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Imagine Dean giving you his jacket to wear because he noticed you shivering.

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You were sitting on the hood of the Impala with Dean, bags of heart-attack inducing fast food at your sides. Sam was in the car, his flashlight trained on the book he was reading.

You finished your burger, crumpled up the wrapper and put it in the empty bag. You sighed and leaned back on your hands against the hood of the Impala.

Dean looked back at you with a smile.

“What? You asked.

“I’m just impressed with the speed you ate that burger at. Most girls are embarrassed to eat like that in front of a dude. But not you. In fact, you put dudes to shame,” Dean said.

You laughed. “I’m going to take that as a compliment. And, I’m not like most girls.”

“Very true,” Dean said, leaning back with you.

The two of you were silent, just looking up at the night sky and its glittering stars. A breeze kicked up, rustling the near by trees and causing you to shiver. You sat up, rubbing your bare arms.

“You cold?” Dean asked, sitting up to look at you.

“Yeah, but I left my jacket back at the motel,” You answered.

“Well, here.” Dean shrugged his jacket off and handed it to you. When you didn’t take it, it shook it. “Go on, take it.”

You smiled at Dean and took the jacket from him. You slipped it on and zipped it up, snuggling deep into the warmth Dean left in it. It smelled really good, like Dean’s soap and the leather seats of the Impala.

“Better?” Dean asked, scooting closer to you.

“Mhmm. Much. Thank you,” You answered, closing the little space left between the two of you.

friendly reminder that if you swear at or otherwise verbally attack fast food workers for doing their jobs, you are literally the worst kind of person!!!! we cannot defend ourselves without putting our jobs on the line!!!! we don’t get paid enough to deal with your crap!!!! please be kind!!!! what a novel concept!!!!!!

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Actually Australian and British fast food prices are significantly higher than their American counterparts, and the meals are much larger, and that's what's considered a problem. Fast food provides very little nutritional value but in America it's so widely available, and that's what the issue is. The drinks comparison might not be 100% accurate but it is demonstrating something entirely correct

Fast food actually provides a lot of nutrition. I know people like to use ‘nutrition’ as code word for ‘Good Food’, and being calorie dense, with carbs, sodium, trans fat, fast food sits firmly in the Bad Food category, regardless of nutritional content.

Yes, fast food tends to be calorie-heavy, but they’re not empty calories. I really don’t understand why people think a fast food bought burger is going to be devoid of nutrition while a home made burger is stacks of protein. You still have beef, veggies, bread. The same shit as when you make it at home.

Past that, I’m not even going to touch the nutrition side of fast food. It’s been done to death, and you can search tags and use google. Here’s a link to get you started:

They still need proteins, which to get the most out of, you MUST pair with a carbohydrate–the carb is fast burning energy, protein long burning.

I think it’s funny that even though fine dining is actually no more healthy, it’s a McDouble that’s always pointed at as the harbinger of the apocalypse.

Fast food is attacked because it is primarily consumed by poor people: day laborers, landscapers, the homeless, racial minorities, the disabled, fast food workers, undocumented people… People who -need- to get as much calories as they can for a dollar.

Yes, America has a diet problem. But it’s not too much fast food, it’s lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, because these come at premium prices. It’s how our food system works in general that’s causing problems.

But you right, there’s a real problem.

It’s a cheeseburger combo meal being 3, 4 dollars and a bag of spinach leaves (lettuce is actually lower in nutritional content than that McDouble) being 3, 4 dollars. That’s causing us problems.

It’s soda being cheaper to buy at the store than water is. (Nb4 ‘turn on the taps!’ It must be nice to live somewhere that drinkable tap water is a guarantee)

The real problem is workers being expected to work a 40 hour work week, even though studies have shown time and time again that it’s far from the most productive schedule…but does make the best consumers.

It’s food deserts, driving ten extra miles out your way for a fresh green bean or only a mile from your house for canned–soaked in salt, leached of a lot of nutrition, sugars added; it’s lack of public transportation; it’s the forced idea that if you aren’t functioning independently as a nuclear family you are a failure;

It’s student debt where even adjusted for inflation is more than keeping my generation from being home owners, the higher education business booming off us–public universities having increased tuition by 20% AFTER inflation in the five years between my eighth grade year and my junior year of high school, keeping us all pissing away what little money we have on rent that we have to split with a roommate, two roommates, three.

It’s minimum wage needing to be a minimum of $11 to have the same buying power as in the sixties, while those same fast food workers who are making that7.25 making that McDouble are doing a job that from my experience working as a CNA and as fast food is harder than the much praised job of both a CNA and a nurse

(that thank god a lot of fast food places give their employees one free meal per shift–there were so many times when that was all I ate that day–god knows I wasn’t looking for healthy, I was looking for 'what will get me through this shift and keep me from passing out?)

