attack on heartless

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Relationships: Riku/Sora

Characters: Riku, Sora


It’s not a problem until he notices it.

There’s something different between him and Riku now. It was there from the moment they first stood side by side in the Castle that Never Was; the air between them had shifted.

As children, it was soft, a comforting warmth like burying your toes in the sand. Where Riku went, Sora followed. They played, they explored, they sparred with stakes of driftwood washed up on the shore. And after a long day, it was only expected for one to drape over the other and the two of them to fall asleep in a bundle, to wake up later in the same bed after one of their parents carried them up to their room.

Then they hit their teens and the air became electrically charged. Suddenly they were rivals, by no choice of Sora’s own. Competition was one thing, but what they became, what Riku insisted they be, it spiraled down and far beyond hope of control. Teasing became jeering. A loss was no longer I’ll get better but I need to beat him. For the first time, losing a race to Riku left something bitter crawling in his stomach — but winning was just as vile.

Sora doesn’t know what this is. It makes his skin buzz, a prickle shake down his back. At first he doesn’t even consider what it is, too caught up in the bliss of Riku’s presence, the novelty that way being able to see him, hear him, touch him for the first time in years. His heart doesn’t tell him what has changed, it lets him live in peace, and Sora thinks nothing of its odd stirring. 

Not for a long time, at least.

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thank you for the KH react. ive kinda been binge watching walkthroughs of the game and its just great. (but we can never have DA in it. holy crap that would be a disaster. one wrong spell and its off to the tower.)

can you fucking imagine Dragon Age being a KH world to visit

Suddenly Donald Duck is being taken away to the Circle. Goofy poses as a templar to get him out. Sora is inadvertently seen using spells with his keyblade and also sent to the Circle. “wtf are these darkspawn?” people ask as the heartless attack. “they’re not darkspawn” Sora and co. claim. No one believes them. The Archdemon, Meredith, or Corypheus are heartless world boss. Riku and/or some Final Fantasy characters angst at some point. 

–Mod Sarah

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Listen I tried to go into this with @permanentcross and @stylesunchained and I was completely ATTACKED………. E is a very heartless person just so everyone knows….

But. Imagine kissing it and making him giggle while he tells you “stopiiiit” and he’s trying to make his double chin disappear but because he’s giggling so hard it’s even MORE prominent. And his tongue is peeking through his teeth and his shoulders are scrunching and he’s halfheartedly trying to push you away…..

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Not hugging them but at least like... take a closer look? This is a whole new world you guys are in. What if those are just how the locals look? Surely you've seen some strange characters in the other worlds you've visited.

I mean, yeah, we’ll keep an eye out for locals and stuff, but if it attacks like heartless, isn’t physical like heartless, and dies like heartless–

then we can’t afford to hold back


April 11th (Day 4) : Favorite Trait / Feature

My favorite trait of Kairi’s will always be her protectiveness. Up until DDD, when the whole ‘seven guardians of light’ thing was discovered, Kairi didn’t have to fight, but she chooses to, to try to protect her friends in the same way that they protect her. In the Manga, there’s even a panel where Riku tries to get Kairi to go along with Naminé, and she just downright refuses.

Even before she gets the Keyblade, she isn’t afraid to put herself in harm’s way to help her friends. When Riku is possessed by Ansem, she considers staying with him, when Sora gets turned into a Heartless, she protects him, and when he gets attacked by Heartless, she jumps of a balcony to try and get to him.

Is it always the right thing to doNo, and that’s evident by the way she runs right into a swarm of Heartless right after she jumps off that balcony, but that doesn’t make it any less noble or admirable.

 She’s willing to protect her friends even at the cost of her own safety.

Edgy Kingdom Hearts Theory Time!

EDIT: this theory was made before Ephemer told us about the worlds. This theory still holds water at its core, but a couple of things here were disproven. Just take note of that.

So let me start this off by saying, that I’ve been playing the shit out of Kingdom Hearts X, and I noticed something weird. 

The game is supposed to be a super-prequel, right? the events take place before the Keyblade War, before KH1 and BBS and all that nonsense. 

But if this is the case, then… what the hell is happening with the timelines of the disney worlds? It seems like absolutely no time has passed between Kh X and the other kingdom hearts games. 

You have no idea what I’m talking about? ok, 

here’s a cutscene from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

and here’s a cutscene from Kingdom Hearts X

It’s the exact same scene. The exact same moment of time in the exact same world, with the exact same people in the exact same place. 

Generations in the future, an entire war has torn the multiverse in two, people have literally grown old, had children, died, and whole cities have completely rearranged themselves, 

and the queen is still talking to the mirror. the queen is still ALIVE. 

and this is far from the only world where this happens. Literally every single world is like this. We’re not even getting into the apparent continuity errors that show up. Terra was sent by the queen to kill Snow White. Where the hell is he, while your self-insert is off fighting heartless? Ventus was with the dwarves, so where is he, when your self-insert is rescuing them from the mines and from the swamp? I haven’t even begun to explore the continuity errors in the other, more “official” games, but there has to be at least some, considering how many times we’ve visited the same worlds. 

