attached to my lips

chapter 9.

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: SMUUUUTTTTT (right off the bat my dudes)

note: part 2 of the spicy stuff coming right up! guess who’s finally on time… THIS PERSON! thanks for all the love for the last chapter! ily guys haha. happy reading everyone and take care! ALSO IT’S ALMOST CHIRSTMAS YAYAY!! -admin

Jaebum moved so he hovered above me as he placed a brief kiss on my lips, wiping the bead of sweat on my forehead. I opened my eyes slowly and circled my arms around his neck, attaching my lips to his again. His arms wrapped around my back, hoisting me up so that he could skilfully unclamp my bra. Slowly removing the fabric, Jaebum broke away from the dominant kiss as he winked at me before undressing himself. Teasingly, he removed his pants and his undergarment as I couldn’t help myself but look straight at his huge cock.  

“You ready, princess? Let’s see how well you can take this.” Jaebum slurred. He pumped his member a few times which made him close his eyes as he gripped it hard but slow, teasing himself. He let out a groan as he swiped the pre-cum from the slit, staring at me which, made me crave in excitement. I was already tired and sore from his previous ministrations, but I couldn’t help but admire his huge cock. He made me feel complete and no one else has made me felt that way before. Not even Jinyoung.

“I need you to fuck me, please.”  I whined and begged as Jaebum’s put on his famous smirk.  He covered his cock with the latex sheet and he hovered over me, placing both of his hands on either side of my head. Jaebum looked at me with his eyes and winked before he inserted the head of his cock in my pussy. I was unable to respond when he began fucking me so hard. Jaebum would pull out completely and then slam back inside me with more force, making me moan louder than ever.  He held onto my hips, digging his fingers against my skin as he continued his vicious pace.

“You are so tight, baby girl. Holy fuck!” He groaned as I clenched against his cock, causing him to quicken his pace. Jaebum, once again, found my sweet spot as the familiar twist in my stomach started to build up again. Jaebum never stopped the fast rhythm of his hips making me see stars. His hands are now settled on my neck as he squeezed on it loosely, staring in each other’s eyes.

“Oh my god, Jaebum. You’re so fucking good.”  I moaned in hoping that it boosted Jaebum’s ego which only brought more pleasure. Soon, his thrusts began to become sloppier, indicating that he was close, so I began grind my hips against his thrusts and helped him reach his high.

“I’m so close, Jae.” I breathed out, closing my eyes and enjoying the immense pleasure.

“Me too, baby girl, cum for me.”  And with two more sharp thrusts, I came to my high, screaming his name on the top of my lungs as Jaebum came shortly after. His semen filled up the condom as he continued to thrust into me, riding out both of our highs. My head became fuzzy and my body fell on the bed as I tried to recover my breathing. Jaebum lifted his head to look at me and pulled out when he saw my wrecked state before disposing the condom. I pressed my legs together, still quivering because of the last orgasm. Jaebum laid down beside me as wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

“You okay, baby girl?” He mumbled against my neck as he kissed the side in hoping that it’ll calm me down. I smiled at him before turning towards him and wrapping my arms around him to give him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’m okay.” I reassured him as I laid back on his shoulders. “I just thought your punishments would be more…”

“Rough?” Jaebum finished the sentence, laughing under his breath. “Babe, I wouldn’t even call that a proper punishment. I went easy with you so you can get the feel of my rhythm. Next time, babe.”

“Next time?” I breathed out in disbelief. Jaebum nodded his head as he pulled the covers up so that it covered our naked bodies.

“Well, a man needs his second round. And I plan to have my second round in the morning.” Jaebum stated as I felt his arm snake around my waist to pull me closer.

Rolling my eyes, I smacked Jaebum on the chest and softly giggled, “Go to sleep. I can’t guarantee that’ll happen tomorrow if I don’t rest.”

“So there is going to be a round two?” Jaebum asked with a hint of excitement in his tone.

“Good night, Jaebum.” I sighed as I smiled to myself. I laid in bed with different feelings about Jaebum. It felt like the first time Jinyoung told me he loved me in which it warmed my heart. But the feeling only lasted for moment since Jinyoung suddenly popped in my mind again. Sighing to myself, I closed my eyes and slowly started to fall asleep with the warmth of Jaebum by my side. Maybe if I forget Jinyoung for a quick moment, I could enjoy my time with Jaebum before reality took me away again.


I woke up to the sound of someone shuffling throughout the room. Although the person was trying to be quiet, it was obvious that they weren’t. Slowly opening my eyes, I looked to my side as I saw Jaebum stand in front of the mirror, fixing his tie. I watched him as he admired himself in the mirror, brushing his hair back and fixing his clothes. I’d have to admit it was entertaining to watch Jaebum get ready since he did everything in a swift movement. Plus, he looked hot in a suit.

“Good morning.” Jaebum stated, as he made eye contact with me through the mirror. I sighed to myself as I pulled the covers up so that I covered my face. To be honest, I looked horrible in the morning with my bed hair and dark circles. Nothing I wanted Jaebum to see.

“I’ll be downstairs making breakfast for the both of us. Come down whenever you feel like it. But know if you’re going to lay in bed all day, you’ll miss your daily dose of me.” I heard Jaebum chuckle before his footsteps gradually made their way towards and out of the room. Immediately, I pushed the covers off of myself and sat up in bed.

“Fucking hell.” I cursed quietly as I started to snap back to my senses. Looking around me, I started to remember the events that happened last night. Sleeping with Jaebum was by far the craziest thing I’ve done. I never imagined myself sleeping with Jaebum and I never thought I would. But unfortunately, I enjoyed it.

Sighing to myself, I slowly got out of bed and looked around for clothing to wear. Jaebum’s closet was opened from my side view and I walked over to grab one of his dress shirts. Putting it on, I took a look at myself in the mirror before heading downstairs to where Jaebum said he’ll be. Slowly, I walked into the kitchen to see Jaebum’s broad back turned towards me as I watched him cook.

