Dinobrain Manor is happy to present an International Happy Birthday Medley for Jason’s 40th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jason! You’re a great pal & we love your guts!

Tumblr Crushes:

Pretty solid list of likable Tumblrererers.  Tumblarians?  Tumbl-weeds.  Tumtums.  I quit.

*This cake is a lie!  I do not follow this Tumblr blog (is that redundant?), but I did “heart” a few reblogs a day or two ago.


My husband is having dinner with some of our favorite Canadians (the Sweens) and I’m stuck at home with a two day old muffin and a teenager who will be seeing his girlfriend tomorrow for the first time since they broke up. Oh, and four dogs who would gladly eat my muffin.

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You guys are being super helpful, thanks! Maybe I could combine this idea with my own of the peanut butte…OK maybe not.

So far, I’ve been advised she loves talking about Mike’s comics, discussing how awesome Sarah is, pubes in general and having breakfast with old ladies. Ned also suggested dumping her for the weekend in his least favourite Brighton pub, The Royal Sovereign.

It’s shaping up to be a memorable weekend, guys.


Tumblr Crushes:

I got me some bitches up in here.

(I don’t know, I couldn’t think of something to say about my Tumblr crushes so I wrote “I got me some bitches up in here,” I mean, I think that implies something but I’m not really sure what, look man I’m really tired okay.)

Dear God,

I know I haven’t been the best Christian lately.  I’m sorry for that. I really am.

I don’t ask for much, but at this moment I’m on my knees begging you to save me from the feet that are currently on my dashboard.  Jason and Beth know I love them dearly, but I cannot handle this.

Please help me, God.

Please help me, or put me out of my misery.

In the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit.

Tumblr Crushes:

Why, hello ladi—Jason, what are you doing in there?

Anyway, this is significant for three reasons:

  1. I think this is the first time that Sound of the Beep doesn’t appear.

  2. I think this is the first time that all my crushes are people I’ve met.

  3. The Wife is on top!

Tumblr Crushes:

While going through my following list while looking for who on my dashboard might have made the post that I’ve been thinking about for several days (hey tumblr please fix your search), I noticed that my tumblr crushes are a pretty even split between Favrd alumni and furries.


Answers and Questions

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Umm… is this your thesis?

Because it’s so long? (TWSS)

Actually, yes, my thesis is related to a lot of similar issues.

(Since others have asked: yes, once it is finished, I hope to make a normal-person-friendly version of my thesis available, as the academic-version isn’t something most people are going to want to read, and there are some other things I’d include that are more personal and therefore less suitable for academic writing.)

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I think when they say it’s a cameo, I think they mean CAMEO. There will be a scene in a bar. Star-Lord will bump into someone. That person will be Mal.

I thought about that and it would be cool, but this quote from James Gunn:

“At the same time I wanted to give him something where Nathan could have a larger role in the Marvel Universe if either Joss [Whedon] or I or whoever chose to do that in the future.”


Makes me think it’ll be something bigger. GOTG seems like it would be the perfect entry point for the Captain Marvel character/mantle.

Plus a different studio produced Firefly, so that’s why I think, while it would fit into the movie perfectly with the situation you mentioned, it is unlikely.