At the least, you’d think that the residents of these worlds would recognize a keyblade wielder or the heartless after the third or fourth time. 

Hear me out. 

There’s a very real possibility that almost all the Disney worlds are taking place in some sort of groundhog day loop, that begins at the start of the movies they’re based on, and ends at the conclusion of their “story.” 

Which is honestly kinda creepy if you think about it. 

Still, this edgy as fuck theory actually sort of explains exactly why these world-hoppers are supposed to keep the existence of other worlds a secret. 

Imagine if Aladdin left his world near the end of the time loop, and it reset before he returned. 

Can someone say, time paradox? 

Obviously, it can’t be every single disney-based world that’s all weird like this. We know for a fact that Disney Castle, the world that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. come from, has a perfectly normal timestream and no set “storyline,” 

….which is probably what allows its residents to leave

The same principles are most likely in place regarding locations such as Radiant Garden, the Land of Departure, Twilight Town, etc. 

It’s all fairly intact and consistent, except for one little complication: 

Destiny Islands.

I mean, no one on Destiny Islands was ever really aware that other worlds existed. Kairi was the only hint they ever had, and even she didn’t remember where she originally came from. As far as worlds go, Destiny Islands seems to operate more like Agrabah, and less like, say, Radiant Garden, which has a broad history involving multiple people, spanning literal generations. 

So, did Destiny Islands have a time loop? and if it did, then how in the world could Young Xehanort, someone who came from Destiny Islands, ever leave? 


that question can be answered with,
who took Xehanort out of Destiny Islands? 

Xehanort did.
That is to say, Xehanort’s future self took him out of Destiny Islands, so that he could become a keyblade wielder and get the time powers necessary to visit himself in the past, 

a mindfucky gambit that’s just slightly reminiscent of the sort of bullshit that went on regularly in a particular webcomic that will not be named. 

What I’m trying to say is, it’s already established that Xehanort’s exit from Destiny Island was solely due to a time paradox, so it’s reasonable to imagine that said time paradox would uh… be a time paradox. 

And thus, it would have probably fucked up the timeline of Destiny Islands, potentially breaking that world’s time loop. 

So ultimately, this would be yet another case of “it’s Xehanort’s fault.” 

And there’s another thing. 

Pretty much every single world that isn’t based on Disney has a connection to the darkness, if it wasn’t directly affected by Xehanort himself.  

  • Destiny Islands was Nort’s birthplace,
  • Traverse Town is made from remnants of worlds that fell into the darkness,
  • Radiant Garden was the homeworld of Ansem the Wise (the actual Ansem), and became Hollow Bastion after a catastrophic Heartless attack. 
  • The Land of Departure was nearly destroyed after Xehanort summoned the darkness to swallow it, and ended up surviving as Castle Oblivion, a hubworld for Org XIII
  • Twilight Town is apparently the place where all human-form Nobodies are born. 
  • The World That Never Was is another Org XIII world, and it’s literally crawling with Nobodies
  • the Keyblade Graveyard…. need I say more? 

One would almost wonder if there’s a connection here…. 

In conclusion, I theorize that the apparent continuity errors throughout the Kingdom Hearts franchise are due to there being a literal groundhog day loop in nearly every single world, and that the only worlds with an actually linear timeline are worlds that have been touched by darkness in some shape or form. 

Of course, one of you chucklefucks is gonna say something like “or maybe a continuity error is just a continuity error, this is just a lazy oversight on the part of Nomura, stop overthinking shit.” 

to which I say, 

what a fucking boring way to look at life. 

Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts Theory

After a conversation with @squalleonhardt I have decided to spout out a theory of mine that will also become my kh verse for Cloud.

What’s the theory?

Cloud is a nobody.

Oh that’s ridiculous you may say and yes I know it is my theory but I do have some things to support the idea.

I believe that Cloud died and became a nobody which means he also had heartless. I think his heartless is Sephiroth.

Now in Kh we see all kinda of heartless. Some are more animalistic looking, some look like objects and others are very human looking like Ansem(heartless). So it would make sense that Cloud’s heartless could be Sephiroth. Heartless because of their varying looks don’t have to look like their somebody. Sephiroth could merely look like that because of Cloud knowing the real one in the past, or just for aesthetic reasons.

As for what leads to Sephiroth being a heartless, well there are a few clues in the game that makes him appear as one.

First and foremost are some of the things he says in the game. He is constantly saying that he is Cloud’s darkness, and usually in kh when people say that are someones darkness they are either a heartless, nobody or Xehanort.

Here are some Quotes from both kh1 and kh2 from Sephiroth that seem to hint at him being a heartless:

“Did Cloud tell you that? Then he must understand now.”
— after Goofy remarks at him being “the dark part of Cloud’s Heart”.

“Can you do it? That darkness comes from your own dark memories. Do you think you can erase your past?”
— responding to Cloud’s claim that defeating him will make the darkness go away.

“I know. Because… I am you.”
— after Cloud is blinded by Tifa’s light as she approached.

“No matter how many times I fall, your darkness keeps calling me back!”
— during the battle.