“I didn’t know you can cook.” I said, leaning on the fridge and crossed my arms. Jaebum turned around and caught my eye and smiled. He opened his mouth but didn’t say a word since he eyed me down from head to toe.

“I can cook.” Jaebum coughed before turning back to the stove. “I don’t know about you but, I’ll be eating a different breakfast this morning.”

“Oh god,” I laughed, rolling my eyes, “I’m wearing my panties underneath so I’m all covered. Don’t get dirty thoughts.”

“(Y/N),” Jaebum said before turning around and smirking at me. “You don’t know how fast I could rip that piece of fabric off of you and have you bended down on this counter.”

“That will never happen.” I stated as I looked at him straight in the eye. Watching Jaebum turn off the stove, he moved swiftly towards me, putting his hands on my waist and pushing me against the fridge. My eyes flickered up at him as I saw a smile form on his lips. He leaned down so that our lips were merely inches away from each other, causing my heart to beat fast.

“Anything can happen under my house.” Jaebum smirked before pressing his lips against mine. His lips gently brushed mine, before pushing forward into a deeper kiss. He dipped his tongue into my mouth and then brushed it over my lips making me breathless for more. My hands glided along his neck and through his slicked back hair, tugging it gently. His hands, moving further down towards my ass, giving it a good squeeze making me moan against his mouth. Although we were both in a trace, a loud doorbell made us immediately break apart, leaving my swollen lips empty.

“Shit.” Jaebum cursed before breaking away from me. “Jackson said he’ll come by to pick me up and I don’t want to meet him yet. Can you open the door?”

“No.” I pouted, hoping that I could sweet talk my way out of this. I didn’t want to show up in front of his coworker with just wearing a dress shirt and panties. Plus, I looked like hell without any makeup on.

“I’ll do anything you tell me to do.” Jaebum stated, looking rather serious than joking. I thought about it for a minute and how I could use this against him. Control over Jaebum? The amount of power I would have would be unbelievable.

“Really?” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Deal. I’ll open the door.”

“Thanks. Just tell him I’ll be out in five minutes.” Jaebum huffed out. I nodded my head before skipping down the hallway. Oddly, I was in a good mood since I just gained power over Jaebum. Little did he know that I was already planning all my schemes to use against him. What a win.

Stopping in front of the door, I straightened the dress shirt and roughly brushed through my hair so I looked presentable in front of Jackson. I took in a deep breath before opening the door and smiling brightly at the person who stood behind the door. But that smile soon faded when I saw who the person was. The person whom I wish I didn’t want to see anymore.



Kiss and tell

Can u do an imagine where y/n and justin are friends and them and squad go on a camping trip or sum and like they end up hooking up and the next morning j is making jokes to y/n and shes getting annoyed cause she doesnt want squad to know about what happened?❤️


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*Warning, steamy content ahead*


“We can’t tell anyone” I moan as Justin presses kisses against my neck, my eyes closing in bliss.

“I don’t kiss and tell baby” He whispers in my ear, making me smile and attach my lips to his.


*12 hours earlier*


“Are we honestly doing this right now? Tell me we’re not doing this. Tell me I’m dreaming and in a few moments I’ll wake up and be in my bed.” I pant as we continue to walk through the woods.

I hear laughter in front me, Justin, Kendall, Za and Khalil all ahead of me.

“Y/N the more you complain the longer it’ll take to get there.” Justin says over his shoulder, and I huff, wiping the tiny droplets of sweat from my head and cringing in disgust.

“Are we almost there! I’m starting to stink.” I ask, the blazing sun scalding my skin and I curse when I realize I didn’t put on sunscreen.

“Justin seriously, I’m dying over here.” I moan as I watch my feet in front of me.

“If we’re not almost here I’m stopping and going back because I can’t deal-” I stop short when I bump into a body, making me look up.

“Justin what the hell? Why’d you-” it was then that I noticed the extremely large cabin in front of me, and my mouth dropped.

“We’re here.” Justin chuckles, grabbing my hand and leading me inside the cabin.

“Power, AC , Alcohol. Everything you could ever need or want is in this cabin. And it’s ours for the weekend. Our stuff was dropped off earlier.” Justin grins, and I can’t help but smile too.

“Yo Justin this is dope!” Za says, doing some handshake with him before going upstairs to check the rest of the place out.

“This honestly is amazing Jay.” Kendall says, giving him a hug.

“Ugh I need a shower.” Kendall adds before turning and going upstairs also.

I look up at Justin. “You really outdid yourself huh.” I smirk at him, and he laughs.

“Anything for my friends.” He says, bumping fists with me before walking over to the kitchen, starting up a conversation with Khalil.

I sigh as I turn to walk upstairs and find my room before stepping inside and shutting the door behind me.

I open my suitcase and pull out clean clothes,

Walking inside the bathroom, I turn on the shower before stripping off my sweaty clothes, the warm water hitting my skin.


“Y/N are you feeling better now?” Khalil teases and everyone laughs, making me roll my eyes and take another sip of my drink.

“Much better thanks” I say sarcastically, before snuggling closer to Justin.

“Guys leave her alone.” Justin defends and I smile.

“We all know what a drama queen she could be.” He adds, causing another rupture of laughter and I glare at him before standing up, moving to sit next to Za.

“Oh come on don’t be like that.” Justin laughs, and I rest my head on Za’s shoulder, his arm wrapping around me.

“Screw you Justin” I slur slightly, my mind fuzzy from the shots we had taken previously.

“Uh oh you did it now Jay” Kenny giggles, completely wasted and on her third cup of beer.

“Alright Kendall I think that’s enough drinking for you” Khalil says as he grabs the cup from her, making her pout.

“What a lightweight” Za mumbles and I burst out laughing, ignoring Justin’s eyes on me as I did so.

Za looked down at me, amused.

“Alright so I think it’s time for all of us to get to bed. We’ve had a long day.” Za says, and I groan as he stands up.

