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”Your eyes, they shine so bright

I wanna save that light…”

                           - from Demons by Imagine Dragons

To celebrate Eren’s birthday, here’s a thing I recently did for the lovely PorcelainSky on wattpad, for their Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, based off of one of Levi’s drawings from his sketchbook (which is why January 3rd is written at the top, and why I didn’t sign my name on the paper). 

—Slight spoilers for Ch. 30 of CoS, by PorcelainSky—

     Eren continued flipping through. The art became progressively darker as it went. Some colored, some not. Quickly, they became almost disturbing…until he made it to what had to be the dead center of the sketchbook. Unlike many of the previous ones, the page remained nearly blank. The exception was a pair of eyes, so familiar, staring at him from the center of the page. Framed by thick lashes, they were a blend of greens and blues; shiny, lively, lustrous.

                            -Crack of Sunlight, Part 1, Chapter 30


If you have not already checked out PorcelanSky’s 2-part Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, I highly suggest that you do. I could go on and on about it, but to briefly state things, it is my absolute favorite fic out of all of the fandoms I’m in, and written by my favorite fic writer. The feels will kill you in the best way possible, and I am literally addicted to CoS and how amazingly well-written it is. And if you like that fic, you should also consider reading Paper Airplanes and The Music Room (by the same writer). Just make sure that you have a box or two of Kleenex within reach. 


Progresso KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colored Pencils, LePen black outlining pens in 0.03, 0.05, 0.3, 0.5, Y&C Gel Xtreme GX 101W Pastel White Pen in 0.7, and Strathmore recycled sketch paper- fine tooth surface. (For once, I didn’t use Copic markers xD ) 

Art is mine. Please don’t be an asshole and repost or use without giving proper credit. I greatly appreciate every single like and reblog, though ^v^  (I also check out the blogs that do that- Thank you so much to those who have liked/reblogged any of my previous art posts <3 ) (っ*´◡`*)っ✿♡ ❀♥ 


The above video is Aikoku Sentai Dai Nippon (愛國戰隊大日本) which is an homage/parody of Toei’s Sentai Series created by a group of fans who would later go on to become the famed anime studio Gainax.  This short film was created for the DAICON Japanese science fiction and anime convention.

The opening theme is filk of the theme song to Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, which had just finished running on TV when this was made.  The film itself is both a take on the Sentai Genre and a strange tokusatsu riff on the Russo-Japanese War.

The evil organization Red Bear, a villainous cadre of Russian lead by the wicked Death Kremlin, seek to destroy Japan by replacing pages of children’s textbooks with red paper. Utilizing the monstrous Minsk Mask (a reference to both the kinds of villains faced by Himitsu Sentai GoRanger and the fact that Minsk was one of the ports from which the Russians launched a massively failed naval attack on Japan) Kremlin tries to thwart the only force that stands in his way, Aikoku Sentai Dai Nippon (Patriot Squadron Great Japan).

The member of this valiant team of heroes are based on Japanese cultural traditions, people or concepts popular in fiction and include:

Ai Kamikaze (Takeshi Jinpuu)- Red

Ai Harakiri (Danji Kiribara)- Blue

Ai Tempura (Ageru Koromo)- Yellow

Ai Sukiyaki (Nikuo Shirataki)- Green

Ai Geisha (Yuki Maiko)- Pink

The special effects work in this short is some of the earlier work of Shinji Higuchi, who may be best known as the director of the recent live-action Attack on Titan films and the co-director of the upcoming film Godzilla Resurgence along with fellow Gainax alumn Hideaki Anno.

SNK Cosplayers in a Nutshell


“My leg straps keep falling off, this is such a pain in the ass”

“Ok, are these your boots or mine? They look the same.”

“How do they kill titans with this harness, I cant even put this shit on.”

“This butt skirt makes my ass look GOOD.”

“Can I use my real hair for this character? I hate wearing wigs…”


About the first king, the agency of the coordinate inheritors and Grisha

I initially wrote this under a meta of @momtaku but I ultimately decided that a post of my own would be better.