Then there is one thing I noticed when I played against him, it was something he says during an attack. Now I know this might just be the name of the attack he is doing but I find it odd that he named this attack what he did:
“Descend, Heartless Angel!”
— using Heartless Angel.

As I’ve noticed in kingdom hearts, they hardly do things without meaning since really random things keep reoccurring in the games. So I don’t think they just gave him that attack name for no reason. Even so there is also the matter of how he looks in the games. Yes, his outfit is almost exactly his canon one but there are a few little special features on it. For one, in both games he has bat like wings on his arms. The design for them is the exact same one on Riku’s Soul Eater and the main part of the blade in Way to The Dawn. The fact that there is a very Sephiroth like cat eye in each weapon is also a little thing I noticed but that doesn’t really matter much. Regardless they could have Kept Sephiroth without them and without the added red to his design, red and black being a main heartless color scheme.

{Regardless if his design means something it is still so cool, especially with the added wings in kh 2}

Now we still have how this ties in with Cloud. As I said before, if Sephiroth is Cloud’s heartless then there must be a nobody and Cloud must have ‘died’ at some point. We never see him or any of the other FF worlds so we can assume they were destroyed and thus Cloud could have died then. If this happened around the events of FF7 then Cloud would already be messed up enough and might not remember even dying. That is a bit of a stretch but I’m still going with it.

In Kh1 we see a very cold Cloud and he is at first on the villains side. He is working with Hades who as we saw in KH 2 can summon up dead heroes such as Auron. While being a nobody isn’t the same as being a dead hero, that might have helped Hades trick and convince Cloud into working for him. Just a theory.

In kh2 we have the battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. Tifa comes in halfway and offers to give Cloud her light. Before she can even get close to Cloud, he is blinded by her. He can’t look at the light and it seems to actually really harm him. That could be because he is a nobody. He does get to borrow it for a time being since he had none of his own but soon vanishes into darkness.

That’s about all my reasoning behind this theory. Sorry if it wasn’t too well thought out but this WILL be the backstory for any KH verse rps I do from now on.

If anyone has anything to add I would love to hear it^^

{Just as a side note I wanna point out that is Cloud is a nobody, it makes a lot more sense now that Sora can whoop his ass in the Coliseum, as for Leon loosing…well…idk >_>}

22 people lost their lives last night going to a concert. 22 innocent people including young children, desperately excited to see their idol. It makes me physically sick to my stomach to think that my beautiful city has been targeted in such a way. But it brings tears of joy to my eyes and a warmth to my heart to see my wonderful little city come together in solidarity. Taxi drivers offering free rides to the stranded. Hotels and local people taking in lost children until they can contact their parents, everyone coming together to make others feel a little safer. My city may be small, but it has a lot of heart, and it will not be diminished by a heartless attack. We are northerners, and we are tough as old boots.

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Any tips on how to become Machiavellian?

pro tip: don’t

extra pro tip: machiavelli’s the prince was written in a period of history that was politically tumultuous even by renaissance standards, rife with inter-dynastic murder, inter-state violence, prone to invasion by foreign superpowers and subject to declining centralized power. scholars think that the prince was either designed as an effort to curry goodwill with the ruling medici head or was a straight up satire. if it was legit then its advocacy for a strong ruthless principe must been contextualized in the political climate it was written in: i.e. the late renaissance, when the feudal system was declining, when the papacy had lost prestige due to bickering between powerful families in the collegiate and dynastic ambitions of ruling popes especially after the schism, and secular power due to the rise of the middle class, regional ruling condottieri, and banking aristocracy. the threat of overseas superpowers such as france and spain and their vested interests in naples had led to multiple invasions in the end of the 16th century, and so machiavelli’s advocacy for a strong ruthless man who could centralize all the warring states into one monarchy or government must be viewed in light of the national crisis and lack of italian identity throughout his lifetime. in modern times, increased nationalism, corruption and lack of transparency is, like, the last thing you want in politics.

extra extra pro tip: people like, respond way better if you make like, jokes, or whatever, and are accommodating until you choose not to be.

The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” mentality and where I stand on the issue:

I feel like sharing my irrelevant opinions tonight, so I’m going to touch on adoption, shelters, “Adopt, Don’t Shop”, and breeding. I’ve seen both sides here on Dogblr go at each other’s throats pretty often and figured, eh, why not throw my own opinions out there into the world?

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” mentality is of course the logic of only ever adopting dogs from shelters and rescues and never, ever buying from a breeder because there are too many homeless dogs as-is. This ideology, as summed up by this particular catchphrase, is actually pretty awful. Mainly because breeders and people who purchase from breeders are then attacked as if they are heartless monsters personally responsible for the millions of animals put down in shelters each year.

I’ve also seen people with purebred dogs attack those who are in favor of adoption and love their mutts, well, not really attack so much as just behave really haughty about it and they almost come off very critical as if every mutt is unpredictable and unhealthy.

I am in full favor of both adoption and breeding and I do not understand why both cannot coexist in the dog community peacefully. Both extreme ends of the spectrum are wrong, neither is helpful, one side attacking the other is insignificant regardless in my book.

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