attack on space

Jeanmarco Week Day 5: Past/Future

I saw the opportunity and took it faster than you could say ‘Enterprise’.  XD
I couldn’t resist doing a crossover of my favourite pairing with Star Trek  💫
What can I say? I’m a Trekkie at heart~  uvu ♥

when people spin their earbuds on their fingers all i see is the female titan spinning people by their 3dmg

attack on titan has ruined me

JeanMarco Week Day 1: Zero Gravity

As long as I’ve got you, I’ll be ok

And if we keep onward, we’ll be ok

The prompt was a really good opportunity for Attack on Space and when do I ever turn down an opportunity to make something about Attack on Space? (Just as a side note, I’ll probably post all the rest of the days on my sideblog instead of on here)



My favourite scene from Attack on Space animated up all nice and dandy!