“Damn it Za you were a good pillow” I laugh, and he chuckles.

“You got her J?” He asks and Justin nods.

I got up and walked to the kitchen as the squad went upstairs, opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water to drink.

“You okay?” Justin asks, startling me.

“Justin! You scared me.” I laugh, clutching my heart.

“Sorry. And sorry for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Justin rubs the back of his neck, and I smile, walking up to him. I put my hands on his shoulders.

“You didn’t upset me silly.” I say, before staring down at his lips.

“You have really nice lips.” I blurt, making Justin furrow his eyebrows and smile. I close my eyes in embarrassment.

“Thanks. So do you” he says, taking me by surprise.

I looked up at him, and before I realized what was going on, I was kissing him. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, my entire body igniting as he deepens the kiss, our tongues moving against each other.

“Take me upstairs” I whisper before pulling away from him, letting him lead me to his bedroom.

He closed and locked the door behind him before turning around, his hands finding my waist as he kissed me again.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks as he lays me down on the bed, his lips finding my neck. I nod quickly.

“We can’t tell anyone” I moan as Justin presses kisses against my neck, my eyes closing in bliss.

“I don’t kiss and tell baby” He whispers in my ear, making me smile and attach my lips to his.


I woke up to the sun shining in my face making me squint, my temple throbbing and I could feel a distant headache.

I moved to sit up before realizing that I was completely naked and I froze.

Turning to my side, I spot Justin on the bed next to me and all the imagines of last night run through my mind in flashes. Justin and I in the kitchen, Justin and I on his bed, Justin on top of me, me on top of Justin.

I cup my mouth, quickly sliding out of the bed and grabbing my clothes, slipping them on and quietly leaving Justin’s room before tip toeing to mine.

Once the door was locked behind me, I let out a deep breath, bringing my fingers to my lips as I remember Justin’s lips on mine. I smile before moving towards the bathroom to take a shower.


“Morning everyone” I say as I get downstairs, everyone already in the kitchen and eating.

“Morning sunshine.” Kendall says and I grin at her.

“You look happier today.” Za says, and I sigh.

“You look like you got laid.” Justin says, a smirk on his face. My eyes widen in shock as everyone laughs, my face heating up.

“Can you not be a jerk for once in your life?” I snap at him as I grab the orange juice from the table, pouring myself a glass and taking a sip.

“I think you know exactly what I can do, don’t you Y/N ?” He asks,raising an eyebrow and I choke on my juice.

“Ummm, am I missing something?” Khalil asks and I glare at Justin.

“No, Justin’s just being his usual jackass self. We should go swimming!” I quickly change the subject, and everyone agrees.

As we all go upstairs to change, I pull Justin back, crossing my arms.

“What happened to no telling anyone!” I whisper shout at him, and he rolls his eyes.

“Chill I was just joking.”

“Yeah well your jokes aren’t helping. I don’t need our friends knowing about a drunk hookup between us.” I say, and Justin clenches his jaw.

“So that’s all it was? A drunk mistake?” He asks, his tone hard.

I look at him, refusing to give in.

“Justin I -”

“You may have been tipsy Y/N, but you knew exactly what you were doing when you kissed me. So don’t give me that ‘drunk hookup’ shit.” He growls, and I rub my temples.

“What’s your problem? We both agreed-”

“To keep it to ourselves. I got it, whatever.” he says, before turning and walking away, leaving me confused.

Wet Dreams & Meetings

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rating: Mature

Warning: Oral (Boy on girl)

“Newt” I panted as his hands roamed over my body. “Hmmmm Love”, he hummed leaving kisses down my neck. “We have to st- “I was cut off when his hand slipped over to the front of my jeans and began palming me. “What was that (Y/N), I can’t hear you.” My eyes fluttered shut and he attached his lips back to my neck, his hands slipping inside of my jeans. “You’re so wet for me baby” I whimpered in response. His voice had gotten a little raspier. I’ve waited so long for this. I’ve liked Newt since I arrived in that stupid box. Without warning Newt slipped two fingers inside of me. “Oh Fuck” I moaned loud as my back arched. “Shhhh (Y/N), You’re gonna get us caught.” He said while smirking. He moved his fingers in and out of me teasingly slow, there was no doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

I needed more, so much more. Moaning softly, I brought my hand down to the front of his jeans and pressed down on his very evident bulge. He groaned in response causing me to smirk and press down harder. “Oh Shit…” He panted looking at me. His eyes were much darker now and filled with lust. He still had his fingers moving inside of me and as much as I enjoyed it, I really wanted to reward him the same pleasure. I slowly got down on my knees and undid the button of his jeans. He watched me carefully, taking in everything I did. I bit my lip and slowly slid his pants and boxers off. His cock sprung up and I whimpered just from seeing it. He was huge, holy shit. I smirked and swirled my tongue around his tip making him throw his head back in pleasure. “Fuck.” He moaned, I took more of him in and began bobbing my head.

“(Y/N)” My name left his lips multiple times. I smirked mentally and tried to fit all of him into my mouth. “(Y/N)” He grunted again but this time it sounded more violent? What?

“(Y/N)!” I stopped and slowly got up. What was going on? I thought I was doing good. Then he held both of my shoulders and began to shake me “For fucks sake (Y/N) wake up!!”

and that’s when my eyes shot open. I looked up to find Thomas with a smug look on his face. I groaned and covered my face. “Go away” I grumbled.

“Newt…. Oooooh Newt” Thomas moaned. I literally felt my face turn into a tomato right then and there. “Slim it, Thomas… And please don’t say anything to him about this” He chuckled and nodded “Ohhhh (Y/N) Why would I do that to you?” Thomas said, you could practically hear the sarcasm dripping from his mouth. “Now get dressed Alby called a meeting” I nodded and he walked out laughing. I can’t believe that just happened. Sighing I grabbed a pair of jeans and a tank top that was a little too low for my liking but it’s the only clean clothes I had. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and made my way down to the center of the Glade.

