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what song(s) remind you of jeff/annie? ;)

There are a few from the show, of course—Home by Edward Sharpe and the Zeros, Gravity by Sara Bareilles, Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron—but the song that I associate most with Jeff and Annie is Eat You Alive by The Oh Hellos thanks to this sublime fanvid by @atsp88:

Thank you, Oula! You’re a peach. 😘

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I’m just going to keep posting these to make myself feel better


She Lit a Fire | Community [Jeff + Annie] by atsp88


Time to Begin - Community by atsp88


I got chills. This is officially my favorite Community fanvideo.


jeff & annie - eat you alive (by atsp88)

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5 Random Facts about CognitiveInequality:

  1. I love roadtrips. They’re almost my favourite thing ever. Being alone on the road is really, really therapeutic  somehow – the neverending stream of road gives the “active” part of my brain something to focus on while the “internal” part of my brain works on a lot of shit it doesn’t seem to be able to otherwise. I listen to a lot of podcasts, then some good music for a bit, then more podcasts, and I watch the landscape change, and I see new places (or notice new things about familiar places) – it’s just… perfect.
  2. I lived in England for several years and part of the reason I left was that the lack of freedom (not being able to drive!) was really, really getting me down
  3. When I was living in England, I (regretfully) only visited ‘the continent’ once, mostly because I was mortified by my lack of being able to speak anything but English (my French is enough to let me read street signs and find bathrooms, but I was hugely afraid of speaking to actual humans.)
  4. Summer weather is my nemesis – my perfect day is around 18-20 C, and no hotter.
  5. Despite this, the place in North America I’d most like to visit again is the desert of the American Southwest – I have a real thing for red rocks, I guess?

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