attack of hussie

that did not take as long as i thought it would

but jesus christ, looking at scratch’s logs now is like reading one of hal’s logs in white. i cannot believe the original theory didn’t take off more. doc scratch is ar with less bro puns and more omniscience. the repetition and insistence on their good qualities, the over explanations of mundane things, the arrogance and self-assurance, the obvious delight in psychologically messing with people, the whole ‘i’m doing this for everyone’s sake, i’m not evil’, FUCK

it’s hard to pick out specific things, the above are all just general comparisons of their personalities and manner of speaking. did find a couple things in his conversation with rose though

almost had an arquius/equius moment

the sentence structure is referencing something rose said earlier, but that particular insult came out of absolutely nowhere and is incredibly ‘strider’

and of course

Since I join fandoms in an incredibly ridiculous speed I really need some new blogs to follow (again). So please reblog/like this or whatever if you post some of the following:

→ Kuroko no Basket (!!!!!!!)
→ Kill la Kill
→ Dangan Ronpa
→ Homestuck
→ Noragami
→ Shingeki no Kyojin
→ Gintama
→ Kyoukai no Kanata
→ Durarara (!!!)
→ dmmd
→ free!

I hope I didn’t forget to mention KnB, I just watched both seasons in one day and absolutely obsess over this Anime.
SnK is always welcomed but a few durarara or gintama blogs would be nice as well