attack on that

I set my alarm last night to the glorious, unearthly sound of Genji screaming “Ryujin no KEN WO KURAE! ” and let me tell you that as a support main I have never been more awake in my entire life I think I crossed in to a new level of existence I woke up so fast


So, I saw the picture on the left with a caption like “When Levi tries to smile”. Then I edited it into the picture on the right… Am I evil yet @zeke-i-am

I feel like Eren’s that guy who everyone he knows has had some kind of crush on him at some point

So I have a bunch of sketches I was doing traditionally of you but I was too embarressed to show those so I sketched up two of them digitally! You are just a huge inspiration to me and I really look up to your like sense of humour and so on? ( my pal @terror-in-the-dream convinced me to actually send these to you so hahah)- Crashandburrnart

I am going to have a heart attack