned, so unlike the other two Armin is the first to run up to his childhood crush.
  • With a huge smile on his face, he humbly introduces himself again. “It’s me–Armin! Do you remember me?”
  • Of course they remember him, and they’re just as excited to see him. Armin is so overwhelmed with excitement, however, that he’s completely forgotten the silly crush he had when he was a kid.
  • When he remembers, his cheeks flush red and his thumping heart is alerting him to how nervous he is, but he tries to swallow it and continue their conversation.
  • He’s more intimidated by them and their presence than he wants to be, but he’s enjoying talking to them so much that he just can’t breakaway. He realizes that he must have been pretty intuitive as a kid, because they’re wonderful and he’s crushing on them just as hard now as he did then.

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The molester scene always stood out to me because it does clearly imply homophobia exists in Paradis. The man thought he was molesting an adolescent girl and didn't think it was wrong. It was the reveal that Armin was a boy that made the molester call himself a monster. Also, it was revealed in extra material that the cadets made fun of Eren and Armin and thought they were "too close." So, I think it is completely possible that some snk characters could have experienced internalized homophobia.

Exactly! I have nothing more to add aside from the fact I’m in complete agreement with you.

Also I didn’t know about cadets making fun of Eren and Armin’s closeness in general. The only hint I got was from Jean when he found Armin creepy for being too close to Eren in chapter 23.

Also I don’t know if Armin was perceived as such because he was “girly” when Japanese culture considers hypermasculine men as homosexuals. Effeminate men in Japan are appreciated by women there. Since Isayama bases the setting in a Western one, then maybe?

SnK episode 4 discussion









so everyone, this is the episode where I felt like we had an overload of ymir x krista scenes (not that i’m against it) I totally ship these 2!!

Can we first appreciate this titan in the beginning where it’s like “MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY” I laughed so hard at this xD

carrying on….

We finally saw the lead up to Reiner and Ymir’s little scene in the room. I sorta had a clue of what was happening, but still i thought the lead up and the discussion was a little bit meh. Like it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. But of course they cut it out when Reiner says: “Ymir…You’re….” LIKE REALLY MATE. WE WANT TO KNOW. DON’T DO THIS TO ME!!

Anyway, we then saw a bit of a backstory for Reiner - how someone saved him from being eaten by a titan when he was kid. As a result, this led him to save Connie from being eaten by a titan because he didn’t want the same thing that happened to his friend to happen to connie (REINER x CONNIE) Since I don’t read the manga (i already know that Reiner’s the Armored titan though) I feel that Reiner grows as a person leading up to his discovery of him being the Armored Titan. Like I think Reiner really treasures his friendship with the people on his team. Idk if this makes sense hahah but yea that’s my thought. Essentially, I mean that even though Reiner is a hottie that’s a badass, he’s secretly a good person xD

OHHH and when Reiner picked up the titan and was going to throw him out, but then Ymir kicks the titan out like a super baddass. i love this girl. here’s a gif appreciating Ymir’s badassness :p

And then we have the scene between Reiner and Krista. I SHIP THESE TWO TOGETHER AS WELL. Like Reiner getting embarresed and just a tad excited when Krista rips her skirt. Reiner = bae. and then he says that he wants to marry her. super cute. 

AND THE BIGGEST SPOILER OF THIS EPISODE (even though i already knew). I didn’t expect them to announce this so quickly. I thought it was gonna be later on, like ep7 or 8 when it’s closer to the end of this arc..

but yea…YMIR REVEALS THAT SHE’S A TITAN SO THAT CAN SAVE HER FRIENDS, BUT MOST OF ALL SAVE KRISTA. Because I didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon. When it was revealed I was legit sitting on my bed and internally squeling and hyperventalating (I couldn’t be too loud since it’s way past midnight where I am xD)

so yes, next episode we shall find out what everyone’s reaction is, and I am so so so so so so excited for that! I rate this episode a 6/5, cause it was that amazing!

I need sleep now, catch ya later everyone!

love j xxx

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What kind of gift would like to Eren, Mikasa and Levi for their birthday?

Eren is the type to like something that he might not get a ton of use out of, but that’s super cool or might be fun to collect. He would still appreciate an item with functionality but it’s not completely necessary.

Mikasa on the other hand would prefer to have a gift that does something practical. Perhaps a new book she was wanting to read, or a new weapon she can practice with, etc. She wouldn’t be the type to like frivolous gifts with no meaning.

Levi doesn’t want anything for his birthday, really. He’s perfectly content just being left the hell alone, as he enjoys alone time way more than anything else. That’s a gift enough in itself.