There were only a few Gladers there. My eyes immediately fell on Thomas who was talking to Minho and Newt. I swear to God if this slinthead mentions anything about what happened this morning I’ll feed him to the grievers myself. My heart started racing as I moved closer to him. What if he really is telling Newt? How would he feel about it? There was very little hope that he might actually feel the same about me. I kept my head down as I walked which was probably a bad idea considering I walked right into the person I dreaded seeing. I looked up to see those beautiful brown eyes I’ve grown to love. “U-um S-sorry” I muttered looking back down. I went to walk past him but he grabbed my arm and lowered his mouth to my ear. “I bet you’d look real good moaning my name” He whispered. My eyes widened and a familiar feeling rose in the pit of my stomach. He chuckled and walked off. As if I wasn’t sexually frustrated enough from this morning, now he went and added to it. I looked over to Thomas and Minho who were trying to control their laughter. I glared at them and walked over to Frypan. Newt and Alby came back moments later. Newt stood directly opposite of me and Alby took his spot in the middle.

I couldn’t concentrate throughout the entire meeting thanks to Newt. He kept licking his lips the entire time, making sure to do it extra slow for me. I bet he could do great things with that mouth. Oh my God (Y/N) stop it. His words kept playing over and over again and I only prayed that this meeting was over soon so I could go and take care of myself. As if on cue Alby dismissed everyone and I quickly made my way to my room. The perks of being the only girl here is that I got my own little hut, which came in handy…. A lot.

The walk seemed to take forever but I finally got there. I groaned and laid on my bed my hand immediately finding itself under my jeans. I moaned softly as my fingers rubbed over my clit. “Getting off thinking about me again?” a British accent spoke and I literally jumped out of my bed.  “Shuck, Newt get out” my face started heating up. “Why?” He asked moving closer to me. “Because…” I really didn’t want him to leave, if anything I wanted him to take me right now but I had to contain myself. But fuck I really wanted him. I didn’t even notice how close he got until his hand found the small of my back. “Because what Love?” His lips brushed against mine as we spoke and that’s all it took for me to lose it. I crashed my lips onto his and he wasted no time in kissing back. Fuck his lips are soft. Our mouths move in sync and his hands found their way to my ass making me moan. He took this as his chance to shove his tongue in my mouth and out tongues battled for dominance. I moaned as he squeezed my ass again and he pulled away from our kiss. We were both panting and Newt looked so fucking hot.

“Lay down baby, let me make you feel good” Oh shit, was this really happening? I quickly did as I was told and he wasted no time in pulling my jeans off along with my underwear. He kissed up my inner thighs but kept avoiding where I needed him most. “Fuck, Newt Hu- “a loud moan left my mouth as he licked up my slit. I felt him smirk before he kept going. His tongue moved up and down my slit and he brought his thumb up to play with my clit.

“Oh Fuuuuuck” I moaned out extra loud. “Shhhhh, love. We wouldn’t want to get caught” his tongue drew figure eights and moans kept leaving my mouth. Without warning he entered two fingers into me and began pumping them slowly. “Fuck Newt, Oh God Yes!” I cried out. I was close and He could tell. His tongue moved faster paying close attention to my bundle of nerves and his fingers moved faster. “Say my name baby, cum for me” He said against me. That’s all it took, my legs started shaking and my back arched. “OH FUCK NEWT” I moaned before I came. Newt licked me clean before standing up and looking at me. His lips still glistening from me. He leaned down and kissed me softly. “I was right, you do sound good moaning my name” I slapped his chest playfully and he laughed. “Your Turn?” I asked looking at him.

“Maybe next time, I just want to lay with you for now.” He answered lying next to me and pulling me close. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. There was gonna be a next time.

*First time writing smut let me know what you think!! Requests are currently open*

Oh Daddy - Tyler Joseph Smut

I kind of changed it a bit, I hope that’s okay!

My eyes are fixated on the screen. Tyler, my boyfriend, and I are getting caught in Game of Thrones. We haven’t watched any of season six because Tyler has been away on tour. However, we never are able to watch multiple episodes at a time, with all the sex scenes Tyler always gets horny. Which, in all honestly is completely fine with me.

“Y/N,” Tyler whispers in my ear moving his hand to my thigh.

“Yes Tyler,” I say keeping my eyes on the screen.

“What do you say it we go up to the bedroom,” he says attaching his lips to my neck. I bite my lips trying not to moan.

“But what about the show?” I ask playing dumb.

“The show can wait Baby Girl,” he say reaching for the remote and turning off the TV.

Tyler stands from the couch a smirk plastered on his face. He reaches his hand out to me which I hesitantly take. He pulls my body close to his forcefully pressing his lips on mine. Tyler swipes his tongue on my bottom but I refuse to allow him entrance. I can feel the frustration radiating off of him. His hand moves down my body resting on my ass. Until suddenly, he smacks my ass hard causing me to gasp.

Tyler takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside of my mouth. Our tongues fight for dominance, but of course Tyler wins. My hands go to his hair, tugging at the soft strands. I can feel Tyler’s cock getting hard against my leg.

“Jump,” Tyler whispers barely parting from my lips.

I jump up, Tyler’s hands firmly on my ass supporting me. I wrap my legs around his waist before he starts to walk in the direction of our room. He kicks the bedroom door open with his foot. He strides over to the bed, still supporting me. Tyler lays me down on the bed fully parting from my lips. He takes a step looking at me with lust filled eyes.

“You look so goo Baby Girl, but you’d look better without any clothes on,” he says with a smirk.

I can feel my cheeks heating up as I stand up from the bed. I pull my shirt over my head then slowly undo my jeans, starting to feel a bit shy. I pull my jeans down my legs leaving me in my white matching bra and panties. Tyler’s scan over my body as he licks his lips in hunger.

He takes a step forward so that he’s standing right in front of me. Tyler reaches his hands behind me undoing the clasp of my bra with his skillful hands. He pulls it off reveling my breasts. He softly pushes me back so that I’m sitting back on the mattress.

