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please stop being classist against poor people who have to eat fast food. like theyre uncultured bc they never had the privileged opportunity you do to eat ~good chicken~ whenever they want chicken meat. come on please dont do this i do not want to unfollow you we've been mutual for years. PLEASE apologize. im poor as fuck and have no kitchen appliances to make hot food with, i often have to eat fast food to make it to a sustainable amount of calories so i can have energy to work long shifts too

You are taking my comment way, way, way, way, way, way more seriously than I meant it. All I meant was that McDonald’s chicken nuggets (specifically) are bad, not some sort of attack on fast food generally, and certainly not some sort of attack on poor people. I did not mean this as any sort of attack on you or anyone else who eats fast food regularly (of which I am definitely one) in any way.

friendly reminder that if you swear at or otherwise verbally attack fast food workers for doing their jobs, you are literally the worst kind of person!!!! we cannot defend ourselves without putting our jobs on the line!!!! we don’t get paid enough to deal with your crap!!!! please be kind!!!! what a novel concept!!!!!!

What We Know: Munich Shopping Mall Shooting/Attack

At least six dead - German broadcaster

  • German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk reports that six people have been killed in the shooting. AFP are reporting the same number of fatalities, citing police sources.

A hunt is under way in the German city of Munch after at least one shooter opened fire at the Olympia shopping centre.

  • Several people are believed to have been killed, a Munich police spokeswoman said.
  • The city transit system has been shut down and people are asked to avoid public places.
  • “At the moment no culprit has been arrested” and “the search is taking place at high speed”, Munich police said on social media.
  • Police said witnesses reported seeing three different people with guns near the Olympia Einkaufszentrum mall.
  • Police spokesman Thomas Baumann told German news agency dpa the attack started at a fast food restaurant in the mall shortly before 18:00 local time.
  • Public broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk reported that shops in the centre of Munich had closed with customers inside.

Pictured: One of three suspected shooters, still at large

‘Acute terror threat’

  • Police are speaking of an “acute terror threat”, according to local media. 


I’m not even trying to be mean, but I don’t have the time or patience to pretend that the root cause of America’s health problems comes from eating a cheeseburger and not the systematic discrimination that leads to poverty in the first place

Intentional or not, any time you attack the worth of fast food, you’re failing to recognize that there are no other available options for poor people, and I’m not here for that