This nest of baby wrens was brought in to us by a member of the public after both parents were killed by a cat. They had decided to nest within the folds of a roll of tarpaulin, so it was an odd sight for our reception team!

Our vet team removed them from their nest and quickly checked them over. Luckily they were unharmed and were placed into an incubator to stay warm.

We get a number of odd admissions like this, and each one is more unusual than the last!


  • multiple shootings and explosions around Paris with dozens of casualties
  • over 100 people were being held hostage at Bataclan venue - the operation to storm the Bataclan is over. Police sources are saying at least 100 people have been killed in the Bataclan concert venue
  • three explosions were reported outside a bar near the Stade de France, where France were playing Germany in a football match 
  • French president François Hollande declared state of emergency, also announced closing of all borders 
  • if you’re in Paris and need shelter, visit the #PorteOuverte hashtag on Twitter
  • Paris authorities have asked people to stay indoors
  • please stay as safe as possible


The refugee camp in Calais, France has been set ablaze in possible retaliation to the attacks unconfirmed, supposedly somebody was spreading pictures from days ago, approach story with caution.


31 Years Since Philadelphia Police Bombed Its Own Residents

A madness caused by the madness of a mayor named Wilson Goode, who should have gone to jail!

Clear terrorism attack on American soil by American terrorists, and people think domestic terrorism does not exist. 

Just because it’s white people committing the act does not mean they are some how excluded!

This was dead to the wrong no matter how you slice it, there are plenty of hate groups and nothing is ever done!  

The justice system is corrupt from top to bottom!

Just wanted to let people know that there was a bombing attack in a major tourist area in Istanbul, Turkey. 10 people were killed with 15 wounded. Probably won’t hear about it ‘cause no Americans died. Some lives are just more important than others.

BTW: When this was written it was 5:00 a.m. SO I did not know what exactly went on and didn’t even know it would gain as much media exposure. I apologize if I offended anyone. When I wrote this I had the intention of reminding people of how bad the media (especially American) is when it comes to representing global news. Yes it’s on the news. Okay. But there have been many other attacks occurring in Turkey the past couple months… October alone had about 100 deaths in Turkey. Most of y'all criticizing me didn’t even know that I’ll bet. This isn’t an isolated event… Yet the media treats it as some ploy against westerners. It’s a strategic attack against Turkey. ‘Cause if you haven’t noticed Turkey is in the middle of combatting conflicts between Syria, Russia, ISIS, and Kurdish rebel groups. I’m not talking about whether I’m against westerners or support this government or that. I’m against media portrayal of global issues.
It’s 3am, and I’m buying a Diet Snapple at my local corner store before calling it a night. I’m on line, waiting for the cashier to come back, and in front of me is a man of Middle Eastern decent, maybe in his 50’s, and two guys that are clearly drunk. I’m minding my own business when one of the guys tapped the Middle Eastern man on the shoulder and said “I hope you’re real fucking proud of what your people did in Paris tonight, you sandnigger motherfucker”. I’m in complete and utter shock of what I just heard but the Middle Eastern man just ignored it, as if this wasn’t the first time today someone’s harassed him. I’m trying to be a typical New Yorker and keep to myself when the other friend said “I can’t wait for Trump to become President and sends your Muslim ass back to Syria” at which point I politely say “guys, how about we leave the gentleman alone and let’s just buy our sodas and chips”. Of course the response from them was “fuck you this has nothing to do with you”. Biting my tongue, I try to keep calm but the guys continue their racist harassment of the guy as we’re waiting for the cashier to come back from wherever the hell he was. After listening to another 20 to 30 seconds of them accusing him of being a terrorist, the Middle Eastern man turns around and he looks like he’s about to respond with angry words that would escalate the situation. Before he could say anything, I don’t know if it was just my instincts to redirect everyone’s attention, but without thinking I quickly and stupidly shouted out “hey do you guys like Korean food?!?” (I just came back from K-Town) and the two of them look at me and were like “huh?”. So I just go “so here… I have leftover Korean BBQ, it’s really good. How about I give it to you and I’ll also buy you your sodas. All that I ask for in exchange is for you to leave the guy alone and we all just go about our night.” Immediately after I said what I said, in my head I’m like “wtf did I just do??”… but wow, it actually worked! The cashier came back the second they said “okay, deal”, I paid $10 for their sodas and snacks and they left the store with some parting words for the Middle Eastern guy.
What happened next is why I still can’t sleep. Once those guys left, the man looked at me, started to cry, and softly said “thank you… thank you”. I just came to him and we hugged each other and I started to cry with him, as if I could feel his pain from the constant racial abuse he faces daily - all because he’s Muslim. He offered to pay me back and cover my drink, I told him to just pay it forward when it’s his turn to help someone. We shook hands and before leaving I told him “Asalamu alaykum” (peace be upon you). Impressed and with a smile, he responds “Wa alaikum salaam” (and upon you, peace).
I’m sharing this story with you guys because I think it’s important to note that the goal of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups is to disrupt our way of life by creating a viscious cycle of hate that breeds xenophobia in our society, leading to further disenfranchisement amongst many in the Muslim community, which creates fresh recruits for the “Caliphate”. I’m telling you now that the best way to say “fuck you ISIS” is by breaking that very cycle of hate - through acts of kindness and love.
If you see your fellow man being abused, stick up for them. I know what I did tonight was a small act, but compound this message of love to 100 people, then 1,000 people, then 10,000 people, then 100,000 people, and then a million people and then an entire society - maybe that’s the real sustainable strategy in beating ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban…
So do the right thing and confront evil with love and please, send your thoughts and prayers to those in Paris.
Btw, the cashier must have felt crazy awkward seeing two grown men crying in front of his register lol… Peace be upon you all.
—  Gary Reloj

The actual weapons used by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on display at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, February 26, 2004. The majority of the items displayed include the pump action shotguns, pipe bombs, and multiple knives each carried during the attack on Columbine on April 20, 1999.  

In the last image you can see the fake guns used during ‘Radioactive Clothing’. Other photos contain objects they possessed but may not have used during the attack.