attack of the autobots

Quit telling everyone I’m dead!

Basically the Orion Pax arc.
Also the moment I realize, that bullshit Megatron was telling Orion about the title was truth. The Autobots or the Senate was like: They are lying jerks! They… they are Decepticons!
And the Decepticons was like: ……..Yes. We are liars. We are totally lying about attacking you.
And the Autobots: Hmmmm… They pretend they can`t lie. Another deception!
Seriously guys, how you can be the Decepticons if Optimus Prime decepting better then you.

One thing that I love about Bayformers Sideswipe is that he is not only majestic on his sexy goddamn wheelfeet, but he is damn good looking.

Although he doesn’t show much character in ROTF/DOTM, I instantly fell in love with him for just one simple line that screamed borderline cockiness.

That line really sold my soul to him.

He was given a bit more lines and a little more character, as well as a fantastic close up on his face that just made me squeal VERY loudly.

“And we’ll let you escape with your dignity.”

Damn that voice of his is so fucking awesome! What surprises me more though was the way how he commanded the Autobots after Ironhide died (he was the SIC of the Autobots for a time) and the other Autobots were more than happy to follow his orders, like how he ordered Que to get moving as well as ordering the Autobots to attack Sentinel Prime. Now it makes me really miss him very much, but thank god for headcanon.

If anyone can do me a favour, would they please be able to do some gifs of Sideswipe being fucking gorgeous in Dark of the Moon, this fangirl will be SOOO pleased. Who doesn’t just love Sideswipe being so majestic and awesome!

Alternate universe idea...

Somehow, a portal to another dimension is opened, and Bumblebee is sucked into it. Once seeing himself in a similar, and yet different place, he ends up seeing Steeljaw. The two threaten and almost fight, but their discussion is cut short by that world’s Bumblebee, who doesn’t have his voice box fixed and surprises them both.

After he escapes, Steeljaw apologizes for the inconvenience, and Bee is left completely confused over what just happened. Luckily, when Steel (he tells him he prefers being call this way) takes him to the steelmill and introduces him to his team, he explains that in that universe, the Decepticons are protectors of the universe, traveling in the Alchemor to fights against the ruthless Autobots. However, their ship was crashed and their companions lost around the Earth. Their only weapons are their “Autobot Attackers” (that world’s Decepticon Hunters).

That world’s Bumblebee reunites with his team and he plans to open a portal to his lord’s return, and the extraction of the planet’s energy sources would serve them on the subject.

As they get to know each other better, Bee ends up finding Steel loves the Earth as much as he does, and that he feels he has a home again. This makes Bee question himself over Steeljaw’s reasons, and how he never really wondered about it. Steel then points out how insecure he is over his leadership, despite having such a supportive and caring team. Surely is clear both have a lot in common.

“You think that… if your Steeljaw weren’t such a dreadful nemesis, you and him could have become-”

“Friends? I’m not sure… but it WOULD be worth trying if he gave me the chance.”

Well, the Decepticons do find out Bumblebee’s plans, but arrive too late; Nemesis Prime crosses the portal and fatally injures Steel. He however shows traces of insanity and claims the Earth for himself, calling his most loyal servent a weakling.

Steel is revived thanks to his team, who never really tried their weapons’ full potential. After their activate it, they manage to defeat Nemesis Prime once and for all. Bumblebee, despite his abuse, do show his hatred grew bigger, and as he runs away with his team, he swears revenge in his non-speaking way.

Steel and his team manage to get Bee a new portal, and he promises Steel that even if he doesn’t really become friends with his world’s Steeljaw, they would ALWAYS be Friends, and tells him to never doubt himself. Before he enters the portal, he also tells Steel he can use his catchphrase in that world, since no one was using it.

hey remember that transformers episode where megatron convinced all of humanity that the autobots were bad and the decepticons were good by showing them a video of starscream and some other guys in halloween costumes they probably got from the cybertronian equivalent of party city

and everybody believed them even though the decepticons had already been around for like a year entirely consisting of them doing evil things and attacking people while the autobots spent that year helping everyone they could and generally being benign protagonists

g1 was a real fun trip

anonymous asked:

In MTMTE 4 Pipes and Ratchet talk about Swerve seeing the DJD killing someone. Is it possible that this was the time when he was shot with Agent's 113 bullet? And how Agent 113 was reporting to the Autobots? Wasn't he trapped in the pet's body?

