I feel like Eren’s that guy who everyone he knows has had some kind of crush on him at some point


So, I saw the picture on the left with a caption like “When Levi tries to smile”. Then I edited it into the picture on the right… Am I evil yet @zeke-i-am

anime follow train ☆

yALL MY DASH IS DEAD AF so i’m making one of these posts again

pls reblog/ like if you are an ACTIVE blog about at least one of the following anime

• haikyuu
• tokyo ghoul
• owari no seraph
• noragami
• your lie in april
• erased
• mirai nikki
• zankyou no terror
• no. 6
• ajin
• attack on titan

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lets make this a follow train, follow me and everyone in the notes yayy !! ☆