“Lay down in the middle of the bed for me Baby Girl,” he says to me.
“Yes Daddy,” I say back to him quietly as I move my self to the middle of the bed.

Tyler climbs onto the bed after me. His hands go to the top of my panties, slowly pulling the material down my legs flinging them somewhere in the room. He spreads open my legs, he licks his lips at the sight of my wet pussy. Tyler leans down attaching his lips to my clit softly sucking at the small bud. I moan softly my fingers going to his hair.

Tyler starts to lick my slowly as he inserts a finger inside of me. He moves his finger in and out of my pussy. I move my legs slightly allowing him ore access. Tyler inserts another finger inside of me moving them at a faster pace then he was before. I arch my back loving the feeling, never really wanting it to end.

“What do you want Baby Girl,” Tyler says moving his mouth away from my clit.

“I want you inside of me Daddy,” I say trying to even out my breathing.

Tyler moves his body so that he is hovering over me. He strokes his big, hard cock a few times before positioning himself in front of my entrance. He looks up at me for permission, I nod my head signaling to him that it’s okay. Tyler starts in move his cock inside of me, both of us moaning out.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight,” he says once he’s fully inside of me.

Tyler starts to thrust in and out of my soaking wet pussy, gradually getting fast. I arch my back clenching the sheets tightly. I move my legs so that they’re wrapped around his waist so that he’ll go deeper inside of me. Tyler thrusts in deeper perfectly hitting my g-spot causing me to scream out.

“Ah, Daddy!” I scream not caring if the neighbors hear me.

Tyler licks his fingers moving them to my clit. He rubs his fingers in fast circles on my clit. He wants me to cum. I start to feel euphoric, my orgasm quickly approaching. My body starts to heat up, my skin forming goosebumps. My pussy clenches around Tyler’s cock, he moans out at the feeling.

“Cum for me Baby Girl,” he says to me groaning.

My stomach begins to tighten, my body becoming tingly as my orgasm hits me. I turn into a moaning mess as my body quivers underneath him. Tyler moans out my name, his cock twitching inside of me. He was close now. I start to move my hips to meet his thrusts even though my orgasm has left me exhausted. I want Tyler to feel good, I wanted to pleasure him.

“Daddy, let me finish you off,” I whisper to him.  

Tyler nods his head to me pulling out. I sit up moving over waiting for Tyler to lay down. Once he lays down in the middle of the bed I move downward until my mouth his above his cock. I smirk at him then slowly lick a strike up his big, hard cock. I swirl my tongue around his tip licking up the precum. Slowly I take him in my mouth, hollowing out my cheeks so that I can take all of him in my mouth. I move my mouth up and down his length, bobbing my head, and occasionally swirling my tongue around his shaft.

Tyler’s hands go to my hair tugging and pulling at my locks. He aches his back involuntarily making me take more of him in my mouth. He turns into a moaning mess cursing every so often. I start to move my mouth faster, I want him to cum. I want to feel the warm, slaty liquid going down my throat.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Tyler groans, his eyes screwed shut, “I’m, I’m going to cum.”

I suck his cock a little harder as he moans my name in pleasure. The white liquid shooting into my mouth. I moan onto his cock pleased that I was able to make him feel so good. Tyler’s body twitches a few times as he comes down from his high, his fingers letting go of my hair. I pull my mouth off of his cock licking my lips as I look up at him. Beads of sweat cover his forehead and his are flushed.

“Was that good Daddy,” I say to him sweetly.

“That was amazing Baby Girl,” he says looking at him with a smile.

I move over laying down next to me. He turns into his side wrapping his arm around my body. I kiss his cheek lightly then snuggle into his chest, not caring that he’s a bit sweaty.

“I love you Tyler,” I whisper to him.

“I love you too Y/N. Do you wanna go finish the episode we were watching?” He asks kissing the top of my head.

“Nah plus I don’t think I can move,” I say with a giggle.

“Sleep it is then. Goodnight Y/N.”

“Goodnight Tyler.”

Caleb Rivers : I’ll Fix This

“Y/N. I swear to god. I’m am not watching Clueless again,” Caleb said. “And why not?” I asked. “We’ve watched that movie ever single date night for the past three weeks,” he said. “Because it’s a good movie!” I shouted and he shook his head. “Fine. What do you want to watch?” I asked. “Fast and the Furious,” he said going to put in the DVD.

“Fine,” I said as he sat back down. “But only because Paul walker is cute,” I said and laughed at the face he gave me. “Aww. Im sorry. Your cute too,” I said attaching my lips to his. He picked me up and put me down on his lap. His hands wrapped around my waist and his lips moved against mine. We were interrupted by the doorbell.

“It could be important,” I mumbled against his lips. “More important than this?” he asked. The doorbell ringing again answered his question. He sighed as I got up to answer the door. When I did no one was there.

Only a box on the floor. I picked up the box, closed the door, and walked back over to Caleb. He stood up when he saw what I was holding. “Is it from A?” he asked as I set in on the coffee table. “Probably,” I said.

Caleb opened the box and I screamed when he did. An animal heart was staring back up at me. “Oh my god,” he whispered and closed the box back up. “Did you see anyone out there?” he asked. I could tell by the tone of his voice he was getting mad.

He always did whenever A messed with me. I couldn’t speak. All I could so was shake my head no. You never did when it came to A. He pulled me close and wrapped me in his arms. “It’s ok. I’ll fix this. I’ll do whatever it takes to find this monster,” he said and kissed me on the forehead. I prayed he was right.

Nate Maloley smut

You tease him and leave him unsatisfied

Requests: Can you make another Nate smut?? ☺

Can you do like a really really long smut with Nate? Idm what it’s about just make it really dirty ;)

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Preference #17: “Babe... we have a whole hour by ourselves...”

Tyler Joseph:

I woke up to a pair of lips attached to the exposed skin of my shoulder. 

