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Having anxiety isn’t just feeling anxious, it’s caring so much of what others think that you live in constant fear. It keeps your mind racing on small things that aren’t even a big deal. It is a battle against you and your caring mind.

How to calm yourself down

• wash your hands
• take a few deep breaths
• say the alphabet backwards
• smile to yourself
• make anagrams (easy & good for distracting yourself!)
• play a game on your phone
• take a shower
• go outside for a little bit
• listen to a few of your favorite songs
• excuse yourself to a room with a cooler temperature
• count the people in the room
• solve math problems
• hug a pet (or stuffed animal!)
• sing a little something
• eat a fruit or veggie
• drink a bottle of water
• take a few minutes to yourself in a quiet place
• text your mom or dad
• turn on a fan
• dance
• shout into a pillow
• breathe

You are so awesome, girl/boy. Panic attacks are scary, but once you feel them coming on there are ways to distract yourself.

Thoughts of people with social anxiety

“Am I bothering you?”

“I do not want to be center of attention”

“Am I having heart attack with my heart pounding like that or is it another panic attack?”

“Do they really like me?”

“Speech? In front of whole class?”

“Im gonna eat later, when anyone will be watching”

“Will this ever stop?”

Why are they looking at me? Are they laughing at me?

A meltdown explained from the inside. Store, loud, crowded. People, clients, talking loud, don’t understand. Can’t make out words. Doesn’t make any sense. I’m talking but I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m pacing. I forget what I’m supposed to do. He’s yelling at me. He looks angry. I give up. Ask for help. I escape before it’s too late to keep the stimms in. I’m rushing to the staff’s restroom. As soon as I lock the door I cry, I tap my head with my right fist. I’m rocking and balancing. I’m out.
When I finally get out 20 min have passed. I need to leave. I can’t hold it in. It’s Sunday. Can I find a doctor ? It says only emergency on Sunday. Is it a emergency. I’m rocking, Hyperventilating and crying. Is it an emergency ? I call. I say I’m having a melt down but I don’t know if it’s an emergency. She says it is. Come at 2:30. Building’s code is 5983
5983 5983 5983 5983 5983598359835983

Uh. I'm really curious.

How many of you like snk and HAVENT followed the manga?

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I sexually Identify as a Level 3 Sentry . Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of defending the intelligence by spraying hot death at filthy enemy mercenaries. People say to me that a person being a sentry gun is Impossible and I’m downright retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m gonna install a targeting computer, heavy caliber machine guns, and rocket launchers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Sentry” and respect my right to camp spawn and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a sentryphobe and need to check your automated weaponry privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.


The sounds are too loud
Yet they seem so far away

My heart is too fast
Yet it seems like it’s stopped

My hands are too sweaty
Yet I can’t even feel them

The eyes are too much
Yet I can’t even see them

My breathing is too heavy
Yet I can’t hear it

My vision is too blurry
Yet your face is too clear

The walls are too bright
Yet the walls aren’t there at all

Suddenly the world is black
“You had a panic attack, dear”

@jaredletoClimbing ‘Spectrum’ (5.11+?) in Red Rock with @alexhonnold turned out to be quite the adventure, as usual 😸. Took an exposed fall on the roof and as I was swinging in space a few hundred feet off the ground I looked up and noticed the rope was very quickly being cut through by the rock. Intense few moments. #climbsafe - video on Snapchat 🐒