attack on ganon

Why King Harkinian is the best King of Hyrule:

  • Cares more about peace than war: “This peace is what all true warriors strive for.” [1]
  • When Gwonam came to the King to tell how Ganon had seized Korradai his first instinct was: “How can we help?” Clearly a selfless man willing to help another Kingdom in need.[1]
  • When he thought that Duke Onkled was under attack from Ganon, he went straight to Gamelon to help him out - another selfless deed and willing to go all the way there just to help him out in the flesh [2]
  • He soothes Zelda’s fears, and makes a smart decision, by taking the Triforce of Courage to protect him  [2]
  • Another smart decision by suggesting Zelda to send Link if he isn’t heard from within a month [2] 
  • Clearly an assertive King as he is able to silence everyone with a simple “Enough”, it’s clear he has power but isn’t feared for it [2]
  • A simple man - still thinks about dinner so he must obviously be respected by his people as he could be considered a relatable ruler [2]
  • Clearly a formidable opponent in duels as Link claims Ganon would be “no match for the King”  [2]
  • Thanks Zelda for saving him - not condescending or unbelieving but genuinely thankful for his daughter saving his life [3]
  • Gives proper punishment for those who deserve it, doesn’t let Duke Onkled get out scot free [3]
  • Respected by his royal guards: he calls him “Your Majesty” and “My Liege”, and follows his orders once again showing that Harkinian has power [3]
  • Enjoys spending time with his daughter, holds her dear to him - doesn’t put a ton of pressure on her, and just enjoys her company (see the ending) [3]


“I sense it… Their presence. Daruk. Urbosa. Revali. Mipha. A hundred years ago, I put my life on the line to fight alongside everyone. But…I could not protect them. They died without fulfilling their destinies. I have lived all this time thinking they died in vain. But this energy I feel from their presence… It seems they have not given up. I can also sense…that they were all overjoyed to see you again. Now you all serve the same purpose! Now it is time to attack Calamity Ganon, while he is weak. Hurry to the princess! Go, now!” 

—Impa, Sheikah Elder | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)

BotW in a nutshell

Sidon: “Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Calamity Ganon attacked. Only the Champion, master of all four elements, could stop it, but when the world needed them most, they vanished. A hundred years passed and I discovered the resurrected Champion, a hylian named Link. And although their combat skills are great, they have a lot to learn before they’re ready to save anyone. But I believe Link can save the world!”

Here’s a angsty fun concept that I use to make myself cry came up with:

Mipha wanted to be sure Link would accept her proposal before she went through the trouble of crafting the Zora Armor, since it would suck to do all that and then be turned down, so she had actually already asked him to marry her.

The engagement wouldn’t be made official until she presented him with the armor, so only the two of them and King Dorephan were aware of the arrangement, but, by technicality, Link and Mipha were already engaged when Calamity Ganon attacked.

Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure

Summary: Sidon can’t quite place when it was that he realized his feelings for a certain Hylian Champion had gotten out of hand, but it suddenly feels like he is so overwhelmed with emotion and unrequited feelings that he can hardly breathe.Goddess above, he’s too afraid to even question what his dear sister would think. After all, Link was her beloved. How could his own foolish heart threaten to tarnish Mipha’s memory?Thankfully, if Sidon has one thing going for him it’s that his pining is so ridiculously intense that it actually leads to a great awakening in the one person who could help him.

Chapter 1: Mipha’s Gone

Author’s notes: ….you better believe this fic is going to be as fucking ridiculous as the title suggests. Just. absolutely. Ridiculous. 

Although I will warn you this first chapter’s gonna be quite angsty. Sidon has some much put off grieving to deal with he needs a moment to be sad before he can realize he’s fucking gay for the smol wild man.

Don’t worry though, to anyone whose read Bed Time, you’ll see a character that I’ve introduced in this chapter that shows up in that fic, which takes place after the events of this one. So rest assured that this story will most definitely have a happy ending ;) 

You can also read here at Ao3!

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Long ago, the four races lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when Calamity Ganon attacked. Only the Hero, wielder of the Master Sword, could stop him.
But when the kingdom needed him most, he vanished.
100 years passed and an old man discovered the same Hero, the Champion named Link.
And although his cooking skills are great, he has a lot to remember before he can save anyone.
But I believe Link can save the world.

As dawn broke over the stables, the horses slowly began to wake. One by one blinking the sleep away from their horse eyes. The smell of morning dew hovered in the air and added to the serenity of the land.

Then, a loud crash filled the air. Moving earth and water soon followed. Hi Jess and NANNER jumped up and headed outside, where they were greeted by DumbBelly and Sakura from other stables. Their hearts pounding against their chest. Had something fallen? Was Calamity Ganon attacking?

No. As they came around the front of the stable and joined the stable hands it was clear what had happened: a large boulder had come crashing down, and under the boulder was the unmistakable hoof of a horse. It didn’t take long for them to count off and determine who was missing. There was no doubt in their horsey minds. A Day was under the rock.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, one of the most iconic games in the Zelda series featuring more story line than the first two games and remained challenging. It’s the first game to feature the powerful Master Sword, lore behind the sages that we later saw in Ocarina of Time, and showed the power behind the Triforce and what it can do. The game is a little more linear than the first two games, which some people to complain about, but you’re still some what able to go where you wanna go if you know how to get there. It’s a lot more linear for people when you actually know exactly what to do too, except when you have no idea you have to go around and talk to people to get the information you need. Though anyway, still a great and challenging game, available on the Virtual Console on the Wii U so any Zelda fans can add the game to their collection if they want to again.