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Inazuma Eleven ☆ Harry Potter AU  |   Hogwarts Subjects Headcanons


Gouenji Shuuya - 
Gouenji gained his love for potions from his mother who was a top Potioneer. When his mother had died, he continued to do his best in the subject because it reminded him of her. Especially with his father pushing him to become a Healer, he’s always been forced to get the best grades possible for potions - since it was the main requirement to become a Healer. 

Kidou Yuuto - Arithmancy
Being one of hardest classes at Hogwarts, Arithmacy has always challenged Kidou. The complexity of magical numbers and it’s uses for prediction and other means - he has been experimenting with implementing the discipline within other areas such as Quidditch strategy and Kidou Financial Group. 

Fudou Akio - Transfiguration
During one class, Fudou transfigured Kidou and Sakuma into penguins just for a laugh. He has never let them forget it and they have never forgiven him since. Fudou finds it even more hilarious when he finds out Kidou’s patronus is also a penguin - much to Kidou’s dismay.

Shirou Fubuki - Care of Magical Creatures
Ever since he could see Thestrals in his first year at Hogwarts, Shirou has always had a thing for Magical Creatures. Even as a half-blood, he was never exposed to many magical pets or creatures as a child and yet he has a innate talent for handling beasts and creatures. He is able to tame creatures like Acromantula, Cerberus and some dragons and has even gained the respect of the Forbidden Forest’s Centaur

Shirou Atsuya - Defence Against the Dark Arts
Unlike his brother, Atsuya prefers much more exciting classes with spells than creatures. DADA has always been his favourite class because he loves learning about offensive spells and he gets to duel with other students without consequence. He wants to graduate from Hogwarts quickly so that he can become an auror like his parents. 

Kiyama Hiroto - Alchemy
As one of the few students hand picked to take Alchemy is an elective in his sixth year, Hiroto took to a serious love of the subject. He was intrigued by the connection of transformation magic, potion making and muggle chemistry and how it would relate to the creation of  remedies/ artefacts such as Panacea and The Philosopher stone. When he finished Hogwarts, he’d like to become an alchemist.

Midorikawa Ryuuji - Herbology
Midorikawa has never been particularly good at any of the more academic or core classes at Hogwarts, and yet he finds peace and comfort taking care of the plants in the Herbology. Although Nagumo teases him constantly that his hair looks like it belongs in the greenhouse, Midorikawa has the last laugh when a baby Mandrake’s cry makes him faint in the middle of class. He hasn’t teased him about it since. 

Tachimukai Yuuki - History of Magic
As one of the few muggleborns in his class, Tachimukai loves History of Magic. Pretty much everyone who is required to take the class finds it an absolute bore (especially because the professor could go on and on about uninteresting nonsense. However, as the world of magic is so different from his own, Tachimukai can’t help but be pulled into each textbook with excitement. 

Endou Mamoru - Flying
Too bad Flying classes were only during first year.

Everybody loves Fubuki

Hi guys, I’m back with @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9‘s “Everybody loves somebody” ! Here is her post if you want to see it :

Everybody loves Fubuki :

1. AfuFubu : Aphrodi helped Fubuki in the worst moment of his life, and did everything to help him in his own ways. And let’s be honest, they’re cute together.

2. HiroFubu : It began by the episode 45, and they’re always together in the S3. And they share the same bond (Endou helped both of them to discover their true sakka).

3. GouFubu : Gouenji helped him too, and I think it’s the one who played the biggest role for Shirou’s healing. He showed him the way, and made me understand he wasn’t alone anymore. Also, I think Gouenji could be a very adorable boyfriend.

But as everyone could expect from me… the best one is…

Shirou & Atsuya : It isn’t in a romantic way. I love the relationship between siblings, and the bond they share is so strong and pure. (And I’m happy they can be finally together ! >3<)

I’m so glad you liked this tag game, I didn’t expect it ! You’re an amazing fandom for sure <3 Also, I’ll tag two more people so the tag game can go on and so more people can give it a try : @penguinsandsoccer and @suzunofuusuke, I hope you’ll enjoy try this ! <3

Here are the rules :

Rules : This is something like a tag (?) : you have to choose an Inazuma Eleven character you like and then you select between one and three pairing(s) you kinda like or think it’s logical, and explain why you think so. Also you must pick out THE ultimate ship involving your character, the best one, THE true pairing etc… (and explain it too).

/!\ you can’t choose a character which has been chosen before !
/!\ please tag only one person !

/!\ mention me so I can see your post :) (@ygreczed)

(Here are the unavailable characters : Kidou, Fubuki Shirou)

Thank you again @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 ! Your ships are very cute and I’m really happy you liked the tag game. And thank you all for being such an awesome community ! <3