I kind of like him

I kinda felt like writing so I wrote something. 

Based off of the idea that, since coming to Birmingham, Michael isn’t used to being snubbed by a girl.

One Friday night, after a particularly stressful week, Michael decided that he wasn’t in the mood to go to the Garrison. After seeing them everyday all day, Michael didn’t feel like drinking with Arthur, John, or Tommy. “Let’s go to one of them posh places on the other side of town! I hear a jazz club just opened that’s supposed to be proper class! That’s where everybody goes to dance, it’ll be a fun change of pace!” Isaiah suggested. “I don’t dance.” Michael flatly responded. “Fine then. I’ll dance and you can sulk. Grab your coat, it’s fuckin’ freezing outside.” Isaiah didn’t even give Michael the chance to object, so with that the two headed away from Small Heath and towards the more affluent side of town.

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