attack on valentine's day

i was smooth af this valentines day

Pull My Heart Out My Chest (So You Can See It Too)

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by siriuslymerlin

The demons seem to be coating the city, stretching the shadowhunters thin. They diffuse random attacks all over the city every night, making it hard to do much else, including tracking Jace and Valentine. Days ago, they learned demon attacks have all branches surrounded, all over the world.
Hell has literally broken loose.

Words: 2501, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

AU where everything is the same except Calypso is a camper daughter of Hecate/Aphrodite and she and Leo can’t stand each other: “She is so vain!”, “He is just as annoying as monsters!”

But one day Calypso finds out about what happened to his mother and all the that has gone through and stars to act nicer around him, obviously, he suspects that something is wrong so he confront the girl, and she says that is sorry, and when he ask her why she just says “I guess I realized that I’ve been really unfair with you” He doesn’t really believe Her, but if that means no more fights then he’s totally ok with the apology, a couple of weeks later, Leo fell in love with this amazing version of his old enemy, Calypso, and at Valentine’s day, he (almost having a heart attack) kisses her, no one knows about their recent friendship, so when they start dating, they decide to kept that as a secret at least for a few weeks.

But Jason, who is Leo’s best friend, notice how different they act around the other, and he can say by Leo’s face when she passes by, that he has a serious crush on this girl, so one day he asks to Leo, and he gets all nervous “What?, no of course I’m not dating that girl, I hate her! you know that..”

And Jason just keep insisting and asking all day until finally Leo turns around and almost screams at him “Yes, I’m in love with her, yes We’ve been dating for…” but before he could say all, Calypso put her hand in his mouth and said, almost screaming too, “He is only messing with you”

Jason raised an eyebrow, in disbelief “oh really?, is this one of his stupid jokes?” and Calypso answer with the most confident smile that she can make “Of course He’s joking, we aren’t dating, I can barely stand him” she giggle, and slowly takes her hand out of Leo’s face, looking at him like saying “Shut up Valdez!”

Though they tried their best for hiding the relationship, is Hazel the one who finally finds out, she finds them together at the bunker, while Calypso and Leo’s siblings were looking for them all over the camp.


Art inspired by @tamaytka this Au is shitty I know, but it made me ship Caleo at some point and the drawing is good you can’t deny that ;u;

(also, sorry if i misspelled something :c I’m not that good at english)