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7•2•17 | 53/100 days of productivity

New study space and I am in love. Hardwood table! So much space! So much natural light! What more could a girl ask for?

🎧: Nightcall: London Grammar

One Day You'll See How Much I Loved You

I fought so hard for us
Just to watch you tear us apart
Always blocking me, ignoring me
You loved seeing me suffer
I never understood why
All I wanted was to stick to you
Be with you, everyday
Go a day without talking to you
Everyday just to be with you
To feel you, to kiss you
But that wasn’t enough for you
Ill always look at the stars to find your reflection
I’ll always love you, that’s all I wanted to ever do

This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

It doesn’t matter whether you were officially in a relationship with her. The fact that you flirted with her was enough. The fact that you gave her attention was enough. The second that you smiled at her, it was all over. She was locked on you. Attached to the idea of you. Don’t hate that she gets attached easily, even though she does. She doesn’t want to fall for someone new the second they lock eyes. She doesn’t want to imagine a future when there’s barely even a present. She doesn’t want to become clingy before becoming close.

But she can’t help it. It’s the way that she is.

She gets attached easily, because she’s starved for attention. She loves the feeling of being touched. Hands brushing through her hair. Fingers tracing over the curves of her back. Palms squeezing tightly together. Forehead kisses and hugs from behind and feather-light arm brushes.

And she has hope that you’re that person.

She has hope that the boy that held the door open for her and texted her good morning really is a gentleman, and isn’t just playing nice to get into her pants. She has hope that almost relationships and friends with benefits will remain in her past. That you will hand her something she’s never experienced before — true love.

You shouldn’t be scared off, because she loves hard and fast. You should appreciate her willingness to jump into a relationship, even though there’s a chance she’ll hit the ground. Even though she could end up with another broken heart to add to her ribcage.

-Holly Riordan

Types As People I Have Met
  • ENTJ: Wants to be a history professor, IS AMAZING AT HISTORY like she even beats mE sometimes and I'm the history queen. She can debate really well. I like her.
  • INTJ: Also wants to be a history professor (what is it with you NTJs?) and really egoistic and surprisingly shallow about relationships and...gross...but he's the smartest person I know. Like he wipes the floor with your brain if he doesn't like you.
  • ENFJ: Acts cute and feminine and has a soft voice until she wants to be loud and then EVERYONE IS SHOOk because she's a great speaker and is GORGEOUS. Great performer and she loves Hamilton!!
  • INFJ: Basically an agoraphobic but really, really insightful. Majored in psychology. May be a psychic. One of the absolute coolest people I know and is also my mom.
  • ENFP: Adores ENFJs and one of my best friends. Cries over web comics and fictional characters. Has big dreams and hardly ever sleeps.
  • INFP: Angel. Romantic, sweet, pure soul. Just wants to be loved and be happy. His own emotions torture him and it's so sad.
  • ENTP: Compulsive liar that makes really corny jokes, gym junkie, thinks he's the CEO of NASA. One of my best friends.
  • INTP: Sarcastic-ist person you will ever encounter. Always wears an orange hoodie and plays his DSi on the nearest park bench. Hates weebs but he is one. Super smart but is lazy so he gets bad grades.
  • ESTJ: Thinks his word is gospel. Salesman who knows how to toy with his words to get you to do anything (his Te-Ne is IMPECCABLE). Likes Star Wars and old western movies and AC/DC. Also my dad.
  • ISTJ: Loves other people's drama and has the coolest fashion style. Hates hugs and if you break a rule she breaks your nose. Fierce woman. She's awesome.
  • ESFJ: Wants to be a nun or a teacher or both. Pure human soul. Tries to be as plain as possible but she still is always so pretty because she's so nice. Nods fervently during lectures and tells people they're beautiful all the time.
  • ISFJ: Surrounded by STPs and yet still lonely. Best friend is an ENTP, me. Thinks I'm a genius. Wants to marry an ISTP. Staunch Catholic. Addicted to rules and moral codes. Super, super sweet.
  • ESFP: Always has friends over?? Like they must live in his backyard. Wants the spotlight on him all the time. Always gets lead roles in plays. Is a secret nerd who loves conspiracy theories.
  • ISFP: Weeb who has ISFPs as parents and an ISFP gf. Really pretty, as in she's a model. Always has a different color hair. Good morals and is religious. Hates fighting. My favorite cousin ;)
  • ESTP: Plays it off like he doesn't care; he actually cares. Never does his homework. Attached to his ISTJ girlfriend like she hung the moon. Really romantic. Makes bad jokes. Bad at sports but can't stay away from them.
  • ISTP: Wants to be a construction engineer. Low talker and a slow talker but has a really awesome style. Really smart. Math genius. Nice but can also be SAVAGE. Laid back. Twin brother is also an ISTP.

Remus John Lupin, the shy professor
Nymphadora Tonks, the funny friend
Fred Weasley, the handsomer twin
Colin Creevey, the clingy photographer
Lavender Brown, the too attached girlfriend
Thank you for fighting.⭐

Rising of the Second Sun

*A series of important birthdays Fitz has experienced over the years that have each changed the course of his life irrevocably.*

Title based on this quote: “Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one’s own - brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” - Robert Staughton Lynd

Fun fact: Pierre Curie’s birthday is today, meaning that section of the story would actually be taking place today - and also that I’ve gone twenty-one years without realizing his birthday was May 15th too?? Well, here’s to me and you, Pierre!


Two and a half months.

It’s been two and a half months since Fitz first laid eyes on Jemma Simmons, who is twenty-three days younger than him and the holder of two PhDs and a dizzying intellect. In all his life, Fitz has never before been intimidated by someone smarter than him (likely because he’s never met anyone who even comes close), and he has no idea what to say to her.

When they were paired together in chem class, he’d seen it as the perfect opportunity to show her that he’s just as smart as her and they could get on quite well. But, nothing in his life is ever that easy, and he may have the perfect opportunity, but the perfect words are nowhere to be found.

By circumstance, it just so happens that is on Marie Curie’s birthday that Fitz is in chem class, sitting silently beside Jemma and silently running through, then quickly shooting down, a list of clever things he could say to her, much like he does every other day.

But, today is different. Today, Jemma seems to be frustrated with their current assignment, muttering under her breath as she tries to figure her way around an issue that’s stopping her from completing it. It hits Fitz with all the subtly of a lightning strike that he has already solved that particular issue.

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