attack of the snack foods

Personal Weekly GMM/GMMore roundup! (1196-1200)




They started out with clickbait xD Tbh, they didn’t fool me at all. As I commented before on youtube, they’ve been together for 30 years, and if they had to leave, it wouldn’t be like this :P good try tho, boys. But the video hit the 1M mark in like 10 hours. Even when it wasn’t on the trending page, it kept raking up views. Currently, it stands at 3M+ views, behind only Liquefied Food Taste Test and Hot Snack Attack Showdown.  Clickbait, more often than not, is a great way to get ze views. The video itself was funny. It was cute how they apolgised for clickbaiting us lol. 

I didn’t watch the Secret Lives video. Gonna do that after my book arrives.

This week we also celebrated Rhett’s bday! plus the innuendo with the toy lol. Link was so Linky in this ep. loved it! and the weeeeird 40 hand massage xD 

MY fave eps were the dance challenge and the meatball game! The gmmores of both the eps were highly entertaining too! Great comedy content.

I’m surprised that this week there are 3 videos which haven’t hit the 1M mark. (They;ve made their week’s worth with the Leaf Pile and clickbait video tho lol) I’m guessing because the book came out and everyone’s busy with BOM and TOM? Hmmm.