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I should use this update on my shield to announce, IM GOING TO LONDON COMIC CON THIS YEAR!

It’s my first convention and I wanted to cosplay so I went for something fairly easy. I’m cosplaying Stevonnie and making a fairly simple shield to attach to my backpack.

If you’re going this year, hope to see you! I will only be there for the Sunday but I hope to do loads of cool stuff!



Bucky x avengers x reader

Warnings: violence, mentions of murder, mentions of panic, ‘terrorist’ attacks

“Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.”
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Demon in My View

(reader is not a terrorist, but perceives herself as an artist, her greatest work being chaos and fire) 

If you guys like it, I’ll continue; it’s probably a four part series.  

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A devious smirk forms on my face as I press the “call” button of the old flip-phone. I watch as the building in front of me is immediately brought down in fire and dust. People scream; they run, as they try to get as far away from the chaos as possible. The building burns, and I keep watching as the foundation begins to crumble. I close my eyes and take a few moments to revel in the sound of chaos, feeling nostalgic towards the many times I have done this before.

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You can´t even have a conversation in public anymore?

My father told me that he went to the city to enjoy the weather and walk around. He was near our government building where our idiot politicians sit in (Bundeshaus Bern) and he sat down on the bench and just smoked his cig. He then sees a swiss man walking by with a swiss flag attached on his backpack and so my inquisitive father walks up to him and asks him why he is carrying around the swiss flag and so the guy jokingly said that he is celebrating our idiotic politicians.

They ended up standing there on the Government Plaza (Bundesplatz) and they engaged in conversation talking about politics and what not and not long afterwards a woman joined them. The police then show up and started saying that they can´t just stand there and that they have been watching them and so they started getting pissy telling my father and the other two to keep on movin´ and that they shouldn´t be standing there in front of the building so suspiciously. 

Is this how you treat swiss people, by provoking and accusing them? You can´t just stand on the plaza? It was just three goddamn elderly swiss people having standard conversation during a nice sunny day. 

-Go google and have look for yourself (Bundesplatz Bern)… People stand on that goddamn plaza all the time… Such bullshit, they will come after you for petty illogical shit but if they see a pack of scum being loud or aggressive they will gladly walk away. It´s fucking disgusting. 

Seems like being swiss is becoming a fault…. Great shit Switzerland! 

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Another updated view of my EDC with some slight changes. The basics stay the same;. My SOG flashlight, Ontario folding knife, Gerber multi-tool, Timex wristwatch, and Machine Era wallet are my essentials. I take pride in the fact that my gear has some noticeable wear and tear. Everything gets used.. hard. My Canon DSLR tends to stay in my studio, along with my Craftsman razor knife. I added a few new items to my keychain; a clip on multi-tool and lighter. I try and keep it light, aside from my flashlight that gets a little heavy so I keep it in a Condor flashlight pouch attached to my everyday carry backpack.


This is Zuni. He was given to me by my best friend about two years, and today he was stolen off the Probending/Nerdfighters table at the Univeristy of Maryland College Park First Look Fair.

IF YOU SEE HIM (OR IF YOU TOOK HIM), PLEASE CONTACT ME. He’s about the size of a lemon, and is meant to be a keychain. He has a little chain that I use to attach him to my backpack.


  • Was being used as a paperweight for Probending flyers
  • Stolen/taken from table E18 (Nerdfigters/Probending)
  • Went missing between 11AM-2PM on 9/17/2014

If you took him because you thought he was being given away, PLEASE RETURN HIM. He’s very special to me and I’m really, really upset.





Hi I got these super cute pins from Punkypins

Pins are great for attaching to a denim jacket, any jacket, or like me, to my denim backpack. Punkypins on Etsy has a ton of different designs and they also sell patches! They are a popular Etsy store and reliable. Be sure to check them out, thanks! :)


Hey guys I just wanted to share with you my latest hobby :)
I’ve never been able to get the store page on the TCGS site to work. At
first it was OK cos although I was going to buy that Jersey Dave shirt and
gave up, when I moved to the city it had changed to the cum rag which was
even better - my plan was to attach the rag to my backpack then wear the
broken shirt over my t-shirts in the autumn. That way you can still see the
t-shirt but my arms are toasty :) But even on a different computer it still
wouldn’t work! My browsers have always been hopelessly out-of-date.
But I really wanted something themed to wear to Sketchfest, so I made a
Saddlebee Neigh-T Hive shirt! I love SNH and I’m kinda proud of that one,
even though the faces didn’t exactly turn out quite right :P
It is seriously addictive though. So this is my new one, Human Fish themed!
It’s a bit rough but presumably so is the life of a half human half fish.
(And one day, ONE DAY, I will get that cum rag. And then never call it that
in front of my parents.)

TL;DR: here is thing I made