Captain Commander happened. I made noises. I mean, the stars, the straps!? That’s dedication. Mad props, mate.

Thanks kindly to the group of Erwins that let me corral them for a photo and fangirl to my hearts content on Saturday, I WAS REALLY HAPPY. (Ah Demon Arm we meet again)

SO MUCH THANKS to Geisha Photography for taking my silly requests while at the shoot, it was so great to see you again!!!


Dear Levi-heichou,

I hope your trip into Stohess is going well, despite the circumstances. I know the people there tend to irritate you, but try not to let it stress you out too much. I tried the tea Hanji-san gave us, and it’s fantastic. I’m only a little sad that we couldn’t drink it together. Say hello to Erwin-danchou for me. I hope whatever he intends to accomplish there succeeds, as I trust it will benefit the Survey Corps, and all of humanity. 

Until our next tea time, travel safely!

-Petra Ral


A most wonderful Hanji cosplayer ( nipple-tits ) gave me and my heichou ( didyoumotherfuckingmissme ) some incredibly delicious Canadian black loose leaf tea at Katsucon, which we split so we each could take some home. Since I live so far away from you all I wanted to do a gifset so it could be like we were drinking the tea together~ <3 uvu I miss you all already!



The first of what will be two videos coming from me out of Katsucon 20! I had a lot of fun filming friends and meeting new people through this video. If you’re featured in it, please drop me a line and I will credit you in the youtube description. Thanks so much to all who participated in making this!

So I thought I’d show people why the weather going to Katsu was so bad.

This is Bertholdt’s “There’s going to be a snow storm so bad that the ability to get to Katsucon is going to be so difficult that many people won’t be able to attend.” position.

Sources say he’d been sleeping in this position for about a week prior to the convention, but sources (including our very own Reiner Braun) insisted upon saying, “Nah, that’s his ‘Slight windy and overall a bit moist’ position.” However they have since redacted that statement by recalling that “No, wait. It’s Bertholdt's left leg that goes over his head when the weather’s slightly windy. Yeah that’s totally the devastating storm position.”

Bertholdt’s sleeping position has since returned to normal.

(Bertholdt Fubar is commanderspockvevo)