My theory and belief - I think I said it multiple times already - is that the inheritors have total agency and autonomy. Rod has said they are free to decide whether they’d annihilate humanity or not, make the titans disappear or not, whether they’d reveal the truth of the world or not. The first king sure has his means of influence, of convincing (like… showing them the truth of the world and how the world was or where it was going before the titanization of the popupation), but the coordinate inheritor is free to agree or not. Frieda could have freed the world from the titans, and this was completely against the first king ideology. Uri (who did not have a personality disorder and I stress this) was with her, too. And yet, she did not take a position, a side or another, she was unwilling and couldn’t (to the point she developed a personality disorder) and this is what her father blames her for. I think she was just too kind, like Reiner.

[It has to be noted that both Ymir and Historia don’t understand what’s happening. They guess why, but they label it as as a weird and unseen, extraordinary behavior (to the point Historia easily sees it as a possession). Apparently the human society as it is regressed after the apparition of the titans has no concept of mental illness.]

Historia and co. just assumed the “hosts” are controlled because they can’t (in the sense they don’t want, but also because they know nothing and they literally can’t conceive a valid reason) process the idea that anyone could ever decide to erase the humans inside the walls or even to keep them caged, especially if the person they’re talking about is considered a good person.
The narrative has made it clear that there is no enemy. 

Berthold, who has a complete vision because he has a grasp of both the sides and all the ideologies involved, says that no one is wrong. They are just people who view things differently. Good people, also, put in terrible situations and burdened with questions and responsabilities bigger than them. I believe the first king is no different. Probably naive and childish and deluded, but with good intentions (what was childish and deluded was the idea that such a fake peace would last). He put people at sleep in titanic bodies. It is said that humanity is near extinct, but technically it’s not true. All the people they say have disappeared… Are the titans… He wanted wars to stop. He probably prevented humanity’s annihilation and the world’s destruction that way. People were meant to fear the titans, not to fight them. I believe this is why Grisha (his amnesia is fake) looks surprised and distressed when he meets Shadis and undestands they are fighting the titans.

Then he learns their reasons, like Reiner and Bertold, and he stops seeing them as wrong. He apparently supports them… but he does not join the corps. He says “It’s good that you are not living in the fear of titans” but he does nothing. He acts only when the warriors attack, and he already knew they would do it one day or another. He did not show the basement to his son. He did not reveal a thing to him, Carla or the people inside the walls. He had information and refused to share it. Only when the situation worsened, he went to steal the coordinate. He probably wanted Frieda to do something, maybe a very specific something, but when she refused, he killed them all. We still don’t know the reasons behind Grisha’s actions (and inactions, for that matter) and this is why I believe we, as readers, shouldn’t trust him or believe his ideals were as similar as Historia and co. assumed they were to theirs. 


Hey everyone!! I just wanted to take a second to show off my Cos-Sister and kouhai (and embarrass her a little bit). Shes an amazing cosplayer and awesome friend. Shes one of those people who takes a cosplay and is completely devoted in it, she tries to work in every detail no matter what!

She doesn’t think her cosplays are the best most of the time and I say BULLCRAP. This woman is amazing. We don’t have as many group cosplays as we should together, but I love everytime we get to dress up and pair off in photos. These aren’t even HALF of the amazing work she does, these are just the photos I’ve taken or shots of us together.

Seriously, shes so amazing and I had the honor of watching her grow in cosplay and I get to cosplay with her!! Please go check her out!

I love ya, subaru-camui!

a yumikuri biohazard (resident evil) au!!!! and i s2g ill actually draw stuff for it lmao i just have a really hard time coming up with anything y do i do this to myself but um what i have so far is basically ymir is a mercenary and christa is part of the bsaa and is a special operations agent. Reiner is her partner who is a special operations unit and in this mission they have to capture ymir or something cos shes bonded with a virus??? and need that antivirus?? (this sounds too much like jake oh) and ymir is a stubborn asswad lol i havent completely thought it out bUT YEAH WHAT I HAVE SO FAR!! oh and i might include some other characters also B)

“For the life of me I can’t seem to see

How we go on and on

You were never meant to be just another casualty

And now we’re all falling down.”



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