attack on kim kardashian

ok its 6 am and this is the third night this week i’ve pulled an all nighter but like i thought this title was implying that 1) a baby straight up tried to murder kim kardashian, 2) she survived the attack , and 3) theres a possibility that another more dedicated baby could kill her for good


after chugging 2 red bulls and watching the LWYMMD video 90 times on repeat i spotted some stuff-

1. at 0:29 in her video on the gravestone to her left is “nils sjoberg”. the pseudonym she used when she co wrote calvin harris’ song “this is what you came for”

2.  the entire bathtub scene at 0:35 could be in reference too kim kardashians paris attack. things like when she somewhat gagged with diamonds in reference to kim k being gagged in the bathtub , the pretend finger gun she shot in reference to kim being held at gun point ,the big rings on her fingers in reference to the fancy engagement ring stolen from kim. this could also be in refernce to an interview she did where she quoted  "She’s crying in her marble bath tub surrounded by pearls.“. i apologize in advance for the kim narrative if it offended you. 0:50 along the structures columns and on the end of her handrest is “et tu brute?” scrawled which references betrayal which can be any of her rivals kanye, kim or katy.

4. the scene at 1:33 where she stabs a lobster could be a jab at katy perrys bon appetit 

5. the scene at 1:35 shows men in room with recording machines which could be in relations with kim k recording taylor and kanyes conversation. and also shes “robbing” a streaming company which could be about her fight with apple music. she also wears clothing that sports a tiger on it which is katys signature animal.

 6. at 1:53 she is seen recruiting beautiful, skinny women into her squad which could reference to the controversy that she was biased and only had models in her group.

7. in 1:57 she seems to be wearing a somewhat similar outfit to the one the model wore in calvin harris’ “my way”. this model was rumored to have been acting as taylor swift for the music video.

8. the scene in 2:02 where all the models are lying on the ground seem to refence calvin harris song “my way” which was rumored to be about her. from the box the models were laid in that looked quite similar to the light up box in calvin harris’ video for “my way” and even “this is what you came for” and the striking resemblance of the models in her video to the model in the “my way” video (plastic like skin, robotic movement etc)

9. the men in 2:17 seem to be sport a very similar shirt to tom hiddlestons “i <3 TS”

8. the entire scene in 2:50 with all those haphazard lazers looked deadly similar to kanyes peformane on SNL where tapes that were leaked caught him calling taylor “fake” or even the lasers used in calvin harris “my way” ending

9. “you belong with me” taylor wears a shirt thats signed by members of her friend circle like blake and ryan, selena, abigale, todrick, lena, gigi etc

there are 11 prominent scenes and i believe each has a different meaning. so far i only spotted these which may or may not be true. if you’ve seen something leave them in the comments below and tell me if there are some of my assumptions you agree/disagree with so i can add or cut a few points of  my list.
PIERS MORGAN: Taylor Swift’s only problem is that she’s just too damn good for the lot of them!  | Daily Mail Online

[Thank you Piers Morgan!!!!!!!]

By Piers Morgan for MailOnline 11:38 18 Jun 2016

What is it about Taylor Swift that inspires such extraordinarily bitchy and unsavoury reaction?

Judging by social media over the past 24 hours, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a conniving, selfish, ruthless psycho marauding around breaking hearts as fast as she rakes in cash.

She’s been branded a slut, a whore, a b*tch, and a publicity-mad, man-hunting hound after being caught kissing British actor Tom Hiddleston.

Oh, and if you believe Kim Kardashian then she’s a brazen little liar too over that whole Kanye ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex’ nonsense.


Let’s consider some facts:

Taylor Swift is still only 26.

She’s an incredibly talented, phenomenally successful singer-songwriter who’s sold more than 40 million albums and 130 million single downloads.

Her gigantic award haul includes 10 Grammys, one Emmy and 22 Billboard Music Awards.

She’s beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, clean-living and more than lives up to the title of her 2nd album Fearless as we saw with her heroic and ultimately triumphant stand against Apple over the way it financially abused recording artists via iTunes.

She’s great to her fans, regularly sending them holiday gifts by post and in person, and even inviting them to her home to listen to her new music.

She’s a serious philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to help fund arts and education projects, and to help victims of natural disasters or sexual and racial discrimination.

She’s the best kind of political activist, urging young people to vote, but deliberately avoiding telling them which way to vote.

