au where ashe becomes a very reluctant big sister to zalvetta since she sort of gets what it’s like to be not quite human, to feel like you’ll lose control of your humanity, feeling like you were pushed into the world with a purpose no one checked with you

la-delicatesse replied to your post “Bellamy has done nothing except try to be a good man and do the right…”

You’re fucking stupid and obviously you understand nothing about the show, darling

@la-delicatesse, I think you accidentally sent me, a pro-Octavia blog, a mistyped reply? Don’t worry - I edited it for you so that it tells me how you really feel: 

Somebody has been going around our school and purposely vandalizing our art projects. We’re all doing installations and a lot of our stuff has been messed with. I dont even think it’s been done by somebody that goes here. My friend Jen is doing a cotton installation under the stairs (where there’s no cameras) and her art has been vandalized and stolen 3 times! This is a major project too so everyone’s pissed off and 900% done with everything


My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
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