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”Your eyes, they shine so bright

I wanna save that light…”

                           - from Demons by Imagine Dragons

To celebrate Eren’s birthday, here’s a thing I recently did for the lovely PorcelainSky on wattpad, for their Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, based off of one of Levi’s drawings from his sketchbook (which is why January 3rd is written at the top, and why I didn’t sign my name on the paper). 

—Slight spoilers for Ch. 30 of CoS, by PorcelainSky—

     Eren continued flipping through. The art became progressively darker as it went. Some colored, some not. Quickly, they became almost disturbing…until he made it to what had to be the dead center of the sketchbook. Unlike many of the previous ones, the page remained nearly blank. The exception was a pair of eyes, so familiar, staring at him from the center of the page. Framed by thick lashes, they were a blend of greens and blues; shiny, lively, lustrous.

                            -Crack of Sunlight, Part 1, Chapter 30


If you have not already checked out PorcelanSky’s 2-part Ereri/Riren fic Crack of Sunlight, I highly suggest that you do. I could go on and on about it, but to briefly state things, it is my absolute favorite fic out of all of the fandoms I’m in, and written by my favorite fic writer. The feels will kill you in the best way possible, and I am literally addicted to CoS and how amazingly well-written it is. And if you like that fic, you should also consider reading Paper Airplanes and The Music Room (by the same writer). Just make sure that you have a box or two of Kleenex within reach. 


Progresso KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colored Pencils, LePen black outlining pens in 0.03, 0.05, 0.3, 0.5, Y&C Gel Xtreme GX 101W Pastel White Pen in 0.7, and Strathmore recycled sketch paper- fine tooth surface. (For once, I didn’t use Copic markers xD ) 

Art is mine. Please don’t be an asshole and repost or use without giving proper credit. I greatly appreciate every single like and reblog, though ^v^  (I also check out the blogs that do that- Thank you so much to those who have liked/reblogged any of my previous art posts <3 ) (っ*´◡`*)っ✿♡ ❀♥ 

“Soon I’ll just be a memory…”

Cosplayer: me @/sugiichou

Today’s kinda gone downhill + still sick and major headaches…
I really want a Pizza Hut cheesed stuff pepperoni pizza… maybe when I’m not sick I’ll get one… ❤

Friendly reminder that Eren&co. are alive because of Reibert.

Seriously: I love that Bertolt died because Reiner was so important to him. It was right for him to die in this arc., I expected that and this panel was the greatest thing Iasayama ever made for this character. He wished for something more important than his own life, and he found it.
What I’m still bad about Is the cruelty he was treated with during his last moments. His limbs were all cut off and his unconscius body dragged on that roof by people who didn’t care about him (please, I’m not saying they’re cruel or what, they obviously have their reason why they hate Bertolt) but still: for him this was such a sad and terrible way to be treated. He was so kind, and good, and sensitive… he was human, as you could clearly see in those eyes so sweet.
I’m only glad that he was unconscius for most of the time while he was like this. He woke up just few seconds before dying, not even having the time to realise how he came to such a ending. It was a cruel, painful death, but at least it was quick.

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This video is so perfff it hurts me…

My boyfriend was talking to his co-worker about anime
  • Co-worker: Dude, have you ever watched Sword Art Online?
  • Bf: Nah, I've heard mixed reviews on it.
  • Co-worker: Yeah, it's got some lovey-dovey stuff in it, but what anime doesn't?
  • Bf: Attack on Titan!
  • Co-worker: EREN LOVES MIKASA!!!
  • Bf: DUDE, I SHIP IT!
  • (I'm very happy his choice of words were EREN loves Mikasa haha. I'm so happy.)