Poison Ivy from Batman

Katsucon ‘16

Photographer: Katsucon Photo Suite

Loved debuting my rocker version of Poison Ivy along with my friend as Harley Quinn. I am super glad I decided on a version with pants as that was the year we were all kicked out because THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED

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Finally found the ocean.

A little gif of starryfrost as Eren at katsucon 2015. One of my first gif attempts. I’ll be posting a few more gifs and a lot more photos throughout the next week and a half.

The rest of this mini shoot is here.

Attack on katsu 2015 album.


Dear Levi-heichou,

I hope your trip into Stohess is going well, despite the circumstances. I know the people there tend to irritate you, but try not to let it stress you out too much. I tried the tea Hanji-san gave us, and it’s fantastic. I’m only a little sad that we couldn’t drink it together. Say hello to Erwin-danchou for me. I hope whatever he intends to accomplish there succeeds, as I trust it will benefit the Survey Corps, and all of humanity. 

Until our next tea time, travel safely!

-Petra Ral


A most wonderful Hanji cosplayer ( nipple-tits ) gave me and my heichou ( didyoumotherfuckingmissme ) some incredibly delicious Canadian black loose leaf tea at Katsucon, which we split so we each could take some home. Since I live so far away from you all I wanted to do a gifset so it could be like we were drinking the tea together~ <3 uvu I miss you all already!