Man murders tourist in Australia while yelling “Allahu akhbar”

A British tourist has been killed in a hostel in Australia by a French national. She was a 21-year old from Derbyshire who had traveled through Morocco, Turkey, India and Thailand after her studies. The attack took place in Home Hill, North Queensland.

Police arrested the attacker, who is a 29-year old French national. they are investigating whether or not it might have been motivated by Islamic extremism.

The attacker injured several others and for some reason killed a local dog. One of the victims is in critical condition.

Witnesses reported the attacker yelled “Allahu akhbar” during the attack and during the arrest.
“Initial inquiries indicate that comments which may be construed as being of an extremist nature were made by the alleged offender,” said superintendent Ray Rohweder, adding: “We don’t have a motive yet.” Queensland deputy commissioner stated, “We could be dealing with a pure criminal act or something related to mental health or drug issues.”

One local claims he knew the attacker, saying: “He was a really calm guy, always happy. […] One of the guys tried to prevent it from happening, he was stabbed in face 15 times from what I’ve been told.”

The attacker had been in Australia since March on a temporary visa.

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31 Years Since Philadelphia Police Bombed Its Own Residents

A madness caused by the madness of a mayor named Wilson Goode, who should have gone to jail!

Clear terrorism attack on American soil by American terrorists, and people think domestic terrorism does not exist. 

Just because it’s white people committing the act does not mean they are some how excluded!

This was dead to the wrong no matter how you slice it, there are plenty of hate groups and nothing is ever done!  

The justice system is corrupt from top to bottom!

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Just wanted to let people know that there was a bombing attack in a major tourist area in Istanbul, Turkey. 10 people were killed with 15 wounded. Probably won’t hear about it ‘cause no Americans died. Some lives are just more important than others.

BTW: When this was written it was 5:00 a.m. SO I did not know what exactly went on and didn’t even know it would gain as much media exposure. I apologize if I offended anyone. When I wrote this I had the intention of reminding people of how bad the media (especially American) is when it comes to representing global news. Yes it’s on the news. Okay. But there have been many other attacks occurring in Turkey the past couple months… October alone had about 100 deaths in Turkey. Most of y'all criticizing me didn’t even know that I’ll bet. This isn’t an isolated event… Yet the media treats it as some ploy against westerners. It’s a strategic attack against Turkey. ‘Cause if you haven’t noticed Turkey is in the middle of combatting conflicts between Syria, Russia, ISIS, and Kurdish rebel groups. I’m not talking about whether I’m against westerners or support this government or that. I’m against media portrayal of global issues.

The actual weapons used by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on display at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, February 26, 2004. The majority of the items displayed include the pump action shotguns, pipe bombs, and multiple knives each carried during the attack on Columbine on April 20, 1999.  

In the last image you can see the fake guns used during ‘Radioactive Clothing’. Other photos contain objects they possessed but may not have used during the attack.