attack on straya

‘Something We Should Talk About’ is this clip and making it viral

If nothing else please PLEASE watch this.

In Australia we have a show called the Project with it’s tag line being ‘News Delivered Differently’ and generally it does that with focusing more on positive news and taking an almost comedic approach to some matters. This is not one of those times. One of the three consistent hosts of the show is Waleed Aly, a Muslim man. On the show, Aly has a segment called ‘Something We Should Talk About’ and last night he used it to talk about ISIL in the wake of what happened in Paris. And this whole video is something we should talk about. It gives a much needed other perspective to the hate preached by politicians and by (mostly white) angry people. In under five minutes Aly says exactly what needs to be said, but more than that, heard by people around the world.