Endurance (Obi-wan x Reader)

Anon requested: "This is all we have left.“ Perhaps with Obi-Wan?

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Dirt caked every inch of your skin that wasnt protected by your robes. The metallic taste of blood lingered in your mouth although it had been six days since you sustained injuries. You were sweaty, weak, tired and on the brink of losing all hope.

Six days ago your transport crashed on this heat stricken planet, leaving you and your fellow Jedi Obi-wan, injured, lacking supplies, and without any means of communication with the rest of the Jedi council. Now, you wait in a humid cave for your friend to return from scouting the area for any helpful resorces. As every second ticked by, you grew more and more anxious for his well being. You could say that you had become quite…attachted to Obi-wan so the longer he was out in that hot unforgiving landscape in his already weak condition made your stomach turn.

You knew you shouldnt care about him as much as you did but after all the two of you had been through together and all he had done for you… how could you not? Obi-wan was even the one who encouraged you to stick with your training when you felt like giving up your dream of becoming a Jedi knight. Without him, you wouldnt be the person you are today. 

You could feel the warm thoughts of him begin to lull your already fatigued mind until you could feel your heavy eyelids droop down. 

"Maybe…if I just rest my eyes for a bit….” you yawn, allowing yourself to slip into the warm velvety darkness of sleep.

“(yn), wake up.” A fuzzy voice calls to you, you wanted to wake up but its as if your body doesnt want to start up again

“(Yn)! Please stay with me” the voice urges

You feel yourself start to be consumed by the darkness that once comforted you, suffocating you in pitch black. It isnt till someone starts shaking you that you jolt awake and your eyes snap open.

You pant, wide eyed ‘did I almost d-’

“Oh thank god…I almost lost you” Obi-wan sighs out, answering your mental question as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear and wiping the dirt off your face to the best of his ability, you feel the cloth that served as a make-shift gauze for the large gash on his hand brush over your face.

“D-did you find anything?” Your dry voice croaks out

He reaches behind him and reveals a small travel ration, not even enough to sustain a single person.

“I found this in the wreckage. This is all we have left” he says solemnly

“Oh…” you say quietly, you cursed youself for imagining him coming back with the parts to makesome sort of radio or at least enough rations to sate his and your hunger. At the time you thought it was a good idea to think optimistic but now you realized that thinking like that only set you up to be let down.

“O-Obi…I-I’m scared” you whisper out, tears welling in your eyes as you look at him.

He immediatly, encases you in his strong arms, his hand stroking your hair as he soothes you.

“It’s going to be alright (yn). I’m going to take care of you. Thats why I want you to have the ration” he mumbles in your ear

You pull your head back to look at him with concerned eyes.

“What?! Obi-wan no! You need it more than me. You gave me the bigger portion last time we found food and you barely got any! Plus you found it so you should have it” you urge him

“(Yn) listen to me. I could never live with myself knowing I didnt do everything in my power to keep you alive. I care about you more than I care about myself. Youre so special to me, I love you (yn)” he murmers, weakly grabbing your hand and holding it in his

The tears that had threatened to fall before, now spill over as you use al your power to lean forward and press your lips against his. Although the kiss is weak, you cam feel the neediness and the pure adoration in it, the way his hands fall on the fall of your back and pull you close to him.

You pull away breathless but its the best you’ve felt in these six days.

“How about this…” you murmer, resting your forehead on his “you stay alive for me and I’ll stay alive for you?”

“Sounds good enough to me” he chuckles weakly.

After the two of you share the ration, you cuddle up beside him and shut your eyes. Both of you know there’s a chance you might not wake up but in eachothers arms, you do not fear death.

When you awake, youre not met with the same dark dingy surroundings of the cave. The air is clean and fresh, and the walls are white and light green.

You finally realize youre in a hospital, they had found you. A brief flash of relief washes over you before youre once again filled with terror. 

Did Obi-wan make it?

You look to your side and a breath you didnt realize you were holding in is exhaled as you see him resting peacefully in the hospital bed next to you.

Your head fallsback into the pillow and you close your eyes as a relieved smiles quirks at your lips.

You were alive, he was alive, it was over, you had survived and it was all thanks to your love, Obi-wan.