attack the gas station!


(Y/N): “Stiles? What’s up?”
Stiles: “I’m… I’m… (Y/N)…”
(Y/N): “Stiles? Wait, is this a panic attack? Where are you?”
Stiles: “I’m… I’m at the g-gas station..”
(Y/N): “Okay, do not move, okay? I’m immediately there, Stiles. everything will be fine again!”

the only lines of dialogue in the hyyh/wings story so far


taehyung on the phone with namjoon after stabbing his father: “hyung, I really want to see you right now”

namjoon waking up taehyung at the abandoned pool: “what are you doing right now?”

jungkook: “oh, it’s jin hyung!”

jin to hoseok and the rest of bts at the fire pit: “should we…go there?”


taehyung to interrogator: “please let me make one phone call”

blood sweat tears japanese version

jin to taehyung after attacking him: “i’m sorry.”

namjoon at gas station: “oh, jin hyung!”

jin to namjoon: “it’s been a long time”

The Architect - Les Amis Inception AU

Summary: Enjolras goes to Valjean in search for a new architect on a certain job.

Word Count: 3,543

Authors Note: @grantairelibere talked about an inception au and I’m obsessed? I decided to take a crack at it. Hope you like it.

Warning: (dream) Stabbing

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Get to know me better - TAG

Got tagged by the girl that wants me to suffer by tagging me in Jackson Wang posts:  @hiimcaroline

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better! 

Relationship status: Single, not interested in a relationship at the moment.

Favorite color: Black or very dark colors in general.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Gotta go with chapstick.

Last song I listened to: Me Like Yuh by Jay Park (Don’t judge me, haha)

Last movie I watched: Attack The Gas Station (Idk why I like that movie so much)

Top three TV shows: Game of Thrones, Vikings & Spartacus 
Top three characters: Rollo (Vikings),  Mu Dae-po (Attack The Gas Station) &  Brienne of Tarth (Game Of Thrones)
Top three ships: Namjin, Namjin and…oh, Namjin.


I Thought He Was Friendly

This happened a couple of days ago (Halloween late morning), and I’ve contemplated writing about it, but every time I try I can feel myself panicking. But with the current climate and talks about street harassment, I really want to put this story out there.

I was leaving walmart, carrying a bag of groceries. Wearing a skirt and pants, a sweater and a jacket. It’s 45 degrees and super windy out. I haven’t washed my hair yet today because I’m making an emergency trip for cat food.

Leaving the building, a man having a cigarette says to me, “hey girl, god bless you, I hope you have a great day, okay?”

I thought, he must have noticed I’m having a bad day. I’m an optimist. I tend to assume the best of other people. So I smile and say, “thanks, you have a good one too!”

Then he followed me to the bus stop. He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said it wasn’t really his business (because saying “no” to this question is often perceived as “I am open to your advances”). He asked me what I’m doing today. He asked me if he could see me sometime. I said I wasn’t really interested, I’m just trying to get home. He asked for my number. I apologized, and told him I just really don’t give out my number to strangers.

The is when he called me a fucking bitch, an ugly whore. Told me maybe someone would fuck me if I dressed nicer and learned some manners. Asked me why I thought if was better than him, why am I treating him like shit. I didn’t answer. I was terrified. When my bus arrived, he followed me on and sat in front of me so he could turn around and continue to berate me.

He continued to harass me in front of other bus passengers, none of whom did anything. Three men sat just two seats away and watched this man lean over me in my seat, telling me my pussy smells like cat food and that no man would ever touch me because I’m a “frigid bitch.” He said I didn’t know how to treat men with basic respect. The people watching never said anything, never did anything. I started crying. He told me to “save my fucking act.”

I felt sick. I felt scared. I got off the bus early because I was afraid he would follow me home. When he got off the bus with me I sprinted into the bathroom of a nearby gas station, where I had a panic attack for the next thirty minutes.

I had no way of expecting this. I couldn’t discern his intentions from his initial actions. Even by street harassment standards, of which I’ve experienced plenty, this was far beyond anything I’d been through. I felt violated, I felt abused, I felt vulnerable.

I’m a friendly person. I like meeting new people, I like talking with strangers. I look people in the eye when I walk down the street, I smile and say hello. I have always cherished the unusual conversations I sometimes have with people at the bus stop. But this experience and put a seed of fear in me. This experience makes me think, “this person seems nice, but how do I know? How can I trust them?” Now every man who makes eye contacts might be that man.

