atsuhiro sato

tweets from Kishimoto's assistant

Atsuhiro Sato, one of assistant drawers of NARUTO, refered about ships in his twitter (@link_papa).

I see naruhina is goint to be canon in the last movie but sasusaku not.

His tweets now have been deleted but summary is like below.

- Relationship between Naruto and Hinata is something like that over before release of the design of the CD jacket 

- It’s impossible for Sakura to hook up with naruto by the story so far.

- There’s no heroine in the story of NARUTO. Sakura isn’t a heroine.

- I heard that there’s no heroine before 2010.

- I don’t see Naruto chasing after Sakura after the battle vs pain.

- You will know soon how Naruto and hinata are going.

- Sakura loves Sasuke painfully but Sasuke’s feeling is absurd and hard to be known.