attached to my backpack

submitted by Tyler Kennelly

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Another updated view of my EDC with some slight changes. The basics stay the same;. My SOG flashlight, Ontario folding knife, Gerber multi-tool, Timex wristwatch, and Machine Era wallet are my essentials. I take pride in the fact that my gear has some noticeable wear and tear. Everything gets used.. hard. My Canon DSLR tends to stay in my studio, along with my Craftsman razor knife. I added a few new items to my keychain; a clip on multi-tool and lighter. I try and keep it light, aside from my flashlight that gets a little heavy so I keep it in a Condor flashlight pouch attached to my everyday carry backpack.


Hi I got these super cute pins from Punkypins

Pins are great for attaching to a denim jacket, any jacket, or like me, to my denim backpack. Punkypins on Etsy has a ton of different designs and they also sell patches! They are a popular Etsy store and reliable. Be sure to check them out, thanks! :)