attack on drifting

Hey, everybody! I’ve been having a hard time in my life right now (aka overwhelming anxiety and the occasional panic attacks) and have been drifting away from God. Please, keep me in your prayers.

I love ya’ll a lot. God bless. <3

The problem with me is that I hate change. I’ve had change my whole life and I just want something to last. Just one friendship or relationship. You probably don’t realize it but things are changing. I’m losing you but you don’t seem to notice because you’ve got a new distraction; a new person. We are drifting and its not much longer until it’s just done and we question what happened.

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Sorry this is another sad one, but could you could you write MTMTE Cyclonus, Whirl, Ratchet and Drift comforting their bot s/o when they find them so upset and panicked that they can't even stand up. Maybe carrying them to berth and holding them?

No problem, anon. Hope this helps!

Cyclonus scoops you up and carries you to berth. He sets you in his lap and starts singing softly to you, stroking your back until you calm down. Then he watches over you while you get some rest.

Whirl is worried, and thinks someone might have hurt you. He’s about to go wreck some sorry glitch until you tell him what’s going on. When he picks you up to take you to berth he’s extremely careful; his claws aren’t really built for cuddles. He lays your helm on his lap and is alert with guns at the ready while you take a nap. He’s not sure what kind of threat he’s expecting, but damn if he’s not ready for it.

Ratchet thinks you’re injured at first and is about to take you to the medbay before he realizes you’re having a panic attack. He urges you to stretch out a bit and rubs your back, whispering soothing nothings until you’re calmer. Then he carries you bridal style to your berth and gets you an energon cube. He holds you against his chest and instructs you to take small sips.

Drift gently cups your face and gets you to focus on him. He tells you it’s okay, he’s got you, you’re safe. He carries you to berth and situates you in his lap facing him, and guides your helm to lay on his shoulder. He wraps his arms around you and rocks you gently, sending comfort through his EM field.

Josh Dun x Reader | Soulmate AU

(I’m on mobile so there’s no space whatsoever, but I’m grammatically correct so give me a chance) AU prompt where reader draws their soulmate, until one day their soulmate comes into a coffee shop as they’re drawing them. (wooow I’m bad at this) saw the prompt on AO3 and thought I would try this shit out •josh dun x reader •No trigger warnings, unless the coffee shop au makes you angry?? •fluff ______ You had been drawing him for as long as you can remember. You never understood what was so special about him, he was just a boy to you. But you never failed to bring him to life in the only way you could. What started out as stick figures of him on the play ground or at school had slowly progressed into more detailed sketches. Most were of him doing everyday things like eating, tying his shoes, or even brushing his teeth. Anything you pictured he would be doing around the same time you did. Your mother later informed you that this was what people called ‘having a soulmate’. He was four years older than you. You had figured it out when you sketched him with a graduation cap on when you first made it into high school. You frowned at the thought of never seeing him, but for all you knew, he could be across the country, hell, maybe even the world. You eventually started painting him, bringing the blank sketches to life with pale skin, the intricate swirls of a completed sleeve tattoo on his right arm, and bright, ever changing neon colored hair that constantly stayed tousled like he had just rolled out of bed. You made sure to put the small freckles across his broad shoulders and chest when you pictured him shirtless, and to make his deep, brown eyes gaze into yours with the want and need you felt for him. You wouldn’t even deny the fact that you’ve drawn him in more intimate ways, imagining what it would be like to see him in person, instead of on a piece of paper. Twenty four years of your life have gone by, and you still couldn’t get the image of this man out of your mind. No matter how many times you drew him, screamed at him, cried yourself to sleep, your heart still laid open for him for when the time came. That’s what soulmates are for. His everlasting presence in your mind never hindered you from experiencing life. You’ve laid with men and women, you’ve had relationships, though they never lasted. You weren’t adamant on hunting him down, you knew that was unlikely. Everyone goes through a ‘trial-and-error’ faze in their lifetime, it’s simply how it goes. You never relied on your artistic abilities for a career, especially when all you could ever draw was him. A bowl of fruit looked as if it was painted by a toddler every time you attempted to branch out from your norm, so you accepted the fact that the only thing you’ll ever be perfect at displaying would be him, so you went into marketing. You love your job, and you love your life. Sure, it had that ever present loneliness, but you always have hope that it wouldn’t last too long. You were only twenty four, you have more life to live. But you never stray far from what you knew, and that was every intricate detail of him. From the length of his legs to his broad chest, to the crooked grin he seemed to always wear and the shaved hair on the sides of his head. Which is why you made weekly visits to the local coffee shop downtown to pay your respects. At least twice a week, you would curl up in the corner of the room, a steaming cup of coffee, for the after work sessions, or the green tea you always drank to calm you and keep you concentrated on the task at hand, which never seemed to be a problem now that you think about it. It was an especially cold day today, the frosty wind making your cheeks tinge in pain as it blew fiercely. You quickly ran to the coffee shop, bursting through the door with a sigh of relief and a smile, which quickly dropped at the sight of a group of teenagers sitting in your designated, unassigned seat in the corner, all of them chatting avidly amongst themselves. With a huff, you grabbed your green tea and plopped down at a table, the only thing open since the wind would sometimes blow inside the shop, making the customers sit in the back of the room. You pulled out your sketch pad and pencil and continued your previous drawing of your soulmate, who was clad in a coat and beanie, quite appropriate for the current weather, you though to yourself. Your mind pictured him with pink windblown cheeks, and the tip of his nose slightly red from the frigid air. The tip of his pink hair flipping out from under the beanie as he bit his bottom lip. You closed your eyes as you envisioned him, smiling to yourself at the sheer perfection that he seemed to radiate off of himself. The bell jingled above the door, a rather large gust of wind blowing into the small cafe, sending your unexpected body into a shiver attack, and your sketches to drift off of the table. You squeaked in surprise, quickly jumping up to retrieve them before they blew out of the door, and before anyone could get a good look at them. Your latest sketch drifted farther than the others did, making you shuffle to the door to snatch it off the ground. Before you could reach down, a large, pale hand picked the sketch up, making you bit the lip, a tinge of embarrassment brushing across your cheeks in a deep blush. “Sorry, I think you dropped this.” The man amended, flipping it over to hand it to you. You nodded, reaching out and grasping the page lightly as your embarrassment only grew, “Yeah, sorry, the wind blew my stuff away-” The grip on the other end never faltered, making your heart rate pick up in alarm. You took a quick glance up at the man to see what the fuss was about, and your blood ran cold as you spot a tuft of pink hair under a beanie, and deep brown eyes boring into yours. Your mouth hung agape as you studied his features, though you didn’t have to since his face has been permanently etched into your mind since you were a little girl. His eyes skipped across your face, drinking in the image of you like you were a glass of water in the middle of the desert. His mouth fell open in astonishment, “Holy shit-” “-It’s really you.” You finished, the air flying out of your chest as your fingertips went numb. He continued to stare at you, every emotion known to man flashing in his eyes all at once. Your heart beat was erratic as the thought slowly came to fruition. He pulled his free hand out from his coat pocket and slowly held it out to you, “My- my name is Josh Dun.” You stared at the hand in disbelief, the same hand that plagued your thoughts your entire life. This hand belonged to him. Your soul mate. Josh Dun. You slowly slipped your hand in his, shaking it with a breathless laugh, “I’m (y/n). It’s nice to finally meet you.”

