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New study space and I am in love. Hardwood table! So much space! So much natural light! What more could a girl ask for?

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This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

It doesn’t matter whether you were officially in a relationship with her. The fact that you flirted with her was enough. The fact that you gave her attention was enough. The second that you smiled at her, it was all over. She was locked on you. Attached to the idea of you. Don’t hate that she gets attached easily, even though she does. She doesn’t want to fall for someone new the second they lock eyes. She doesn’t want to imagine a future when there’s barely even a present. She doesn’t want to become clingy before becoming close.

But she can’t help it. It’s the way that she is.

She gets attached easily, because she’s starved for attention. She loves the feeling of being touched. Hands brushing through her hair. Fingers tracing over the curves of her back. Palms squeezing tightly together. Forehead kisses and hugs from behind and feather-light arm brushes.

And she has hope that you’re that person.

She has hope that the boy that held the door open for her and texted her good morning really is a gentleman, and isn’t just playing nice to get into her pants. She has hope that almost relationships and friends with benefits will remain in her past. That you will hand her something she’s never experienced before — true love.

You shouldn’t be scared off, because she loves hard and fast. You should appreciate her willingness to jump into a relationship, even though there’s a chance she’ll hit the ground. Even though she could end up with another broken heart to add to her ribcage.

-Holly Riordan

One Day You'll See How Much I Loved You

I fought so hard for us
Just to watch you tear us apart
Always blocking me, ignoring me
You loved seeing me suffer
I never understood why
All I wanted was to stick to you
Be with you, everyday
Go a day without talking to you
Everyday just to be with you
To feel you, to kiss you
But that wasn’t enough for you
Ill always look at the stars to find your reflection
I’ll always love you, that’s all I wanted to ever do

Things everyone forgets about Castiel:

1.  In his true form, he probably looks something like this:

These nice looking fellas here are angels, as described in Ezekiel 10:14.  They’re said to be massive in size (hence the Chrysler building remark) with at least six wings and four faces. 

When asked, Misha said that Castiel’s four faces consist of a lamb, a zebra, (unsurprisingly) a sock monkey, and (even less surprisingly) a cat.  No wonder he likes cats so much – he’s literally part cat himself.  They are his people.

2.  He wasn’t just a “random foot soldier.”

I see Cas described this way in a lot of fanfics, and it never fails to irk me.  For one thing, Cas isn’t just some run-in-the-mill, middle-class angel: he’s a seraph.  According to the Christian angelic hierarchy, this is the highest-ranking and most powerful form of angel.

Here are two of them guarding the Divine Throne, literally placing the Seraphim closest to God on the Biblical hierarchy.

“Attending Him were the mighty Seraphim, each with six wings.”  (Isaiah 6:2)

Not only that, even among the Seraphim, Cas has always been exceptional:  he was the leader of his own garrison, and charismatic enough to establish leadership among the angels, leading a rebellion first against an archangel (Raphael), and then against “God” (Metatron), even after he’d already established himself as a dangerous and unpredictable figure in the other angels’ eyes.

In short, he is a legitimately terrifying force of nature.  Fear him.

3.  He’s actually incredibly smart. 

In “fanon,” it seems to be an increasingly common trope to depict Cas as a helpless, incompetent child with no life skills, completely dependent on the Winchesters for protection.  This makes very little sense, considering he not only has eons of military experience, but he’s strategically brilliant.  

Case in point:  remember that time he took out a room full of angels by carving an Enochian Sigil into his chest?

Or the time he hid from heaven for months on end in an eerily similar cluster of chain restaurants, while simultaneously hiding an angel tablet under his skin?

Or the time he escaped from the angelic equivalent of the Overly Attached Girlfriend by buckling his seat belt and crashing them into a ditch?

Even as a human, he was incredibly resourceful, getting masking symbols tattooed onto his skin, and ultimately killing at least three full-fledged angels, completely without the use of his own powers.

It’s also important to note that in this season, he also proved himself to be able to function as a hunter without Sam or Dean’s assistance.

Even his most ill-advised decisions were actually completely logic based:  his deal with Crowely was made in order to defeat Raphael and stop a second apocalypse (which he actually did), and his most recent “deal with the devil” was made in order to defeat Amara, which even Sam subsequently acknowledged to be their only option.

So don’t be a Metatron:  “mentally deficient puppy” vibes aside, Castiel is no idiot. 

4.  Even as angels go, he’s extremely unusual.

Another thing that bothers me is that I often see Cas’s eccentricities attributed to his species:  his enduring social awkwardness, refusal to wear anything but a suit and trench coat, off-beat, understated sense of humor, and Aspergers-y inability to catch social cues, perceive sarcasm, or express emotions (despite being one of the few angels to actually have them to begin with) are often attributed to being standard characteristics of the angelic race.  

But let’s have a look at some of the other angels we know.  Do we ever really see them do any of this?  At all?

And before you attribute this to the fact that Cas has less experience on Earth, take a look at the other angel who hasn’t been exposed to humanity in quite a few eons:

Bottom line is, Cas isn’t just “weird” by human standards.  As an entity, he is singularly odd.

God (literally) made him and threw away the mold.

5.  Jokes aside, there is virtually no way he’s heterosexual.

I can’t help but find debates over angelic sexual preference within the fandom to be slightly ridiculous.  While ninety percent of the fandom enthusiastically screams, “He’s gay!” there is a small percentage that firmly insists he’s straight as an arrow.  Roughly two percent of the fandom claims he’s pan or ace, which honestly are the only sexuality headcanons I find logical.

Because, not to make anyone uncomfortable, but Castiel isn’t a guy – he isn’t even technically a “he:”  Angels are canonically WITHOUT GENDER.  This means that while he obviously does experience sexual (or at least emotional) attraction, it would make absolutely no sense for him to be attracted to women exclusively.  He physically *cannot* be straight. 

Keeping this in mind, it also makes scenes like these even more suggestive (if that’s even possible):

Seriously, for those of you wearing your heterosexuality goggles, just imagine Cas had a female vessel.  Then imagine just how “platonic” these scenes would look.

Remus John Lupin, the shy professor
Nymphadora Tonks, the funny friend
Fred Weasley, the handsomer twin
Colin Creevey, the clingy photographer
Lavender Brown, the too attached girlfriend
Thank you for fighting.⭐

“Vitality! What a wonder. I have never seen such a beautiful spirit before.”

Her name is Bo.

She’s blind to the waking world but she can see past the veil and into the dreaming. Like astral projecting. She could be awake and still traverse the dreaming. She’s an expert in OBE. She got into some trouble with Templars and that’s how she lost her eyesight but then a spirit helped her and restored it, but only into the dreaming.

Now, she’s kind of a psychic… or medium. She can actually see and communicate with spirits and demons alike.

Thrilled as i am about this kiss, i’m also feeling slightly uneasy about it. Nicole is very proud of her job and is always professional, and of course Waverly is supportive of her and “ loves watching her work”, that’s evident, but i also think she sometimes doesn’t take Nicole’s job seriously or gives her the respect her position deserves, especially while being in uniform. Nicole is feeling pretty deflated because of the recent un- deputizing, so i think she’s holding a lot to herself atm to prove to whomever and  even herself what a great cop she really is, that she isn’t just “ Waverly’s Girlfriend” ( that said, i’m so happy we get some backstory and this season is exactly about that, Nicole being her own person and not just attached to the “ girlfriend” position)..

I’m just worried if Waverly putting moves on her ( more then just a quick kiss or hug) in a public setting, while in uniform is going to turn out so well. 

Of course in the scene Nicole could be totally on-board with any public display like that, and i’d be wrong, but just some words of thought.