attack with claw


The owlbear was inspired by a cheaply mass produced bag of plastic monsters from China. 

Gary Gygax and the rest of his pals in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (the very game that gave us the campaign setting Mystara, with Gary Gygax’s character, the wizard Mordekainen) kept their creative muscles strong by making up stories about the random cheap monster figures in the bag. Another one of them became the Rust Monster, for example. Some of these monster figures remain unidentified, perhaps, in a job for future game masters.

Owlbears need to become scary again. They were once described as “congenitally insane” creations of magic that were perpetually paranoid and hostile, creatures who shouldn’t exist who automatically grabbed you after 2 claw attacks, squeezed and could peck you, and with the grab, they’d do that damage every round. Every edition made them less and less scary, until the recent one, where they’re just treated as a normal animal with normal animal motivations instead of a thing created by experimentation that “shouldn’t be.” The grapple damage that made it so scary is no longer there.

The Multiattacker

20 villagers try to hit a dragon. A paladin gets attacked by 6 crawling hands. A fighter has so many extra attacks, he attacks 5 times in one turn. We all know situations like these, and they can get pretty boring if you roll for every attack. But that’s why I programmed the Multiattacker. So here is how it works

Let’s take the paladin situation as an example. She gets attacked by 6 crawling claws, so you enter 6 at “Number of Attacks”. A crawling claw has +3 to hit, so you enter 3 at “Hit Modifier”. Our Paladin is wearing Chainmail and a shield, so she has an AC of 18. That’s what you enter at “AC Target”. If a crawling claw hits, it deals 1d4+1 damage.Guess what you enter in the second row. Then you press the “Attack!” button.

After pressing the button, the program does some math stuff and then you get this. As we see, all crawling claws missed their attack. That’s why the total damage is 0. Our paladin is safe, but what about the bard that is under attack from skeletons?

5 skeletons are shooting at our bard. A skeleton has +4 to hit and deals 1d6+2 damage. The bard is wearing half plate armor and has an AC of 16. Note that the results from the last attack are still there because I don’t know how to change that (and not really want to put effort into that). So, let’s press the attack!

Oh no! One of the skeletons managed to hit our bard! He takes 5 damage. 

If you like this program and want to download it, check out this post!


- literally like the size of a skyscraper

- basically impenetrable skin

- can produce a beam of incredibly powerful atomic breath from his mouth

- basically destroys everything in his path without even really noticing

- very capable both underwater and on land

- attacks not only with his claws but also his big spiky tail

- extremely long lifespan gives him more time to get good at kicking ass

-  has fought other kaiju multiple times and won


- hes just a big monkey, baby


Dragon AU: Medic

Medic is a Southern German dragon, a species sporting curved claws for the mountainous terrain and a highly valued breath of healing. With this uber, which is produced by an organ, Medic can heal his fellow teammates. Medic attacks with vicious claw swipes and a bone-saw like tail, which can indeed slice straight through dragon bone. He also uses it for surgery.

So I’m pretty happy with medic dragon and hope to complete the whole team! Look out for them!

Hello people, the Book of Beautiful Horrors has been updated with all the latest additions. Fey, fey and more fey for your campaign world.

You can find BoBH at the usual location: HERE.

Version v1.7

- NEW MONSTERS: 8 new monsters
- Content by Challenge Rating and Credit pages updated.
- Spelling mistakes and format changed here and there. Thanks to everyone for reporting them!


- addition to the blood frenzy rule for vampires: "If a vampire's saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the vampire is immune to the blood frenzy for the next 24 hours." The rule was ridiculous otherwise, as a vampire would spend most of its time in blood frenzy in civilized areas. 
- Deathwail attack from the alp vampire modified to always inflict at least half damage on a successful save. German names have been removed from the alp lore.
- Ice Orb attack of the Navigator in the Wild Hunt section has now a secondary area of effect. Removed the mention that Navigator and Hjarthane can rejuvenate (not enough space to work the feature in).
- Nightwraith gets Sunlight Hypersensitivity, and Deathly projection is heavily changed and becomes a 2/Day power instead of 5-6 Recharges.
- Voref Werewolf loses the "Rend" trait, instead its bite and claws attacks both gain special effects. CR recalculated from 8 to 10.


- Godling [CR2]
- Faun [CR3] (Satyr)
- Sister of the Vale [CR4] (Dryad)
- Leanan [CR5] (Satyr)
- Amber Father [CR10] (Satyr)
- Spriggan [CR11] (Dryad)
- Bonfire King [CR13] (Satyr)
- Green Enchantress [CR14] (Dryad)

an idea i had for a platforming video game character. she’s a stuffed animal named knopki, which is russian for “buttons”. she’d attack by having retractable needle “claws” and her health would be measured by how much stuffing she has left. the different levels would be the different imaginations of the kids who play with her, and the music would be like this… 

  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez —;  ❝ Segunda Etapa.❞

or just coloring his eyes differently. What I always hoped to see was that Grimmjow achieves the second release form, much like Ulquiorra. Crosses fingers. Maybe, maybe if bleach gets continued it will happen or something else, like a new attack & more, because I really wanna know how much he has improved now. 

hello! am Socks. came from outside. am vry smoll BUT WILL ATTACK! rare moment of peace, love to run vry fast like ZOOOOM! to trick hooman, yell VRY LOUD to ask for pets, THEN ATTACK WITH SHARP CLAW!


Hooman use scratchy sticks to make claws pointy and beauté. Cat play it cool and then…attack!! Only cat must have claws the most point and beauté

how bad he be

Fan Friday Submission from @se34r5!!

LOOOOOK AT HIIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!! HIM VERY BAD!! WOW!! Amazing job on the scruffy sideburns man I mean Greed with chops might be too powerful but that is some classy subtle thirst right there BLESS YOU

>> Submit a Greed!


Pact demons. Based off of the crossroad demons from Supernatural. Made more for RP with the players as opposed to combat. These are creatures that have the ability to grant mortals almost anything, within the DMs discretion at least, but for a price. The price can be any number of things, from a small favor, to an assassination. I feel it really adds some fun options for players. And of course there are punishments for not following through with the deal. 

Oh! The claw attack should be +7 to hit. Whoops.