attack on faith in humanity

How my faith in humanity was restored.

Buckle up, folks. I’m about to restore your faith in humanity.

I went for a jog this morning for the first time in a while, and so I was kind of (really quite vehemently) dreading it. I arrived at the park, plugged in my headphones, double checked my laces, and then tucked my car key into my sports bra.

After running (at a dismally slow pace) a mile, I checked for my key and to my dismay, the little fucker had disappeared.

I frantically re-traced my steps, took calming breaths, and generally attempted to not freak out. It was my only key, and I’m a poor law student living off my loans, so it would have been way outside my budget for the semester to have to 1) get a locksmith to unlock my car and 2) make me a new key.

About five minutes into my (not at all) calm searching, an older man named Mike asked me what was wrong. (I may or may not have been panicking, but I maintain that I was calm and composed, and there’s no way I’ll own up to anything besides that)

I told him my dilemma, and he joined me in the search to re-trace my steps. We got to the end of the path, and we hadn’t found anything. I told him to go on, and that I’d turn round and go more slowly.

Mike left to continue on his jog, and I combed the path for another ten minutes (still not freaking out in the least, because I’m cool and composed).

I ran into him at the bottom of the hill, and he stopped me. Mike held out my key with a smile and said that 90% of the people in this world are good people, and the other 10% don’t hang out at parks on a Saturday afternoon.

He had walked back along the path, asking everyone who passed if they’ve seen a key, and one had finally said they saw someone find a key, and place it on a picnic table at the entrance of the park. The man directed Mike to the bench, and he picked it up, and ran to find me as I (frantically) searched up and down the paths.

I hugged (squeezed) him, and told him he had made my entire week. He responded that I had made HIS week because he was able to help someone.

I took down his phone number, and told him I’d buy him lunch.

Faith in humanity restored.

How Do You Stay Awake?

The evening started normally enough, Kou relaxing in Kei’s room at the base, then tranquilizer darts got involved. Now the two young ajin are forced to try and stay awake until the drug runs its course. Slow dancing wasn’t on the list of suggestions, but that’s what happened and then it evolved into even more.

Tags: language, sex, needles I guess, KouKei, fluff and a speckling of angst maybe? Happy endings. Takes place before the final battle and lost of the Gulf team.


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Faith ~ Part Four


You sighed loudly as you watched the bucket of suds you had been using to clean the horses spill and run all over the floor of the stables.

“Oi! I thought I made it clear that no one in my squad was allowed to kick the bucket.” Levi smirked, obviously proud of his terrible pun, as he walked toward you.

“Ha, ha. Very funny, Captain. Nice to see that you do, in fact, have at least some sense of humor. Even if it is terrible.” Smirking right back at him, you scooped up the bucket and went to refill it with Levi right on your heels.

“Don’t tell the rest of the squad. About my having a sense of humor. They might assume I have a soul as well and we can’t have that.”

You fought it back, but a soft laugh escaped your throat as you turned around to smile at Levi.

“So, I’m the only one who knows about this rumored soul of yours? I feel so special.” Tossing a wink in his direction, you made it a point to brush your shoulder against his carefully as you passed him.

“Well, surely you’ve noticed by now that you are.” He spun on his heel, leaning against a support beam as he crossed his arms.

After setting the bucket back down, you whipped your head up to look at his smug grin and narrowed your eyes in curiosity.

“I’m sorry, what? Are you–are you actually being straightforward with me?”

It had been weeks now since you first arrived and the signals Levi had been sending your way seemed clear, but that’s all it was; just signals. No moves had ever been made. You played along, but after the first three weeks with no sign of anything actually happening between the two of you, you decided to stop getting your hopes up. It was still fun to flirt and banter back and forth with him, but you had honestly come to believe that nothing would ever occur between you.

Levi looked down and chuckle before nodding his head and raising his eyes to level with your gaze.