The real problem is living in a country where Harvard turned away a smaller percentage of applicants than a newly opened fast food restaurant

It’s parents both having to work 40 hour work weeks so they can provide for their child, meaning there’s no time or energy to make a meal that takes 2 hours prep time

It’s the prison industrial system, literally slave labor so that companies don’t have to pay minimum wage, it’s most convicts being put away for nonviolent crimes, for being drug addicts

It’s the US government intentionally introducing crack cocaine to poor black and Latino neighborhoods

It’s chemical pollution and lead paint levels being through the roof in the ghetto compared to a nice pretty suburb, leaving us even sicker and more tired and more susceptible to illness

The Real problem is Wells Fargo saying they’re giving free lessons to people from disadvantaged families on how to build generational wealth but really being revealed to be an attempt to trick black families into predatory loans

It’s the ongoing practice of redlining

It’s willful miseducation of our children, who are literally being taught that condoms make sex LESS safe, and it’s funded by your tax dollars

Your tax dollars, where schools are funded by a percentage of property tax, so the richer the neighborhood you’re from the better the education, guaranteed.

It’s Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are actually shown to do the most significant damage to metabolisms found in pesticides

Pesticides that studies, hard science, has found to be linked to infertility, higher rates of miscarriage, cancer, birth defects. Killing the bees causing even more of a scarcity of fresh fruits and veggies that the rich don’t feel but we do.

It’s breastfeeding being discouraged so that parents are, through laws and social change, left with no options but formula, which doesn’t have half the nutritional value of breast milk, full of oils and chemicals and costing more than 200$ per month. Even though breastfeeding reduces infant mortality rates. It’s white parents being able to breastfeed more than black parents because of a unique for of economic coercion. Even though breastfeed children grow up healthier and stronger.

Yeah there’s a big problem with how food in America works, but a double cheeseburger doesn’t even come close to touching it, and be damned sure that attacking fast food doesn’t do shit to help the health of a nation.


Yuri arrived early at Okumura Foods corporate office. Recently the CEO had reached out to him to discuss a possible sponsorship deal and as it stands, Yuri desperately needed a sponsor if he was to continue figure skating competitively while he was living here in Japan.

When he had broke the news to his legal guardian, Victor, he couldn’t be more proud of him. The fast food chain the company owned was rapidly expanding and it was only a matter of time they were going to seek out athletes to promote their product.

Although, Yuri had promoted for fast food chains back home in Russia, part of him felt hesitant to support them because as an athlete, he would never be caught in a million years eating greasy, heart attack inducing, fast food. However, if selling out is what it takes to get his expenses funded, then so be it.

Yuri dressed nicely for his meeting. White suit, dark dress shirt, silver tie, uncomfortable and expensive dress shoes. His long platinum blonde hair pulled back neatly in a pony tail. He hated dressing up this nicely, but whatever it took to get this sponsorship, right?

A beautiful young secretary was waiting for Yuri as soon as he walked inside the front lobby. In the best English she could speak, she told him that Sugimura-san was waiting for him. That’s right. Yuri had remembered that Okumura Foods recently got a new CEO, not even that much older than Yuri. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?

He followed the young woman in silence, still feeling a little off. He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t let those feeling take hold of him. Not now. It wasn’t long until they finally reach the door to Sugimura’s office. When give the approval, Yuri hesitantly enter the large office.

What We Know: Munich Shopping Mall Shooting/Attack

At least six dead - German broadcaster

  • German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk reports that six people have been killed in the shooting. AFP are reporting the same number of fatalities, citing police sources.

A hunt is under way in the German city of Munch after at least one shooter opened fire at the Olympia shopping centre.

  • Several people are believed to have been killed, a Munich police spokeswoman said.
  • The city transit system has been shut down and people are asked to avoid public places.
  • “At the moment no culprit has been arrested” and “the search is taking place at high speed”, Munich police said on social media.
  • Police said witnesses reported seeing three different people with guns near the Olympia Einkaufszentrum mall.
  • Police spokesman Thomas Baumann told German news agency dpa the attack started at a fast food restaurant in the mall shortly before 18:00 local time.
  • Public broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk reported that shops in the centre of Munich had closed with customers inside.

Pictured: One of three suspected shooters, still at large

‘Acute terror threat’

  • Police are speaking of an “acute terror threat”, according to local media. 


I’m not even trying to be mean, but I don’t have the time or patience to pretend that the root cause of America’s health problems comes from eating a cheeseburger and not the systematic discrimination that leads to poverty in the first place

Intentional or not, any time you attack the worth of fast food, you’re failing to recognize that there are no other available options for poor people, and I’m not here for that

"Imagine Dean giving you his jacket to wear because he noticed you shivering." One Shot

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You were sitting on the hood of the Impala with Dean, bags of heart-attack inducing fast food at your sides. Sam was in the car, his flashlight trained on the book he was reading.

You finished your burger, crumpled up the wrapper and put it in the empty bag. You sighed and leaned back on your hands against the hood of the Impala.

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