attack on ovaries

I bet this scene exploded so many ovaries.

if you don’t think jung jaehyun is hot af then i just wanna say that i cannot relate


Day #1 of taking Metformin again:

Eating keto is cool, but taking care of yourself and listening to your body is cooler. I stopped taking Metformin in December of 2015… somewhere in the middle of that chart above. Can you tell where my weightloss slowed? That last few pounds was a STRUGGLE to lose and didn’t stay gone long. Then I ignored a bunch of signs that I shouldn’t have… my skin was getting dry again, acne wasn’t horrible, but it did get harder to manage and I had less clear days, PMS started creeping back into the picture, panic attacks too, and ovary pains started happening again. 

Know how I justified all these changes? “My pants still fit and my hair isn’t falling out.” Women tell themselves a lot of bullshit in order to avoid self-care. We’ll never stop…

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Do you have any advice on how to defend oneself against Hosoek? I feel like all day long he is attacking my eyes, heart and ovaries with unlimited feels. I can't study like this

this is me everyday

im seriously overwhelmed with feelings when it comes to wonho, and with all the extra shit he does, theres not one day that i am calm

I spent way too long on this banner oh my god

anyway I feel like I’m finally following enough people to do this so here are some BEAUTIFUL BLOGS that everybody should follow!!


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What did you think about this episode?

It was an amazing episode. You know why, anon? Because:

1. It drove home one very clear point - 

There is no Arrow without Felicity Smoak.

2. It also drove home how very important our OTA is.

3. It gave us one real, visceral Olicity moment, making one thing VERY clear : Felicity Smoak is necessary to Oliver Queen’s relief, his life, his light. 

The moment she appears, he, who’d been walking an edge we haven’t seen him walk for a long time, relaxes, just enough to take a step back.

4. Though the bromance was on the rocks, it told us why we love John Diggle so much and why he’s the kind of man brothers and best friends are made of. 

5. It gave us dark, badass Oliver walking backwards and using two guns and holy hell that’s an attack on ovaries right there I sorely missed! 

A reminder of the pure physicality of Oliver Queen and guns can never be enough. Case in point. 

6. It also gave us amazing Thea Queen stunts and scenes. That girl is feisty!

7.  It gave us one very, very important scene, with the one woman who has been a constant in Oliver’s life since forever reminding him of where he belongs, thus, reiterating, once and for all, that they had been done for a long time, and Oliver and Felicity were together. Meant to be. 

8. Laurel died. Her character was done some justice. Finally.  

(I feel really bad for Quentin though).

9. It told us what’s coming next season. THINK: 

(HELL YES! Gimme! It’s been 84 years! We are beyond ready)

10. This was some of the best acting from everyone on the show. Everyone!

This episode tied loose ends and strengthened the strong ones. So, this was an amazing episode in my books. 

Only way to make it better? Get rid of Malcolm.