For the past few days I have found myself jumpy when I go out in public, my heart rate increases when people sit near me on the bus. The normal level of street harassment that I am used to receiving, all of the things that just made me uncomfortable or angry before, now make me terrified.

So here is my argument against the people who claim that sometimes people on the street are just genuine and nice and don’t deserve to be treated like rapists, harassers, and mysogynists:

It doesn’t actually matter if a man is being genuinely nice or not. I don’t think “all” women can tell if someone is being threatening. In fact, I think part of the threat comes from NOT knowing. When a guy says something nice to you on the street, you have no way of knowing if he’s just trying to wish you a nice day, or if an improper response will cause him to shout, “well fuck you, bitch!” Because so much of a woman’s interaction when walking down the street IS harassment, the only way to play it safe is to treat EVERY interaction as a possible threat.

You may be trying to be nice to a woman, but if you choose to do it in the same medium and with similar methods as the harassment, women are going to feel threatened. End of story. It does not matter what your intentions are and women don’t innately know whether you mean well or not.

I understand the frustration of being painted with a broad brush, or having your intentions questioned. I understand that men don’t want to be treated automatically like they are creeps and scum. And I know women don’t want to live in fear every time they leave the house.

I thought he was being nice to me. I thought he saw that I was stressed, and having a bad day, and was reaching out as a human to another human. And the fact is, most of the time, I CAN’T tell the difference. So as much as I want to assume the best of people, I feel like I have to assume that any person who speaks to me on the street is a threat. Because the alternative is… Well, fucking terrifying.

It’s like telling children not to talk to strangers. They could be nice people who like kids, or they could hurt your child. That doesn’t mean all strangers should be afraid of interacting with children. There are plenty of safe situations where adults and children can interact. The only enemy there is one everyone can agree on: child predators. And child predators are ostracized in our society, people are on alert for them, when you see someone talking to a child, a part of you pays attention for warning signs.

If our society could get to that point with street harassment, where the people who do wrong know that it’s wrong and that they will be judged for it, then women may be able to walk with less fear.

B2ST Discography Masterlist

This is a compilation of all B2ST songs from debut till now, so far. I will try to keep this list updated whenever there are new songs :) This was inspired by this post but I’m not sure if I can really list out all of B2ST songs including songs they are featured in and no download links coz I’m bad at finding things like that but I added mv/teaser links to some that has one. Leggo!

Mini albums:

Beast Is The B2ST (2009)

1. Beast Is The B2ST
2. Bad Girl
3. Mystery
4. Yet
5. Oasis

Shock of the New Era (2010)

1. Just Before Shock
2. Shock
3. Special
4. Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)
5. Easy

Mastermind (2010)

1. Mastermind
2. Soom (Breath)
3. V.I.U
4. Breakdown
5. Clenching a Tight Fist

My Story (2010)

1. When The Door Closes
2. Thanks To
3. Let It Snow
4. Lights Go On Again (Full version)

Lights Go On Again (2010)

1. Lights Go On Again
2. Beautiful
3. I Like You The Best
4. Lightless
5. I’m Sorry

Midnight Sun (2012)

1. Midnight
2. Beautiful Night
3. Not Me
4. When I Miss You
5. The Day You Rest
6. Dream Girl

Good Luck (2014)

1. We Up
2. Good Luck
3. Dance With U
4. No More (이젠 아니야)
5. History
6. 이 밤 너의 곁으로 (Tonight I’ll be at your side)
7. Sad Movie (Korean version)

Full albums:

Fiction and Fact (2011)

1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. Though I Call
8. On Rainy Days
9. Lightless (Unplugged Version)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Version)

Hard to Love, How to Love (2013)

1. Intro
2. Shadow
3. How to Love
4. Be Alright
5. I’m Sorry
6. Will You Be Alright?
7. You’re Bad
8. Encore

Solo Albums:

First Episode: A New Hero (2009)

1. Intro
2. Dancing Shoes
3. 2009 (Feat. Kim Hyunah)
4. Wipe The Tears (Feat. Yoon Dujun and Yong Junhyung)
5. Dancing Shoes (Instrumental)

The First Collage (2012)

