attack on poverty

Hey UK since there are so many “vote labor” posts I’ll make one with


Because leftist European parties only do things that increase terror attacks, general poverty and uncontrolled mass immigration.

the Truth campaign is the like worst example of cooptation of revolutionary aesthetics in all of fucking history I hate it so much



THATS GOING TO SHAME SMOKERS (a population of primarily poor people) INTO, WELL I MEAN they are addicted and this system does basically mean that so long as cigarettes are cheaper than food and the only way to wring a break out of service work then people will smoke but GOD DAMNIT WE WILL SHAME THEM BECAUSE THIS IS THE GENERATION THAT WE ATTACK THE SYMPTOMS OF POVERTY

there are bloggers on this website and journalists and ‘activists’ that come from money and still think they have the right to act as a spokesperson for poor people in their communities and they just don’t. i get it. you grew up in a mansion but you can’t bear to see the street people in the country your parents were born in–leave it at that. don’t try to own the sorrows of people that you can’t possibly relate to. don’t make journalistic careers out of your sympathy for people below you, it won’t be effective because you lack the experience of actually being poor. your responsibility as a rich person is to provide a venue for actual poor people to speak–not for you to speak over them and how bad you feel. if you’re rich you don’t get to speak for the poor, you don’t get to act on their behalf, you certainly don’t get to paint the picture of what it means to actually be poor. for a rich person to ‘fix poverty’ they would have to first fix themselves. rich people need to stop fetishizing poverty. you are apart of the problem, it doesn’t make sense for you to be the one to ‘attack poverty’ when you are contributing to it. 

anonymous asked:

What is the difference between a white savior complex and genuinely helping people?

I think it can be defined in the propensity of white Americans going to Africa, or any other continent, to “help” rather than looking into the systemic issues which drive poverty here, and failing to be in solidarity with efforts, often PoC led, to dismantle it. The fact is if they honestly were concerned with helping those abroad they would vigorously attack the issues which create poverty in the United States because these policies are intrinsically related to our economic and imperialist policies abroad. Failing to see this and act against it speaks more to the need to feel good about one’s self than it does genuinely, authentically fighting oppression. 

Why not all the candidates who are running for president should play the game “hunger games” but instead giving them animals that could kill them, we should give them problems like terror attacks, poverty, rallies and cases that would test how willing they are to serve and save our country and we would see how they would handle and solve it, and the best candidate who solved alot of problems with the best solution should win the elections. Its like instead of hearing them giving pep talks with those false promises, we would be able to see them in action even before they became the president of our country