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Kiss Me on My Eyes (Jonghyun x Reader)

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Kiss Me on My Eyes

(내 두 눈에 입 맞춰)

Jonghyun x Reader     (Kim Jonghyun of SHINee)

One-shot scenario

a/n: some strong angst. Jong is rumored to be insecure about himself so here’s a scenario based off of that. Inspired by the line from ‘View’ where it says “Nae du nune ip majchwo” (Kiss me on my eyes). slight AU- SHINee is living in the dorm.

description: When you comfort Jonghyun’s insecurities.


“Kibum, get out,” Jonghyun casually stated upon entering their shared room in the SHINee dorm. Key, who was sprawled on his bed, rolled onto his side to glare at Jonghyun. You entered the room right behind Jonghyun, watching anxiously to see if a fight would erupt. It was basically a reflex for Jonghyun to shout those 3 words at his dark haired roommate every time that the two of you would enter the room. Key went back to his original position laying on his back. He exhaled slowly and spoke at a low volume in an attempt to keep his cool.

“Hyung, it’s my room too, I have every right to be in here,” Key stared at the ceiling as he spoke.

“Yeah, well you’d understand the need for privacy if you had a girlfriend,” Jonghyun grabbed your hand and pulled you onto his bed with him. You groaned, knowing that if Key wouldn’t leave out of his own will, Jonghyun would try to annoy him into leaving. He abruptly pushed your head down into his broad chest, leaving you blushing. Jonghyun began placing big, sloppy, noisy kisses all over your forehead. Key sighed and threw his legs over his bed.

“Success…” Jonghyun whispered into your ear.

“You guys are gross, I’m leaving,” Kibum mumbled as he walked across the room. He stopped in the open doorway and turned around to face you, “Behave, no funny business…” Kibum pointed at you, “I don’t need a mini-Jonghyun running around here to bother me in addition to the one we already have…“ he closed the door behind him. 

Your eyes widened and you looked up at Jonghyun to see that he had a matching expression. You both burst out laughing, Jonghyun’s smile reaching practically from ear to ear. Just as you calmed down, you made the mistake of making eye contact with him again and then burst out laughing all over. You were caught in a vicious cycle of calming down, then looking at each other and being unable to hold in the laughter again. You decided that the only way to calm down was to look away and rest your head on Jonghyun’s chest, which was still raising up and down with a slight chuckle. Jonghyun’s right hand reached down to meet your left hand, your fingers entwining. You felt his lips press against the top of your head before he laid his head on top of yours. 

