atsushi ookubo

What Would Happen if I met Atsushi Ookubo in Real Life
  • Me: Hey
  • Me: Can you just
  • Me: *shoves tumblr fanart of Soul x Maka*
  • Me: *showers person with random phones playing different Soul x Maka AMVs EACH*
  • Me: *drowns person in a tub full of official manga Soul x Maka dialogues showing how they care for each other*
  • Me: Make these two canon?
  • Atsushi Ookubo: *Is the person*
  • Atsushi Ookubo: *is swimming in a sea of fandom tears because of Soul x Maka*
  • Atsushi Ookubo: *is swimming with thousands of proof how Soul x Maka SHOULD be canon*
  • Atsushi:
  • Me:
  • Atsushi:
  • Me: p l e a s e
  • Atsushi: No, they're just friends

ok can we talk about how romantic the back cover of the D2 photobook is for a second.

  • First of all it’s just a pile of paint-splattered puppies piled on top of each other making (*^▽^*) faces
  • So You-chan is probably the most romantic. He is laying on Sho-chan’s knee. Mata has his head and an arm on You-chan’s stomach and You-chan is holding him close with an arm around his waist as well. Seriously look at that possessive arm.
  • Meanwhile he is reaching across Negi’s back to touch Maeyama’s so small hand ;u; And Kenki has an arm reaching gently around his leg.
  • Speaking of Kenki, he’s lying with his head on Negi’s butt. That’s all there is to it. He seems to have an arm on Mae-chan’s butt as well.
  • Negi has his head on Sho-chan’s stomach and is reaching out either to tickle his knee or ruffle You-chan’s hair.
  • In addition to You-chan and Negishi, Sho-chan also has Yukito’s head on his other knee and Pudding’s in his lap. Meanwhile Pyon and Shion are both reaching out for him because they love him.
  • Speaking of Yukito and Pudding, they’re holding hands because reasons.
  • In the back IkeP is running his hands through Mitsuya’s hair and has a leg BOTH OF HIS LEGS ok wow casually wrapped around Junjun because Junjun belongs to him, obviously.
  • In addition to that, he is laying across Shion and reaching up to run his fingers through Mitsuya’s hair.
  • Arai-kun and Tooru are kinda off on their own tryna be cool and stuff but they’re prolly both playin’ footsie with Mitsuya or something idk ANYWAY

Bunch of random D2 scans! part 2

These here, the first set with Pyon, Negi and Yukito are from WinkUp 07.2014. Everything else is from POTATO 08.2014

I have no words for the MataMitsuNegi photoshoot, it’s SO RADIANT AND PRETTY AND DREAMY AND SPARKLY UGH stay fabulous forever AND LOOK AT THAT PRETTY PRETTY MATA, WOW. </3


now let’s all thank my sister who let me tear the first two off from her mag and got me the rest from one of her friend’s magazines |Db

Zetsuen no Tempest x Square Enix illustrators collaboration:

Atsushi Ookubo - Soul Eater (already released)

External image

Yana Toboso - Kuroshitsuji (already released)

External image

Eita Mizuno - Spiral, Umineko Episode 7

Hiromu Arakawa - Full Metal Alchemist

Cocoa Fujiwara - Inu x Boku SS

Karino Takatsu - Working!!

Gokurakuin Sakurako - Seikirei