“Yes. I am. I know you aren’t oblivious to the way I treat you and I’m sorry for not pursuing things further until now, but I can’t risk anyone knowing. That’s why I asked you to prepare the horses for the expedition tomorrow. I needed an excuse to get you alone; something that wouldn’t look suspicious. Trust me, playing games isn’t my style, so I’m taking the opportunity to tell you now what I want.”

“And what is that?” You shook your head and blinked your eyes a couple times to try and wrap your brain around what he was saying, keeping your eyes glued to him as he sauntered over toward you.

“Well, you, of course. Look, I’ve never met anyone like you. I’m someone who knows what he wants and I can tell that you are too. I want to get to know you better. There’s something about you that I find..intriguing.”

By now, Levi was directly in front of you and he had you pinned between him and the wall of an empty stable. He was so close, you could feel the outline of his abs press against your stomach as his breath tickled your neck. An anxious shiver ran down your spine as you slowly took in the sight of him. He was even more beautiful up close. His pale skin free of blemishes. His hair clean and sleek, dangling in front of his eyes in a way that looked both haphazard and intentional. Your eyes fixated on his plump, pink lips for a moment before you found the nerve to stare right back into his heated, grey eyes.

“What are you waiting for? I won’t say no.” You kept your voice quiet as you breathed out your words, dropping your gaze to his lips once more to watch them turn up in a devious smirk.

Oh my god guys 😂😂😂 I left for an hour and my notes section was freakin OVERFLOWING with hate comments, I’m seriously laughing so hard right now xD I just said my opinion and a fucking avalanche of crazy people attacked me 😂 I have lost faith on humanity lol
You can stop all of your “you are a fucking piece of shit because you are heterosexual and cisgender” comments, ‘cause honestly I’m too tired to read and respond to them. I’m just sick of this, there used to be strong beautiful queer people fighting for their rights and now we are the ones who have to fight just for being happy with how we were born, wtf
Like seriously, I’m not here for followers or likes or anything, I’m here for the fucking fanart and photography and memes. So you can go fuck yourselves, you motherfuckers 😂
Peace out and fuck you immature people I’m happy with who I am and how I think and I won’t listen to you fragile princesses. ✌

I’m having a hard time welcoming 2017. As painful as it was to get through 2016, I can’t say I started this year any better. I was only minutes away from the nightclub attack in Istanbul and it was hard to be keep my faith in humanity. People are talking about politics, profits and how Turkey is the next target. Some are blaming Islam and calling us terrorists when we are the actual victims. Some extremist groups are saying it was a warning because Turks are the representative of modern Islam and there souldn’t be such thing. So if you go out, drink, have fun and most importantly celebrate New Years which is not a significant celebration in Islam - you deserve to be punished.
There are some Westerns happy about it, some Muslims happy about it. Everyone has a different reason. But what terrorises me the most in all this terror is the people who don’t see that innocent lives are being taken and tomorrow it can easily be me or you. Supporting terrorism and wars will continue in 2017. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be the year of peace because peace is not profitable unlike terrorism and wars. It gets harder to be a Muslim. All the prejudice from others and all the hate from extremists. It gets harder to be a Turk who believes in peace because it’s nowhere to be found. It’s just so hard to be a hopeful human being with all the hate around. So if you had a good beginning to 2017, appreciate it. I really hope things won’t be as bad as 2016, however I don’t think hopeful wishing will get us anywhere.
—  Hira