1. Look At Me Now
2. Caffeine (Feat. Yong Junhyung)
3. Just Do As You Always Did
4. Even Then, I
5. You Don’t Know

Flower (2013)

1. Nothing Is Forever
2. Flower
3. Anything (Feat. G.Na)
4. Slow
5. Caffeine (Piano Version) (Feat. Yang Yoseob)

Subunit Albums:

Troublemaker (2011)

1. Troublemaker
2. The Words I Don’t Want To Hear
3. Time - Kim Hyunah Feat. Rado
4. Don’t You Mind - Jang Hyunseung

Chemistry (2013)

1. Turn Up The Volume
2. Now 
3. A Girl Who Wants To Play - Jang Hyunseung Feat. Kim Hyunah
4. Attention
5. I Like - Kim Hyunah Feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)

Digital Singles:

1. Easy (Sincere Version)
2. I Knew It
3. Living Without You - Yong Junhyung
4. I Am A Man - Yoon Dujun & Yong Junhyung
5. Should I Hug You Or Not - Lee Gikwang, Yoon Dujun, Yong Junhyung
6. In The Cloud - Son Dongwoon

Original Soundtracks:

1. Hateful Person (Big)
2. Black Paradise (Iris 2)
3. Loving You (All My Love) 
4. Because of You (My Princess)
5. Ready Go (God of Study) 
6. Crazy (Attack The Gas Station 2) 
7. Happy Birthday (More Charming by The Day) - Yang Yoseob
8. Cherish That Person (My Princess) -Yang Yoseob
9. Dreaming (I’m A Flower Too) - Son Dongwoon, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung
10. No (Poseidon) - Yang Yoseob
11. Past Days (Monstar) - Yong Junhyung and BTOB
12. After Time Passes (Monstar) - Yong Junhyung and BTOB
13. Don’t Make Me Cry (Monstar) - Colorbar (Yong Junhyung)
14. Only That Is My World/March (Monstar) - Colorbar (Yong Junhyung)
15. Wish (The Night Watchman) - Yang Yoseob and Heo Gayoon 


1. Love Day - Yang Yoseob and Jung Eunji
2. First Snow and First Kiss - Yang Yoseob and Daniel Chae
3. Udon - Son Dongwoon and Kang Minkyung
4. Faddy Robot - Yong Junhyung and Artists for Faddy Robot
5. Let’s Go (Eng Ver) - Yong Junhyung and Artists for G20
6. Tearfully Blue - Dramatic Blue (Yang Yoseob)
7. Yesterday - Dynamic Black (Lee Gikwang)
8. One Year Ago - Jang Hyunseung, Jung Eunji, Kim Namjoo
9. When I Get Paid - Prepix and Yang Yoseob
10. Perfume - Yang Yoseob and Cube Girls
11. Bye Bye Love (When A Man Falls In Love OST) - Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon, Lee Changsub, Jung Ilhoon
12. Be Alright - Yang Yoseob, G.Na, Heo Gayoon, Lee Changsub
13. You Got Some Nerve - Yong Junhyung, FeelDog, LE


1. Who’s Next - 4Minute Feat. B2ST
2. I Remember - Bang Yongguk Feat. Yang Yoseob
3. Bon Apetit - Yangpa Feat. Yoon Dujun
4. Kidult - Eluphant Feat. Yoon Dujun
5. Sunflower - Gavy NJ Feat. Yoon Dujun
6. Love Is Pathetic - An Jin Kyung Feat. Lee Gikwang
7. Break Up - Brave Brothers Feat. Lee Gikwang and Electro Boyz
8. Change - Kim Hyunah Feat. Yong Junhyung
9. A Bitter Day - Kim Hyunah Feat. Yong Junhyung and G.Na
10. I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better -  G.Na Feat. Yong Junhyung
11. Go Again - Navi Feat. Yong Junhyung
12. Words That Freeze My Heart - Wheesung Feat. Yong Junhyung
13. Silly Boy - 4Minute and 015B Feat. Yong Junhyung
14. Be Quiet - Kim Wan Sun Feat. Yong Junhyung
15. Don’t Act Countrified - ALi Feat. Yong Junhyung
16. What I See - Prepix Feat. Yong Junhyung, Beenzino, Esna
17. Up To The Sky - APINK Feat. Yong Junhyung
18. Good Boy - Baek Ji Young Feat. Yong Junhyung
19. I Hate You - Eru Feat. Yong Junhyung
20. She’s Bad - Natthew Feat. Yong Junhyung
21. Glass Heart - LYn Feat. Yong Junhyung
22. Don’t Walk Away - Kim Jaejoong Feat. Yong Junhyung
23. Present - K.Will Feat. Yong Junhyung
24. 8dayz - Megan Lee Feat. Yong Junhyung
25. My Dear - Park Shin Hye Feat. Yong Junhyung
26. From When And Until When - Kim Hyunah Feat. Yang Yoseob