Let me answer your latter question first:

Dominus Ambus was not trapped as the pet, being a loadbearer he “wore” an armor, a different altmode. When Tarn and the other DJD members found out that he was an Autobot agent, they stripped him off his armor, forced him to transform into beastmode, removed his t-cog and domesticated him.


MTMTE #43. Everything snaps into place.

MTMTE #21, #29. Swerve reveals he has an old shoulder injury.

MTMTE #13: Swerve doesn’t have a badge

MTMTE #4: Swerve had a run-in with the DJD

Transformers #28 (First ongoing): Swerve appears with patch on his shoulder, sans Autobot badge.

Last Stand of the Wreckers, hardcover, “Bullets”: Agent 113′s calling card:

“Your friend has a funny way of making contact.” First aid had said when he’d got in touch three days earlier, and he was right. Terrified of being detected, the increasingly eccentric Agent 113 had developed a unique way of reporting his findings. Instead of, say, a midnight rendezvous on the steps of the Chomskian Embassy, he would wait until the DJD attacked some Autobots and then shoot the ‘enemy’ with a data-laced bullet. Springer had had to make sure that select medics at key facilities were always on the lookout for Agent 113′s calling card: a single bullet hole in the right ‘eye’ of an Autobot symbol.

I mean holy crap. All that setup for a two-bit bartender who got shot in the shoulder, appeared sans badge in 2011, relevation in 2015, FOUR YEARS LATER!


A lot of Pen’s history can be divided into 3 sections: pre-war crap, Egress, and settlement. I’ma’ touch a little on Egress here, and hopefully I’ll get to fleshing more of it out later.

Egress was an organization founded by Penchant and Turnaphrase just after the initial string of Decepticon terror attacks. It’s purpose centered around retrieving other civilians caught in the Decepticon/Autobot crossfire, where Autobots couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene. Egress had about 80 members from varying city-states, though mostly Altihex as it had originated there. These were untrained civilians that had a burning desire to assist rather than flee. Many were stricken with the loss of their close friends, and Egress was a way to channel their anger and sorrow into action.

Egress had some loose divisions and ranks, which Penchant and Turnaphrase often warred about, as they hadn’t exactly aimed to create another faction. Turnaphrase insisted that order would save lives, so Penchant eventually relented.

There were 4 divisions, Medical, Communications, Defense, and Rescue. They had insignias as well but I haven’t drawn ‘em yet, whups.

In the order they’re pictured, left to right - Loupe, a medical intern from Protihex, led the Medical division. Trefoil, an ATC dispatcher from the Hydrax Plateau, led the Communications division. Latch, an armorist from Yuss, led the Rescue division. All from the intellectual or scientific classes.  Tripwire and Steelspur, Manganese hunters (or pest control), led the Defense division.

More later!

People keep saying Steeljaw isn’t a bad guy, that he was just defending himself, that he solely wants to be free and peaceful on his own. That he only lashed out at Strongarm when it became apparent he couldn’t reason with her.

He. Set. A. Trap.

Watch the third episode again. He KNEW Autobots were on Earth. That stasis pod was empty; we know that because we never see anyone emerge from it before or after. If he wanted to free a new “brother or sister”, we would have had a second Decepticon there at some point. The only possible role it could have filled in this scenario is to serve as part of a ruse.

He wanted the Autobots to come find him. He wanted to get one close, he WANTED to take Strongarm off guard, he WANTED to lie to her. The whole scene in that episode is a constructed scenario of Steeljaw’s design to attack an Autobot and manipulate them into doing what he wanted.

Look at his actions. Look at his expressions when he’s communicating with Strongarm and she can’t see his face.

What role Steeljaw’s ambitions serve and their place in the bigger picture are are as of yet unrevealed. But his role in episode 3? Those specific events? Were him making a premeditated effort to draw in, attack, and coerce another individual.

He is not the “good guy” in this scenario, by any stretch of the imagination.


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8. Schoolboy & Egbert - Hero Down
9. Noisia & Foreign Beggars pres. I Am Legion - Make Those Move
10. Yellow Claw vs. Snoop Dogg & Pharell - DJ Drop It Like It’s Turnt Up (Camson Mash Up)
11. Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo - Rvtchet Bitch (Milo & Otis Remix)
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108. Virtual Riot - Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix)
109. Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford, Bourke & Vegas, MUST DIE!, & Nero - I’m Alive, Must Be The Feeling Called Love (R1CK ROCK Smashup)
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112. Krewella - Live For The Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
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