atsuko maeda the 14th

Atsuko Maeda the 14th at your service!~

I also cosplay Aachan the 13th as well. I just didn’t have her wig at the time this was taken. :)

In love with this cosplay && anime. :3 I can’t wait to be with my group of friends who also cosplay AKB0048.

Iwata Karen Google+ March 16, 2016

Good day…

Sorry for the late update, I have so many things I want to write (>_<)

Yesterday, my graduation kouen ended safely ☆

It was truly a moment of happiness….

I wore the dress of character I voiced Nagisa-chan, as she become the 14th gen Maeda Atsuko-san, replicate to perfection by wardrobe team, and they gave me the chance to sing [Yume no Kawa] together with all 12th gens 

It’s one my favorite song, so to sing it together with all my peer is the greatest pleasure。   

Maeda-san, and Maeda-san’s fans thank you so much (._.)

Then the second song, also my favorite [Matenrou no kyori]。
Never had the chance to perform it in Mokugekisha kouen but in my harshest and painful moment I listen to this song。

[The spotlight on Broadway stage]
That line always bolster me up, bring back my full energy!So as I wanted to end the show in a lighthearted mood, I chose this song。

And finally, the announcement of me joining Horipro。

I decided to join this industry watching works like Horipro’s [Peterpan], so for me this is like the first step towards my dream。

I want to try [Peterpan] someday …(._.)♡


This 5 years, I’ve had happy moments and harsh moments just as much。And
 I always have Iwata Family there with me。Also the support from everyone in my hometown。    

That’s how I made it this far。Thank you so much。  

But the real challenge starts now。

Starting today, I can’t cling to anyone anymore, I’m walking on my own。 

So when loneliness come, can I still rely on you?

I hope you will keep supporting me from now。

Yoroshikuonegaishimasu m(__)m

Thank you for 5 years I spent in AKB !!!

Goodbye AKB48 Iwata Karen, welcome Horipro Iwata Karen :)

Now I need to download that graduation kouen. My first since almost 2 years probably, and my last lol.