attack of the minivengers

100th Follower request- loki-dokeyMy favourite scene from her lovely fanfic, Attack of the Minivengers.

I feel horrible that this took me so long to finish; I’ve been so busy and to top it off, I redrew this so many times. ;w; I hope you like it, dear!

Attack of the Minivengers: Chapter Two (10:23)
Written by Loki-dokey, Read by Invisible Inque
Attack of the Minivengers: Chapter Two (10:23)

Here it is! Chapter Two of Loki-dokey’s fabulous fic Attack of the Minivengers! It’s so much fun to read but I’m still so amazed that other people are listening to me do it!

Seriously guys, I’m so flattered that you’re enjoying my silly antics! I’ve been trying very hard to learn as I go on. You may find that by the END of this particular track that I have a slight grasp on how my sound editing software works and Lil’ Loki no longer sounds like he’s talking into a tin can. Also, I’m trying really, REALLY hard to distinguish my regular speaking voice from my “Tony Voice” (I put that in quotes because it’s mostly just me gritting my teeth a little) and for the love of Thor, forgive me for my Fury voice. I am the exact opposite of Nick Fury. It most definitely sounds so.

Anyway, please enjoy listening to my rendition of Chapter Two of Attack of the Minivengers!

‘“Oh crap.” The smell hits Clint’s nose before anyone’s. “MAYDAY MAYDAY WE HAVE A SITUATION IN THE HULL.”

Everyone freezes. Glances are shared this way and that.

Clint looks absolutely petrified.

“GO GO GO!” Pepper yells suddenly, and before Clint can think another thought, or move even a fraction, he’s alone in the nursery. There’s a click as the door is locked. Through the glass, the others wave with smirks on their faces. Clint’s jaw falls open. Tony sobs.

“Diapers are in the closet!” Tasha calls.

“Don’t forget to make sure he’s squeaky clean!” Bruce hoots.

Very slowly, Clint moves his eyes from (don’t say it don’t say it he’s learnt too many bad things from you already) those people outside the door to the unhappy child in his hands whose stink is something that rivals and possibly even beats Clint’s own farts. A part of Clint’s brain is impressed. The rest of his brain is disgusted.

“When you become an adult again I am going to fire an arrow into your butt and you will never poop again, let alone sit down.”’