“Ty, it’s so early,” I whine, pulling the down comforter of the hotel bed up and over my naked body, trying to restore the warmth to my body, lulling back to sleep.

“I know, isn’t it great babe? We have a whole hour by ourselves with no crew members, no Josh…” He chuckles, his soft lips moving up to my neck, causing a soft moan to escape my lips as he hits my sweet spot. “We should make the most of it.”

“I’m so tired,” I pout, finally opening my eyes to see Tyler giving me his trademarked puppy dog eyes.  

“(y/n), this is our only alone time before we have a jam-packed day. I just want to be with my favorite girl. Please?” he asks sincerely.

“Ugh,” I scoff. “Fine, but only because I love you,” I smile, before engulfing Tyler in a passionate, morning breath filled, kiss. 

Josh Dun:

Josh had just given then the performance of his life at a big-name music festival. He came off stage, sweaty and with a smile that could make anyone feel as happy as he did. When he entered the green room, you ran up to him, jumping onto his clammy body, and wrapped your arms and legs around him. He twirled you around, laughing until he finally pressed his lips onto yours. 

“You did such a great job tonight, babe. I’m so proud of you,” you remark, finally unlatching from Josh’s body. 

“I’m so glad you were here to see me, (y/n). I think this is the best performance we’ve ever given,” he says, chugging a bottle of water, trying desperately to re-hydrate. 

“Well drink up, you’re going to need your strength,” you smirk, situating yourself on Josh’s lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Babe, we have a whole hour by ourselves before we have to get on the bus.” 

Josh’s eyebrows shoot up before wiggling suggestively. “I thought you’d never ask,” he smirks and connects his lips with yours. 

With your lips attached
to my neck
and your hand firmly grasping
the beating heart behind my ribs,
I expel a warm breath
into the cold world.

We are limbs
and heat
and touch
and heaving lungs sucking in life.

We are nothing
and everything

—  for the one I love

“Okay okay just one more step and…. Open your eyes!” Luke said before taking his hands away from covering my eyes.

Disneyland. The happiest place on earth.

“Oh my god you rented out Disneyland for the two of us?” I asked before facing him.

“I sure did.” He smirked.

“Holy shit thank you!” I exclaimed before jumping to his body and kissing his cheek repeatedly.

“Awe. No kiss on the lips?” He pouted like a little baby.

I laughed before attaching my lips to his for a brief moment before pulling away.

“We’ll continue that later. But now, let’s fucking go to the rides!”

“Y/N are you insane? That’s a fucking rollercoaster that doesn’t only have explosives on the set and has the height of a fucking building, it also goes backwards at maybe you know, 70 miles per hour!” Luke huffed.

“Babe, please. If you stop complaining and stop saying ‘fucking’, maybe you’ll get to do that with me later at the hotel. Now can we please go?” I said in the most adorable tone I could muster and my puppy dog eyes which he bought instantly.

His face immediately lighted up at my offer and said, “Really? Then what are we waiting for? Come on!” Before dragging me to one of the carts.

After trying almost all the rides, we finally went back to our hotel. I was exhausted as shit while Luke was excited as ever.

“I believe we still have a deal princess.”

“Yeah, yeah. But I do have a joke.”

“Oh my god what is it now?” His face reddened at the thought of me joking since my jokes were pretty bad.

“Okay, what’s your cock’s name?” I asked while hoding back the urge to laugh.

“What the- okay fine, what?” He tried not to look embarrassed.

“Minnie!” I bursted out laughing while he was just there with his jaw clenched.

“Get it? Minnie cause it’s mini!”

“Damn it baby girl. You’ll probably regret saying that.” He said before pushing me to the bed and kissing me roughly until it all escalated from there.

And let me tell you boo, it was nowhere near mini.

anonymous asked:

Holy fucking shit I love your face can I just like attach myself to it with my lips thanks

Sure; my face has been missing a second pair of lips ;)

Matt Smut


Sorry it’s taken a while, I had an assignment for school that needed to be finished. Thank you for waiting. 

“Babe I’m going for a quick shower, then we will go meet the boys.” I say to Matt as I walk into our bathroom as Matt lays shirtless on the bed scrolling through his phone.

“Mmmhm.” Matt hums in response as I leave the bathroom door open and strip completely, trying to tease Matt. But he continues to scroll through his phone.I become frustrated and just get into the shower. Moaning as the hot water relaxes my muscles, I wash my hair and face, as I’m about to wash my body the shower door opens, revealing a naked Matt. My eyes rake down his body as he pushes my body against the cold shower wall. causing me to hiss at the contact with the wall. Matt attaches his lips to my neck. I move my neck to the slide giving him more access as I moan. 

“Think you can tease me and I won’t notice?” Matt groans as he hit my ass, causing me to hiss.”I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll be shaking.” 

I moan loud as Matt slides his hand down my body grabbing my boob as he does. Rubbing my clit as I press myself against the wall. “Watch me.” Matt demands as I look down, slowly look up his body, biting my lip at the sight of his hard cock. Matt pushes me against the wall with his body, kissing me as he lifts my leg, Matt runs his cock up and down my slit. 

“Just fuck me baby, please.” I moan as Matt kisses me and slides in to my tight wet pussy. I moan into our kiss, pulling Matt closer to me, getting use to his size as he starts to fuck me hard up against the shower wall. I moan as he hits my g spot. “Fuck Matt.” I moan as I start to suck on his neck, leaving a massive hickey on his sweet spot, causing him to curse under his breath. 

“I’m close babygirl.” Matt pants huskily as I scratch down his back.

“Hold on for me babe.” I moan as Matt rubs my clit causing my legs to shake. “Fuck, I’m cumming.” I moan loud as Matt moans my name and cums. 

“Fuck Y/n. God I love you.” Matt says as as he grabs the soap and applies it to my body, washing me. I giggle and grab his face kissing him. 

“I love you too.” I say as I apply shampoo to my hands and run it through Matt’s hair causing him to smile at me. 


