attack on whiterun

  • guard: by the gods, it's true, isn't it? a dragon has attacked Whiterun. how could mere men bring down such a beast?
  • female dragonborn: [looks straight into the camera like on the office]

jesus-lizard-journal  asked:

Have you ever made a character in a TES game that became something special to you? I don't mean, like, Vivec, or something. I mean like a playthrough PC. What were they like if so?

Sure, I made a Dunmeri pity-husband that survived the diaspora. The Nord lady that took him in couldn’t pronounce his Daedric name so ended up naming him Corax, since she had some Imperial tutelage. She died, I went and joined the Stormcloaks, cried like a girl when attacking Whiterun, then married Mjoll and acted like she was a brain-addled sex addict.

Corax then enchanted her a Glass sword for their anniversary named ‘Quimfeather’. She responded by telling me about how she missed her father again.

When we went to Solstheim, Corax learned about the Reclamations and smashed everyone that denied the divinity of the ALMSIVI. Mjoll mentioned missing her father during the fray.