Quite clearly this recent attack on Turkey only supports the fact that Islamic State fundamentalists do not care who you are, whether you are Muslim or not, black of white, gay or straight, you are their enemy. These attacks are not on separate groups of people anymore, this is an attack on the world. When you hurt one of us, you hurt all of us, but I can only hope we can see through this and all band together and stop this evil senseless killing. And for what is this evil worth? No God (if he existed) would permit such senseless, inhumane acts. Some people just want to watch the world crash and burn. It’s shocking how one crazy idea can garner so much sympathy and support. You don’t want to believe that so many people could be capable of such callous hatred, but all these terrorist attacks make me lose faith in humanity. I don’t consider any ISIS supporters human anymore. It feels like a different species has come down from some other planet and decided to attack our world. I consider myself a very sympathetic person. I often acknowledge factors such as poverty, mental disorders, and bad upbringings when it comes to mild crime such as petty theft. I have no sympathy, however, for anyone who even remotely sympathises with terrorists. I don’t care how bad your life is, how bullied you are, how much shit you’re dealing with mentally, if you feel the need to take out your anger on innocent people who did nothing to you, who owe you absolutely nothing, you are the worst type of human being (if you can even call yourself that) there is. I long for a day when all this pointless killing is just a distant nightmare. I hope my government, as well as the US and European governments will figure a way to destroy these terrorists with the least amount of casualties from our side. Too many people have died to do nothing anymore.

Christianities appropriation into the Jian Naodai culture is one
steeped in misinterpretation, indigenous lore, belief and disbelief.
First contact between missionaries and indigenous people were quite
peaceful. Multiple Christian sects were introduced on this bustling
trading port plant with Catholicism and Mormonism being the most active.

The Jian Nodai are the sole dominant race and span throughout the
planet. Each is a unique but similar extension of one another, sharing
certain ideologies, yet different cultural attitudes and customs.
Groups live within their own territories and are relatively peaceful
towards one another.

Not a Dogmatic race the Jian Naodai’s spiritual philosophies are
animistic in nature. Highly intricate and complex, it is a
spirituality riddled with “divine” planetary beings and sentient
natural forces. Their beliefs, while not overt, are intertwined in
their secular life, where their heavenly bodies are not above or below
them but live and die amongst them.

The formalized sects of Christianity brought a sense of religious
structure and universal law to a highly diverse and semi nomadic
people.Yet as old world customs were beginning to be lost and
Christian teachings become more in depth and strict many clans of Jian
Naodai began rejecting these alien faiths.

It was the Catholic belief of transubstantiation of the Eucharist,
which sparked the initial resistance. A religion founded on the
teachings of a risen from the dead man god who’s followers ate his
‘flesh and blood’ was taken with great horror and touched upon racial
taboos of Partaking of flesh and necromancy. This piece of information
harkened to the indigenous belief shared across all tribes of the

Christianity became synonymous with the belief in these necromantic
lords. Luwongne are believed to be plague binging, carnivorous,
reanimated bodies of Jian Naodai and are able to summon the dead and
other forces as its army. They are believed to convert living
followers promising them power and riches.

It is not entirely know whether or not the supernatural aspects of
the Luwongne stems from any truth. As Luwongne do in fact exist. They
are typically rogue warlords and are a possible threat to Jian Nodai
tribes. Many in fact came to use Christian iconography and see Jesus
as a necromantic deity.

This sparked hysteria across the planet similar to the witch craze
that plague earth’s history. Human inhabitants of the planet,
regardless of faith, were regularly attacked believed to be Luwongne
henchmen. Churches and other human built infrastructures are regularly
attacked and destroyed. Fellow Jian Naodai who became devote or
suspected to be Christian are ritually sacrificed to tar pits.

Im not a Christian because i dont need society, a fictitious book written by man, or some being in the skies telling me how to live my life. I dont do good things because ill go to hell and displease “god” if i dont.

I do them because thats just what youre supposed to do.

Im not filled with “emptiness” or whatever else they say about Atheist.

My mind is free and im at peace because i know i have control over my destiny.

This is not an attack on religion, exactly the opposite.

I have faith that humanity will one day become accepting of others, despite beliefs and features

I will accept you if you’re gay. i will accept you if you’re a different race. I will accept you if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc. I will even accept you if you like Miracle Whip.

Its your life and im not going to waste mine stressing and hating the decisions anyone makes in theirs.

Through the advancement of science, we will grow to understand. I want this for my grandchildren.

And the only thing that stands between us and our destiny is the same thing thats stood in between for millenniums. 

Organized Religion. Its killed more people than any war that has ever been. Or could even ever possibly come.