(info) taemin — ’press it’ album details

taemin’s new album not only includes the title song of an urban pop dance genre ‘press your number’ which is co-written by bruno mars and the stereotypes and the lyrics written by taemin, but also an r&b ballad track called 'already’ that is composed by teddy riley and the lyrics written by sm representative singer-songwriter shinee jonghyun and also a track 'soldier’ which taemin personally wrote the lyrics for while planning its performance that adds more fun to the listeners.

also, 'drip drop’ is r&b based, future bass genre having a mysterious atmosphere with the groovy drums and the synthesizer sounds. 'guess who’ is a dance song with a powerful rhythm made by eletric guitar and various sounds giving an intense feeling, and 'one by one’ is a track showing the harmony of it’s sophisticated and mysterious atmosphere of the song with it’s lyrics describing a woman he loves by compared her to a mirage is also expected to recieve good responses.

moreover, there will be a total of 10 songs to enjoy taemin’s boundless charms: 'mystery love’ - dance track with the music box sounds and rich chorus that doubles the dreamlike atmosphere. 'sexuality’ - a retro style europop dance track showing a sexy but restrained singing style. 'until today’ - an r&b track having a minor sensibility portraying the sadness of goodbye, and 'hypnosis’ - a ballad track having an impressive singing style that sounds like he’s having a conversation in a calm, sincere voice.

translation © thatcoolcatmeow via sports donga