A/N: I’m so sorry this was short, but just wanted something cute and sexual, if that makes sense. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for this request. Requests are open! 

- Sarah x 

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Jack Gilinsky (Smut)

I shifted to the side to be able to see what Jack was making. “What are you doing?” I whispered. 
“I’m making chocolate chip cookies but I can’t get the measurements right” he shakes his head. He bites his lip in concentration, making a puddle of wetness in between my legs. “You okay babe?” he says,stoping his actions to look at me. He seems to notice me rubbing my thighs together.
“Yeah, I’m ok” I lie.
“No you’re not” he lift me up on the kitchen counter. He threw his shirt on floor, he attached his lips on my neck, soft moans and whimpers past through my slightly open lips. His travel under my shirt to grope my breast. My head rolled back when he lifted my skirt to rubbed my clit through my panties.
“Fuck, take it off” I whine, he hook his finger around my panties to pull it down, he spread my leg, he slowly licks my fold bucking my hips signaling to go faster which he did, he sucks at my clit and adding his middle and index finger curling them to hit my g-spot,“Jack” I managed to moan out. I felt my pussy clench around a his large fingers. As soon I was about to cum he stops, I groaned in frustration.
“why did yo-” he cuts me off, pulling closer the edge of the kitchen counter, I haven’t realize when he took his pants and boxers off. He positioned himself at my entrance before roughly thrusting in making moan in pleasure and surprise, “Y/N, your pussy is so tight and warm, fuck” he moaned lowering his head in the crook at my neck, sucking and kissing leave a few loves bite that will be visible.
I arched my back, as he brushed against my sweet spot. He stops, lifting me off the counter and turn me around, slap slap slap slap. I bit my lip as his large hands collides to my right butt cheek. “Don’t cum yet baby” he said, thrusting again, “fuck fuck do that again” he moans as I clenched around his length.
I rub my clit as my orgasm was getting closer, but he slaps my hands replacing it with his hand. “Jack, Harder” I moan, he thrusted harder and faster as I cum around his marvelous cock. “Y/N, fuck” he groans pulling out before spin me around and kneeling me down. “Open your mouth” he demanded, I obliged opening my mouth, he shots his load in mouth. He raised his eyebrows, giving me ‘aren’t you gonna swallow’ glance. I swallow feeling his thick warm liquid down my throat before opening my mouth to show him. “Good girl” he said before slapping my ass one more time, “damm, daddy” I tease. “round two?” He said, pulling my hips closer to his. I nodded before going upstairs.

Never know who you can trust|| Jack Johnson

Johnson’s Pov

After being in a serious relationship for three years it was pretty hard to let go of but months later I eventually got passed the pain and decided to at least try and forget about her.

My fans were my main priority and I had to start putting them first. I had to forget about her.

Just when I thought I was happy she showed up again, but she wasn’t alone.

I walked into Sam’s house only to see his lips attached to hers. The girl that had broken my heart, the girl that I had cried to him about.

He was sat there making out with her.

“S-Sam?” The two sprung apart at the sound of my voice and looked up with regret and guilt.

Her face went from guilt to regret in a matter of seconds.

“I can’t fucking believe you! Sam you was one of the people I went to when she broke up with me! Why would you do this? And You?” I pointed at her angrily “you are the reason why I hardly ate, why I didn’t see daylight. Why I almost drowned in my own tears!”

“I-I can explain” I shook my head just as Madison, Jack and Y/n ran in.

“What’s going on here?” y/n asked.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend” I muttered.


“We’ve been dating for the past two weeks! I’m the reason why she broke up with you I’m sorry” Sam looked down.

Y/n paled, a single tear ran down her cheek as she stared at the boy she once called her boyfriend.

Before I met Kali, I had a huge crush on Y/n but she was dating Sam. This was three years ago.

After three years, they’re both ready to just throw away a relationship for each other?

Madison wrapped an arm around Y/n and Jack wrapped one around me. I stared at Sam and Kali in disgust.

“I should have known that those sneaky little glances meant something, those hugs that lasted longer than needed. It was all because you two was seeing each other behind our backs” I snapped.

“I couldn’t help it! I love you but I love Sam more” Kali cried, Sam went to comfort her.

“Fucking relationship goals” Y/n spat at the two of them as Sam wrapped Kali into a hug.

“After all my trust and hard work that I put into this relationship you repay me by doing this?” I questioned angrily as I locked eyes with the girl I once loved.

“Pathetic” Y/n said before rushing out of the room. I shook my head at the two of them before following her.

You never know who you can really trust…

Couch Fun

Requested by: Anon

Request: Spencer banging you on the couch in his apartment with a little fluff after.

Warnings: Smut

 We just got back from a case in Tennessee, it actually went really smooth and fat we caught the unsub in 3 days. Me and Spencer were the only ones who slept on the jet the others were doing paper work so they didn’t have to do it when we got back to Quantico.

By the time me and Spencer got back to our shared apartment we weren’t tired at all. Spence sat down on the couch then an Idea popped  in my head “Lets have a little fun on the couch” the voice in my head was telling me. I walked over and sat on his lap and attached my lips to his soft lips. He tasted of coffee witch was one of my favorite little things about him. He was a little hesitant at first but then he kissed back even harder. He pushed me back gently to where he was now hovering over me. he leans down and goes directly to my sweet spot below my ear. "Spence" I moaned as he sucked and nibbled at the spot.

He slowly rubbed down my abdomen to the hem of my shirt he looked at me for approval and I gave him a reassuring smile. He pulled up my shirt slow and teasingly biting his lip looking me right in the eye. Its very rare that I see this side of my shy genesis but when I do I love it and take in every second of it. After he got my shirt off he lifted me up so he could take my bra off. He unclasped my bra while biting at my collar bone and then through it to the side with my shirt. He then roughly dropped me back down of the couch and took off his own shirt. He took one breast in his hand while he took my nub on the other in his mouth. He rolled it in between his teeth and sucked on it. After he was done with that one he then moved to the other one and did the same process. “Fuck Spencer” I yelled as he continued to bite my nubs. He pulled away gaining my whimpers and whines for more. He unzipped my skirt and yanked it off roughly almost ripping it and through it to the side with the other discarded clothes. He started rubbing my bundle of nerves slowly through my red and black lace underwear. 