Japanese Singles:

1. Midnight
2. Shadow
3. Another Orion - Yang Yoseob
4. More Than You Think 

Japanese Albums:

So Beast (2011)

1. Fiction (Japanese Version)
2. Bad Girl (Japanese Version)
3. Shock (Japanese Version)
4. Mystery (Japanese Version)
5. Soom (Breath)
6. Beautiful
7. On Rainy Days (Japanese Version)
8. V.I.U
9. Virus
10. You
11. Fiction Orchestra Version (Japanese Version)
12. Rainbow (Bonus Track)

Sad Movie (2013)

1. Sad Movie
2. Christmas Carol
3. Sad Movie Instrumental

Adrenaline (2014)

1. Adrenaline
2. B.I.B (Beast Is Back)


1. Shock (Japanese Version)
2. Bad Girl (Japanese Version)
3. Mystery (Japanese Version)
4. Fiction (Japanese Version)
5. On Rainy Days (Japanese Version)
6. Midnight (Japanese Version)
7. Shadow (Japanese Version)
8. Sad Movie
9. Around Christmas Carol (Cover)
10. Adrenaline
11. B.I.B
12. Fiction Orchestra version (Japanese Version)
13. Another Orion (Yoseob solo)
14. More Than What You Think (Bonus Track)

Other Releases:

1. Touch Love (Song for Chinese 3D game; TOUCH)
2. Dun. Sum. Cool (CF Song for Dunkin’ Donuts)
3. Skinny Baby - B2ST and APINK (CF Song for Skool Looks)


“It’s not a turban; it’s a crown.” (2014)
by Karanjit Singh
More work at
Part 2

Fucking Osama.

Just when I had thought I had grown weary and inattentive of the countless mindless names I had been called on the streets of New York, I felt a tight punch to my neck. I fall on the crowded broadway street, my food scattered, my glasses misplaced and blood oozing its way out of my ear. “Go back home you fucking terrorist”, said the drunken man in that orange jacket. 
            As I lay on the ground trying to comprehend the bitterness of his harsh racist words, I looked for someone to help me up, someone to ask me if I was okay, someone to condemn what had just taken place in front of them, someone to tell me that everything will be alright. As people just walk past me, I picked myself up and walked away from the event shaken, scared and shocked.
            In the days that followed the attack, I found myself more reserved and closed. I could feel the adrenaline rushed paranoia numb my senses at random moments on the subway, in a theatre while watching a movie or while taking a casual stroll with my camera by the seaside. I’d dream the face of my attacker; the incident playing like a broken cassette on a loop again and again in my head.
            The 21st century was born and baptized in blood with 9/11 forever changing the political and social landscape of the entire world. In the bloody war that stretched over almost a decade, the pent up anger of the American people manifested itself into something ugly on the home front. Just three days after 9/11, a Sikh gas station owner in Arizona was attacked and brutally murdered in cold blood for wearing the turban and adoring a beard. The mindless islamophobia that had crept its way into the streets of America, took its toll on thousands of innocent peace loving Sikhs. Many Sikhs that I new, cut their sacred hair and started dressing more western in a bid to stay safe in the land of the free. The symbols that made us Sikhs now made us look like terrorists.
            After I was attacked, I found it increasingly difficult to photograph on the streets. I felt crippled, for not being abled to get back to shooting frustrated every inch of my being. One fine evening,  I finished an entire roll photographing Sikhs in Jackson heights. Talking to these people, made me feel like I was back in India; I felt safer, I felt comfortable and I felt understood for all of us shared what others didn’t. These men grew their beards long and wore majestic turbans, whilst knowing it could have serious repercussions in their daily life.
            I continued to take portraits of Sikh individuals in and around New York City, and asked the people being photographed to write or say a few words about what their turban means to them. As I would ask them that question, I would see their eyes light up with pride. This project is a testament of the ardent love that Sikhs have for their faith, heritage and identity paired with my own experiences within my religion. Knowing that Sikhs are such a misunderstood part of our community I want my viewers to leave enlightened about a culture and people that have endured the test of time. It takes courage to be and look different in this society of ours; this is an attempt to exhibit the pride I and millions of other Sikhs feel when they tie their turban every single morning.

