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The government claims they’re for the people but when the majority of us Americans are in favor of net neutrality you guys don’t wanna be for the people, but for yourself😤the U.S. government is corrupted and this is when we as a society need to come together as one. We can’t agree on a lot of things but this is something just about all of us can agree on. The students who take online courses—what are they now gonna do? College is expensive enough without having to pay for extra shit. I’m being so honest when I say that the only reason I know about half of the worlds issues—IS BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET. If you will for one second reflect on how society is and all the issues it has—then this will seem like a big deal. Without the internet, some people won’t be able to voice their opinions, they won’t be able to get in touch with others. When a terrorist attack happens, social media is the first to let me know, because it’s sure as hell not gonna be trumps stupid ass—he has twitter fingers all day but when a national crisis is going on—the bitch is silent.

Having anxiety isn’t just feeling anxious, it’s caring so much of what others think that you live in constant fear. It keeps your mind racing on small things that aren’t even a big deal. It is a battle against you and your caring mind.

How to calm yourself down

• wash your hands
• take a few deep breaths
• say the alphabet backwards
• smile to yourself
• make anagrams (easy & good for distracting yourself!)
• play a game on your phone
• take a shower
• go outside for a little bit
• listen to a few of your favorite songs
• excuse yourself to a room with a cooler temperature
• count the people in the room
• solve math problems
• hug a pet (or stuffed animal!)
• sing a little something
• eat a fruit or veggie
• drink a bottle of water
• take a few minutes to yourself in a quiet place
• text your mom or dad
• turn on a fan
• dance
• shout into a pillow
• breathe

You are so awesome, girl/boy. Panic attacks are scary, but once you feel them coming on there are ways to distract yourself.

“well don’t let it traumatize you” well damn why didn’t i remember before that we all have perfect control over our life experience and how it affects us, that must be why we call it trauma, because it’s our personal choice what kind of terror and pain will or wont cause damage to us! honestly if you’re gonna imply in any way that us being traumatized is our fault go and live thru it yourself, go on, I’ll be here, watching how you “don’t let it traumatize you”.

Thoughts of people with social anxiety

“Am I bothering you?”

“I do not want to be center of attention”

“Am I having heart attack with my heart pounding like that or is it another panic attack?”

“Do they really like me?”

“Speech? In front of whole class?”

“Im gonna eat later, when anyone will be watching”

“Will this ever stop?”

Why are they looking at me? Are they laughing at me?