“Spencer please”, I begged for more he ripped my underwear off and shoved one finger in my and pumped slowly teasing me with every move.

“Spencer I don’t want your fingers" I said in between pants. 

He smirked down and said "Oh, Y/N your going to get more than fingers I promise.” With that he pulled both his pants and boxers down with one quick move. He leaned down and kissed me rough but passionately. He then inserted himself slowly hitting my spot with the first move.

“Oh fuck Spencer faster please baby"  I screamed. He started pumping faster moaning my name with every move.

"Y/N I’m close” he panted.

“Me to baby" I said. With that both of your sweaty bodies shook as you hit you high. I fell down on top of you panting while you both came down.

"I love you so much Y/N” he said softly.

“I love you to Spence” I said while playing with his hair. He pulled the blanket off the back of the couch over us as we just lied on the couch in each other arms.

I up at Spencer to see him blushing and staring at the floor I took is face and my hands and brought his face to where he was looking me right in the eye. "What is it Spence?“ I asked. 

"I’m sorry I was so rough with you I just couldn’t hold myself back it just over took me” he said shyly.

“Spencer I love it when your rough Sometimes” I said.

“You do?” he asked a little shocked.

“I do but I love my nerdy genesis even more” I said pecking him on the lips"

“I love you” He said again.

“I love you too Spencer”

So I hope you like it. Im proud of this one I think its good so if you like it or don't tell me what you think. 

Four years lay between us,
Shared heartbeats
Breaths woven
Living in the truth:
We were meant to be.

A romanticised first meeting,
We grew from the same roots
Thrown into your path
To walk together in love

But my attachment to nostalgia
Tied me to you
More than the lips that
Kiss me with a stilted passion
Share fewer dreams,
A self-denigration
I’m holding on to the flames
I thought were love,
That blinded me with
Expectation and hope,
Now burn in me with
Resentment, with
Anguish, with

In the light of the new morning,
I was never the one.

First Time in the Shower Liam Payne Smut for (theliv2345)

I really hope you like it and if not just tell me the title and with who and what you want to change. Enjoy!

“Liam! Can’t we just watch this stupid movie without it leading to us making out or having sex!” I yelled the moment his lips attached to my neck.

“Babe I’m sorry I just–”

“Just what? Decide that you’re horny and assumed I’m going to just give it to you! For once I would like to have a simple date without thinking about sex! Do you not love me anymore and just think of me as a nice piece of ass?” I said as I and at first I was angry but at some point I started to cry and Liam then came up to me and lightly hugged me.

“Of course I love you! I don’t live just for sex. Babe is it that time of the month?” He asked and I slightly nodded my head.

“Yes! I hate this! The pimples the mood swings and the cravings all at once!” I whined as I sat back down and Liam couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How about I draw you a nice bath and make you the sugar cookies you like?” He asked leaning down to face me.

“Really? Can the cookies come with a side of Sour Patch from the fridge?” I asked and he lightly chuckled.

“Of course.” He said as he lightly kissed my lips and left the family room. I laid on the couch going in and out of sleep. After what felt like hours but in reality was 15 minutes Liam came to my side and carried me toward the bathtub that was filled bubbles of my favorite vanilla scent where on the side my cookies and Sour Patch were.

Liam laid me down into the tub and I couldn’t help humm in content as the warm water s soaked my skin.

“Liam this feels so nice.” I blurted out and he smiled.

“Anything for you love.” He said and lightly kissed my lips. I grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss catching him off gaurd which never happens.

“Come on you should just finish taking a bath and–”

“I want you to join me. Please.” I said as he nodded his head and started to undress. I felt my cheeks get read as he finished getting undress and slowly slide into the tub.

“Liam it’s been a really long time.” I said in a small whine as he came toward me.

“I know I’m so sorry. The album has been so tough to make. My lovely girlfriend shouldn’t have to suffer.” He said and I smiled and lightly kissed my lips, he hovered above me and water started to splash everywhere and I stopped him.

“Wait Liam I don’t want to do this, it’s going to make a mess because of the water and I’m on my period.” I said and he leaned up and grabbed a towel.

“Honestly love it doesn’t bother me. But if you don’t want to we can wait another week.” He said and I threw my head back.

“No! I want sex!” I said in a whine and he laughed.

“How about the shower?” He asked and I smiled and got out of the bath and into the shower.

“Come on Liam!” I said and dragged him in and turned on the water, he laughed and roughly brought me onto the wall.

He kissed me and I turned on the water causing it to pour on us. He roughly kissed my neck while he lifted me from the tile

“Liam I’ve never done it in the shower., or on my period.” I blurted out and he laughed.

“If you don’t want to we don’t–”

“I do I just don’t want to mess it up.” I answered and he laughed and kissed my lips.

“Trust me you won’t mess it up. Trust me. Ready?” He asked and I laughed and nodded my head while kissing him. He pumped himself a couple of fine to make himself harder and easily slid into me. I gasped and he grunted and leaned his forehead onto my shoulder.

“You feel so good!” He moaned and he started to move his hips. I thought I was going to slip but Liam strongly held onto me and I felt immense pleasure and knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Liam I’m so close!” I yelled and he bit down on my neck and that took me to the edge and I came really hard and Liam followed right after. We were both panting hard and I turned off the water and he kissed me before going to the bed, i put a pad on and went to the bed while Liam handed me a pair of his boxers and I put then on and he cuddled with me.

“I love you Liam.” I said and he lightly kissed me and wrapped his arms around me.

“I love you to. Go to sleep you’re too tired.” He said in a mumble and I chuckled before feeling my eyes close.