attaching girlfriend

One Day You'll See How Much I Loved You

I fought so hard for us
Just to watch you tear us apart
Always blocking me, ignoring me
You loved seeing me suffer
I never understood why
All I wanted was to stick to you
Be with you, everyday
Go a day without talking to you
Everyday just to be with you
To feel you, to kiss you
But that wasn’t enough for you
Ill always look at the stars to find your reflection
I’ll always love you, that’s all I wanted to ever do

Honest Italian Opera Titles

La Bohème: I Have Tuberculosis But Can Somehow Sing Anyway

Tosca: Overly Attached Girlfriend

Madama Butterfly: Puccini Really Liked To Kill Off His Sopranos

Turandot: Puccini’s Apology To Sopranos (And Women In General)

Aida: You Only Realize You Love Him Right Before You Die

Otello: The Sexist And Racist Double Whammy

Rigoletto: The Original Overprotective Dad


enneagram as "that guy"

type 1: irritating nagging family member/the racist relative that doesn’t know they’re racist

type 2: overly attached girlfriend/helicopter parents

type 3: stereotypical “will step on you to get ahead” asshole from your workplace that no one likes but everyone tries to tolerate since they’ll end up being your boss some day

type 4: loner person in trench coat at Starbucks muttering to themselves

type 5: the person talking to type 4, but is really just talking AT type 4 as a way of articulating their thoughts. First time they’ve left the house this week

type 6 (p): your anxious friend who has a conniption fit when you’re five minutes late

type 6 (cp): your anxious friend who starts snidely remarking at everyone for being late when they’re the one that’s late

type 7: drunk person that knocked on your door at 4 am that one time/actual shit disturbing asshole who has too much charisma for people to notice or care


type 9: spaced out intellectual who somehow manages to add in occasional quips relevant to the conversation, despite looking like they’ve transcended seven planes of existence this past hour

wjsn as lesbian stereotypes/archetypes
  • exy: hates skirts lesbian
  • cheng xiao: sports lesbian
  • yeoreum: man-hating lesbian
  • xuan yi: short nails lesbian
  • soobin: plaid shirt lesbian
  • bona: femme pillow princess lesbian
  • dayoung: tegan and sara fan lesbian
  • yeonjung: self proclaimed car mechanic lesbian
  • luda: lipstick lesbian
  • seola: never wears makeup lesbian
  • dawon: never shaves lesbian
  • eunseo: overly attached lesbian girlfriend
  • mei qi: snapback lesbian

It’s crazy how you could let yourself completely fall for a person without even knowing you did.

What starts out as a crush turns into infatuation that eventually blossoms into the deepest most sincere passionate of loves.

I’m so attached and I didn’t even see this coming..