You felt at peace, snuggling with your boyfriend like this. In the silence that followed the laugh attacks, your mind drifted back to what Key said about having a mini-Jonghyun around. Your lips tugged into a smile as you tried to imagine what Jonghyun’s children would look like. More specifically, you wondered what Jonghyun’s children with you would look like. You wondered if they would have their daddy’s hair, or maybe your (e/c) eyes. You wondered if they’d have a cute button nose and Jonghyun’s smile. You wondered if you and Jonghyun would even be together long enough to have children together. Only time would tell.

”(y/n),“ Jonghyun said, breaking the silence. You could feel the vibrations of Jonghyun’s low voice rumble through his chest when he spoke. You hummed your acknowledgement as you rubbed your thumb across his hand. "I..” Jonghyun stumbled over his words. The arm that was draped around your waist tensed up.

“What’s on your mind, jagiya?” you asked softly. You listened to what was once his slow and steady heartbeat pick up in pace. Concern growing for him, you laid a soft kiss onto his chest. The next time Jonghyun spoke, his voice was barely a whisper. 


Your thumb immediately froze its motion on his hand. Everything? you thought to yourself. Does he mean everything involving our relationship? Your nerves started getting the best of you. You had been noticing lately that Jonghyun was growing distant from you. The dark circles under his eyes were more noticeable as well. He thought you hadn’t noticed anything different but he was wrong. You were worried.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?” you spoke hesitantly, expecting the worst. Jonghyun hesitated, taking a moment before getting the courage to say what was on his mind.

“I don’t know how else to say it. I’m worthless,” Jonghyun took a deep breath, “People expect so much from me, (y/n)…I feel the weight of that every single minute of every single day. They don’t know me. They know some perfect version of me. Someone that I will never be. I know that when they actually see me for who I am, it will always let them down… it’s only a matter of time before everyone sees me for who I really am. I’m not good enough. All I do is let everyone down…” his voice trailed off. You lifted your head up to see him. What on earth would make him think he wasn’t good enough? The look in Jonghyun’s tear-filled eyes made your heart stop. He was in so much sincere pain. He started speaking again before he gave you a chance to respond. 

“Why are you with me, (y/n)?” his voice began shaking, “I’m not special. I’m not talented. There are so many people who can perform better than me,” your left hand slid up his chest to cup his face as he continued speaking.

 "How can you even look at me. I’m disgusting. Everything about me. My nose, my mouth, my eyes, even my skin… I’m hideous,“ Tears began rolling down his face as he inhaled and exhaled uncontrollably. You tried your best to wipe away the tears with your thumb, but they kept streaming down. He closed his eyes tightly.

"Jonghyun…” you spoke softly, trying to comfort him, “what brought this on? Listen to me, Jonghyun, look at me,” he opened his eyes and looked at you. “You are one of the most incredible men that I know. You put your heart and soul into everything you do and the world can see that. Don’t be scared of disappointing others, jagiya, what matters is that you enjoy what you do and that you are happy. Just know that I am so proud of you,” you smiled sweetly at him, “and you’re special to me. You’re beautiful both inside and out… I know how much you love and care for others. I’ve seen and felt that love first hand. But what you shouldn’t do is care about their opinions of you.”

Tears continued to fall from his brown eyes as you spoke. “And what do you mean you’re hideous? I love your skin,” you slowly leaned forward and pecked his cheek, “and your nose,” you tilted your head and kissed the tip of his nose, “and your mouth,” you moved down to place a chaste kiss onto his mouth, “and your eyes, the eyes that I could get lost in,” you leaned back up and Jonghyun’s eyes fluttered shut, allowing you to place a sweet kiss on his left eye. You placed an idetical kiss on his right eye. You kissed away the tears down his cheek before making your way back to his soft lips.

“I don’t deserve you,” Jonghyun mumbled into the kiss. You smiled against his lips. 

“Stop that. You have me now and that’s all that matters,” you could feel Jonghyun return the smile against your lips.

“I love you, (y/n),” he said softly as he looked up into your eyes.

“I love you too, Jonghyun,” you closed the distance between the both of you. Jonghyun kissed you slowly, showing you all of his love and devotion.

In that moment, Jonghyun didn’t feel the pressure of the world for once. All he felt was your lips on his and peace of mind. 



Key opened the door of his and Jonghyun’s darkened bedroom. He looked over at Jonghyun’s side of the room only to see that you were still there, fast asleep in his arms.

He had to admit, even though his hyung could be pretty annoying, the two of you made a great pair. With a sigh, Key took a step out of the room and gently closed the door. He came to terms with the fact that he would be sleeping on the couch yet again.