‘I try to be as informed and educated as possible but don’t like to talk about politics because it might influence other people,’ she explained.

She’s a serious philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to help fund arts and education projects, and to help victims of natural disasters or sexual and racial discrimination

I’ve met Taylor a couple of times at parties and she was extremely polite, effortlessly charming, very natural and great fun.

No wonder that the Hollywood Reporter described her as ‘the best people person since Bill Clinton.’

Nor that Michelle Obama said of her in 2012: ‘Taylor has rocketed to the top of the music industry but still keeps her feet on the ground, someone who has shattered every expectation of what a 22-year-old can achieve.’

So why all the constant ferocious attacks on her?

Taylor herself told GQ recently: ‘I monitor what people say about me and I see a theme. In 2010 it was, “She’s too young to get all these awards. Look how annoying she is when she wins. Is she even good?” Then in 2013 it was, “She just writes songs about guys to get revenge. She’s boy-crazy. She’s a problematic person.”’

She’s the best kind of political activist, urging young people to vote, but deliberately avoiding telling them which way to vote

Her latest ‘crime’ was to be caught in flagrante with Tom Hiddleston on a beach.

They’re both single people, but the global vitriol poured on their heads has been extraordinary.

They were accused of deliberately staging the photos.

She, apparently, to taunt previous boyfriend Calvin Harris and ‘rub his nose in it’.

He to promote his chances of becoming the next James Bond by portraying himself as a seductive ladies man.

What a load of balderdash!

You think either of these two major stars of their respective industries needs to go around setting up fake kissing pictures to promote their brands?

Pur-lease. They’re not extras in Desperate Housewives.

They’re both single people, but the global vitriol poured on their heads has been extraordinary.

It looks to me like they’ve just fallen in love; an affliction that’s been known to happen to good-looking young people when they meet.

Unfortunately, when people are this good-looking and this famous, such actions often provoke bitter outbursts of insane, spiteful jealousy.

In a separate attack, Kim Kardashian branded Taylor a liar for saying she didn’t know Kanye was going to include her in his song Famous which included the repulsively misogynist line: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b***h famous.’

Any self-respecting married woman should surely be far more agitated about why her husband wants to write songs about desiring sex with other women?

Last night, Taylor’s management issued a withering statement reiterating her denial of knowing anything about Kanye’s sexist claptrap and saying she felt ‘humiliated’ by the song.

It added: ‘Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West and now Kim Kardashian will not just leave her alone.’

I think I know why. It’s that j-word again: jealousy.

Taylor Swift is everything Kim Kardashian isn’t, and it’s driving the latter mad.

First, Taylor’s got an outstanding musical talent, for singing and songwriting, whereas Kim - by her own admission - has no discernible talent for anything other than shameless self-promotion.

Second, while they both claim to be feminists, only Taylor seems to understand what this actually means, promoting talent and a wholesome, dynamic image over the pathetic topless bird-flipping selfie nonsense which Kim falsely claims is so ‘empowering’ and ‘liberating’ to women.

It’s not, it’s just cheap, tawdry attention-seeking and the very last thing young impressionable women should be encouraged to do in public by female celebrities with tens of millions of followers on social media.

Taylor, as GQ observed, ‘never gratuitously sexualises her image and seems pathologically averse to controversy.’

By pursuing this path, she has managed to build one of the biggest brands in the history of pop music and retained her dignity, pride and sense of self-worth in the process.

I can’t think of anyone I currently admire more in the music business; she’s living proof that sometimes the good guys, and girls, do come first.

My response, therefore, to Kim Kardashian and all the other poisonous, green-eyed monsters out there currently trying to tear down Taylor Swift is simple: back off you sad, pathetic, envy-ridden people.

She’s a fantastic example of what every young women should strive to be: a true feminist whose talent, success, work ethic, behaviour and personality are all hugely positive role model messages.

I certainly know which modern female icon I’d prefer my 4-year-old daughter to want to emulate when she grows up and it isn’t the talentless, bird-flipping stripper.

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If I were a celeb, I would go around on Instagram and randomly like people’s photos. Think about it, to get a random like from Beyonce or Kim Kardashian when you least fucking expect it? This is probably the biggest and only reason to why I would want to become a celeb… To give people heart attacks on a daily bases. Brilliant