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Daehyun: I’ve heard if you say his name, he appears whenever you are.
Youngjae: Who?
Daehyun: *whispers* Zelo.
Zelo: *appears from behind a vending machine* A-YO!
DaeJae in unison: Holy shit

Bad Things that Happened in 2016: Donald Trump elected, Brexit, Orlando Shooting, Bastille Day Terror Attack, Brussels Bombing, Gator attack, Dallas Police Shooting, Zika outbreak, David Bowie died, Prince died, Alan Rickman died, Gene Wilder died, Muhammad Ali died, Christina Grimmie died, Harambe died, Hurricane Matthew, and general concern over terrorism and the state of the world. 

Good Things that Happened in 2016: Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 7

If you're glad that those five cops in Dallas died, read this.

The children of those five innocent police officers have to grow up fatherless now. They have to live their lives without ever seeing their dad’s again because of one racist terrorist.

Their mom’s will probably have to get a second job or go back to school to get a better degree for a higher-paying job just to support their children.

The spouses of those police officers are widows now. They have to pre-maturely bury their husbands. They’ll never be able to talk to the love of their life again.

The parents of those police officers have to attend their own child’s funeral now. No parent should ever have to go through that.

All of the friends of those police officers will never be able to talk to them, go out to eat with them, or sit down and watch a game together ever again.

All of this suffering was because of one racist animal, Micah Johnson, decided that he wanted to go out and murder five innocent police officers who serve to protect and were just doing their job.

You can’t fight hate with hate. Nobody wins that way. It just causes more death and suffering.

To those who were hurt by the attempted military coup in Turkey over the last 24 hours, we stand with you.

To those who were hurt by the terrorist attack in Nice during a Bastille Day celebration, we stand with you.

To those who were hurt by the shooting in Dallas, Texas, we stand with you.

To those who were hurt by the police violence which caused the peaceful protest in Dallas, we stand with you.

To those who were hurt by the shooting at the Pulse in Orlando, we stand with you.

And to those who seek to bully, intimidate, or bring violence against the peaceful and innocent people of this planet, we stand AGAINST you.


America’s reaction to the Dallas shooter is white privilege at its finest 

On Saturday night, James L. Boulware of Paris, Texas, opened fire on Police Headquarters in Dallas, and engaged officers in a multi-hour standoff ending in his death by sniper.

Many questions arise after incidents like this. Was the perpetrator a terrorist? Did his actions indicate some broader cultural pathology? Will other people who look like him be held accountable for his actions?

The answer, in this case, appears to be no. James L. Boulware is a white man in America, so James L. Boulware’s story gets to be about just James L. Boulware. This is hardly the case for others.