“Never forget” is the phrase used when remembering the 9/11 attacks, but it’s frustrating because it’s hard to forget when such a tragic event is constantly evoked to hate on brown/Muslim bodies. 

I remember the day the towers came down vividly, but I also remember the quick aftermath. I remember hearing about the Sikh man who was shot at a gas station days after the attack, about the sudden hostility towards anyone who looked remotely “Muslim”. 

I remember my dad telling me how, as he traveled for business every week, he was stopped at the airport every 10 minutes. He was profiled and questioned. 

I remember my brother coming home upset after a couple of boys in the neighborhood had chased him down the street, screaming “terrorist”. 

I remember my dad telling me to be extremely careful about what I said online, that surely the FBI was already watching us (it was a joke, but I could see the flicker of fear in his eyes). 

My mom still won’t let my brother do any kind of delivery job, scared that he might get shot. 

I am still constantly profiled whenever I fly, even with my blue-green hair and eclectic fashion….simply because I’m brown.

And this is all tame. It pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost in a war against those who had no part in the attack. 

The truth is, some of us CAN’T forget. We’re not allowed. 

#101: Attack the Gas Station!  (Juyuso seubgyuksageun)
dir. Kim Sang-Jin, 1999 |

I don’t even know what to say. This is fantastically ridiculous… This doesn’t do any of the three justice, but it makes me think of a Looney Tunes-style Clockwork Orange. The story and characterisation are pretty cool; better than I was expecting at first. Neat cinematography, too.

Crime and Punishment Movie Weekend: Attack the Gas Station!

Movie: Attack the Gas Station! (1999)

Country: South Korea

Starring: Lee Sung Jae (Gu Family Book), Yu Oh Seong (Faith), Kang Seong Jin, Yoo Ji Tae, and Park Yeong Gyu (Protect the Boss; I Do, I Do)

Synopsis: Four thugs rob a gas station because they are bored just days after robbing it the first time. They take people hostage after they can’t get money from the register and start selling gas and keeping the cash. Shenanigans ensue. Eventually, they piss off the wrong people. More hijinks.

Admin B’s rating: 4/5

This one falls under the crime part of crime and punishment… Review with some spoilers below.

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British 55th (West Lancashire) Division troops blinded by a gas attack, await treatment at an Advanced Dressing Station near Bethune during the Battle of Estaires, Nord-Pas-de-Calais on the 10th of April 1918, part of the German offensive in Flanders.
The bandages were normally water-soaked to provide a rudimentary form of pain relief to the eyes of casualties before they reached more organized medical help.

anonymous asked:

Hi, while I'm slowly going through the list of Korean revenge movies you recommended (thank you very much for that, by the way), could you recommend some upbeat, feel-good Korean movies? I'm looking for something like Sunny or Castaway on the Moon, movies that have some depth to them, but still leave you smiling or hopeful. Could you also recommend some Korean movies dealing with loss (but not in a too spectacular or gory way)? Thank you!

Hi! Oh, good to know… hope you’re enjoying them! Feel-good: movies starring Cha Tae Hyun like My Sassy Girl, Speed Scandal, Hello Ghost Barking Dogs Never Bite, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Like a Virgin, Attack the Gas Station, Going By The Book Not Korean but fit the description: Linda, Linda, Linda, The Taste of Tea, Kamikaze Girls, Ping Pong, Kikujiro, Fish Story, Adrift in Tokyo, University of Laughs, Welcome Back Mr. Mcdonald Loss: Secret sunshine, Taekgukgi, The Peter Pan Formula, Thread of Lies, Way Back Home Not Korean but fit the description: Confessions, Departures, Nobody Knows, Memories of Matsuko, Kotoko, Buddha Mountain, 4:30, Eureka, River, Maborosi, Tony Takitani